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Trainerlevel: 89

Trainerpoints: 9,096/23,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

3,4515,888,216 / 35,738,557

~ Boiling Service ~

First come, first served

What do you need to give?
5 Gems of each type (normal cost for Mega Stone)
Service cost (66 Nuggets or 100-120k PD (or Maps/Summon Items for multiple boilings))

What will you get?
Mega Stone (or what comes out of it*)
Boiling (we boil for you ^^)

*Sometimes Mega Stone turns into Black Key or Box, we cant change this as it's random, you get what comes out from this


Shiny Hunt

Eclips98 is currently hunting Espurr.
Hunt started: 13/10/2019

Chain: 66

Current goals
1. Egg Storage Boxes [39/??]
2. Shiny Mew COMPLETED
3. Hatch more eggs [48k atm]
4. Collect all Summon Items (passively)
5. Collect DG (passively)
6. Complete Mega Dex - Stubborn Autumn Mareep

Shiny hunts
- Nidoran (m) 44
- Meowth 8
- Slowpoke 700
- Lillipup
- Starly
- Skiddo 357
- Fomantis 123
- ...
- (Unowns)

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Newest gifts
Milli 1 Hour ago
Lighty 3 Days ago
Professor Rowan 10 Days ago
Ribombee 11 Days ago

~~Shiny Summon Hunt~~

Shiny Mega Magikarp Hunt Log
MA: 17
Shiny: 79


Shiny Mega Riolu Hunt Log
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MA: #25 #230
Shiny: #175 #192 #240 #241 #255
Shiny Mega: #251

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Score board
MA Magikarp
MA Abra
Articuno 2x
S Zigzagoon
MA Pinsir
Shiny Corphish
MA Mareep 2x
7 - 32

~~ Hoarding ~~

Game Records

Trainer ID: #317131178
Registration: 17/05/2015 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Sep/2020
Game Time: 4176:46 Hours
Total interactions: 8,598,086
Money: 1,702,649
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Achieving something you didn't really do any effort for, isn't much worth so no use of showing off that " achieved goal" :'3

Admire those who achieve real things, no matter how small, but worked really hard to achieve their goals, keep doing like this ^^
Today, 09:49
25 eggs to hatch so interaction exchange? ^^'
Yesterday, 19:17
Half of the students in my classes should've either been in a year higher or either been graduated already...
5 Days ago
So turned out I was 2h30 stuck and spent 5h on train. When I arrived it was already passed midnight and there were no buses driving anymore :')
7 Days ago
Finally I could continue my journey, but only a few min later train stops again - 'there is a defect train in front of us, we' ll have to wait till it's solved'
Oh... Great
8 Days ago
Cause of a defect train I'm stuck halfway my 4 hour journey to univ, don't know if I'll even get there today :')
8 Days ago
Hate it when people see someone being aggressive or 'weird' and calling them autistic right away x.x
11 Days ago
Wanna practice my drawing skills, so if you'd like a custom (can be anything basically), send me your description through PM please ^^ Tips accepted but not mandatory :3
12 Days ago
[Boiling shop]
Everyone who ordered or wants to order, could you let me know how many you'd like (or are pending)? I'll implement it in the shedule :3
14 Days ago
Premium member until 29/Sep/2020
Starting first hunt again so interaction exchange?
15 Days ago
Interaction exchange?
I wanna hatch these last eggs so then Ill activate my premium :3
16 Days ago
Selling everything in this box, else might get released soon :3 I need more space
18 Days ago
Interaction exchange?
18 Days ago
Still doubting on the premium, anyone can help me with the pro and con?
Some people voted for no premium so would wanna know any reasons for yes/no :3
22 Days ago
New poll, don't know what to do :l
23 Days ago
Should I get premium again? :3
23 Days ago
Selling Autumn Mareep and evos - palpad me
26 Days ago
3 months of vacation split into
* 1 week preparing
* 1 month of visiting my bf and family abroad
* 2 months of being ill badly and still counting on
Ehh best and worst vacation time so far X.x
29 Days ago

~ Selling and buying corner ~


- All Evo Items

- Fossils: Sail, Cover, Claw, Root and Jaw Fossil

- Pokemon:
-> Shinies (from box)
-> Megas (from box)
-> Zygarde 50% and Xerneas
-> Retro Delibird/Stantler and Pichu (Spiky Eared)
-> Regular and Event Pokemon (can request to hunt any Pokémon, also Genderless, ...)


- All Maps

- Bottled Messages and Old Amber Fossils

- All Vouchers except Lugia

- Enigma, Resolute and Nebula Stones

- Saddles