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Relationship problems

Forum-Index General Discussion Relationship problems
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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 15:36 (5 Months ago)
What problems do you have in your relationship? Are there any at all? Are there times when you can't stand your other half?
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Posted: Fri, 18/06/2021 00:50 (5 Months ago)
My last relationship had no problems, bit I have had the problem of being too lenient, I let my other half do whatever she wants and some people don't like that and think I'm too lenient, my logic behind it is that her actions and what she does will show how much she truly respects the relationship

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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:09 (5 Months ago)
Some reletionships can be really hard, and somtimes its just better to stop. I think i learned that first when my parents got a divorce, but since then i have learned that with my own reletionships. It gets better however, at least if you are with the right person.
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 21:13 (5 Months ago)
I very often have problems with my relationships. Often this is because I don't want to compromise and demand too much
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Posted: Mon, 05/07/2021 16:19 (4 Months ago)
In my relationship, which is now in its fourth year, I have noticed many problems. But the main problem is that sometimes people think that if they are in a relationship with a person, then they own that person. At times it can be hard for me to breathe in this relationship. I often think about the fact that I don't have enough space. Learn to live separately from each other without demanding anything.
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Posted: Mon, 23/08/2021 23:13 (3 Months ago)
learn the hardway that loving "yourself" comes first. if two person can't be happy on their own and come together to multiply the happiness, it'll be a hard road ahead.
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Posted: Sat, 28/08/2021 22:26 (3 Months ago)
all relationships have their problems, its how you deal with them which defines your relationship
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Posted: Thu, 02/09/2021 12:33 (3 Months ago)
Single is best
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Posted: Thu, 09/09/2021 17:38 (2 Months ago)
Can't have relationship problems if you aren't in a relationship.
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Posted: Thu, 25/11/2021 10:16 (8 Days ago)
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