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Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 6,265/23,319


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Litleo18 / 9

~ Boiling Service ~

First come, first served

What do you need to give?
5 Gems of each type (normal cost for Mega Stone)
Service cost (66 Nuggets or 100-120k PD (or Maps/Summon Items for multiple boilings))

What will you get?
Mega Stone (or what comes out of it*)
Boiling (we boil for you ^^)

*Sometimes Mega Stone turns into Black Key or Box, we cant change this as it's random, you get what comes out from this

Current goals
1. Egg Storage Boxes [37/??]
2. Shiny Mew [65k/46k] => PREPARED
3. Hatch more eggs [46k atm]
4. Collect all Summon Items (passively)
5. Collect DG (passively)
6. Complete Mega Dex

Shiny hunts
- Lillipup
- Starly
- Skiddo 357
- Cubchoo 172
- Espurr 1753
- Fomantis 123
- ...
- (Unowns)

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KetyToday, 14:59
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Lighty 16 Hours ago
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~~Shiny Summon Hunt~~

Shiny Mega Magikarp Hunt Log
MA: 17
Shiny: 79


Shiny Mega Riolu Hunt Log
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MA: #25 #230
Shiny: #175 #192 #240 #241 #255
Shiny Mega: #251

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Score board
MA Magikarp
MA Abra
Articuno 2x
S Zigzagoon
MA Pinsir
Shiny Corphish
MA Mareep 2x
7 - 32

~~ Hoarding ~~

Game Records

Trainer ID: #317131178
Registration: 17/05/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 4068:09 Hours
Total interactions: 8,443,366
Money: 492,528
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Went to visit a monument today and wt. people ask you for a picture just because you're a foreigner XD
Yesterday, 20:35
You have 22845 Dream Points at the moment
Already half collected for next year :')
2 Days ago
Comment a shiny plushie you'd like ^^
3 Days ago
How many mew plushies needed for 100%?
Also comment plushies you'd like ^^
4 Days ago
Close feeds, but comment plushies you want ^^
5 Days ago
If anyone wants to use my daycare, palpad me, it'll be open till starting of August or so :3
5 Days ago
When you're in an other country and all people are just staring at you XD
7 Days ago
Most shadow - those who have nuggets :')
12 Days ago
In few days I'll be on vacation for a month to visit someone special, worthed the 24 hours of travelling <3
I'll still come on every now and then, but the current boiling orders would be delayed till I'd be back again :3
Have fun you all ^^
15 Days ago
Anyone wants a plushie? Comment down the one you'd like :3
18 Days ago
Exams finished and in some days there's proclamation/graduation though only after it I know my results, nice logic as always ^^
21 Days ago
Worthed to buy SR limit upgrade? :3
21 Days ago
By Enkidu
... Nick? Nick?? NIIIICK?!
I can't find my Nicky! Have you seen a Male Shiny Pidove with an Everstone?? He bugs me for seeds and burgers every day after my shift!
Maybe I can bribe y'all with a nugget raffle to help me find him...

I'll end this when I either get Nicky, or I accept that it's hopeless.

First Prize: 150 Nuggets
Second Prize: 100 Nuggets
Third Prize: 50 Nuggets

Like this post, Share #HelpFindNikolas and be sure to share the fact Enkidu is looking to Buy/Trade for a MALE Shiny Pidove! I have a Female Pidove I'm happy to trade, but happy to buy!
22 Days ago

By Riakos_bestfriend_S0AP
Meh it’s been a hot minute?

Idk how about 5k this time

Yeah 5k nuggets sounds good

Giving away 5k nuggets to a random commenter and sharer just remember you can heart this as well

Will end tomorrow at 1200 EST
22 Days ago
If you want a plushie, comment below the one you'd like :3
Sending back isn't needed but appreciated ^^
23 Days ago
Interaction exchange?
23 Days ago
23 Days ago
24 Days ago
2x day on ph - activities: study, exam whole afternoon till evening and take train till midnight, oh well happy 2x day \(^^)/
24 Days ago

~ Selling and buying corner ~


- All Evo Items

- Fossils: Sail, Cover, Claw, Root and Jaw Fossil

- Pokemon:
-> Shinies (from box)
-> Megas (from box)
-> Zygarde 50% and Xerneas
-> Retro Delibird/Stantler and Pichu (Spiky Eared)
-> Regular and Event Pokemon (can request to hunt any Pokémon, also Genderless, ...)


- All Maps

- Bottled Messages and Old Amber Fossils

- All Vouchers except Lugia

- Enigma, Resolute and Nebula Stones