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Pokemon for sale!

Forum-Index General Discussion Pokemon for sale!
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Posted: Sat, 28/01/2023 10:09 (2 Months ago)
Hello I am Joyfuldoggy!

I am selling my pokemons in my 'for sale/trade box' for normal gems or pd.

I am collecting normal gems to get egg dex for ditto

Comment if there is a pokemon/s you want in this box


People who are looking for their missing pokemon can buy them here!

Thank you if you do and thank you so much for the ones who bought my pokemon.


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Posted: Thu, 02/02/2023 03:34 (1 Month ago)
Can I sell my own pokemon?

Name: hi hi
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

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Encouragement to those who want it.
Support to those who accept it.
Help to everyone who asks.
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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 12:18 (1 Month ago)
you can sell your pokemons at auction or GTS and people will buy it if they are wanting it