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Retro Lugia/Ho-Oh from Burned Tower

Forum-Index Help Answered Retro Lugia/Ho-Oh from Burned Tower
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Posted: Thu, 09/03/2023 11:25 (6 Months ago)
Just to double check, once you get the Burned Tower upgrade, you are able to get both Retro Lugia and Retro Ho-Oh eggs? Or is there a second upgrade I'm missing?

(Just me sobbing in my 9 Lugia and 0 Ho-Oh eggs...)
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Posted: Thu, 09/03/2023 12:03 (6 Months ago)
From the wiki “If you were lucky enough to win an upgrade during the Johto Apricorn Battle, you are also able to find Retro Eggs that might hatch into Retro Lugia or Retro Ho-Oh.” I guess you’re just really unlucky :P
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