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Posted: Sun, 08/01/2023 14:40 (2 Months ago)
So I started this game today and all I can do is play some games at the game center and click a button all day? Where is the battling and why is it unlocked at level 10 and beyond...

Really confused what to do in this game next to doing nothing compared to any pokemon game...

Hope anyone can shine some light on this

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Posted: Sun, 08/01/2023 14:42 (2 Months ago)
You can adopt eggs and unlock features 1 by 1. For now, I recommend levelling up and slowly getting used to the sitr
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Posted: Sun, 08/01/2023 14:49 (2 Months ago)
There are many things you can do!
Based on what you'd like to be "considered" on the game (in the sense of like, what you like the most)

Be a Shiny hunter, Level up high enough to unlock the shiny radar and start collecting 'em all in shiny version.
Participate in the forums and any other social interaction.
Interact with pokemon to level up, get money and make your fortune, Fill your living dex, etc.
You can do many things to progress and feel part of it!

You can check the Wiki for more information, along with the help/guides forum.

Max here!

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Posted: Sun, 08/01/2023 14:50 (2 Months ago)
Thank youu all! Will try to find my way :)