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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,304/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Flaaffy22368 / 1,248
Mareep521 / 44
Ho-Oh234138,765 / 206,214
Mareep37 / 39
Gumshoos24056,938 / 173,521

A shiny hunt

I'm going to start a shiny by the egg I have from breed, trade, and the give away I have won.
#15 Shiny Beedrill- Giveaway
#18 Shiny Pidgeot- Wonder trade
#58 Shiny Growlithe- Wonder trade
#62 Shiny Poliwhirl- Wonder trade
#130 Shiny Gyarados- Wonder trade
#181 Shiny Ampharos- Wonder trade
#206 Shiny Dunsparce-Giveaway
#212 Shiny Scizor- Wonder trade
#232 Shiny Gardevoir-Giveaway
#306 Shiny Aggron-Giveaway
#406 Shiny Budew- ?
#585 Shiny Deerling (Autumn)-Giveaway
#868 Shiny Milcery-Breeding

My Goals

Finish the Kanto dex-143 of 151
Finish the John dex-97 of 127
Finish the Hoenn dex-98 of 155
Finish the Sinnoh dex
Finish the Unova dex
Finish the Kalos dex
Finish the Aloha dex
Finish the Galar dex
Finish the Hisui dex
Finsh the Paldea dex

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Blazecat1 hasn't collected any medals so far.


Last Action
Visiting the Daycare (1 Hour ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #555065654
Registration: 07/05/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 378:30 Hours
Total interactions: 28,141
Money: 1,854,862
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By Yose - 1 Day and 15 Hours ago.
It's time for a give away✨ ~ first one aaa ;-;

To enter please do the following { all of them } missing out on any one / you will not be in the draw.

1. Repost this post with my name
2. Use this hastag `#givvyaway more you share it and post it <
more names of you on the wheel
3. Add me to your friendlist ✅

OPTIONAL (suggested): PP or PM this to 2→3 people

When you have finished; comment done on this post.
PRIZE: gems and 50k pd to 200k pd
Any further questions ^ pp me

Cya, winner revealed in 4-5 days gl!!!
< yose
Today, 15:01
By Enforcer - 5 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
Guess who's doing a giveaway finally.

On June 30th as a last day of pride and final hurdle to twitch affiliate I'll be hosting an art stream at noon EST.

During this stream any viewers who hop in can make a pokemon request will get it sketched and lined in that very stream! There will also be a draw at the end to win a full coloured piece.

But what does that have to do with a PH giveaway? Well anyone who shares this post with #enforcersfreeart will be entered into a draw to win 250,000pd with every 10 shares adding a further 50,000!
3 Days ago
By ZohaibAFG - 5 Hours and 27 Minutes ago.
The Giveaway starts now. To Enter, you have to:

-Heart this feed
-Share the Hashtag #Akamina155(or the whole text(either is fine))

Doing both gets you two entries. Doing one gets you one entry.
Giveaway ends in 2 days on the morning of Thursday and the prizes are listed as followed:

1st place: Azelf egg Voucher
2nd place: Ultra saddle
3rd place: 50,000PD

Good luck to everyone!:)
4 Days ago
6 Days ago
Cats :)
Nuggets! Gems! Pokedollars!
8 Days ago
10 Days ago
By ~a_lil_dogday_ploosh~ - 10 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago.
I see a LOT of ppl doing B-Day givvys so I said... WHY NOT GIVE IT A GO???
My b-day is in two days now :> so it ends then!
How to join:
1. Like the feed
2. Share #TeardropsBDay
3. Comment something!
Prizes are Santa Birb, Retro Delibird, Gimmighoul, Resolute Stone, and Rare Candy.
10 Days ago
By Dragon_Hunter4020 - 6 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.
I am doing a giveaway

how to join:
copy #Dragon_Gway OR Copy the whole message!

1st PD 10.000 and more
2ed PD 5.000 And more
3rd PD 1.000 And more

I will post when it ends later!

Like this post and comment!

To get more notifications about giveaways you can also friend me!
11 Days ago
13 Days ago
By Yako - 3 Minutes and 19 Seconds ago.
Let's try to make PH more active Because I love this game and we all know it's fun. But if we had more people then it will be more enjoyable. So Send the registration Page to everyone who you know will be interested In PH! And make them join this game. As back when I started playing this game, I use to just use this to battle with my friends in High school.

I also think that registering for this game should be made much easier. Like being able to use Google, Apple or Facebook to sign up, as this will make it easier to join. And we will not miss out on people who got a bad impression for this game from the long sign up process.

Spread this message and have a chance of winning 100k PD by the end of next week.

Let's get to 500 online users! 😁

13 Days ago
15 Days ago
By ZohaibAFG - 3 Hours and 44 Minutes ago.
Giveaway time. Ok, folks. BHC is coming to an end this reset for this month and I feel like doing a giveaway to celebrate. It will end when I get home tonight which is around 11PM so in 9 hours

To Enter(You have to do All):

-Heart this feed
-Write down the number that you think my BHC egg got rated(I mean the highest that got rated for me(One contestant can only guess one number only and no more than that or you will not be joined into the giveaway))
-Share this hashtag to get many people to join and get a chance. #BHCGiveaway

First Prize- 20kPD
Second Prize(For the closest to the actual one)- 10kPD

15 Days ago
By ETREV - 2 Days and 8 Hours ago.
Let's do a giveaway.

If I hatch 100 eggs today, I am giving away 35 dragon gems, 100 nuggets, and 1 retro starter voucher to a random participant.
For every shiny hatched, 15 fairy gems will be given to a random participant.

To Enter:
1. Like the feed.
2. Post your proof.
3. Share #Hatchtheeggs.

If the goal is not achieved, I'll give a random participant 100 nuggets and one retro starter voucher.
19 Days ago
By ThatCatKid - 4 Hours and 20 Minutes ago.

Giveaway time cuz why not

Prizes are:
- Random Mystery Items
- Random Shiny
- Or just something of your choosing

How to enter: Comment on the original feed, and share the hashtag (Whole feed or just the hashtag, I don't care)


🌈 MetalHeadKendra's Pride Month Giveaway! 🌈
🏳️‍🌈 #PrideGiveaway 🏳️‍🌈
15 Winners will win among a rainbow of shinies and mystery sets!
Just repost the hashtag and like the original feed!
[Repost It Button]
19 Days ago

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