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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 753/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Igglybuff26568 / 1,686
Psyduck13302 / 547
Gastly437 / 39
Pheromosa10031,926 / 37,876
Bellsprout410 / 39
Pidgeotto271,086 / 1,998


These are my closest and dearest friends, they have made me laugh, cry, and finally feel like a part of a family, and here I commemorate them for making my life infinitely better: (totally don’t have contracts for their souls)

Crysticia: She has been a true friend since the beginning and I thank her ever so much for her knowledge and friendship, she is like on of my mentors here. <3 She was my first friend to

Abra~Kadabra: My best friend who has been with me through the hardest days, I wouldn’t know most of you if it wasn’t for them.

ThatNinetalesTrainer: They are one of the kindest and nice people out there and they have been such a help for as long as I can remember

Serendibite: She is my spiritual sister and has supported me with a lot of help during my time here

AlwaysDorky: He has provided me with a ton of laughs when I was sad

Pickle-Flavor-Painter: They have turned my world of monochrome into a world filled with color and amazement

~MelonPiee~: She was the one that showed me that happiness is contagious

Cherry_Blossom: She was the first friend I have made in Pokéheros, and she has forever been engrained into my mind as the human form of kindness

ShatteredDiamond: She has shone her brilliance and generosity all over

Daiko: A very fun at and amazing guy, he is a amazing friend

Lady_Sass:One of the nicest people I have met, we have a lot in common, they are one of my closest friends<3

th3o: One of the greatest people to ever be on this site, he is just an adorable ball of kindness that has become one of my greatest friends.

Sparkleshine: One of the most wholesome and nicest people that I have ever met. They are very creative!<3

~TheDarkPhantom~: My ghostly bestie, helps me out by teaching me the ropes of being an admin for team phantom, an amazing artist too!

clown: My clown comrade who is one of the nicest and funniest people ever, they are also an amazing artist

Frens 2

This is Part 2 of Mes Grand Amies

Kazyaquin: one of my closest and bestest friends, always there to chat and sort of like my mentor

Ignis, one of my favorite people to be around, always makes me happy when i see them^^

Zolarmon: A very nice and amazing person, I can wait to see what they do here^^

Reolist: A very talented and like minded person, tons in common, I love rping with them a ton^^

RC_CLOWN: My mime sister and best friend here on pokeheroes^^

AlienSnowflake: My fellow cat lover and fren, one of the best people on this site, very kind and nice

Kelbunny: one of the best artists ever, and a really cool person, with a great genre choice in games

Razpberry: the coolest insect on this site, very nice and cool, fellow introvert

HisuianZorua: amazing artist fren on this site

Etty: Best artist on the site tied with RC

Foooooooooooooooll!!!! Oh wait, it’s just you


Etty Sister:
She helped make some art of my Pokesona^^

She made art of Chiffon and his Little sister Chiffre

One of my most closest friends made art of me<3

One of my greatest friends made art of me

Was not made by me made by ThePumkaboo please check her art shop out. She is one of the best artists ever

My friend Ullkob made Art of me!
He is such a talented artist and amazing artist, he made this for me, it has all of my favorite babies I have raised here on Pokéheros!


Amazing idea art of a more plague themed spritzee by Sparkleshine

A sprite of Plague spritzee by Zolarmon, I love it <3

Game Records

Trainer ID: #530975074
Registration: 22/03/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 615:26 Hours
Total interactions: 165,219
Money: 14,788
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Only 50 more and my kanto dex is done
6 Days ago
Matin everyone, hru all?
27 Days ago
Welp, time to get kanto dex
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Just double checking, u can shiny hunt ultra beasts with ditto?
1 Month ago
Finally got the magic rod
1 Month ago
#GrimmsGoulishGiveaway Day 1’s winner is HisuianZorua! Make sure to post an answer to todays question to register for tomorrows prizes! What are you going to be for Halloween? (I’m an adult who still dresses up, I already wear my plague mask 24/7
1 Month ago
ITSSSS GRIMM SEASON EVERYONE!!! in celebration of this amazing event I’m going to be giving out prizes for the next week! All you have to do to enter is like this feed and post #GrimmsGoulishGiveaway with your favorite horror movie or game character!
1 Month ago
Ditto obtained, now to decide what to hunt sm
1 Month ago
I’m in need of assistance with coming up with a name for my Pokesona, she’s pictured on my userprofile and my pfp
1 Month ago
Why is grass gems so expensive the time I hunt a grass mon
1 Month ago
Psst anyone selling a ditto?
1 Month ago
The royal tunnel just said, this Pokémon is known as the long nose Pokémon, then had both phanapy and Probopass, I chose the one with the longer nose and lost lol
1 Month ago
Huggo exchange?
1 Month ago
Finally, eater of light is in their final forme
1 Month ago
If Riako ever adds mega tsereena I’m definitely gonna hunt it’s sm
2 Months ago
First person to guess the reoccurring theme for this years #GrimmsMonth wins 50k pd and a crap ton of mystery items
2 Months ago
Anyone have a spare sogaleo
2 Months ago
Send me some music recommendations and I’ll listen to them^^
2 Months ago

who am I?

Hello all! I’m DrGrimm, I’m a semi mute French gal who loves to play games and make friends, I’ve been on this site for a while now and have made a lot of friends, I’m known as the crazy mute midget who once spent a million pokedollars on a single normal spritzee for the funny, and the winner of the 2022 Spooky Riddles writing contest here on the site^^ Proof I’m currently 26 and am a single pansexual little gal my pal pad and pms are always open^^

The one sm I wanna get one day is either shiny mega zompette or shiny mega Tsereena (if Riako ever makes it)
Trying to be the best fisher on the site

Random stuff

(I have very white pale as a ghost skin, and I’m really short so the pics are just what I look like not how big I am I’m 4’9)
What I look like

My personality

Shiny hunting yamask,then honedge, mimikyu, and sandyghast



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