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Jumpchain: a Pokémon isekai

Forum-Index Roleplay Pokémon RP Jumpchain: a Pokémon isekai
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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 09:36 (1 Month ago)
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When Amelia woke up ready to continue her boring life, she didn’t expect a white haired boy wearing a white tail coated shirt with gold accents to appear in front of her. “Hey, Hey! I’m bored and I bet you are too! Do you want an adventure?” They said carefreely, pausing time with a snap of their fingers. “An adventure?! Uh.. Y-yeah! Of course, I wouldn’t let this offer go to waste!” Amelia said excitedly.

“So, what universe is it going to be? Minecraft? Splatoon? Digimon? Sailor moon? One piece? Sword art online?” She rambled, thinking about all of the possibilities of dimensions she could travel to. The Demi-god of hopes and wishes chuckled at seeing her excitement. “Not quite, you will be entering the world of Pokémon!” They said as Amelia became even more excited, letting out a pterodactyl screech of happiness whilst flapping her arms. She launched herself forward and hugged the celestial being. “ThankyouthankyouthankyouthisisevenbetterthanIthought-” She mumbled, most of it being muffled by the being’s shoulder.

A moment later, she selected all of her stats, perks and abilites but she was still stuck on one thing. Her starter Pokémon. “Who should I choose? So many possibilities of starters! I also need to take the type chart into account.. Oh well, I’m just gonna choose a starter that I like.” Amelia eventually shrugged, pressing the Zorua on her brand-new Rotom phone! “What character am I going to be I wonder?” Amelia said to herself.

Amelia’s question was answered right away as the white haired figure teleported her into Penny’s room from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, holding a Pokéball containing her starter, Zorua.
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Posted: Wed, 08/02/2023 18:31 (1 Month ago)
4:32 PM - Pre-Pokémon World
Longest post I'll be making, probably. Feel free to skim.

Florian frantically pulled on the left sleeve of their sweater, making a move to then button the pale article of clothing. It was chilly out, and he was already running late. But they did the math; if he drove 5 miles per hour above the speed limit and didn't run into any red lights, they'd be at work with five minutes to spare. Sure, he could call ahead and say he'd be late, but they didn't want to explain to the manager that the reason was that they lost track of time while watching the dogs.

The seventeen-year-old mall worker nearly stumbled their own feet, having forgotten to grab his shoes. Shoot, shoot, shoot, I'm gonna be LAAAAATE-

A hand extended out, handing him his shoes. "Thanks," they stated, turning to walk out the door before- "GAH- HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE-"

"I don't think it matters!" The boy standing before Florian was wearing a white tailcoat with golden accents, and ruffled his white hair with a cheeky grin. "What you should be worried about is the fact it's still 4:32! Ooh, wait, speaking of that-"

"Did you break my clock?" Florian's voice cracked with genuine confusion.

"No? Well, hey, while we're here, I'm a little bored. And I'm sure you don't wanna go to work today, so why don't we go on an adventure?"

"This sounds like a true crime case waiting to happen," they commented cautiously. "Give me an answer on what exactly this entails, or I'm calling my parents and telling them we have an intruder."

"Haven't you always wanted to experience Pokémon in real life? You knooow, I could help you with that. Style of DND and all that."

Florian raised an eyebrow. On one hand, they were sort of curious if this kid could back up his claim. But at the same time, did they really trust someone that broke into his house? Worse yet, where were the dogs? Normally one of them would've been right at his side, barking up a storm. It was like everything was frozen. That must've been why it was still 4:32.

"Fine. I'll bite."

Florian felt disoriented. Head spinning, the mall worker wondered where he was. It was like they'd just been tossed into some character creation screen. Well.. in Dungeons and Dragons, he liked to play Rogues. Maybe they could fill some sort of Rogue archetype in the world. It wasn't like they wanted to follow the typical 'collect Gym Badges and become champion' route anyways. There was so much to see and do!

Little did he know, this was going to bite him in the backside.

Once every choice had been made, Florian faltered. Was this what they wanted? He sort of wanted to end up in Unova, but the idea of dealing with that total creep Ghetsis was enough to turn them away from the idea. He had no clue what to expect anyways.

He just needed to progress, then.

When Flori came to his senses once again after another dizzying warp, he found themself standing upon a tile floor. The distant hum of electricity rang in the air, sounding both far away and nearby at the same time. And clutched in one hand was a Pokeball. He didn't question what Pokemon it held; the Murkrow they'd chosen was undoubtedly there.

At first, he wasn't sure where they were. There were a lot of tiled floors, after all. But he was sure he'd figure it out soon.
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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2023 13:41 (1 Month ago)
(This is longer than i thought it would be, lol)
Eclipse, before he goes into the pokemon world.

Eclipse was just waking up. He didnt want to get up, just to deal with his abusive father like he has for the past few days. However, knowing he wont accomplish anything if he just stays in bed, Eclipse gets up anyway.

He feels something is off. First of all, his father is not home, which is rare. Second, his TV was on, and it was playing the show Eclipse always loved. The show that took his mind off of his father, off of his fears, worries. The one show that was a major part of his life.

Pokemon Black and White.

Eclipse decides to walk over to the TV and watch for a while. Then suddenly, he hears a voice, but cannot tell where it is coming from.

"I can take you away from this abusive life you live. You can have a better life, one that will be an adventure for you. What do you say... Eclipse? And dont bother asking my name. Such details are not important. Just answer my question with a yes or no."
Hesitant, Eclipse agrees, and soon, he feels the world around him change, as everything fades to black.

When he wakes up, Eclipse notices a few things right off the bat. First of all, he is not in his original body. He is possessing the character he had always admired and loved while watching pokemon Black and White, N. Second, he notices a pokeball holding a pokemon on his waistbelt. Eclipse takes the pokeball and lets the pokemon out, as the glowing light reveals not a normal zorua, but a shiny one.

This is where Eclipses adventure begins.
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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2023 16:10 (1 Month ago)
Shaking off the initial dizziness from the teleport, Amelia looked around Penny’s room and spotted the uniform although it was different coloured than usual. “Orange and purple?! I guess we’re playing both games then..” She muttered to herself. “Wait a minute, does Penny even go to school before the protagonists arrive in canon? I don’t think so, buuut I think that means I can do a little bit of trickery!” Amelia cackled to herself, ending the laughing with an awkward cough. Sending out her Zorua to accompany her, she scavenged around Penny’s room on a mission to find towels. Her small Zorua was firing off multiple questions and she answered them as well as she could.

A plan was formulating in her head. She’d sneak from the dorms and into the outside world using a makeshift rope. Amelia didn’t know how many floors the school had, so she gathered everything and anything that remotely looked like a towel. ‘This is gonna be a crazy plan, but so worth it in the end.’ Amelia thought. As night came, she returned Zorua to his Pokéball, let the rope fall out of the open window and she jumped. Amelia clutched the rope made of towels like a lifeline as she slowly descended downwards, making sure to keep her hoodie up and being on the watch for any police.

She quietly dropped into a bush with a small thump, slowly gathered up the makeshift rope and made a break for it, seeing no police in her current vicinity. She ran and ran, Amelia didn’t know the direction that she was going but she gasped for breath and tumbled down onto the floor after she barely made it out of Mesagoza’s city gates.
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Posted: Thu, 16/02/2023 20:24 (1 Month ago)
Time Unknown - Johto Region; Mahogany Rocket HQ

Florian didn't like the noise much. It was a droning, repetitive hum, like the sound of suffering blaring in their ears. But that couldn't be right. Why would that be the descriptor, if not because..


It was at this point that Florian took a good look at the clothes he was wearing. Panic began to settle in their chest; well, that explained away everything. The bright red R plastered across the black jumpsuit meant that they were in Team Rocket here. This wouldn't have been an issue if he was, say, Jessie or James. Those two were bumbling fools, but loveable.

Oh boy.

Now Flori wasn't even sure if they should let out their Murkrow, in fear of another Rocket seeing them and asking about the bird. But, hey. If he was supposed to be a villain now, why wouldn't they consider trying out the energy? Maybe not in a hideout, where anyone could come in, but if they had to sneak off..

Progress Made:
- Discover your location
- Figure out who you are.
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Posted: Thu, 16/02/2023 20:52 (1 Month ago)
Eclipse discovers he is in a forest. He decides to give his zorua freedom, as he lets it out of its pokeball. Eclipse notices he also has a bag, and checks the contents, where there are several items that may be useful for his adventure. Most notably, he notices the laptop and the 3 master balls. Those may be super helpful for whats to come.

Eclipse walks through the forest, looking around every now and then to admire his surroundings. He notices his zorua enjoying the walk as well. However, a sudden realization hits Eclipse. He may be wanted by someone, or something. He has to be careful.

Eclipse keeps walking, noticing a small town. He decides to walk there and get some information from the locals, to get a better knowledge of where he is.