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Cooking heroes

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Posted: Sat, 11/05/2019 15:24 (6 Months ago)
In this games we all non premium are chef! Yay!
How to play:
1-First user choses a (recommended pokemon) food and said wich ingredient he needs
2-user b said the needed ingredient but also said another ingredient
3-user c said all ingredients wee have but he also said another ingredient
4-mod/premium/wiki helper/designer (literally any special user) don't said the ingredient, in fact they said "yum yum yum" and wee need another recipe
5-stranger the ingredient better the game

1-All pokeheroes rules apply
2-dont repeat on the same recipe
3-no double posting on the same recipe

Text form:
User A (chef)
"Hi, I'm <username> and I want to cook <recipe> but I need <item>

User B
<chef username> is cooking <recipe>, I have <item> but I need <item>

User C
<chef username> have <says all items>, I have <item> but I need <item>

Special user
Yum Yum Yum

Okay, I'll start
Hi, I'm Gosth and I want to cook an oran berry cake but I need oran berries
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