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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 1,860/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
17422,059 / 104,487
29378,810 / 258,427
257122,616 / 231,078
276214,042 / 267,033


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Darenia 6 Days ago
boiman 19 Days ago
Miraz 24 Days ago
striker22 24 Days ago


It's me!

Eternitydeath, They/Them dragon and bird lover. I have anxiety, and rejection sensitive dysphoria on top of that, so please be kind unless you're a friend.

I love drawing, writing, poetry, etc. Creation is my lifeblood and it is all I really enjoy doing in life. Commissions to the left.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #251858610
Registration: 07/06/2022 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 190:39 Hours
Total interactions: 1,212,037
Money: 2,494,247
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


anyone else feel a bit nervous about people seeing you on their last visited list?
2 Months ago
#MyCoolestPokemon https://pokeheroes.com/pokemon?id=39187076
3 Months ago
sending gifts to everyone on my friendslist :)
3 Months ago
I did a little math, and if I want to buy a dex-filling of the previous pokemon in the halloween event I would need 31k candy and I've spent 17.3k... Looks like I'm going to be holing myself in the union room and never coming out
5 Months ago
horror games have immunized me to most scary things... but old people and their proper decorum and manners? terrifying.
5 Months ago
loke selling orphan berries but they take so long to grow :/
6 Months ago
the only thing blocking me from completing badge sets... rumble areas and having no (5) friends
6 Months ago
always awkward when a game's clock is different than your own and celebrates your birthday one whole day before it actually happens
7 Months ago
my shiny bird pokemon collection only grows...
8 Months ago
every single time I get a lake trio voucher from the golden slot, it's azelf. three times! three!!! I'm getting an azelf trio, not a lake trio...
8 Months ago
ahh truly living the dream (praying at the feet of my corviknight couple to make more eggs)
only about... 18 more to go before I can officially say this has been an unlucky shiny hunt. hopefully the next one is shorter
8 Months ago
watching the tall grass rookidee population slowly drop has been... enlightening. like.. ah, I did that. people who wanted any rookidee after the past four days, sorry (;′⌒`)
8 Months ago
20k away from getting the shiny hunt radar ^_^ just a little more clicking... maybe a lot...
9 Months ago
my propensity for murder has been vanquished. archen acquired
9 Months ago
I would do unspeakable things for an archen
9 Months ago
thinking about vivillon
9 Months ago

Shiny hunts

10 days, 6/28/22-7/9/22, Chain #125

9 days, 7/19/22-7/28/22, Chain #112

11 days, 8/30/22-9/10/22, Chain #104


Commission status
Open Closed

-Will take requests other than pokemon
-Please no humans, anthropomorphic animals are fine though. Catgirls and other human+animal feature don't count
-No NSFW requests or heavy gore (exposed organs/bone. am fine with mild)

Just hit me up in a pm or palpad or.. whatever you want through this form below

Reference links:


Type: Colored sketch
Shading/Lighting: No
Reference links: None, but characters are a normal male deer and sawsbuck winter
Background: Snow covered forest

I will ask for requests myself as I draw, but feel free to say anything in advance. I will also be giving progress reports as I continue through, so you can get your exact vision of the piece. PD should be paid when sketch is finished, to prevent any grab and runs.

Different line colors free

+2k colored, +1k shading, +1k lighting
(put example here)

5k-7k pd depending on complexity
+6k colored, +2k shading, +2k lighting
(put example here)

Different line colors free

+2k colored, +1k shading, +1k lighting
+5k lineless

+3k colored, +2k shading, +2k lighting


18k to let me go free range rabid like a dog. I will do whatever I feel fits best, and it will have shading, lighting, or be lineless free of charge if I feel like it.

Other examples of my art


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