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Trainerlevel: 87

Trainerpoints: 6,676/22,793


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mew (Retro)5,63614,726,637 / 114,203,481
Raylong task
478,314 / 8,461

Missings and actual goals

Do you want to increase the capacity of your egg storage box?
New Capacity: 44 Eggs
Price: 3,300,000

Selfe 14/50
Vesprit 16/50
Tobutz 9/50

#789 Cosmog

184 Nebula Stones/400

151 Starpieces/500

10 Raylong egg in storage box

last Missigno egg mi 22.06. 6:14Uhr


White Powder for next Viridium

Viridium hatched 4/50

Submarine Volcano (Map) / 100


Future hunt: 10 out of 200 Old Vinyl collected - I have reached 5% of my goal

Future hunt: 8,865 out of 1000000 Normal Gem collected - I have reached 0% of my goal

Future hunt: 44 out of 2500 Old Amber Fossil collected - I have reached 1% of my goal

PH Goals for next Year (2022):
* reach Dream World level 8 - 24.02.2022
* Shiny mega Lucario - 29.01.2022
* all Shiny Tapus - 30.01.2022
* Shiny Cosmoc hunt
* prepare the raylong hunt, put aside every week money and gems for 1 - 11.06.2022 because it' s 25k PD and not 100k PD ^^

Next hunts not sorted

Next hunt:

Bonsly, dedenne
#764 Curelei 3x
#479 Rotom 11x
#201 Icognito A-Z je 1x


Shiny Mega:

Future hunt: 27 out of 100 Bird Fossil collected - I have reached 27% of my goal

Future hunt: 22 out of 100 Dino Fossil collected - I have reached 22% of my goal

Future hunt: 32 out of 100 Fish Fossil collected - I have reached 32% of my goal

Future hunt: 22 out of 100 Drake Fossil collected - I have reached 22% of my goal


Last Visitors

WolfhawkYesterday, 18:22
MegaabsolYesterday, 16:25
TheDutchDemonYesterday, 07:53
uwuzonaMon, 04/Jul/2022, 20:26
QueenWeissMon, 04/Jul/2022, 06:32

Game Records

Trainer ID: #789476168
Registration: 13/09/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Aug/2022
Game Time: 2866:56 Hours
Total interactions: 9,842,668
Money: 3,225,058
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Raylong quest mirracle:
1 have hatch a cosmoc , see it, name it, it were stronger and stronger, in the morning the rumble pokemon what lower as cosmoc is, is the new raylong pokemon. i hope when i sell it cosmoc by raylong back.
1 Month ago
aarg community day and speedclicksaturday and i go today to work ... -.-
1 Month ago
so 50 hoopa eggs later i sell a shiny hoopa ^^
1 Month ago
Arrg statt cosmog ein nappy bekommen. ich habe den ganzen tag gebraucht um das ei zu finden -.-
2 Months ago
You found 39x Event Points in this treasure box! ^^ i need so much more
2 Months ago
the shiny harvest too?: The Pokémon Egg does NOT break your chain!
2 Months ago
the new gts update has detroy my raylong goal. how can i spare a hole year, when all 2 month reject it?
2 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 3 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Bidoof hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2)!

hihihi lab hunting. super! ^^
3 Months ago
It's Speed Click Saturday today! - yeah and i must work today.
3 Months ago
Ashlie is currently hunting Growlithe.
Hunt started: 01/03/2022

Chain: 155
hunt ending. next hunt cosmos
although i havent reach my goal
3 Months ago
4 Months ago
The next Speed Click Saturday takes place tomorrow. - oh tomorrow
4 Months ago
Ashlie is currently hunting Rolycoly.
Hunt started: 14/02/2022

Chain: 360
hunt ends i have the last map ^^ my poor rockgems
4 Months ago
Dream Level:
Maximum reached
YES i have do it ^^
4 Months ago
By ShinyMegaGardevoir - 10 Minutes and 44 Seconds ago.

boltonnoah759 Won Giveaway 3! :D Sending now~

Giveaway 4 : Since this one will end until tomorrow when i come home, I'll be giving 4 Great Balls and 2 Ultra Balls!!! :D

Heart and Share to Enter <3
4 Months ago
By Mr_FrosthGon - 4 Hours and 25 Minutes ago.
Just make a little changes about the giveaway!

I'm gonna make a little giveaway
To Join just share #swtLuck and heart this post
The reward will be

Shiny Gengar

Dark Orb

Adamant Orb

this will end at reset and the winner will be randomly pick

Good Luck Everyone!
4 Months ago
Ahhhhh I just can’t stand it!!!
Giveaway time!

One random person who likes this feed and shares the hashtag #Giveawayyrandomzzzzz (lol) gets:

A bulbasaur plush
A dusk stone
A dawn stone
4 Months ago
By ShinyMegaGardevoir - 53 Seconds ago.

Nightscheme Won Giveaway 1! :D Comment which gem you want!

Giveaway 2 : 10 Pokeballs!

Heart and Share to Enter <3
4 Months ago
By PBear3 - 11 Hours and 50 Minutes ago.
I have decided that after my first shiny mega hatches I am quitting the game.
First= Shiny mew, ditto, and zapdos.
Second= All my retros
Third= Every pokemon in favorites NFT (including future shiny mega gengar)
Forth= All emera pokemon
Fifth= All pd and nuggets (if there is any left after hunt)

To enter just share #PBearisextinct
4 Months ago
Searching for: Rolycoly.
There are currently 0 Pokémon eggs of this species in the Tall Grass.
i need eggs.
4 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Ashlie is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 07/04/2022

Chain: 170

Training shinymegaable



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