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Vivillon fancy obtaining quest

Forum-Index Suggestions Vivillon fancy obtaining quest
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Posted: Thu, 28/03/2024 11:29 (2 Months ago)
Vivillon fancy is currently locked behind an event.

So to me, after it is introduced in paldea, there are 2 logical ways to obtain it.

1. Paldean rumble area,, which should include the paldean regional variants.

2, a separate mini quest. (I will explain)

So the purpose of this quest involves obtaining the paldean pastry recipe item (Vivillon fancy is only found wild in paldea)
You will need berry garden to do the quest

You will find the item in Mystery boxes or berrygarden objectives (berrygarden will be involved in the quest)
After that, when you go into the berry garden, Lorelei will read it, but lose the recipe for some reason.
You will then help her finish the recipe, which attracts a Vivillon fancy here.
Vivillon fancy will be able to be caught with poke balls.

So the recipe can be something like:
50 pecha berries lv2
50 chesto berries lv2
50 figy berries lv2
50 rawst berries lv2

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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2024 12:31 (2 Months ago)
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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2024 12:42 (2 Months ago)
I think this should be harder to get. Currently OS vivillon fancy shines have a grand total of 1. Having only 50ish of 4 berries being level 2 is wayyyy to low for such a valuable Pokémon. Prices would plummet, and those who paid ≤1mil for vivllon fancy would have wasted their money. It should be maybe a wider variety of berries, at least fifteen, more berries for each kind of berry (like maybe 1k each or so, depending on the berry) and maybe the lvl should be 10-15? 20+ for easier berries like Cheri berry

Idk to me it feels a bit easy
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