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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 512/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
171195,856 / 308,244
Anniversary Cupcake302,601 / 3,489


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Deamon~z 2 Months ago
Gojirath 2 Months ago
Professor Rowan 2 Months ago
Deamon~z 3 Months ago


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #846175842
Registration: 12/04/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 238:53 Hours
Total interactions: 924,502
Money: 995,752
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Got three spearows from the lab in one batch 4 of eggs?? what are the chances!
2 Months ago
You received a Plushie from Professor Rowan!

2 Months ago
Total interactions: 910,614
Berries fed: 76,648
Almost 1M, I just need 90K more!
2 Months ago
2 goomy from lab lol
2 Months ago
I got a negative Covid test!
2 Months ago
3 Months ago
Alright, I have a bit of a story.
On Monday I took a Covid test in the morning and it turned out positive. I then proceeded to take another test and got a faint positive. My dad and stepmom told me to stay in my room with a mask on and take it pretty seriously. Since the positives were faint my dad tells me to take another test and it comes out negative. The next day he sends me to school like nothing happened even though I felt extremely sick. On Wednesday I go to my mom's house and she thinks nothing of it since my dad said I had a negative test. She still tells me not to go to school. I take another test and get a VERY clear positive. Now my mom can't go to a big event she was planning for months and I endangered a bunch of people at my school. All this is due to my dad caring more about me going to school than being safe.
3 Months ago
I think I have Covid.... Waiting on the test but it already looks positive :(
3 Months ago
You found 19,300x Game Chips in this treasure box!
3 Months ago
star piece from rumble!
3 Months ago
You obtained a new badge (Left in the dark)!

You love surprises, don't you? You adopted so many eggs from the lab without even knowing their type!
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Spheal hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #147)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
YAY I think I can now spend more time on the site cause pressure of school has eased off and im no more trapped by the spheal hunt lol
3 Months ago
also 30 dp plush gave 1 sweet heart
3 Months ago
after 1k interactions I got 5 sweet hearts need to do 50k interactions :/
3 Months ago
Searching for: Spheal.
There are currently 79 Pokémon eggs of this species in the Tall Grass.
Come back in 9 minutes and 50 seconds.
3 Months ago
You received a Plushie from Deamon~z!

Special reward for spending 5,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.
3 Months ago
had 100k oran berries now down to 50k, need to get more.
Time to visit the berry garden..
4 Months ago
4 Months ago

About Me

age> 15
name> You can call me Deamon
Where I live>the U.S. of A
favorite mon> Pikachu
Favorite Pokeheroes exclusive mon> Valenfloon
Favorite animal> Zooxanthellea

Im nice and if you need something or just wanna talk, pp me and I will respond (if awake).

Colecting these!

Future Hunts and Goals

Save Up For Premium


Get All The Badges


Upgrade All Storage Boxes to level 2


Get All The Retro Pokemon


Get a Ditto


Get a SM


Get The Fisherman Hat


Shiny Cosmog Hunt


Shiny Missing No.


We Know

The jig is up, the Daycare Owner doesn't want you to know, but we know what he's doing with the possible SMs that people are trying to get via hunting. It is now public knowledge that...
-He owns thousands of SM Pokémon
-If you confront him, he changes form into Buff Daycare Owner
-Buff Daycare Owner is buff and wears a full suit
-He will clutch an egg in one arm as he beckons you to come get some with his pointer and middle fingers on his other hand
-Between you and him will sit a campfire with a metal grate on it, sitting on the grate is a pan with oil in it, ready to prepare food
-Not all SMs in his care are hatched, most are fed to his SMs and himself to make them all stronger, this is why he is Buff Daycare Owner

If you see Buff Daycare Owner, DO NOT keep silent. He wants no one to know. Spread the knowledge to increase SM rates!