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Helpful Diary - Xerao

Forum-Index Diaries Helpful Diary - Xerao
Trainerlevel: 81

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Posted: Sun, 02/01/2022 15:46 (1 Year ago)

Name: - ???
Birthdate: - June 16th ♊︎
Favoite Color(s):
Blue, Gold, Green, Silver, White
Most Favorite Pokémon:

Favorite K-pop groups:
Twice, Dreamcatcher, Red Velvet, CLC, Cherry Bullet, Purple Kiss, ANS,
AOA, ITZY, Weki Meki, OMG, Momoland, Orange Caramel, Blackpink

No posting
Questions just send a PM

Pokémon Goals:
PH Goals:
Festival Points

Trainerlevel: 81

Forum Posts: 159
Posted: Sun, 02/01/2022 16:33 (1 Year ago)
the broken images will be fixed once they get an official sprite
not every item will have data on said item this means it hasn't been traded/sold very often
if you have a question about an item location send a PM (PM link under Teddiursa sprite)

Item Stonks List

Delicious Bait Magnetic Bait Regular Bait Shiny Bait Tasty Bait

Battle Items
Big Root Calcium Carbos Dire Hit HP Up
Iron Power Anklet Power Band Power Belt Power Bracer
Power Lens Power Weight Protein Rare Candy X Attack
X Attack 2 X Defense X Defense 2 X Sp.Atk X Sp.Atk 2
X Sp.Def X Sp.Def 2 X Speed X Speed 2 Zinc

Aguav Berry Apicot Berry Aspear Berry Babiri Berry Belue Berry
Bluk Berry Charti Berry Cheri Berry Chesto Berry Chilan Berry
Chople Berry Coba Berry Colbur Berry Cornn Berry Durin Berry
Enigma Berry Figy Berry Ganlon Berry Grepa Berry Haban Berry
Hondew Berry Iapapa Berry Kasib Berry Kebia Berry Kelpsy Berry
Lansat Berry Leppa Berry Liechi Berry Lum Berry Mago Berry
Magost Berry Micle Berry Nanab Berry Nomel Berry Occa Berry
Oran Berry Passho Berry Payapa Berry Pecha Berry Persim Berry
Petaya Berry Pinap Berry Pomeg Berry Qualot Berry Rabuta Berry
Rawst Berry Razz Berry Rowap Berry Salac Berry Shuca Berry
Sitrus Berry Spelon Berry Starf Berry Tamato Berry Tanga Berry
Wacan Berry Watmel Berry Wepear Berry Wiki Berry Yache Berry

Destiny Knot

Antidote Awakening Berry Juice Biscuit Bluk Shake
Brown Powder Burn Heal Cornn Lemonade Galette Green Powder
Grepa Soda Hondew Soda Ice Heal Kelpsy Soda Magost Lemonade
Nanab Shake Nomel Lemonade Pamtre Lemonade Paralyze Heal Pinap Shake
Pomeg Soda Qualot Soda Rabuta Lemonade Razz Shake Silver Powder
Spelon Lemonade Tamato Soda Wepear Shake White Powder


Evolution Items
Black Augurite Berry Sweet Celestica Flute Clover Sweet Cracked Pot
Custap Berry Dawn Stone DeepSeaScale DeepSeaTooth Dragon Scale
Dubious Disc Dusk Stone Dynamax Crystal Electirizer Everstone
Fire Stone Flower SweetGalarica Cuff Galarica Wreath Ice Stone
Jaboca Berry Jupiter Sphere King's Rock Lava Cookie Leaf Stone
LeekLove Sweet Magmarizer Mars Sphere Mega Stone
Meltan Candy Mercury Sphere Metal Coat Moon Stone Neptune Sphere
Oval Stone Peat Block Prism Scale Protector Razor Claw
Razor Fang Reaper Cloth Ribbon Sweet Sachet Saturn Sphere
Scroll of Darkness Scroll of Waters Shiny Stone Shoal Shell Soothe Bell
Spray Duck Star Sweet Strawberry Sweet Sun Stone Thunderstone
Up-Grade Water Stone Weather Balloon Whipped Dream

Azure Flute Blue Orb Blue Meteorite Bug Memory Burn Drive Chill Drive
Cosplay (Beauty) Cosplay (Cool) Cosplay (Cute) Cosplay (Detective) Cosplay (Smart)
Cosplay (Tough) Dark Memory DNA Splicer (Black) DNA Splicer (White) Douse Drive
Draco Plate Dragon Memory Dread Plate Drill Earth Plate
Electric Fan Electric Memory Energy Root Enigma Pearl Fairy Memory
Fighting Memory Fire Memory Fist Plate Flame Plate Flying Memory
Focus Sash Ghost Memory Gracidea Grass Memory Green Orb
Griseous Crystal Griseous Pearl Ground Memory Ice Memory Icicle Plate
Insect Plate Iron Plate Lawnmower Leftovers Marshadium Z
Meadow Plate Microwave Mind Plate Misdreavus Cosplay Mixer
Monitor Old PokéDex Pixie Plate Poison Memory Prison Bottle
Psychic Memory Red Meteorite Red Orb Refrigerator Reveal Glass
Rock Memory Rusted Shield Rusted Sword Secret Sword Selfie Stick
Seller Clothes Shell Bell Shock Drive Sky Plate Splash Plate
Spooky Plate Steel Memory Stone Plate Toxic Plate Waiter Dress (Blue)
Waiter Dress (Green) Waiter Dress (Red) Washing Machine Water Memory
Yellow Meteorite Zap Plate

Armor Fossil Bird Fossil Claw Fossil Cover Fossil Dino Fossil
Dome Fossil Drake Fossil Fish Fossil Helix Fossil Jaw Fossil
Old Amber Fossil Plume Fossil Root Fossil Sail Fossil Skull Fossil

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting
Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice
Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water

Adamant Orb Cold Rock Dark Orb Dark Stone Emerald
Enigma Stone Eternal Rock Frozen Lava Grey Feather Griseous Orb
Hard Rock Light Rock Light Stone Lustrous Orb Magma Stone
Nebula Stone Old Vinyl Orange Feather Purple Feather Red Lunar Wing
Resolute Stone Ruby Sapphire The Art of Combat The Art of Defense
Ultra Saddle Yellow Lunar Wing

Full Moon Island Hollow Space Marine Cave New Moon Island Sky Pillar
Spooky Manor Submarine Volcano Terra Cave Volcano Cave Vortex of Time

Azelf Egg Voucher Bottled Message Lugia Egg Voucher
Magearna Egg Voucher Magearna PB Egg Voucher Magearna GB Egg Voucher
Magearna UB Egg Voucher Magearna MB Egg Voucher Mesprit Egg Voucher
Retro Mew Egg Voucher Retro Starter Egg Voucher Shiny Lugia Egg Voucher
Shoal Salt Tiny Mushroom Uxie Egg Voucher

Damp Mulch Dry Mulch Growth Mulch Level Mulch Rich Mulch

Mystery Boxes/Keys
Mystery Box (Black) Mystery Key (Black) Mystery Box (Brown) Mystery Key (Brown)
Mystery Box (Dark Blue) Mystery Key (Dark Blue) Mystery Box (Gold) Mystery Key (Gold)
Mystery Box (Green) Mystery Key (Green) Mystery Box (Light Blue) Mystery Key (Light Blue)
Mystery Box (Pink) Mystery Key (Pink) Mystery Box (Purple) Mystery Key (Purple)
Mystery Box (Red) Mystery Key (Red)

Poké Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball

Big Pearl Pearl Relic Band Relic Copper Relic Crown Relic Gold
Relic Silver Relic Statue Relic Vase Stardust Star Piece Strange Ornament

Trainerlevel: 81

Forum Posts: 159
Posted: Fri, 28/01/2022 09:44 (1 Year ago)
Relic Upgrading

Relics to trade with Leah.
x5 =x1
x2 =x1
x5 =x1
x2 =x1
x2 =x1
x1 +x1 = x1
x1 = x1
Relic Copper to Crown guide.
x5 = x1
x10 = x2 = x1
x50 = x10 = x5 = x1
x100 = x20 = x10 = x2 = x1
x200 = x40 = x20 = x4 = x2 = x1
x300 = x60 = x30 = x6 = x3 = x1 = x1

When trading Relics with Leah she may not be trading Relics you need/want so just check in the next day.