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Pokemon Gen 8 Region idea

Forum-Index General Discussion Pokemon Gen 8 Region idea
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Posted: Wed, 13/06/2018 03:14 (11 Months ago)
So I was watching videos on countries that shpuld be pokemon regions. Eventualyl I had
ideas for countries that could be cool regions. After a while I got a great idea for a pokemon region. Now bare with me, but I believe Mexico could be a great idea for a pokemon region. Mexico's geography and culture would be something I'd love to see in a pokemon game. Mexico has many animals that could be inspirations for pokemon such as ocelots, rattlesnakes, opposum, grison, and coatimuandi. Those are just some of many animals that would be amazing to see as pokemon.

Mexico's enviroments does't just consist of deserts. The country has termperate forests, wetlands, and tropical rainforests. These types of locations would be great places to catch all kinds of new and exciting pokemon. The country also has great lore and history with the aztecs which lived in the country hundreds of years ago. The aztecs were a group of warriors they have had an empire which was an alliance between three cities. They worshipped deities such as quetzalcoatl (got no idea if I spelt it right) which is a large feathered serpant type deity of wind, air, and learning. The aztecs would make sacrifices to this deity but explainging that would be too mature. The aztecs also made large pyramid type temples which could be where legendary pokemon could reside in.

The culture in Mexico would be something fun to see in a pokemon game. They blend their old mesoamerican culture with spanish culture. They also blend their native culture with other cultures. The architecture would make all the cities look unique and beautiful. I would also like them to have some trials like with Alola, maybe something related to festivals or something (Tbh idk but I feel like if they have trials return to gen 8 they should do a fresh twist on it)

All the creatures, lore, culture, and ecosystem would be something I'd love to see in a pokemon game. Hopefully one day gamefreak could make a Mexico type region. We could also have a story based on Mexico in the current day with many mexicans trying to cross the boarder to make a better living in the USA (tho many Mexicans are actually of working class and enjoy the country), all the crime that goes on there, and the stuff going on with trump. There is so much they could make with an evil team. And they have many mythical figures that could be the basis of legendary pokemon. Overall those are my ideas and opinions on a mexican pokemon region for gen 8, if you have any opinions or odeas for pokemon regions please leave them in the comments.
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Posted: Wed, 13/06/2018 03:16 (11 Months ago)
Then tell Mr buddy to do a video an that~