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𝑾𝒓𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒌

Forum-Index Diaries 𝑾𝒓𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒌
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𝑾𝒓𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒌

“Silk moths can’t fly. It’s been bred out of them for five thousand years.
The adults are only needed to make more worms.
Most aren’t meant to live long enough to break the chrysalis; flight’s an unnecessary trait.”

— Genevieve Valentine

✧₊⁺ Estella Blake ⁺₊✧
OC Spam Thread


Canon ♥ || Picture (not-so) Perfect
Father ♥ || Picture (not-so) Perfect
__ GALLERY || link
__ INSERT I || Matricaria chamomilla || link
__ PROMPT I || What daddy doesn't know... || link____

Estella's Alternate AUs ♥
__ INTRODUCTION - wip || link
__ INSERT I || Gypsophila paniculata - tba || link
__ PROMPT I || Flower Language - tba || link
__ DAEMON || Blanche || link
__ ANTHOUSAI NYMPH - wip || Hedera || link
__ TIMELINE - wip || link
__ HEADCANONS || link
__ GALLERY || link
__ MOOD BOARD || link
__ WORD ASSOCIATION - wip || link
__ PLAYLIST || link
__ BTS: CREATING ESTELLA - tba || link
__ INSERT I || Solanum dulcamara || link
__ INSERT II || Adonis annua - tba || link
__ INSERT III || Daphne mezereum - tba || link
__ INSERT IV || Papaver somniferum - tba || link
__ INSERT V || Anemone coronaria - tba || link
__ PROMPT I || What's in Stelle's Bag? || link
__ PROMPT II || Stelle & Jealousy || link
__ PROMPT III || "Shark Week" || link
__ PROMPT IV || Driving With Stelle || link
__ PROMPT V || An Alternative Arc - wip || link

tentative prompt ideas
Why Stelle doesn't talk to her mother; pressure, expectations, and jealousy
Summers in Marseille; teen!Stelle who visits her grandparents over summer breaks; picking up an interest in art from her grandfather
Dates w/ Stelle
Stelle w/ children; she doesn't know what to do; helicopter mom; aspires to be the "cool" aunt
Almost totalling her car for a stray cat; she feels bad for it and smuggles it back to her apartment

✧₊⁺ Disclaimer ⁺₊✧
This thread will cover sensitive topics!
I do not condone any toxic or unhealthy behaviours that may be portrayed here.
All images used in this thread are AI-generated unless stated otherwise.

I love her so much; girly gets her own thread <3


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Posted: Sat, 24/12/2022 14:24 (1 Year ago)


Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Character Sheet ⁺₊✧

✧ Theme Song - World’s Smallest Violin, AJR

✧ Voice Claim - Emma Mackey | Speaking French

✧ Etymology
Estella - es·tel·la - Latinate form of 'Estelle'.
From an Old French name meaning "star", ultimately derived from Latin 'stella'.
May be alternatively addressed by: Estelle, Stella, and Stelle.
Is affectionately referred to as 'ma étoile' ('my star') by her father.

✧ Demographics
★ Date of Birth: June 30th | ★ Star Sign: Cancer | ★ Age: 23 years old
★ Gender: Female | ★ Pronouns: She/Her | ★ Sexuality: Lesbian
★ Nationality: Franco-American | ★ Place of Birth: Paris, France

✧ Introduction
“Estelle, my dear. Can you call me back when you get this message? Love, Dad.”

While her name and face have long since faded from the media, Estella Blake was a name that was once on everyone's lips. Known for her endearing charm and effortless grace, she was a promising child star, rising to fame at a young age. However, that was ten years ago. Estella's career was cut short in the blink of an eye, leaving everyone wondering what happened to the bright young talent. It was a sudden and unexpected disappearance from the fashion world, leaving her fans and followers baffled. The reason for Estella's abrupt departure from the industry still remains a mystery, to even her parents. To this day, Estella cannot force herself to spill the sickening secret of what had happened that day. At least, not while sober. Her past is a secret she's determined to keep hidden, quick to change the subject or brush off any attempts to pry.

Despite her vow never to return to the modeling industry, fate had other plans for Estella.

After a sudden phone call from her father, requesting a favor from her in the form of a job offer, inviting her to take his place in managing Illusion Studios: a prosperous modeling agency that he'd bought and reformed when Estella was just a child. Despite initially rejecting his offer, Estella would eventually sign the contract out of guilt, obligation, and false assurance of adequate training. But as she walked into the House of Illusions for the first time, Estella couldn't help but sense an overwhelming feeling of dread and regret. Estella knew better than to believe that everything was perfect, as depicted by the press. After all, she was all too familiar with the dark side of the industry, the one that was hidden behind the glamor and glitz.

✧ Appearance
Born into privilege and wealth, Estella's upbringing and opportunities have shaped her into a woman of refined taste and impeccable manners. Yet, that doesn't mean that every experience was a positive one. Her regal-like posture exudes an air of superiority: a practice acquired from years of modeling, which has become a habit that she cannot let go of. While she moves gracefully, each step already carefully calculated as she once did during her runways, her countenances are stiff. The face of innocence, spoiled by a stoic expression. Estella's rigid exterior is a facade that serves as a barrier to protect a fragile heart, a vulnerability that has only been seen by a handful of people.

There's an intensity behind her piercing hazel gaze, accentuated by smokey make-up. Her ash-blonde hair is often styled in gentle, shoulder-length waves; however, it's been a moment since she last had her color re-touched, evident by the dark brown roots blending into her locks. Her fair skin is unmarred except for a barely visible scar above her right eyebrow, which serves as a reminder of a drunken mishap from a few years earlier. Her height measuring 5'7, Estella has a slender figure, her delicate build contrasting harshly with her stony demeanor, like a lonely blossom in an icy wasteland. Her thinness would be considered worrying, would she not hide herself in loose shirts and long jackets to conceal the worst of her self-neglect.

✧ Personality
★ Personality type (MBTI): ISFJ-T | ★ Personality type (Enneagram): 9w1 | ★ Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Being a young and inexperienced manager, Estella is constantly under the judgment of her colleagues at Illusion Studios, as well as those in similar positions outside of the agency. While she never wanted this job in the first place, her lack of enthusiasm only makes her an easy target for the more seasoned directors seeking to eliminate competition. It's extremely draining for her as an introvert, as she struggles to maintain a straight face and not take their chastising to heart. Despite the pressure she faces, Estella can find a little solace in the fact that she's still learning and growing.

There's nothing that Estella wants more than to be able to find a true sense of peace within herself. Currently, she achieves this by neglecting her own needs, to focus on those of others. She dreads the days that involve her being locked away in her office and taking care of the more tedious, yet necessary, duties. While not the most enjoyable part of her job, it is likely due to a sense of obligation she feels towards her father, that Estella finds herself skipping breaks often, to focus on completing those duties to the highest possible standard.

Estella's relationship with the models at Illusion Studios is more on a casual level, rather than what would be typically expected between an employee and their boss. Being a similar age to the agency's models is likely one of the reasons that Estella fails to feel a sense of superiority over them. However, another reason for her laidback nature could be that Estella is still acclimating to her new role, having never been in a position of power before. This is suggested by her lack of assertiveness when it comes to reprimanding the models for their behaviors and relying on others to put them back into place. It's the fear of creating conflict and disappointing people, stemming from her trauma, that sway her to be selectively ignorant.

✧ Early Life
At the tender age of four, Estella was discovered by a talent scout while spending a leisurely day shopping with her mother. Her sweet features and charm had caught their attention, and after several conversations and meetings, Estella's parents had been convinced to sign Estella to a well-known modeling agency. Estella eagerly jumped into her new role and quickly became a favorite of photographers and designers alike.

Her career took off swiftly, with Estella securing numerous bookings each week. But it was her partnership with Orchid Boutique that truly launched her into the spotlight. The luxurious children's clothing brand saw something special in Estella and she was chosen to be their poster child. Her face adorned their billboards, magazine covers, and advertisements all over the world, making her a household name in the fashion industry.

Despite her young age and fame, Estella remained grounded and kept focused on her work, always looking to better herself. She was always professional on set and never let her success get to her head. This attitude only made her more endearing to those she worked with, and her popularity continued to skyrocket. She was just getting started, and there was no doubt that she would continue to shine bright in the fashion world for years to come. Little Estella couldn't wait to see what the future held for her.

However, her happiness would be short-lived. Her mind still often replays the events of the one shoot that made her quit. The way a staff member, despite being trusted to take care of her, had touched her and commented on her body inappropriately. To this day, the thought of those memories still makes her skin crawl and stomach churn to the point of being physically sick.

She remembers arriving home that day, after the incident, her parents greeted her with their usual excitement. But as they hugged her, she had felt a sudden surge of anger and fear. She pushed away from their embrace and told them she no longer wanted to model. Confused and shocked, her parents tried to convince her to reconsider. They didn't understand why their daughter, who had always loved modeling, suddenly wanted to quit. But Estella couldn't bring herself to tell them the truth. She couldn't bear the thought of disappointing them or causing them pain.

So instead, Estella distanced herself from her family. She constantly felt dirty and violated, and it manifested in the form of extreme anxiety, anger, and eating disorders. Estella's teenage years have consisted of hanging out with the wrong crowds, sneaking out of the house late after curfew, and going as far as experimenting with alcohol and drugs while underage.

✧ About: Acedia
Acedia is a dark cloud that looms over one's existence, a heavy weight that holds them down. It is the sin of sorrow, also described as the "uneasiness of the mind", or more commonly known as depression. It is the inability to appreciate the beauty or see the worth in the human experience, feeling disconnected from the world around them as if merely existing rather than truly living. But is it fair to label this a sin? Perhaps not.

Estella fell victim to acedia, unexpectedly, robbing her of her zest for life after her trust was taken advantage of. That was all it had taken for her once vibrant, innocent spirit to be shattered, leaving her a shell of her former self. Ten years later, the deep wounds caused by this betrayal are still healing. For Estella, this sin manifests itself as intense anxiety, leaving her extremely guarded and cautious of the intentions of those around her. A major example of this is her immense fear of cameras. But how does a former model go from owning the spotlight to becoming immensely afraid of simply having a camera pointed at her? That's a story for another time... or not, being one Estella refuses to talk about. Her apprehension around the cameras can even be seen at casual photoshoots: Estella prefers to spectate from the sidelines - awkwardly fidgeting with the cuffs of her shirt or jacket - to ensure that no accidental pictures are taken of her.

To cope with these overwhelming emotions, Estella turned to unhealthy habits. Eating disorders, and purging; Alcoholism, and drunken flings. While she knows deep down that these coping mechanisms are not healthy, Estella quickly finds herself trapped in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, forced to live with the consequences of her actions.

✧ About: Relationships
The truth: Estella had never truly experienced love. To her dismay, she had no issues in attracting the attention of others, usually the unwanted kind. Estella just couldn't bring herself to commit to a relationship fully. She had only ever indulged in drunken affairs, fueled by liquid courage and the need for a temporary escape. It was almost comical how a simple drink could give her the illusion of confidence, allowing her to do things she never would have dared without it. But the morning after, when she would wake up in unfamiliar beds, she barely remembered anything.

Estella believes that relationships should be built on unconditional love; however, she consistently finds herself paying for it, and typically with her body. They buy her a drink and whisper honeyed words into her ears, and her attention is theirs to hold for the night ahead. Like an unspoken contract: paying for the service of being cared for. She's completely aware that it's wrong and that is why those sober interactions with others make her uncomfortable. Without a drink, she actively avoids any kind of love or affection, unable to trust anyone enough to let them in. Even the thought of physical touch from someone she wasn't close to made her skin crawl.

✧ About: Callistus
Estella couldn't deny that her father had always been her loudest cheerleader, supporting her with everything that she did. Even somewhat now, despite their relationship straining after Estella's assault. However, due to her parents' initial refusal to accept her decision to quit modeling, Estella deems her feelings have not been considered seriously. It's because of this that Estella has never bothered to seek consolation for the incident from them, fearing she wouldn't be believed - after all, Estella had been a favorite amongst the agency, and the staff there had always treated her so tenderly as if a child of their own. She particularly resents her father's laidback attitude, finding him obnoxious as she rolls her eyes at his corny humor in an attempt to lighten the mood. They used to have a close bond, and while she longs to seek validation from him once more, she can barely stand being in the same space as him.


Alternatively, also posted here

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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Headcanons ⁺₊✧
Stelle, who..?

Stelle, whose signature flower is Ivy (Hedera helix); symbolizing everlasting life, devotion, fidelity, and loyalty.
Stelle, whose signature animal is the Domestic Silk Moth (Bombyx mori); symbolizing loss, mourning, grief, and dependence.
Stelle, whose signature color is Ivory; symbolizing innocence, opulence, and elegance; to some people, ivory represents a tainted purity.

Stelle, who could be dressed each morning by the studio’s stylists, but doesn’t due to not being comfortable with the touch of people she isn’t close to; however, who is she to deny her darling’s want to fuss over her?
Stelle, whose chapstick collection is absurd because she's always "losing" them, buying replacements, only to miraculously find them again, in her car, in the depths of her handbags... Her favorite flavor is strawberry.
Stelle, who won't "excuse her French", reserving her native language to insult idiots or compliment her lover: "ma chérie".

Stelle, who gets embarrassed when people discover her old modeling photos, to the point where she will deliberately deny them being her - it’s the same feeling when moms pull out the baby photos.
Stelle, who doesn't realize it during the moment, but doodles on her paperwork when she spaces out while working. It typically looks like a bunch of scribbles but - if you squint - there is an actual image.
Stelle, who is skilled at drawing and can draw faces from memory, when focused. She draws "fanart"- as they call it - of her darling, but is too embarrassed to actually give it to her.
Stelle, who takes a risk and personally designs her models' outfits for their larger events, in secret. To avoid confrontation by the press, her designs fall under the alias "Étoile", which pays tribute to her father's nickname for her.
Stelle, who signs off her work as, simply, "𝓔𝓑.".
Stelle, who isn't great at being a spokesperson - especially a sober one - and prepares scripts/notes for meetings and interviews in advance. Despite her efforts, she usually gets nervous and improvises anyway.

Stelle, who (when alone) apologizes for her actions to a picture of her younger self that her father had left behind - she keeps it in her desk drawer.

Stelle, who is ID’d almost everywhere she goes because of her baby face; it’s a running joke at local bars that she’s been of legal drinking age for a while now - she hasn’t, it’s only been 2 years.
Stelle, who updates her social media profile pictures once a year - or longer - due to her camera fear; Her personal accounts feature only a handful of portraits. It’s even rarer that she features on the company accounts.
Stelle, who is a chronic blanket thief!! She claims it’s because she “gets cold”, but it’s more so because she craves the comfort of having something soft to hold.
Stelle, who too often replaces meals with protein bars/shakes - she doesn't even like them that much: they're just convenient.
Stelle, who never really knows where she wants to go out to eat; however, Italian dishes are amongst her favorites - she just doesn’t eat them often due to being scolded one time, as a child, for staining a dress with pasta sauce.
Stelle, who is an emotional drunk - one too many is all it takes for all of the thoughts in her pretty head to roll off of her tongue, although they might not make much sense in the current moment.

Stelle, who listens to her darling’s songs while driving, even though they often make her cry.
Stelle, whose favorite way to hold her darling is from behind to hide a bashful smile; but, also to pretend not to hear them when cuddling time is over.
Stelle, who loves candles that remind her of her darling and her favorite scents - she lights them in moments she’s alone, finding the aromas comforting. Very insistent on needing to replace them when she can no longer burn them.
Stelle, who adores her darling, but finds their choice of pet names to be a little peculiar… like, in what way does she even resemble a moth?


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Gallery ⁺₊✧
AI Generated

"Flower Girl"

"Working Class"

"The Forbidden Baby Album"

"Alternative Outfit Inspo"


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Mood Board ⁺₊✧


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Word Association ⁺₊✧
lazy wip c':

An Animal || Domestic Silk Moth

“Silk moths can’t fly. It’s been bred out of them for five thousand years. The adults are only needed to make more worms.
Most aren’t meant to live long enough to break the chrysalis; flight’s an unnecessary trait.”
— Genevieve Valentine

Bombyx mori, commonly referred to as the domestic silk moth, is a type of moth that falls under the Bombycidae family. It shares a close kinship with Bombyx mandarina, the wild silk moth. Silkworms are the caterpillars of silk moths, and they hold great economic value as the primary producers of silk.

Compared to their wild counterparts, the domestic silk moths possess larger cocoons, bodies, and a faster growth rate. They have also developed an increased tolerance towards human interaction and living in crowded environments. These moths are unable to fly, so their male counterparts require assistance from humans to find a mate.

Due to their captive lifestyle, the domestic silk moths have lost their natural pigmentation and appear leucistic: camouflage is no longer needed. These significant changes have rendered Bombyx mori entirely reliant on humans for survival and have ceased to exist in the wild.

Dependency || Transformation and Rebirth || Sacrifice
Mourning || Seeker of Protection

A Flower || Ivy

“When the ivy has found its tower, when the delicate creeper has found its strong wall,
we know how the parasite plants grow and prosper.”
— Anthony Trollope

Hedera helix, the common ivy, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae. It is native to most of Europe and parts of western Asia. Ivy is a clinging evergreen vine that grows on tree trunks, walls, and fences in gardens, waste spaces, and wild habitats. It is popular as an ornamental plant, but escaped plants have become naturalised outside its native range.

However, ivy can be problematic. It is a fast-growing, self-clinging climber that is capable of causing damage to brickwork, guttering, etc., and hiding potentially serious structural faults, as well as harbouring unwelcome pests.

Ivy is closely associated with the Greek god Dionysus, often depicted in literature and art as being wreathed in ivy. He used ivy to ensnare women in mystical awe and delirium whenever they refused to worship him. Once they were caught under his spell, these women went to the mountains, where they joined the Maenads, Dionysus’ female followers.

Clinging Fidelity || Eternity || Devotion
Remembrance || Affectionate Attachments

A Colour || Ivory

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”
— George R. R. Martin

An off-white color named after, and derived from, the material made from the tusks and teeth of certain animals. As a neutral, ivory is a calming colour. It carries some of the same pureness, softness, and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer and a touch warmer. To some, however, ivory is seen as a symbol of tainted innocence.

Often associated with purity and elegance, in Western culture, it is frequently linked to weddings and similar formal occasions. In Eastern cultures, ivory has been used for centuries in the creation of decorative objects and religious artifacts.

(Tainted) Purity || Peace || Surrender
Passing Time || Slight Warmth

A Gemstone || Moonstone

“Cloud steamed from its scales – scales of moonstone, so bright they seemed to glow from within. A crust of gem-like droplets glistened on each one. Each eye was a burning star, and each horn was quicksilver, agleam under the pallid moon.”
— Samantha Shannon

Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate of the feldspar group that displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. The name moonstone derives from the stone's characteristic visual effect, called adularescence (schiller), which produces a milky, bluish interior light, which is caused by light diffraction through alternating layers of orthoclase and albite within the stone.

Moonstone opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love. It is an excellent crystal for first or new love and is a comforting talisman if love must be kept a secret. It is also believed to be able to reunite loved ones who had parted in anger.

Moonstone is one of the best gems for emotional signs and is actually considered a traditional birthstone for Cancers. Connected to the mother moon and the water element, this stone is also full to the brim of Cancerian energy. The meaning of moonstone is also known for being an energy stone that illuminates truth and helps you tap into your intuition. Wearing moonstone can help you to feel nurtured, balanced, and connected to your sense of truth.

Gentle Energy || Healing || Calm
Protection || Yin

A Fragrance || White Florals

“Wearing the white flower of a blameless life, Before a thousand peering littlenesses,
In that fierce light which beats upon a throne, And blackens every blot.”
— Alfred Lord Tennyson

White flowers are some of the most romantic in perfumery. Examples include lilies, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lily of the valley. When these dominate - they can exist as an ode to a single flower or a bouquet - the fragrance is known as a ‘white floral’.

Feminine || Sophisticated || Elegant
Romantic || Dreaming

An Article of Clothing || Veil

“Virtue has a veil, vice is a mask.”
— Victor Hugo

A veil is an article of clothing or hanging cloth that is intended to cover some part of the head or face, or an object of some significance. The practice of veiling is especially associated with women and sacred objects, though in some cultures, it is men, rather than women, who are expected to wear a veil.

The veil has a history going back thousands of years, its evolution as religious symbols to fashion statements reflecting the changing currents of society. In ancient Greece, the veil was a sign of respectability and high status. It distinguished women who were protected and women with loose morals. With the rise of the Roman Empire, women wore the veil as a symbol of their marital bond. Even as a part of mourning customs, a veil was commonly seen as a means of shielding the mourner and hiding her grief. Widows in the Victorian era were expected to wear mourning veils for at least three months and up to two and a half years.

Veiling continues to play a role in some modern secular contexts, such as wedding customs, used to symbolize modesty before God, obedience, and when the veil is white, chastity, particularly in Western Christian Culture. Veils also serve to hide the bride's face from the groom prior to the wedding, as superstition says that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.

Humility || Illusion || Pre-enlightenment
Ignorance || Sheltered

A Time of Day || Twilight

“If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song.”
— Khalil Gibran

In its most general sense, twilight is the period of time before sunrise and after sunset, in which the atmosphere is partially illuminated by the sun, being neither totally dark or completely lit.

Uncertainty || Transition || Hope
Impermanence || Reflection

A Season || Winter

“Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me.”
— Anne Morrough Lindbergh


Death || Sorrow || Silence
Hardships || Transitions

A Place || Paris, France

“Fluctuat nec mergitur: [She] is tossed [by the waves], but does not sink.”
— The city's motto


Light || Love || Fashion
History || Intellectualism


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Playlist ⁺₊✧

❀ Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
"If I just lay here | Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

❀ Clarity - Zedd (ft. Foxes)
"If our love is tragedy | Why are you my remedy?"

❀ Dandelions - Ruth B.
"And I see forever in your eyes | I feel okay when I see you smile, smile"

❀ Enchanted - Taylor Swift
"I'll spend forever wondering if you knew | I was enchanted to meet you"

❀ Even Though I'm Leaving - Luke Combs
"Daddy, please don't go, I can't do this on my own | There's no way that I can walk this road alone"

❀ Hot Mess - Zoe Clark
"I'm a blessed one, stressed one, a little bit depressed one | But if I'm a mess, might as well be a hot one"

❀ Hurricane - Luke Combs
"Then you rolled in with your hair in the wind, baby without warning | I was doing alright but just your sight had my heart storming"

❀ I Really Wish I Hated You - blink-182
"Save me from myself, the way you used to | 'Cause I don't really like myself without you"

❀ I’m a Mess - Avril Lavigne (ft. YUNGBLUD)
"It hasn't been the same since that night | I wish I said I loved you just one more time"

❀ Love Story - Indila
"Prends ma main | Promets-moi que tout ira bien"

❀ Nonsense - Sabrina Carpenter
"Lookin' at you got me thinkin' nonsense | Cartwheels in my stomach when you walk in"

❀ Numb Little Bug - Em Beihold
"Do you ever get a little bit tired of life | Like you're not really happy but you don't wanna die"

❀ Rain On Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande
"I can feel it on my skin (It's coming down on me) | Teardrops on my face (Water like misery)"

❀ Stargazing - Myles Smith
"Take my heart, don't break it | Love me to my bones"

❀ Strawberries and Cigarettes - Troye Sivan
"Long nights, daydreams | Sugar and smoke rings, I've been a fool"

❀ Take Me To Church - Hozier
"I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies | I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife"

❀ Things I'll Never Say - Avril Lavigne
"'Cause I'm feeling nervous | Trying to be so perfect"

❀ Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
"I'm wide awake and I can see | The perfect sky is torn"

❀ World’s Smallest Violin - AJR
"Next to them, my ... don't feel so grand | But I can't help myself from feeling bad"


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Solanum dulcamara ⁺₊✧
Bittersweet nightshade | a symbol of fidelity

Wrapped in a blanket, Estella sits nestled in the corner of her couch, legs tucked beneath her, with a near-empty glass in her hand. A warm welcoming glow is cast through the windows of her penthouse apartment, hues of orange painting the walls, as the sun begins to set over the sprawling skyscrapers of New York City for the evening. The faint scent of cinnamon lingers in the air, sticky and sweet, just like the liquor residue on her lips. Licking them wet, notes of honey and spices dance on her tongue. It was almost the perfect way to end a long day of work. Almost...

She chuckles to herself dryly. What was she even doing here?

It had been a month since she had, officially, taken over her father's position as Director of Illusion Studios, and the regret that plagued her from day one had refused to settle. While most others would be over the moon about such a promotion, Estella couldn't feel more out of place. Despite all those years, swearing to herself that she would never have anything to do with modeling - or the industry in general - after the experience she had, yet here she was, expected to continue the legacy of one of the most prestigious agencies. Seemingly, an impossible task.

She brings the glass to her lips. This feels wrong.

The burn that surges down her throat as she swallows is one that Estella has become accustomed to, no longer one of discomfort, but the opposite rather; A bittersweet reminder of the risks she's taking. Nonetheless, this was just another promise she couldn't keep. She'll cut back - she said. She'll stop - she said. It was much easier said than done, especially when it was the only thing that could temporarily cease her worries. A moment of peace from her thoughts is all she craves.

She glances over to the bottle on the kitchen counter. One more wouldn't hurt.

Except it was never just one more. Not her first and likely not her last. But the bottle was now nearing empty, Estella taking that as her sign that her night was nearly over as warm fuzziness began to engulf her head. She’d regret it in the morning, when it all caught up to her, only for her to do it all over again. The feeling was hard to explain: the drinks, which were strong enough to block out her grief one moment, only to have her overthinking everything the next. One thing she knew for sure was that she needed to find a healthier coping mechanism as the liquor affected not only her mental state but her physical health too.

She feels a wetness roll down her face. God - why was she crying?

It was her fault - all of it. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself. Had she been honest about everything from the start, would she be in this position now? Or could she be living out her silly childhood dream, still, wearing pretty dresses like the princesses in the fairytales that her father would speak of at bedtime? Estella had no idea how to begin putting together the words without feeling sick to her stomach from being reminded of that day. So she keeps it to herself, pushing it further into the back of her mind and hoping she just forgets. She doesn’t want to the disappointment on their faces again: her main reason for agreeing to this damned job.

She dabs at her weeping eyes, cursing to herself as her make-up smears on the cuffs of her shirt. She regrets this.

Yet, like the wildflowers that manage to bloom, even outside of their native habitats, Estella stubbornly refuses to ask for help. If proving her worth and devotion to her family meant enduring the torturous path until she, physically, no longer can - she would.

[ 643 words ]


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Estella Blake: In The Bag ⁺₊✧

“Aha… That’s where it was…”
“It’s all essential - I swear!”
“I don’t even know how that got in there. This isn’t even mine, is it..?”

Estella hoards, unintentionally: She forgets it's in there and buys unnecessary replacements.
She looks like a squirrel when she's digging through the damn thing to find a specific chapstick she dropped in there.
Casually, just dumps the whole thing out in her car, but she's panicking internally.
Need something? Estella probably has it - you'll just have to give her a hot minute to look <3

"Those messages? It's probably just the work group chat - I'll check later."
Arguably, it is the most important thing in her bag. Estella uses the same phone for - both - work and whatever social life she has left. Why not just have two separate phones? She could easily afford to do so. However, she's a stress-head as it is, and having two phones constantly pinging with notifications might actually drive her to insanity. Estella finds using her phone to log upcoming appointments much more convenient than writing them in a physical diary, where they are more likely to be forgotten. Her lock screen wallpaper is a photo of her darling <3

Key Chain
"..and this one, I got from when I went to ... that one time."
The little twinkling sound that follows her. It holds her car keys, key card, and a key to her family's home back in Brooklyn. They tend to be hidden amongst the masses of charms she's obtained over the years, from gifts to travelling souvenirs.

"No, it's okay - I'll pay for this, I insist."
And what's in her wallet? Estella doesn't usually carry much cash, not when she's paying for everything and everyone with a platinum card. Bits of loose change for parking and spontaneous trips to buy snacks. When eating out at restaurants, she makes sure she has cash to tip if it's her turn to cover the bill, even if the service is mediocre. Her entourage may disagree - but she cracks under the pressure of expectation. Also holds her driving license - she gets ID'd a fair bit. Don't look at her picture for too long though. There's nothing wrong with it, she's just self-conscious about how she looks and having her photo taken in general.

Makeup Kit
"Stop staring at me, I need to concentrate - We're already late, and I can't be seen looking like this."
Tissues. Wipes. Small things like concealer, mascara, eye and lip pencils, setting powder, etc. Whether it be from listening to a particularly sad song or pre-meeting stress, Miss Girl cries a lot and refuses to be seen in such a state. So please excuse her if she's a little late, she just needs a minute or five to freshen up c':

Feminine Products
"Do I have...? Of course I have- oh... Don't worry, I've got you."
In case of emergencies - you never know! They should be a staple in every bag, even if it's to help another girlfriend out <3

Hair Elastics
"I think these might be yours?"
Now, these definitely aren't hers. Estella doesn't tie her hair up: she doesn't like the look, while having shorter hair. Her hair is fine enough to be pinned back with a couple of bobby pins, should she ever decide to change up the style. At the same time, she has no idea how she's managed to collect these. But, they're there if someone needs one.

"It's 'The Alchemist's Garden', Gucci; I'd recommend it, if it's in your budget."
Estella's favorite scents for casual days tend to have sweet and light floral notes, nothing that's too overpowering but also tends to be on the pricier end. Cheap drugstore body sprays remind her of the nights spent in musky clubs during her rebellious teen years.

"I'll join you for lunch as soon as I've finished this paperwork."
A protein bar that has been sitting in the bottom of her bag since last week. It was meant to have been her "lunch" but she probably got too busy and forgot. She keeps meaning to take it out and throw it, but as the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. She also carries mints, or gum (bad breath isn't attractive!), as well as a container of gummy vitamins for the days she's feeling a little lower than usual. Electrolyte sachets! They were recommended to her, once, as a way to supplement her poor diet. The last thing she needs is to become dependent on caffeine to keep her fueled throughout the day.


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Stelle & Jealousy ⁺₊✧

“My face..? What’s wrong with my face?”
“I’m not angry. What reason would I have to be angry?”
"You’re thinking too deeply into this, I said I’m fine."

Deny! Deny! Deny!
However, the pout on her face says otherwise, and the not-so-subtle side glances of judgment?
Girl. Is. Fuming.

Now, Estella is naturally a bit of a grump and, at times, a dramatic one.
She recognizes that she’s often triggered by things that may seem downright silly to others.
Please don’t bug her about it - she's embarrassed and hates the confrontation even more.

In the moments that she snaps back, she’s merely being defensive of her insecurity.
All bark, no bite - but she doesn't actually mean what she says (usually).
Estella takes a more passive/passive-aggressive approach to these feelings; She'd never consider raising a hand.

Stelle, who has been hurt in the past, her innocence taken advantage of by someone whom she'd trusted.
Stelle, who has been used by another and led to believe that it was love.
Stelle, whose feelings have become confusing, and even more so now when it's serious - she's doing her best.

Communication is a major struggle for her and in this case, conveying the issues that have caused these feelings to stir.
It largely stems from an unresolved assault on her, as well as her parents' inconsideration of her stress that resulted from it.
They were none the wiser, but perhaps she was just being a "spoilt brat" about it - a snide remark once made by her mother.

Estella becomes withdrawn, suddenly disappearing as she supposedly remembers something important she needs to do.
Resorts to giving the silent treatment: she won't tell you what you've done wrong.
She can't discern whether she's more angry at you or herself.

She’ll recollect herself in her own time, before reemerging like nothing had ever happened.
Whether it be after a few hours, a day, a strong drink, or a nap later.
It's not healthy to bottle everything up, but what other choice does she have when she feels as though no one takes her seriously?

"...can we still cuddle tonight?"

Stelle, who is extra clingy after recovering from a jealous episode, out of guilt; but also to get across the point of how much she truly cares.


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ "Shark Week" ⁺₊✧

“How do I cancel this subscription?”
“I’m gay - I don’t need monthly confirmation to tell me that there’s no child in there.”
"Why is my body angry for not having a child, when it'll only hurt ten times more to have said child?"

No, because why are the first few days actually the worst?
Stelle, who is usually pretty moody anyway, may just bite you if you touch her.

And while, yes, the cramps hurt, it’s the audacity that nature still forces her to go through it, that kills her off.
Stelle, who looks into birth control, because she heard once that they can end the torturous cycle.

Blanket thievery becomes more prominent; she makes a little nest, almost, just to get comfy.
Stelle, who wouldn’t typically refuse cuddles, but approach at your own risk (and bring painkillers).

While common cravings include things like chocolate and ice cream, Estella likes chilled parfaits!
Stelle, who rarely eats desserts - but a custardy French-styled parfait is just so nostalgic, while the American ones are super easy and convenient to make.

Although very dramatic about the whole ordeal at home, she still has an image and reputation to maintain when working.
Stelle, who isn’t swayed by that time of the month from wearing her favorite white three-pieces; she just takes extra care, even if it means attending to certain affairs a little late.

Stelle’s favorite shark? Admittedly, she’s not well-versed in the different species.
But, probably a hammerhead, because they look goofy.


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Driving With Stelle ⁺₊✧

“Slow down? There's literally nothing in front of us-”
“Cet idiot-! Do they not know what their blinkers are for??”
"I don’t care who started it, if you all don’t start behaving like adults, I’ll stop this car and you can walk."

Estella got her car as soon as she acquired her license at the age of eighteen.
It's her baby, her first "big" purchase with this newfound independence.
We’re not talking a few hundred on a designer bag, or a couple thousand on a tailor-made dress: that’s pocket money to her.

She has, easily, dropped over 200k on the thing alone - in instalments, of course, for credit purposes.
That does not include the modifications and regular maintenance she's had on it since.
But, contrary to her investments, she knows near to nothing about cars - it simply being a symbol of her status, back in the day.

Estella is very insistent on being able to drive herself to places, in spite of the security concerns from others.
She'd roll her eyes at them, but that'd be unprofessional of her.
In her eyes, her fame has long gone, unlikely that anyone would recognise her for her past feats, now.

She finds the passenger experience awkward, not really knowing where her attention should be.
While she could have the luxury of having a personal driver, she'd just rather not..?
So chauffeurs are typically reserved for group events - her car just isn’t big enough to transport her whole team.

Despite her unorganised character, Estella’s car is immaculate (perhaps not the glove box, but no one needs to be in there.)
It always smells nice, like polished leather, and whatever fancy diffuser she has picked out.
She has the car professionally cleaned once a week unless she’s busy and needs the car for travelling purposes.

She doesn’t typically allow - trust is probably more accurate - anyone else to drive her car.
Estella made that mistake shortly after getting the car, mortified when it cost her a repaint to cover up some scratches.
If she’s in a good mood, she’ll toss the volunteer her keys for a reaction, only to quickly snatch them back.

Her darling gets passenger princess privileges, always!
Too stuffy? We've got AC. Cold? Heated seats. Music? Your choice <3
Estella won’t admit it, but she finds it somewhat amusing whenever anyone else tries to fight for that place.

AUX control is prioritised by: her passenger, first, and then backseat guests.
Don’t expect her to sing along, she isn't going to embarrass herself like that.
She’ll only play her personal playlists on solo drives - they contain sensitive songs that, more often than not, end with tears.

Estella considers herself a decent driver; quiet, but that’s because she’s focusing, especially in the city traffic - it gets chaotic.
All is usually chill until she hits the freeway and there’s a decent distance between her and the car in front.
Fasten your seatbelts and say your prayers, because the accelerator is being stepped on.

Road rage? She'll deny that, also.
Estella's not aggressive, it's just "the French accent" whenever she mutters to herself after crossing paths with a bad driver.
It's honestly understandable when people forget the basic fundamentals of driving, or when they park way too close to her.

She doesn't like drive-thrus, but if outnumbered by her entourage, she’ll begrudgingly divert to appease them.
While convenient, it leaves so much rubbish littering her car - she expects everyone to clean up after themselves.
Her standard order is just a small fries and diet soda.

Driving advice from Stelle?
Make sure you're in the right lane; Indicate your turnings; Don't drive up her rear - she will test your breaks.
Also, don't drink and drive!
Because she's definitely never ignored that one, ever.


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Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ An Alternate Arc ⁺₊✧

Where Estella reluctantly steps in as a model for NYFW at her father's request.
Facing fears: Seeking forgiveness: Reclaiming dignity.
A Stelle revenge era.

“Aha, for a second, that joke was almost funny.”
“It's a terrible idea - do you have any idea what image that would leave on the company?”
“I’m not doing it. Like you said, there’s not enough time to prepare someone new. I’d rather go with one less model.”

Well, her father, for once, wasn’t joking when he put forward the idea.
Estella couldn’t recall the last time she’d seen the man with such a serious expression.
Sure, he’d offered to return temporarily, but that didn’t mean he could start commanding compromises.

She laughs at him: straight up rejecting the idea.
It must have been a joke; her, stepping in as a model? Absolutely not.
Had he forgotten when she’d screamed at him about not wanting to return, all those years ago?

Callistus tells her to sleep on it, but Estella would be lucky if she slept at all.
She hasn’t been sleeping well, since her darling departed from the agency.
It’d be several glasses of neat whiskey later - thinking about anything but his offer - before she blackouts for the night.

By late morning, Estella had forgotten all about it - her head was spinning.
If she didn’t have places to be, she’d definitely be cooped up in the privacy of her office.
Not that it would do her any favours, evident by the piles of unsorted documents that one would find on her desk.

However, she wasn’t expecting to see his stupid face again so soon.

“I still think you should reconsider, Stelle. For them. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy it.”
“They’ll be fine, they’re all competent when they put their minds to it. There’s no way I could compete with them.”
“I only put forth the idea because you have the experience, you know the team. I’m trying to help you here.”

The audacity!
This “experience” of hers that he’s talking about was over ten years ago - she was a child who knew no better!
Back then, everything was all cutesy and pure with her, it just wouldn’t be the same now.

When she returns in the evening, she’s handed a package by a nervous-looking intern.
The “Etoile’ scrawled on the front of it was enough to let her know that it was from her father.
Probably some kind of bribery, Estella thinks.

Estella puts off opening it until she’s retreated to her cold apartment.
The first things she pulls out are pamphlets about dieting, exercise, and healthy coping mechanisms.
For a hot minute, she stares at them in disbelief, questioning what it was that her father actually thought of her.

She’s ready to throw it all into the trash when she notices a photo by her feet.
A young Estella with her father, teaching him the poses she’d learnt - with several more alike in the parcel.
A sweet girl, although cheeky at times: she didn’t deserve what happened to her.

And a letter..?
It’s handwritten, kept “short and sweet”, her father states, as “he knows how much she loathes his sappiness”.
But even so, it’s written with so much endearment, that Estella spends the rest of her evening crying.

[ making an attempt ]

[ outfit re-design ]

“And smile!”
“Just turn your head a little more.”
“You need to look at the camera- let’s try that again.”

[ practice photoshoot ]

[ adjustments ]

[ on the day ]

[ her walk ]

[ a mockery ]

( Outfit Inspo )


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Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Character Sheet ⁺₊✧

✧ Theme Song - info

✧ Voice Claim - Henry Cavill

✧ Etymology
Callistus - cuh.lis.tus
Derived from the Greek name Κάλλιστος (Kallistos) meaning "most beautiful".
Other variants of the name include: ‘Callisto’, ‘Calixte’, and ‘Calixtus’
The spelling perhaps influenced by the Latin ‘calix’ meaning ‘wine cup’.

✧ Demographics
★ Date of Birth: December 2nd | ★ Star Sign: Sagittarius | ★ Age: 46 years old
★ Gender: Male | ★ Pronouns: He/Him | ★ Sexuality: Hetero
★ Nationality: French | ★ Place of Birth: Marseille, France

✧ Introduction
“Stelle - I didn’t pass my good looks on to you for you to look so miserable. Lighten up a bit: smile!”

Callistus, a magnetic and influential figure, held the esteemed position of director at Illusion Studios, a renowned modeling agency nestled in the bustling streets of New York City. Nearly twenty years ago, he made the pivotal decision to acquire the company, which at the time bore a different name and did not enjoy the same level of recognition it does today. Being a witness to his young daughter's happiness and meteoric ascent in the industry was what motivated this decision. Despite his lack of prior experience in the world of fashion, Callistus possessed an astute ability to identify raw talent and, as a result, succeeded in nurturing a formidable and committed roster that captivated the public's attention.

As the agency's acclaim surged, a flood of applications poured in, seeking to join the ranks. Yet, the fleeting nature of the clients' engagements became apparent as they completed only a handful of bookings before departing, despite Illusion Studios' budding reputation in the industry. Callistus experienced conflicting emotions in response. On one hand, in the eyes of a father, he took pride in witnessing his clients' growth, likening it to the fledgling flight of baby birds leaving the nest for the first time. On the other hand, as a businessman, he couldn't afford to continue incurring losses to his competitors. To address this, Callistus ultimately made the decision to substantially reduce the number of models under his supervision. Instead, he opted to focus on a smaller, yet permanent group, enabling him to devote his undivided attention to shaping them into exemplars of absolute perfection.

✧ Appearance
The secret to looking this good at his age? Despite his age, he is without the common signs of aging, his skin smooth and clear, and lacking silver streaks in his hair. Most would say that this is only possible for someone with money to spare. While this it partly true, Callistus would say that it's all about finding happiness as one's self. Callistus' philosophy in life is simple yet powerful - focus on the good, and the rest will fall into place. He embraces whatever life has to throw at him with a confident grin, believing that showing any signs of worry will only ruin the mood. It takes more muscles and effort to frown, so why not just smile?

You've surely seen those giant teddy bears in the totally-not-rigged claw machines in the arcades. That's Callistus. Intimidatingly huge, but a complete softie in nature. In a more literal sense, Callistus stands at 6'2, is broad-shouldered, but not quite as lean as he used to be - he's let himself go a little, indulging in the many pleasures that life has to offer, since stepping down as the Director of Illusion Studios. A little rugged looking, he has a thick mane of curly dark brown hair, which is often slightly unkempt from being tangled by the wind as he goes about his day. His eyes are a deep brown, exuding warmth and gentleness.

✧ Personality
★ Personality type (MBTI): ENFP-A | ★ Personality type (Enneagram): 7w8 | ★ Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral?

"Here for a good time, not a long time" - isn't that what all the cool kids say? Callistus exists as a free spirit, living his life to the beat of his own drum, and does so seldom without a smile. Highly outgoing, his natural charisma is magnetic and draws in crowds effortlessly. Callistus loves to socialize and connect, having no qualms about jumping into a spontaneous conversation with others, whether it be with passing strangers or close friends. His age, despite slowly creeping up on him, has seemingly not stunted his youthful energy. He often spills whatever is on his mind, without filter, and without thinking. Because of this, he can be quite troublesome to be around. Although he never means any harm, his teasing sometimes gets a little out of hand, especially when his daughter is on the receiving end.

Although always looking at the brighter side of life may appear as a positive trait, it's also one of Callistus' biggest downfalls. Brushing off his own needs in order to earn the endorsement of others has made him unreliable, as a manager, but also as a father, by failing to recognize the seriousness behind one's distress. Callistus' need to make everyone feel included leaves no room for real leadership, dismissing the flaws of others so that their more favorable qualities can shine, ultimately leading Illusion Studios to become riddled with the complex issues of its residents.

✧ Early Life
Surprisingly, Callistus' relationship with his parents was never close. His mother, a simple housewife, and his father, an artist (a clothes designer, to be more precise), were often preoccupied with their own pursuits. His father, in particular, was a recluse who spent most of his time in his atelier, leaving Callistus to his own devices. With little structure or guidance at home, Callistus spent his younger years with his friends, engaging in typical mischievous boyhood activities. However, as Callistus entered his teenage years, his parents began to feel the need to instill some discipline and responsibility in him to keep him anchored from a future of deviance. They believed that a job would provide him with a sense of purpose and keep him grounded. By then, his father's reputation and work had gained recognition, and Callistus took on the role of a salesperson for his father's designs.

By the young age of twenty, Callistus had become the spokesperson for his father's work, which often required of him to attend formal affairs in his place. It had been a last minute switch, after his father came down with a sickness, that meant Callistus had to be present at this specific showcase. Upon meeting the gaze of the model who would be wearing his father's latest creation, Callistus experienced the metaphoric butterflies and - perhaps for the very first time - struggled to put his words together. If he didn't believe in love at first sight beforehand, he sure did now, stuttering with a nervous laugh as he tried his best to remain professional. So Callistus did what he did best, charming her with his honeyed words and cheesy gestures. Even after she traveled back to America, they kept in contact. Sometime after, a long-distance relationship was established between them.

He's a married man by the age of twenty-two and several months later, he becomes a father to his daughter, Estella. He was an extremely anxious father, especially during the first few months of her life, but was also very hands-on when it came to raising her. For the next three years, they'd live in Paris, before making a leap and moving to New York, once Estella's mother was fit to return to the modeling scene. Already having made a name for himself, Callistus easily scores a job under a director of a small agency, as a manager whose main focus was recruiting and building relations.

Illusion Studios would be his next major investment, snapping off his branch and propagating alone. If it were anyone else, they would have been immediately swallowed up by the surrounding competition. But the connections Callistus had constructed over the years gave him an advantage that allowed him to quickly climb the ladder to success. Although he still had little to no knowledge about the actual modeling part, he understood how to sell. When clients followed him, in hopes of joining the newly renovated establishment alongside him, he could easily pick apart the genuine from those who were not so much. For a while, everything was going to plan, the agency's recognition growing as each day passed. It wasn't until he noticed the wavering retention of clients that Callistus realized that there was an issue, one that he couldn't figure out why, but led him to make a huge change that ruffled many feathers within the industry. Unfortunately for them, this controversial decision of his only propelled Illusion Studios further to the top.

✧ About: Ignorance
Ignorance is not bliss. The line between ignorance and unawareness can be a very thin line to tread. Most people who are aware of the truth may choose to ignore it because the alternative, living in a world of lies, can sometimes feel more comfortable. For instance, it can be easier to adhere to societal norms and beliefs rather than question them and risk being outcasted. Ignorance implies a conscious decision to not acknowledge or accept the truth, while unawareness is a lack of knowledge or understanding. In both cases, individuals are choosing to remain in a state of denial. However, this denial can have serious consequences, as it prevents personal growth and hinders progress in society.

✧ About: Estella
Although he's constantly treading on thin ice, he loves her more than anything, despite how distant she's grown, how much she says she hates him, or how embarrassing he is to be around. She's so precious to him. Callistus can't help but tease her whenever he's granted the privilege of meeting her, longing to see the smile that's long since faded. It's the only way he knows how to show his happiness of being around her: Estella claims to be too old for all the sappy father-daughter things. It's clear to him that their relationship is not what it used to be and he misses having his mini-me by his side. But what's not been as obvious is the reason why. Estella never gives an honest answer, her story and excuses always changing. Not once did he expect parenthood to be easy, but where did he go wrong? Was this just one of those teen phases she was late of growing out of? For the sake of preserving what's left of their bond, Callistus has given up pressing for an explanation, hoping she'll come around in her own time.

✧ Headcanons
Callistus, whose signature flower is a classic red Rose; symbolizing passion, love, and devotion.
Callistus, whose signature animal is a Lemur; symbolizing familial love, playfulness, and a spirited individual.
Callistus, who doesn't need a drink to hit his dad moves on the dancefloor and makes it his job to drag everyone with him.
Callistus, who (poorly) plays matchmaker for his daughter, often palming her off to suitors to dance with at events.
Callistus, who has only recently learnt that his daughter is gay, but is supportive, nonetheless; it explains why she's never brought home a boyfriend.
Callistus, who also has no idea of his daughter's past illegal activities (Estella has no plans on telling him either).
Callistus, who refers to his daughter's darling as "ma Soleli"; it derives from "rayon de soleli" meaning "ray of sunshine".
Callistus, who...


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Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Gallery ⁺₊✧
AI Generated

"After The Golden Hour"


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Callistus & Estella Blake
Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ Matricaria chamomilla ⁺₊✧
Chamomile | a symbol of mercy

With a confident and charismatic smile, Callistus effortlessly handles the swarm of press following him as he makes his way toward the grand entrance of the House of Illusions. As the former director of this prestigious establishment, it is his second pride and joy, surpassed only by his family. The flashing cameras eagerly capture his every move, highlighting his sharp features and youthful appearance, like a fine wine that only gets better with age. Despite being in his late forties, Callistus still exudes a youthful energy and charm, much like he did during his days as director of the highly esteemed company located in the heart of the city.

As he runs a hand through the thick, dark tangle of hair - not a single strand of silver in sight - Callistus can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over him. He remembers the days when he was at the helm of the lionized company, and how he would entertain his entourage with his playful charm and wit. Even now, he continues to do so, as if time has stood still for him. However, a subtle glance at his watch reveals that he is acutely aware of the passing time. He’s late and he’s kept her waiting.

Bidding his goodbyes to the paparazzi, Callistus turns on his heel and enters the agency, the security at the doors preventing anyone from following him further. The quietness of the lobby was a soothing contrast to the chaos outside. On a typical day, it would usually be just as bustling inside; however, being Father’s Day, many had made other plans to spend their day. Despite the serene music that played in the background, he was anxious. He knew what would be coming and it didn’t take long to spot the blonde’s sullen face and glare that pierced straight through him. It wasn’t every day that Estella went out of her way to call and suggest catching up, and he’d already ruined that for her.

His smile doesn’t falter as he strolls up to her, a master of masking his more vulnerable side with positivity, unlike his daughter who - while makes an attempt - does so in a more callous manner. The air is tense and the silence is loud, something Callistus had been forced to adjust to while in her presence. Keen eyes notice the uncomfortable shift of her weight, the roll of her eyes, and the way her chest falls as if letting out a breath she’d been holding in for who-knows how long. The sorry sight alone was enough to make him feel guilty, and she hadn’t even muttered a single word to him yet.

“I’m sorry,” are the first words to leave his lips, nothing but sincere, as he gazes down at the young woman, who was at least half a foot shorter than him.

Estella stubbornly refuses to pay him any heed, her gaze locked onto the cold marble floor beneath her feet. He lets out a muted sigh, but knows all too well that his niceties alone aren’t enough to win her over - she’s always been a bit petty like that, in the recent years. Instead, Callistus tenderly takes her chin between his fingers, gently lifting her face to look at him. She has his eyes. Except they now hold a bitterness that he has never been able to pinpoint the source of.

“You’re late,” she eventually mumbles, her tone flat with annoyance, crossing her arms over her chest defensively.

“I know, I’m sorry. You know how they can be out there,” he laughs, gesturing back at the entrance, but promptly composes himself when she doesn’t find amusement in his excuse. “Forgive me, Stelle?”

Callistus opens his arms, leaving it completely up to her to accept his invitation for a hug. To his surprise, after a short-lived staredown, she gingerly steps into his arms, pressing her forehead to his chest and wrapping her arms around him. He can’t see her expression, but the stiffness in her body language remains. Nonetheless, Callistus cherishes their minute together, rubbing reassuring circles into her back. The moment is fleeting as Estella is the first to pull away, her face slightly more relaxed than before, although her frown lingered.

Tugging on the sleeves of her sweater - a common hint of her uneasiness for those observant enough - her lips part to speak, only for no words to come out. She bites her lip. Her eyes darted around the lobby, wary of a few pairs of prying eyes furtively observing the two of them. Estella spins around, suddenly, the suede ankle boots on her feet creating a dull thud with each step as she makes a beeline for the elevator, only stopping to wordlessly motion for her father to follow. Without hesitation - and no questions asked - Callistus obediently follows.

Although the ride to their destination wasn’t long, the stillness made it feel like an eternity. It was as if they were strangers, standing together in the small space. He watches her from the corner of his eye: she still won’t look at him. Usually, Callistus wouldn’t stand for such awkwardness, happy to make light conversation with just about everyone he meets; but, it was different with Estella. For her, as much as it killed him to see her like this, he’d wait for her to come around on her own terms. Perhaps he did poke and prod at her a little too much, embarrassing her in front of her colleagues - he’d endure her rebuking at the end of it all. Callistus was just grateful that she hadn’t pushed him away completely.

“Thanks for coming.”

The elevator pings and the doors slide open to reveal a space familiar to him. Isolated from the rest of the apartments belonging to the resident models and staff, the penthouse was an exclusive area with access only via the master key to be held by the Director, themselves. It acted as, both, a living space and personal office, once his, now his daughter’s. The midday sun streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows, casting an almost blinding light as it reflects off the scarcely decorated white walls. Estella steps out first.

“Make yourself at home. You know where everything is, yeah?”

Callistus can’t help but chuckle at her attempt to remain formal in his presence, watching her figure disappear into another room. He settles down on the couch in the lounge, the pristine white fabric pairing with the overall sleek minimalist style of the suite. A vase of fresh lilies sits on the kitchen counter, their vibrancy adding a splash of life to the otherwise blank canvas: just how he’d intentionally left it for her when he handed the position over to her. Some part of him had hoped Estella would have made the space her own by now. At the same time, he was never sure what to expect, when it came to his daughter. However, he took the lack of change as a sign that she had settled.

“No Ray?” he calls out to initiate conversion, his eyes sweeping around the suite’s reception.

He wasn’t sure if Estella had heard him over whatever she was rummaging through in the other room, but a blunt reply eventually came, “No, she’s busy.”

Finally reemerging, Estella holds out a small delicately wrapped box for him to take, before perching on the opposite side of the couch. There’s a glimmer in his eyes, one of awe with a hint of mischief. Callistus glances up at her to find her eyes boring into him, filled with anticipation as she waits for his reaction to the gift. Any teasing comment on the tip of his tongue - he bites back, not wanting to ruin the moment anymore for her. With precise movements, Callistus tears away at the paper, taking great care in keeping the mess minimal. He pauses when he’s met with a plain black box.

“Open it then,” she snaps, clearly becoming impatient.

At her command, Callistus quickly complies, lifting the top to uncover a pocket watch that lay snugly in the velvet interior, its golden surface glinting in the light. Mesmerized, his fingers trace the intricate designs etched into the metal, cool to the touch, each line and curve a testament to the unparalleled skill and artistry that went into its creation. His fingertips pause to linger over a star-like detail. It couldn’t be a coincidence - he believed. Stars had always been a symbol of her, since her birth, named after them, even. Estella. Étoile. It didn’t matter. In his eyes, she was always going to be his baby, regardless of how far they’d drifted.

“Well? Do you like it?

“Stelle, I already have a watch,” he lifts his wrist, his sleeve dropping ever so slightly to show off the gold-plated band on his wrist.

Estella rolls her eyes, turning away from him as she sighs in defeat.

“Yeah, well, maybe a second one will help you with your time management and, you know, not be late,” she chides back, adding on a snarky reminder.

Callistus' lips twisted into a pout, reminiscent of a sulky child. His eyes widen, pleading like a puppy. The sight of a grown man resorting to such behavior was almost comical, yet equally as absurd.

"But, ma Étoile, I've apologized for that, already. You still can't forgive me? But to answer your question: I do like it, a lot, for that matter. Thank you."

"Good, because I lost the receipt and it would have been a pain to return. It's probably somewhere in my bag, now that I'm thinking about it..."

"Woah, hey now, there's no need for that," Callistus laughs, "Seriously though, Stelle, I love it. You don't need to return anything."

Nodding silently in appreciation, Estella stands up, combing back the soft curls of her hair from her face. As she spares him a glance, Callistus takes note of the much darker roots - her natural shade - that had begun to blend with the ash-blonde color. Admittedly, he had never been too knowledgeable about fashion, relying on the expertise of his stylists when it came to dressing the models of Illusion Studios, so he wasn't sure if the look was trendy or just simply casual. He's not aware of the smirk that graces his face as he remembers the time when Estella first bleached her hair in her teens, only to brood for weeks after, when her hair turned out bright orange.

"Stop staring at me like that, it's weird," Estella huffs, narrowing her gaze at him, "Do you want a drink? I bought a bottle of that red you like."

She saunters off toward the kitchen, retrieving the pricey bottle and two glasses from a cabinet that contained various other bottles of half-empty liquors. Estella didn't typically drink wine, finding it either too dry or too fruity for her palette. But as a "borderline" (in her words) alcoholic, she'd indulge with him - it was his favorite, his go-to whenever they dined out. Alcohol was alcohol, at the end of the day, and it had become a coping agent that she depended on a little too much. She'd need it, however. Not just to put up with her father's immature antics, but to build up the courage to finally address the elephant in the room: the real reason that she'd suggested catching up.

Estella takes her time getting everything together, the wine and corkscrew in one hand, the glasses in the other. Callistus' face softens at the sight, as she approaches.

"You're spoiling me, Stelle," to which, she places everything down on the coffee table and tosses the corkscrew into his lap so that he could have the honor of opening it.

"It's not much, really, but I figured spending the day with your favorite child would be the best gift," she shrugs, flashing a mordant grin.

"You're my only child, that I know of, anyway," he says casually, Estella cringing at his suggestiveness, "But I'd love you all equally. As much as you hate me sometimes, today has shown me you have a heart in there somewhere."

"Yeah, somewhere..." she mutters to herself.

"I mean it," Callistus confirms with a much sterner yet adoring stare, "I appreciate everything you've done and I know you've had some reckless moments, but don't we all? I'm thankful to know that you're definitely my child, ma p’tite Étoile."

The atmosphere suddenly shifts and the air becomes thick with an uncomfortable silence. Estella squirms in her seat, forcing a smile that's notably affected by her father's sappiness. Sensing the tension, Callistus takes that as his queue to open the wine. There's an audible 'pop' as the cork is released and he proceeds to pour them both a small glass of the deep red liquid, before raising his to toast.

"To your favorite father?"

"To my only father, that I know of, anyway," Mocking him with her words, she picks up her own glass and tilts it to meet his, creating an airy clink as they touch, "Joyeuse fête Papa."

Hesitantly, she swirls the wine in her glass, a lithe finger circling the rim, before bringing it to her lips. The tartness causes her face to contort in distaste, and her body to shudder as she swallows. Callistus struggles to hold back his amusement as he observes her reaction, reclining back onto the couch to sip at his own drink leisurely.

"So, tell me, Stelle, how's the company been treating you so far?"

For the next few hours, they found themselves engaged in business talk - not how Estella had planned for the day to go, but it distracted her from the horrid aftertaste that coated the back of her throat, nonetheless. Nothing but praise for those that she worked with left her mouth: there was no way she was going to mention the creepy staff or the obvious issues of his prized models. She didn't want to make him feel bad - not that his ignorance would agree with her anyway - especially on Father's Day, which also had her re-thinking the whole purpose of inviting him here. It wasn't just to give him a gift or share a bottle of his favorite wine with him. She'd hoped to finally give him the consolation he often pressed for about her sudden attitude towards him.

But, by now, the bottle was almost empty and the golden rays of the sunset filtered into the space. Callistus had noticed her become increasingly quiet, spacing out mid-conversation. A rosy tint paints her skin. The alcohol had begun to take over. She shouldn't be tipsy: Estella wasn't a lightweight. She hadn't eaten yet - she'd been too anxious this morning. Staring at nothing in particular, her hands tremble as she picks at the polish on her nails. She feels nauseous.


There's concern in his voice, yet she can't bring herself to look at him, she'd cry.

She's already crying.

"I'm sorry," are the only words she can choke out.

"For what? Stelle - breathe."

He's left utterly confused - terrified - but his arms are wrapped around her protectively within seconds as his words fail to calm her. Callistus pets her hair, hushing her gently, as she cries into his chest. His heart sinks. He can't ever recall a time he'd witnessed her in such a state, other than the day she abruptly stated her resignation from modeling. Letting her cry it out, all he can do is hold her. Estella's sobs eventually quieten. He doesn't get the chance to question her further: She'd fallen asleep in his embrace.

[ 2597 words ]


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Picture (not-so) Perfect

✧₊⁺ What daddy doesn't know... ⁺₊✧

In the quieter corners of his mind,
A father stands, bewildered and lost,
His child, once so full of light and grace,
Now cloaked in shadows, bitter and cold.

He remembers the days of laughter and joy,
Watching as she twirled and spun,
A vision of beauty and confidence,
A star in the making, poised to shine.

But the world can be cruel and unforgiving,
And in a moment of darkness,
Her innocence was stolen, her spirit shattered,
Leaving behind a broken soul, wounded and scarred.

"I don't understand what happened to you."

He longs to reach out, to hold her close,
To mend the pieces of her fractured heart,
But she pushes him away, consumed by anger and pain,
Her once bright eyes are now dull and distant.

Yet still he stands, a pillar of strength,
Watching and waiting, holding onto hope,
That one day she may find her way back to the light,
And once again dance with elegance and joy.

For he is a father, unwavering in his love,
And though the road may be long and hard,
He will walk beside her, steadfast and true,
Guiding her through the twilight, back to herself.

What daddy doesn't know, won't hurt him: That's what Estella tells herself, anyway.


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Estella Blake
Genshin Impact

✧₊⁺ Character Sheet ⁺₊✧

"Oleanders have attractive flowers, they decorate nature beautifully, but they are poisonous; and a woman is an oleander;
it’s all right to watch her once in a while, but then you must walk away without touching her; if you ever try to taste her even once, you’ll head for hell"

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

[ banner ]


[ icon ]___
✧ Theme Song - info

✧ Voice Claim - info

✧ Introduction

✧ Appearance - (ref)

✧ Personality

✧ Early Life

Base Stats

Show hidden content

Rarity: ★★★★★
Ascension Level: 6
Level: 90 / 90
Maximum HP: 13,450
ATK: 295
DEF: 837
Elemental Mastery: 0
Maximum Stamina: 240

Ascension Stat Bonus: Dendro DMG Bonus (28.8%)

Team Role: DPS | Weapon Type: Sword
Vision Element: Dendro | Arkhe: Pneuma | Vision Location: Left Hip


Show hidden content

Signature Set: Diaphanous Demoiselle
__Diaphanous: light, delicate, and translucent (especially of fabric)
__Demoiselle: a young woman

Flower of Life: Marcescent Bloom
__Marcescent: ‘withering at the stem’
__Bloom (green orchid); symbolizes love, charm, beauty

Plume of Death: Caged Resplendence
__Caged: Trapped
__Resplendence: bright, beautiful (loosely based on the resplendent quetzal)

Sands of Eon: Thwarted Hour || Ideal Stats: HP%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery
__Thwarted: to prevent someone from accomplishing something
__Hour; a measure of time

Goblet of Eonothem: Bittersweet Parfum || Ideal Stats: Dendro DMG Bonus%, HP%, ATK%
__Bittersweet: Happiness marked by emotions of suffering or regret
__Parfum: Fragrance or scent

Circlet of Logos: Crown of Entanglement || Ideal Stats: CRIT DMG%, HP%, ATK%
__Crown (of ivy); Ivy symbolizes dependency, and faithfulness
__Entanglement: to become twisted together or caught in

2 Piece Effect: HP +20%
4 Piece Effect: After using an Elemental Burst, when the character's HP decreases, their ATK will increase by 10%. This increase can occur this way a maximum of 4 times. This effect can be triggered once every 0.8s.

Character Ascension

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A1: Nagadus Emerald Sliver (1) + Rainbow Rose (3) + Whopper­flower Nectar (3)
A2: Nagadus Emerald Fragment (3) + Quelled Creeper (2) + Rainbow Rose (10) + Whopper­flower Nectar (15)
A3: Nagadus Emerald Fragment (6) + Quelled Creeper (4) + Rainbow Rose (20) + Shimmering Nectar (12)
A4: Nagadus Emerald Chunk (3) + Quelled Creeper (8) + Rainbow Rose (30) + Shimmering Nectar (18)
A5: Nagadus Emerald Chunk (6) + Quelled Creeper (12) + Rainbow Rose (45) + Energy Nectar (12)
A6: Nagadus Emerald Gemstone (6) + Quelled Creeper (20) + Rainbow Rose (60) + Energy Nectar (24)


Show hidden content

Normal Attack: Thorny Desires
Performs up to 5 rapid strikes.
Charged Attack:
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.
Plunge Attack:
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Poison Envy
Cool Down: 10s | Energy Generated: 1x2 (Dendro) / 1x3 (at C4)
Performs a forward slash that deals Dendro DMG, inflicting the Bleeding Heart status on enemies.
Enemies inflicted with Bleeding Heart are bonded to Estella. Every second, for 5 seconds, inflicted enemies will continuously lose HP and Estella will regenerate HP based on 50% of the DMG sapped by Bleeding Heart.
This skill can be consecutively used 2 times.
Enters CD if not cast again within a short period.

Elemental Burst: Baneful Blossom
Cool Down: 15s | Energy Required: 70 | Duration: 12s
Estella summons a Jade Garden, dealing an instance of Dendro DMG to nearby enemies. Nearby allies will gain an ATK boost equal to 10% of Estella's ATK. The appearance of the Jade Garden varies, depending on Estella's HP at the time of casting.
While in the AoE, Estella receives the following effects:
- Estella will continuously lose HP.
- Estella’s ATK increases by 20% for the duration of her burst.
- Estella's Normal Attacks become imbued with Dendro energy, which cannot be overridden by other elemental infusions.

Arkhe (Pneuma):
At certain intervals, when the Jade Garden is summoned, a Spiritbreath Thorn will descend that will pierce opponents, dealing Pneuma-aligned Dendro DMG.

1st Ascension Passive: Critical Condition
Poison Envy’s CRIT Rate is increased by 20%.
This effect is further increased by 100% when Estella's HP is lower than 50%.
Can be triggered once every 10s.

4th Ascension Passive: Pheral
Whilst in Jade Garden’s AoE, Estella gains 100 Elemental Mastery for 10 seconds.

Utility Passive: Lingering Fragrance
When Estella is in the party, your characters will not startle Crystalflies and certain other animals when getting near them.

Ideal Attack Sequence: Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst > Normal Attack

Talent Ascension

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1>2: Teachings of Justice (3) + Whopper­flower Nectar (6)
2>3: Guide to Justice (2) + Shimmering Nectar (3)
3>4: Guide to Justice (4) + Shimmering Nectar (4)
4>5: Guide to Justice (6) + Shimmering Nectar (6)
5>6: Guide to Justice (9) + Shimmering Nectar (9)
6>7: Philosophies of Justice (4) + Energy Nectar (4) + Primordial Greenbloom (1)
7>8: Philosophies of Justice (6) + Energy Nectar (6) + Primordial Greenbloom (2)
8>9: Philosophies of Justice (12) + Energy Nectar (9) + Primordial Greenbloom (2)
9>10: Philosophies of Justice (16) + Energy Nectar (12) + Primordial Greenbloom (2) + Crown of Insight (1)


Show hidden content

Constellation Name: Nerium Indicum || Meaning: Oleander
Symbolism: A highly toxic and hardy plant; an emblem of desire and and the complexities of relationships.

C1: Scoring a CRIT with Poison Envy increases Estella’s Movement SPD by 15% for 5s.
C2: Enemies within the Jade Garden AoE will have their DEF and Dendro RES decreased by 20%.
C3: Increases the Level of Baneful Blossom by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4: Poison Envy gains 1 additional charge. Can now be used 3 times, consecutively.
C5: Increases the Level of Poison Envy by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6: When Estella’s HP drops below 20%, for the next 10s, all of her Elemental RES and Physical RES is increased by 200% and her CRIT Rate is increased by 100%. This can happen once every 60s.


Show hidden content

Signature Weapon: Silkweaver (ref)
Rarity: ★★★★★
Base ATK: 608
Energy Recharge: 55.1%
Threads of Delicacy: When the character equipping this weapon uses an Elemental Burst, increases Movement SPD by 10%, and increases ATK SPD by 10%. After casting an Elemental Burst, when enemies are hit with a Normal Attack, they will be tied with the Silk of Mori. At the end of the wielder's Attack sequence, all affected enemies will take an additional instance of DMG equal to 20~40% of ATK.

✧₊⁺ Mini Gallery ⁺₊✧

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Estella Blake
His Dark Materials

✧₊⁺ Dæmon ⁺₊✧

“The sorrowful spirit finds relaxation in solitude.
It abhors people, as a wounded deer deserts the herd and lives in a cave until it is healed or dead.”

– Khalil Gibran

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

❀ Voice Claim - Emilia Clarke

❀ Etymology
Blanche - blah·n·sh
From a medieval French nickname meaning "white, fair-coloured".
Blanche's name derives from the character, Blanch, in the play 'King John' by William Shakespeare.
While Estella reflects the manipulation and mistreatment Blanch suffered for her family's gain, Blanche represents her resilience and bravery, despite Blanch's young age.

❀ Settling
Stelle is a late bloomer: Blanche settles after Estella turns 16.
Roles-reversed is one way to describe their dynamic, for when Blanche finally settles as a fawn, Estella is at her most vulnerable, struggling with her mental and physical health, which often left her too tired and sick to leave her home. Blanche immediately takes on a nurturing role, becoming her human's emotional crutch during tough times. A fawn for a daemon, as opposed to an adult doe, represents Estella's regression and dependency on another, after a premature fall from her childhood fame.

❀ About: The Fawn - ( ref )
They are a symbol of curiosity, innocence and vulnerability, new beginnings.
Although a newborn fawn can stand and run just hours after birth, it tends to spend its first weeks mostly alone, bedded down, in hiding, only nursing from its mother two or three times a day.
They are born almost completely odourless as their scent glands are not yet developed; A mother doe will leave their fawns alone for several hours at a time so that their scent doesn't rub off on them.
White-tailed deer fawns have a silky reddish-brown coat with hundreds of white spots, which helps them blend in with the forest floor and dappled sunlight.
Fawns don't usually make any noise besides occasionally bleating when distressed; When a fawn detects danger it will remain perfectly still.

❀ Personality - ( ref )
★ MBTI: ISFJ | ★ Enneagram: 9w8 - ( ref )

A drama queen. In an almost constant state of fight or flight, Blanche is a surprisingly loud voice for Estella in the moments that she is unable to assert herself. Despite the fragile form she's settled into, Blanche is fiercely defensive and protective of her human. She is attentive to the details of her surroundings and wary of anything that could pose a threat to them (in other words, everything). Blanche is usually the first of the two to react to the signs, unlike Estella who remains passive where confrontation is required. Very few tend to be prepared for the ear-piercing bleats of protest, her little angry stomps, or her headbutts that insist that you move, immediately, before she resorts to stepping on toes and biting ankles.

Estella, however, thinks Blanche is the sweetest thing. How could you not fall in love with her innocent little face and those big eyes? They're each others' comfort buddies, enjoying evenings spent curled up together, usually with the fawn's head nestled under Estella's own. Blanche is notably incredibly clingy and somewhat selfish when it comes to having Estella's attention. Similar to Estella, Blanche loathes change, new settings and people the spark of her anxiety. Having the fawn as her dæmon reflects Estella's desire for security, as well as the need for emotional care and a nurturing environment to rebuild herself. While Blanche isn't the most intimidating of dæmon, she offers Estella gentleness, whilst vying with danger with the heart of a protective doe and the aggression of a stubborn stag.

❀ Past Forms
Most prominent forms during her early youth childhood career.
__★ Barbary Dove (Streptopelia risoria); symbolizes purity, peace and love.
__★ Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra); symbolizes playfulness, curiosity and talent.

Most prominent form during the peak of her career.
__★ Mute Swan (Cygnus olor); symbolizes elegance, transformation and dreams.
__★ Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis); symbolizes resourcefulness, preparation, and unwavering pursuits.

Most prominent forms after her assault and retirement.
__★ Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos); symbolises innocence, harmlessness and unfair imprisonment.
__★ European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus); symbolises protection, self-preservation and resilience.

❀ Headcanons

✧₊⁺ Mini Gallery ⁺₊✧

Settled Form

Past Forms


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Estella Blake
Fantasy AU!

✧₊⁺ Fae!Stelle ⁺₊✧

“Beauty is a fairy; sometimes she hides herself in a flower-cup, or under a leaf,
or creeps into the old ivy, and plays hide-and-seek with the sunbeams, or haunts some ruined spot, or laughs out of a bright young face.”

— George Augustus Henry Sala

title insert

❀ Theme Song - info

❀ Voice Claim - info

❀ Etymology
Fae Realm Name: Hedera
Hedera - he.der.a - the Latin name for 'Ivy'.
It is said to derive from the Greek ‘hédra’ or ‘haerere’, meaning to “sit”, which refers to the grasp of its roots.

❀ Demographics
★ Fae Age: info | ★ Human-Presenting Age: 23 years old
★ Gender: Female | ★ Pronouns: She/Her | ★ Sexuality: Lesbian
★ Species: Half-Fae | ★ Sub-Species: Anthousai | ★ Fae Court Origin: Seelie

❀ About: The Anthousai - ( ref, ref )

❀ Symbolism of Ivy - ( ref )

❀ Personality:
★ MBTI: ... | ★ Enneagram: ...


❀ Appearance:

❀ General Nymph Abilities - ( ref )
__★ Ecological Manipulation and Empathy:
__★ Personal Domain:
__★ Semi-Immortality:
__★ Supernatural Beauty:
__★ Zoolingualism:

❀ Anthousai-Specific Abilities - ( ref )
__★ Flower Manipulation:
__★ Flower Mimicry:

❀ Headcanons

✧₊⁺ Mini Gallery ⁺₊✧