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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 697/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Solgaleo1,048170,174 / 4,122,571
Mega Charizard X7801,382,441 / 2,169,734
Dragonite7251,705,093 / 1,973,814

Pokemon for sale


Selling pokemon in 'for sale/trade box' for normal gems or pd.
I am collecting normal gems for ditto's egg dex.

Normal gems (5550/10000)

Thank you for the ones who bought my pokemons.

Special Pack:

If you order a pack of pokemons (from the for sale/trade box) that you want I might be able to reduce the price and make it a bit cheaper for you as a special thank you.

Pokemon Icons:

My Digital Art

My Sprites (that I have made)



Missing Pokemon Helper

Pride Scarf


Design by Sylvie~ (From her drawing)

Design by CrayonShark

Pixel Avatar/Sprites/Art

NEW version!

Shinies I caught in pokemon

Pokemon Violet-
1st Buizel Jan 8 2023
2nd Gulpin 2023
3rd Cetoddle April 4 2023
4th Combee (male) April 8 2023
5th Buizel April 8 2023
6th Rellor Nov 30th 2023
7th lucario Dec 7 2023 (code)
8,9,10th. Delibird Dec 24th 2023
11th, 12th Delibird Dec 25th 2023
13th Psyduck Dec 25th 2023

Pokemon sun-
1st Spearow 2022
2nd Riolu 2022

Pokemon X-
Not yet...

Pokeheroes HATCHED-
Jangmo-o April 23rd 2022 (Chain #166)
Rockruff January 17th 2023 (Chain #102)
Retro totodile (2 OF THEM!)

Pokeheroes caught
Munchlax Oct 4th 2023

Pokemon GO
Pikachu (Event)
Ponyta(Galar) Hatched!
Dratini (4 of them!)
Mewtwo (From raid battle!)
Teddiursa (3 of them!)
Starly (5 of them)
Staravia (evolved starly)
Staraptor (evolved from Staravia)
Mime Jr. (Hatched!)
Ursaluna (evolved)
Lotad June 1st 2023
Zigzagoon (galarian) June 6th 2023
Axew June 10th 2023
Squirtle July 9th (My birthday!)
Fletchling Sep 2nd
Charmander Sep 2nd
Paldean wooper and woopa! Nov 5th 2023
Mantyke Nov 26th 2023 Hatched!
Cryogonal Dec 9 2023
Litten (5 of them) Mar 16th 2024
Swablu Mar 17th 2024
Bagon (2) April 7th 2024

Pokemon sleep
Mankey Nov 12 2023
Totodile Nov 23rd 2023
Eevee Nov 24th 2023
Gastly Dec 16th 2023
Ratta Dec 17th 2023
Igglypuff Dec 31th 2023
Psyduck Jan 24 2024
Bulbasaur Feb 17 2024
Jigglypuff Feb 17 2024


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #49643541
Registration: 31/03/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1358:57 Hours
Total interactions: 2,329,463
Money: 10,676,965
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


Won't it be cool to make miraidon and koraidon with needle felt 😎

But I don't have the colours 😅
Yesterday, 18:25
I wish I can make pokemon needle felt and sell them but I can't do that because I think you need a license for it and it will be against copyright.
Yesterday, 18:19
I saw a cat on Blu's walk and I stroked it.

It was rubbing its face on to my hand and started showing its belly. It looked like it was going to fall off the wall 😂

After a while of stroking it, it started to slap my hand, 2 times 😅

It didn't hurt though, i guess it was becoming too excited and was in a playful mood so I stopped stroking cause I don't have any toys and I don't want it to start slapping me even more as a play fight 😂
Yesterday, 17:09
Look at him! Stealing my cat toy 😂

Yesterday, 13:51
I made another cat toy!


The one on the right is for Blu cause he was wanting one as well so I used his pink wool ball toy (that he doesn't play with) with the rope.
Yesterday, 13:47
I made another cat toy


I used a fairy wand that my mum made when my sister was little. Which wasn't wanted anymore.

A feather and some leftover ribbons.

A good way to recycle stuff that you don't need into something useable and safe for cats.

Yes I tested it. I pulled the bottom hard to check that it won't come off easily.

Tested with my dog... he wasn't interested..because

He was wanting the mouse that I made 🤣😂
Yesterday, 12:41

Never knew that people sell needle felt toys for pets.

Just a little bit concerned that some of them are fluffy which can make it easier for pets to swallow.

If they are solid and hard I think they are safe and less likely to rip apart.

I guess my mouse should be safe for Rotarou to play as long as you keep an eye on him.

(Well your meant to keep an eye on your pets to make sure that they are playing safely)

The toy should be safe cause its made out of wool so if he ends up swallowing a bit by accident it should be okay cause cats do end up swallowing fur or feathers from their prey.

Better than swallowing plastic.
Yesterday, 12:14
Okay here is something very funny.

My mum asked me to make a cat toy for Rotarou.

I looked around my house for materials. Then I found this weird pompoms in my craft box. It makes a weird sound when you squeeze it so I took the big size and decided to make a mouse.

I wondered if it was okay to cut it so I cut a bit and no it was a bad idea. I started running around the house looking for super glue but can't find it and grabbed my needle felt needle and stabbed it and guess what it worked!

And I managed to attach felt (I untangled the wool) to it and this what it looks like!



It became surprisingly cute! Not what I was planning in the first place😂

So making mistakes is good because you can improve it.
Yesterday, 11:58
Royal tunnel gamble

Click for the rules.
Yesterday, 10:15
Guess what Stareon did...

He dressed up as...

Yesterday, 10:12
Wow I caught shadow arbok on chain 4 😂

Lucky 🍀
Yesterday, 09:23
Mega Charizard X
Level: 777

Yay I woke up with lucky 777 😂
Yesterday, 09:06
PD gathered:


145k more and Hoenn lending box will be added!

Kanto Johto and Hoenn set 😊

Donations are welcome.
1 Day ago
One of your auctions has ended.

Auction: Minior (Blue Core).

You received 66500PD

Okay so 66,500pd goes to charity ^_^
1 Day ago
All the gems are sold out in the charity shop 😂

I guess item market gets sold quicker.

Accepting donations.
1 Day ago
41k dps 😊

This is going to be fun to spend them after all I was saving them up for almost 1 year.

I don't think I can get enough dps for shiny celestial mew (if its going to come again) so I will be spending the extra Dream Points if I need to get a plushie that I need from the plushie event distribution.
2 Days ago
My mum who doesn't like cats.

My mum... rotarou (my mum's friends cat) is so cute!

He was purring and rubbing onto my legs.

Me... other cats do it as well. I thought you didn't like cats rubbing onto your legs.

My mum.. rotarou is fine but I don't like other cats.


My mum: oh a cat meowed and came to me and it was purring and I stroked it, it was cute.

Me: 😳 mum... I thought you didn't like cats especially the ones you don't know.

My mum: .... maybe it's because I just seen rotarou 😅

Me: 🤣😂🤣
2 Days ago
Minior blue core at auction

Starting bid 30k.

Pd is going to the MPH charity ^_^
2 Days ago
Me got up in the morning.

My mum.. do you want to eat something?

Me... no I will have lunch later..

I had a drink and took my allergy medicine then went to bed.

Wakes up...

I need to eat lunch what time is it? Looks at the clock... what!!! It's already 3 pm!!

Me thinks for a bit... I don't feel hungry right now even though I skipped breakfast 😂

Well I am going to eat now to restore my energy even if my body didn't or forgotten to tell me that I am hungry 🤣
2 Days ago

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