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Shattered Souls- Spector A. X!Gaster

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Posted: Sat, 06/02/2021 22:27 (2 Years ago)



[contains light cursing, but rarely only when Fell Sans is around]

Spector leaned back, another boring day of nothingness passing. Ink! Sans had always had her in his Doodle Sphere, without any contact with anyone else. The nineteen year old skeleton was tired of being trapped for so long. She needed to break out. But where would she go? Underfell would be too dangerous... SwapTale… has been ruined. ErrorTale was… more unsafe than Underfell and HorrorTale combined.

“Nowhere to go? Seriously.” She spoke, standing up. “I need to get out of here. I know how to teleport to short distances. I’m sure to another AU wouldn’t be har-”

“Trying to escape, Spec?” A quiet male voice spoke. Ink had returned, a smile on his face. “You can’t. You know it’s dangerous in the other dimensions.”

“Ink, I’m nineteen. I’m leaving.”

“And I say that you don’t.” His tone was angry, but his face wasn’t. It horrified Spector of how unemotional he could be.

“I don’t need your care. I can protect myself.” And with that, she imagined an AU. Not an AU specifically, making it more dangerous. She then teleported away, leaving Ink in rage alone.

Fell!Sans, or Red, was on another patrol, being forced by his brother, Edge. He heard a small yelp, and a thud. “Another human?” His low, gravely voice spoke, heading towards where he had heard the humanoid-noise with a bone in his hand. His eye sockets widened when he saw his friend, crumbled in a shivering, fainted heap. “Spector…? How did you…” He shook his head, stopping himself before picking her up, letting out a small grunt. “She’s too weak… What happened…” He spoke to himself as he walked towards his home.
“RED! IS THAT A HUMAN?” Edge screeched as he spotted the two.

“Boss, it’s Spector…” Red sighed.


“I dunno.” He said, walking in the door and setting her on the couch. “Looks like she teleported again. I think we should wait until she wakes up before bringing her back to Ink.”


Spector gasped awake, finding herself covered in a blanket. She recognized the home as Red and Edge’s, sitting up. Her entire body was weak. “I… I’m so weak…” She whispered, as she heard shuffling.

“You’re awake.” Red spoke out, gazing to the female skeleton. “Why… Are you here?”

Spector stretched before explaining, Red nodding along and sighing.

“Ink’s right. It is safer there. But the truth is, you… were with the enemy the entire time. He betrayed us all. He’s working for that damned X!Gaster.”

A flash of purple shot in her eyes, causing her to flinch.

“Spector?” Red quickly waved his hand in front of her skull.

“G-Gah!” She gasped, shaking her skull. “Sorry, Red…” She murmured, sighing.

“The purple flash?” He said, knowing this from previous times. A simple nod came in response to him.

“Look, kid. If you want to stay away from Ink, you need to train. Luckily, I know just the guy.”

“KEEP AT IT, WEAKLING!” Edge yelled. It was a slightly warmer day in Snowdin, four days of practice with Edge. Spector had strengthened quite a bit, and Edge was proud. His work had done a lot on her, and she panted for air as ambition flooded through her pupils. Even her other half of her soul, X!Frisk, was impressed.

How did she end up with X!Frisk’s soul, the reader asks? Nobody knows. Spector believes it’s how she was born. What she doesn’t realize, is how genocide X!Frisk can be, and their hidden ability.

She continued, one of her pupils going red as X!Frisk helped control her knife movements. Spector didn’t really notice at first, but when she heard a small chuckle from behind her, she stopped, and gazed towards X!Frisk. “Seriously… Right now?”

The response to Spector was unheard by Red and Edge, but heard by her.
_____ Unknown! Time later… ______
“Ink, let go of my sibling.” X!Chara spoke, weak, bloody, and scratched up.
“Oh, you poor, weak being.” Ink responded as he handed the fainted over to X!Gaster, who let out a small chuckle. “You’re back… You’re finally back…”
“Your daughter.”
Chara shakily stood up. “LET. MY. SIBLING. GO.” He hissed, attacking Ink. A simple knock-out and Ink and X!Gaster took them both to X!Tale.
“I can’t get X!Frisks’ soul out from hers…” X!Gaster sighed, a glare in his pupils. “How…”

Spector gasped awake, locking eyes with… this strange tall man.

“Good morning, Spector.”

“How do you know my name?!” She hissed to him.

“You’re my daughter, and you realize, you’re speaking in my language.”

Spector gasped a bit. “You can’t be.”

X!Gaster sighed. “You’re experiment three, the X!Event. Your full name is Spector Astrid X!Gaster. That purple flash you remember is my Overwrite.”

“No… You’re the bad guy!”

“Shush…” He whispered, showing her memories.

Tears ran down her face. “N-No…” She whispered.

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Posted: Thu, 04/11/2021 14:13 (1 Year ago)

Title: Chapter Two ~ A Cry For Help

"You are, in fact, the third experiment of the X!Event." X!Gaster said, staring at the small crying Spector. "Ink Sans is supposed to protect you until you're ready. You were built to be my creation, my monster." He growled at the female. She gasped out. “So… I’m just a toy to you?!” She hissed, Gaster Blasters rising behind her.

“I don’t see you as a toy, more as my daughter, really.” He responded, lightly sighing and looking at her.

Spector was holding back the feeling of attachment, the feeling of being around her father, crying into him, hugging him, smiling, all happy. She can’t be with the bad guys. She missed her adventures with Red, Blueberry, Sans, Space… Everyone. Especially Reaper. Reaper was her best friend, and closest one. She had been protected by him hundreds of times, and Reaper had been protected by her. They had each other's backs.

She eventually began to cry heavily into her father, dropping her weapons and rushing over. She just cried and cried into him. “Please… Take me home!” She begged, looking up at him, shivering.

“Home is here…” He started.

“No! It’s with Red… Blueberry… Honey… Reaper…” She trailed off at the last name, shivering and crying. “Take me home to Reaper!”

Reaper Sans. Ah yes… The reader may ask, ‘why is Reaper Sans so important to the story?’ Well, impatient reader, you’ll find out.

Spector ran through a portal, and fell down into a pile of snow. Reaper Sans leaned over her. “Oi, Spec. You’re kinda in some snow.” He held out a gloved hand, and Spector touched his hand, lightly lifting herself up. “Ugh… Ow…” She rubbed the back of her neck bones lightly, smiling nervously, a light purple blush on her cheekbones.

to be continued....