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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 593/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
220139,740 / 414,245
1556,649 / 72,541
14526,089 / 71,948


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #846175842
Registration: 12/04/2022 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 284:16 Hours
Total interactions: 979,457
Money: 957,848
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


By wolfsketcher - 7 Minutes and 37 Seconds ago.
For completing my Kanto pokedex, Im going to be hosting a giveaway!!

First: 1x Zapdos + 1x Moltres +50 random gems
Second: 5x random shinnies +100k pd
Third: 5x random mega ables +100k pd
Fourth: 5x random pokemon (either legend or event) +25k pd
Fifth: One random (shiny, mega, legend or event) + 10k pd

-Like original post.
-repost to feed.
-Add (Wolfsketcher) as a friend.
-Comment on original post your favorite Kanto pokemon!! [optional of course but for fun :) ]
-You may repost once a day! :)

Ends NOV 10th!
Goodluck (:
5 Months ago
By ShinxThunderFangCrunch - 17 Hours and 40 Minutes ago.
So, I'm looking for art to be made of my newest soul OC, Envoke (see previous feed for more details). To promote this I'm creating the giveaway #EnvokeTheEnby which will have the prize of 1k nuggets to a single winner. To enter, share the hashtag and this WHOLE feed. I will not accept simply putting the hashtag, as this is to try to get art of Envoke. I plan to pay whatever artist(s) I get for this character, but most art shops are currently closed, inactive, or don't deal in humanoid OC at this time of year. The giveaway ends when I get all the art I want of Envoke. This giveaway could last a week, it could last a month. It depends on how satisfied I am of whatever art I get commissioned!
5 Months ago
By Ribs - 24 Minutes and 2 Seconds ago.
So I finally decided to quit PokeHeroes. Came back to say that, and I figure I'll do a giveaway to make sure all this stuff doesn't go to waste (because I had quite a bit)

The prizes are as follows:

1st Pick: Ditto, 10 Pokemon from my boxes, everything in my inventory
2nd Pick: 25 Pokemon from my boxes
3rd Pick: 20 Pokemon from my boxes
4th: 10 Pokemon from my boxes
5th: Whatever's left in my boxes

Winner will be drawn tonight at 00:00 EST, so about five hours from now.
Share the hashtag #SeeYaLaterAlligator and the post to enter

It's been fun, so thank you all for the memories!
6 Months ago
I am soo scared of childers!
6 Months ago
Got a shiny!
6 Months ago
What are your 10 highest valued items?
Here are mine!

3x Mega Stone 683,997 - 729,000
227x Normal Gem 408,600 - 454,000
2x Ultra Saddle 390,000 - 400,000
316x Dark Gem 315,684 - 377,620
45x Nebula Stone 310,500 - 450,000
14x Dragon Gem 194,600 - 203,000
23x Rare Candy 184,000 - 193,200
197x Flying Gem 180,255 - 216,700
3x Relic Gold 89,250 - 90,000
110x Water Gem 88,000 - 93,500
6 Months ago
By PidgeyEvent - 8 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.

Ayo time for another small giveaway :))

So there will be 3 winners

1. Shiny Mega Zoroark
2. Shiny Eterantus
3. 6 meltan candies + 5 Enigma stones

3 entries per person, 1 for commenting, 1 for hearting, and 1 for sharing the hashtag you should also warm the eggs in my party

Also comment/write with the hashtag something you’d like to see given away next :)
6 Months ago
Starting a new hunt.
Can anyone guess what is is?
First one to guess right gets a plushie of it!
Hint: This is a water/rock pokemon, although it cannot evolve it's galarian version can!
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
I am totally fine that we got a teaser for the fair event but can’t we have the teaser a little closer to the actual event?
I feel so tired of seeing no event a week after the teaser!
BTW I know Riako works very hard, im just expressing my frustration. Not trying to be mean.
6 Months ago
Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 23 hours.
Boiling another one because I have enough gems.
6 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Zorua (Hisuian) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #90)!!!!!
6 Months ago
Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 23 hours.
Hopefully I get a mega stone unlike last time!
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
Get ready to click evrybody!
6 Months ago
How many nebula stones should I get before beginning a shiny cosmog hunt? I currently have 41.
6 Months ago
I have 10 eggs in daycare.
Click exchange?
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
Click exchange?
6 Months ago
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)
Time for a shiny!
6 Months ago

About Me

age> 15
name> You can call me Deamon
Where I live>the U.S. of A
favorite mon> Pikachu
Favorite Pokeheroes exclusive mon> Valenfloon
Favorite animal> Zooxanthellea

Im nice and if you need something or just wanna talk, pp me and I will respond (if awake).

Colecting these!

Amazing art!

We Know

The jig is up, the Daycare Owner doesn't want you to know, but we know what he's doing with the possible SMs that people are trying to get via hunting. It is now public knowledge that...
-He owns thousands of SM Pokémon
-If you confront him, he changes form into Buff Daycare Owner
-Buff Daycare Owner is buff and wears a full suit
-He will clutch an egg in one arm as he beckons you to come get some with his pointer and middle fingers on his other hand
-Between you and him will sit a campfire with a metal grate on it, sitting on the grate is a pan with oil in it, ready to prepare food
-Not all SMs in his care are hatched, most are fed to his SMs and himself to make them all stronger, this is why he is Buff Daycare Owner

If you see Buff Daycare Owner, DO NOT keep silent. He wants no one to know. Spread the knowledge to increase SM rates!