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Plusle(Flirty) not compatible whit a member of its egg group

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved Plusle(Flirty) not compatible whit a member of its egg group
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Posted: Wed, 22/09/2021 23:30 (10 Months ago)
Im currently working on my hoenn dex, i needed a plusle and since i saw i had a Plusle (Flirty), i tough i could put her on daycare whit a pokemon of its same egg group
i checked the pokedex and sar her is on the fairy egg group:

I remembered that i had a male pikachu and remembered that pikachu also has the fairy egg group:

So i placed them on daycare and...
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Ignore those wynaut eggs waiting to go to the tall grass

I tought it was because pikachu wasnt an event pokemon, so i tried whit an event that has the fairy egg group
In this case, Pachirisnow

They werent compatible...

Finally I decided to see if pikachu and Pachirisnow could breed

Edit: Okay so, i just put on daycare the plusle whit a pokemon in only fairy egg group and now they can breen, im still not sure why she cant whit pokemon whit multiple egg groups but still sharing their egg group
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Posted: Wed, 22/09/2021 23:41 (10 Months ago)
This is because when breeding, only the first egg group counts if a Pokemon is in two egg groups (source). So your Pikachu and Pachirisnow are considered to have the Field Egg Group for breeding purposes, making them compatible with each other and incompatible with the Fairy Egg Group Plusle (Flirty).

Try putting in a Pokemon that has either only Fairy or Fairy listed as the first egg group! :D

(Regular and event Pokemon are still compatible with each other as long as they share the same first egg group by the way!)