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Please read before creating a new thread!

Forum-Index Help Please read before creating a new thread!
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Posted: Fri, 06/06/2014 08:36 (8 Years ago)
You have encountered a problem and need help? You are free to ask for help anytime but please consider checking some things first before creating a new thread in the help forum.

Check the guides

In order to make some processes easier to understand, we have created a few really helpful guides for you guys here.

Check the FAQs

Go here.
Please do also browse through the thread - not all questions have been added to the first post yet.

Check the wiki

Did you know we have a PokéHeroes wiki? No? Check it out!

Check whether your question has been answered already

Besides the function, which, when creating a new thread in this section, checks the title entered by you and displays possible matching threads, which we would like you to should check out first, there are basically two strategies here.
1. You can either go see the already answered help threads and browse them manually.
2. Or you can use the search function. You can do this by clicking the little search lens in the bottom right corner of the main forum.

Just type in one or several words you think might've been used by others to describe the problem you're looking forward to get an answer for and explore the given results.

If you now still haven't found an answer for your question, feel free to create a new thread and ask for help. Also, be sure to give as many details as possible - the more information given the better people can help! Thanks.