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Tales from Midgard

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Posted: Tue, 20/12/2022 09:46 (2 Months ago)
Chapter 1: The Awakening

In the ancient times, a great war called Ragnarok commenced where the gods met their demise. The immortal realm was devastated and the god`s reign across the land started waning. Losing faith from believers, all that’s left was their eternal life and feeble abilities.

Among the remaining gods, Freya, the goddess of fertility held strong. She is the only god that receives never ending faith power from mortals. They seek her blessings for good harvest and conceiving offspring. Losing her partner Odin, the god all father from the previous war, she is left alone to manage the heavenly realm. Asgard, the place where gods thrive was left on shambles and Freya being the current pinnacle of hierarchy after the death of many gods thought of restoring mortal`s faith and once again return the god`s divine power to its peak.

While on Midgard known as the mortal realm, dark entities were left to grow stronger and started to spread menace and slaughter that pushed mortals to halt common wars between kingdoms and take up arms together. These entities were supposed to be kept at bay by the gods. But due to their weakened strength and the state they are having, all they could do was hope for mortals to survive long enough until help arrives. Hideous beings defiled the land and lay waste wherever they went. Freya ordered minor gods to travel across Midgard to uphold peace. Their numbers are too few and Freya having her hands bound on the affairs at Asgard, can`t do anything but watch how these beings pile corpses after corpses of humans.

At Asgard, the heavenly realm, gods are having a conversation about Midgard`s situation.

“I am losing hope and I can`t do much about it. This feeling of helplessness has been a huge burden and though I don’t intend to send you down, you`re the only option I have left.” Freya spoke with solemnness written on her face.

“I understand my lady. Me and my sisters are obliged to follow your orders.” A woman in stark white garb said while kneeling before her.

“Your orders are the same. Go down to Midgard, gather souls of the fallen that are suitable to take on the warrior`s mantle that could enter the great hall of Valhalla.”

The hall of Valhalla, a place where warriors know as Einherjar gather. These warriors are the souls of the fallen gathered by the Valkyrie, the battle maiden of destiny. Once a fallen soul is brought to the hall of Valhalla, it would be blessed with immense strength and become minor gods. The Valkyrie chooses the soul, transforms it back to its mortal form and be branded as an Einherjar. Gods prefer souls rather than human`s body of flesh due to the fact the soul won`t be easily wounded or worse shattered.

“Take this with you.” Freya handed over a blue gem that contains a wisp of light inside.

“You are to reach out to me once the moon is full. Infuse you’re your divine energy in this gem and you will be able to speak with me. I will be sending a god down to Midgard to fetch the chosen soul you are able to gather. Send one soul every full moon and keep the rest with you, they might aid your cause.”

“Go forth, I will be waiting for the good news of your deeds.” Freya ordered.

"I bid you farewell my lady. Expect the success of my mission soon." The Valkyrie answered.

The female figure stood up at once and is covered by blinding light. Huge bright wings sprouted from her back which covered her whole body. A moment later, her wings parted. The innocent looking lady vanished and was replaced by a warrior wearing her battle armor. The Valkyrie is now ready to depart and with another flash of blinding light, she was gone.


“Freya, now is the time to unseal her. She is the only capable god that has been traversing the mortal realm for the longest time. We have lost most of our forces from the war and the only way for Midgardians to restore their faith is for us, the gods, to aid them on their darkest times.” Mimir, the wisest god said to Freya.

Mimir, a god who was beheaded and revived by Odin through enchantments and special herbs, now currently resides at the fountain of wisdom. Because of his divination abilities, Asgardians seek his audience to ask for his guidance.

“She has been sleeping for eons now. By having the ability to choose a slain warrior, restoring their bodies, and saving them from the shackles of death. She is one unique god. Alas your will, be done.”
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