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Posted: Fri, 11/01/2019 18:03 (2 Months ago)
If Something Says To Be Finished It Means I Will Finished! Every Tuesday This Page Will Be Updated until competition!

Chapter 1: A Slime And A New Place
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???: where am I? Is this a dream.... my head hurts....

Mona: hey Tyler! Come on! We are going to be late!
Tyler: Mona wait up.....
(I remember.... I was going to see Zack and....)
Tyler: hey wait! I feel... strange.... I feel....

Tyler: I passed out on the floor.... and now I’m here.... in... this void place....
???: hello? Are you ok?
Tyler: huh.... (I heard a voice? A little girl? Mona? I don’t know....)
???: please.... wake up! Please!
Tyler: I see.... something.....

*Chapter 1: A Slime And A New Place*

???: your awake!
*in front of tylers Eyes was a small ball of light with two smaller balls of light as hands....*
Tyler: huh? WHAT THE!
???: I was worried that you were dead....
Tyler: what do you mean and.... why are you a floating ball of light?
???: oh... sorry I haven’t introduced myself! My name is!
??? 2: I heard something over here!
???: quick hide!
Tyler: huh! Ahh!
*??? Pulls Tyler into a bush*
??? 3: you see anything....
??? 2: no... but I heard something....
??? 2: it couldn’t have been a monster..... could it....
??? 3: don’t be a idiot! Monsters can’t talk!
Tyler: *mumbled sounds*
*??? Was covering tylers mouth*
??? 2: ......lets go......
*??? Finally let go of tylers mouth*
Tyler: finally! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!
???: those were humans.... they would have killed you in seconds....
Tyler: what do you mean!
???: what a strange slime you are.....
Tyler: what do you mean? I’m not a slime....
???: yeah you are....
Tyler: yeah yeah.... *looks at himself in a puddle* O-O WHY AM I A SLIME!
???: took you long enou-
???: wait calm down.... my names Dia.... The Light Spirit! and your in Light Forest
Tyler: Light forest.... Dia.... im Tyler.... The Slime I guess! nice to meet you!
Dia: ok! Tyler! That’s a nice name!
Tyler: thanks Dia! I think your names cute! Anyways where should we go now.... do you have a town? A house?
Dia: yeah! I have a home somewhere on this forest!
Tyler: neat! I don’t have a home.... (at least here....)
Dia: sure! *hugs tyler* your so squishy and gooey!
Tyler: thanks! Anyways let’s get going!
*and so Tyler became friends with Dia!*
Dia: my home should be.... *rumble*
Tyler: are you hungry? So am I.....
Dia: ....huh? A berry bush! *dia grabs some berries from the bush and tosses Tyler a blue squishy berrie*
Tyler: huh? What is this?
Dia: a goo berry.... you’ll like it! I promise!
Tyler: ok? (I don’t know what this berry is but.... I at least need to try it!) *takes one bite* ......THIS IS AMAZING!
Dia: I knew you would like it!
Tyler: thanks! Come on! Let’s keep going.... it can’t be that far!
Dia: yeah! It isn’t that far now! Let’s get going!
*they made it to a old tree....*
Tyler: this is your home?
Dia: well kinda! Down here!
Tyler: huh!
*tyler went into a hole in the tree which took him beneath it!*
Tyler: this place looks? Kinda old?
Dia: yeah! It isn’t very good but it’s home.....
Tyler: ....hey....why don’t we remodel it?
Dia: huh but....
Tyler: hey don’t worry I can help!

To Be Finished