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Pokemon Types Visible on Summary?

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Posted: Mon, 16/07/2018 20:20 (8 Months ago)
one thing i've noticed that's actually really odd... when you're on a pokemon's Summary page, you can't see what type(s) they are? you're shown their gender, dex number, stats, even their rarity, but there isn't a single spot showing their type(s) [fire, water, etc]. this is already a feature on all other pokemon adoptable sites that i've seen, so it's a bit strange that it's not a thing here. definitely feels like something is missing

i just think it'd be a nice, convenient feature. and yes, i know you can see a pokemon's type by going to your pokedex (that is, IF you have it registered), but that definitely takes much more time than just going to the pokemon's summary

i apologize if this has already been suggested and/or is in the wrong forum!
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Posted: Mon, 16/07/2018 20:24 (8 Months ago)
Support, you have to look for them at the pokemon wiki and/or remember them to know what to choose right now, and it's really annoying to have to do that for every pokemon.