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★ The Thoughts of a Metalhead ★

Forum-Index Diaries ★ The Thoughts of a Metalhead ★
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Posted: Sun, 28/01/2018 14:22 (2 Years ago)
Tʜ Tʜɢʜs Mʟʜ

Hello users of Pokeheroes, and welcome to a brief insight all about my weirdness.
I am still currently adding things as I go along, so keep an eye out here for new updates.
Any comments or questions I can answer via PM or Palpad.

_______________]★ Do not post here
_______________]★ Do not steal any images, text, or any other sorts of journal material
_______________]★ If you are in this journal and wish to be removed, send me a PM
_______________]★ Any images here are made by me unless otherwise specified
_______________]★ Icon images are from DA users linking to their page, edited by me

Tʙʟ Cɴɴs

Page 1

______________________________]★ Introduction
______________________________]★ About Me
______________________________]★ Pokémon Information
______________________________]★ Shiny Info
______________________________]★ Games Shiny Info
______________________________]★ Gaming Info
______________________________]★ Dedicated Songs
______________________________]★ Friends
______________________________]★ PokéDex Completion
______________________________]★ Miscellaneous
______________________________]★ Written Works
______________________________]★ Shadow Radar History
______________________________]★ Favorite Status Updates
______________________________]★ My Quirk Explanations
______________________________]★ Favorite Quotes
______________________________]★ Accomplishments
______________________________]★ OC Credit and Rules
______________________________]★ Roleplaying Information
______________________________]★ Reserved
______________________________]★ Reserved

Page 2

______________________________]★ Writing Entry #1 - My Thoughts on Generation 8
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #2 - Don't Play Favorites
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #3 - Ori and the Blind Forest Review
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #4 - Christmas Memories
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #5 - Pets of the Past
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #6 - My First Bi-Sexual Experience
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #7 - Falling in Love Again
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #8 - Pokeheroes Drama Needs to STOP
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #9 - Spriting And Customer Tips
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #10 - My Coping Mechanisms
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #11 - Some Poems
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #12 - Learn To Take Criticism
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #13 - K-12 Stories
______________________________]★ Writing Entry #14 - I Was Harassed

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Posted: Sun, 28/01/2018 14:26 (2 Years ago)
Tʜ Pʀsɴ Bʜɪɴ Kɴʀ

Aʙ M

⚜ Name: Kendra
⚜ Age: 26
⚜ Birthdate: 12/22/1993
⚜ Gender: Female
⚜ Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
⚜ Personality Type: INTJ-T
⚜ Alignment: True Neutral
⚜ Zodiac (Western): Capricorn
⚜ Zodiac (Chinese): Fire Rooster
⚜ Eye Color: Pale Blue or Grey
⚜ Trait: Tomboy
⚜ Disposition: Submissive, Semi-Dominant
⚜ Personality: Shy, Playful, Feisty, Hardheaded, Mature, Imaginative
⚜ Location: Washington, United States
⚜ Timezone: Pacific (-8 Hours Server Time)
⚜ Occupation: None
⚜ Hobbies: Gaming, Writing, Reading, Art, Watching Movies


⚜ Color: Black, Red, Purple, Changes
⚜ Animal: Dragon, Shark, Fox
⚜ Food: Cheesy Pasta, Burgers, Elk Cubesteak
⚜ Drink: Sunkist / Mountain Dew Code Red
⚜ Alcohol: Barefoot Champagne
⚜ Candy: Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
⚜ Board Game: Armello / Aggravation
⚜ Subject: Writing & Art
⚜ Holiday: Christmas & Halloween
⚜ Scent: Candied Mulberry
⚜ Actor: Jim Carrey & Robin Williams
⚜ Actress: Charlize Theron & Shailene Woodley
⚜ Hero: Spiderman
⚜ Villian: Negan (The Walking Dead)
⚜ Fruit: Banana
⚜ Veggie: Green Beans
⚜ Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
⚜ Restaurant: Applebees

Wʀ Wʟʟs

These will just be word walls of any favorites I can think of.
The top few answers before each wall are absolute favorites above all others.
I might miss some or forget to mention, and some might be either singles or many of the series.

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⚜⚜⚜ YouTubers ⚜⚜⚜
[Versus] [Game Grumps] [Pogo]

[SlowMo Guys][Vinesauce][JoshJepson][AttackingTucans][Pcull44444][JackSepticEye][Markiplier][HotDiggedyDemon][FailArmy][EgoRaptor][JonTron][Cow Chop][Cryaotic][CinemaSins][BraveWilderness][Caddicarus][BlastphamousHD][JaidenAnimations][TheOdd1sOut][TearsOfGrace][TheRunawayGuys][SwingPoynt][ReuBekahVids][Smooth McGroove][Steve-O][TryHardNinja][Pinkstylist][EricVanWilderman][BigJigglyPanda]

⚜⚜⚜ Games ⚜⚜⚜
[Subnautica] [Hollow Knight] [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

[Corpse Party][Okami][The Legend of Zelda][The Binding of Isaac][Minecraft][Gears Of War][Undertale][Pokemon][Mario][Super Metroid][Metroid Prime][Grand Theft Auto V][Kingdom Hearts][Banjo Kazooie][Armello][Slime Rancher][Five Nights At Freddy's][Always Sometimes Monsters][Saints Row][Castle Crashers][Viva Pinata][Starbound][Stardew Valley][Terraria][Yooka Laylee][Animal Crossing][Donkey Kong Country][Donkey Kong 64][Jack and Daxter][Star Fox][Twilight Princess][Majora's Mask][Ocarina of Time][Skyward Sword][Wind Waker][Bomberman 64][Wii Sports][Yoshi's Story][Yoshi's Wooly World][Maximo][Tomba 2][Rayman 2][Guitar Hero][Super Smash Brothers][Crash Tag Team Racing][Spyro]

⚜⚜⚜ Moves & Shows ⚜⚜⚜
[Saw Series] [Zootopia] [Slumdog Millionaire] [The Walking Dead] [Legends of Aang & Korra]

[How To Train Your Dragon][Rio][The Road to El Dorado][Treasure Planet][Dragonheart][Paranormal Activity][House of Wax][300][The Terminator][Die Hard][Push][Naruto][Vampire Knight][B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time][Life of Pi][The Hangover][She's The Man][Odd Girl Out][The Ugly Truth][Enemy At The Gates][Saving Private Ryan][Nothing To Lose][Shawshank Redemption][Cast Away][Hook][Jurassic World][American Dad][Ghost Adventures][Lord Of The Rings][The Hobbit][Last Vegas][Child's Play][Chucky][The Grudge][Wreck-It-Ralph][Despicable Me][Chronicles of Narnia][Pirates of The Caribbean][Peter Pan][Maleficent][Alice in Wonderland][Let's Be Cops][Quarantine][Divergent][Insidious][Taken][Hunchback of Notre Dam][Indiana Jones][Zombieland][Superbad][Sex Drive][Freaky Friday][Horns][College][Beastly][Halloween][Megamind][The Mummy][The Matrix][Pulp Fiction][Lost Boys][Dances With Wolves][The Sandlot][Dodgeball][Mrs.Doubtfire][Dumb and Dumber][The Waterboy][Seven Pounds][Yes Man][Liar Liar][Forrest Gump][Big Fish][Django][Sinbad][Law Abiding Citizen][Jackass][Wildboyz][Viva La Bam][Minority Report][The Green Mile][Up][White Chicks][X-Men][Men in Black][I Am Legend][Iron Man][The Dark Knight][Spiderman][Titanic][Avatar][Stardust][We're The Millers][Vacation][Kick Ass][Final Destination][South Park][The Zohan][Rain Man][Legend of the Guardians][The Odyssey][Wanderlust][Jungle Book][The Crazies][The Internship][Delivery Man][Pokemon The Movie]

⚜⚜⚜ Books ⚜⚜⚜
[The Dragonian Series] [Firelight Series] [Mageri Series]

[Vampire Academy Series][Bloodlines Series][Harry Potter Series][Twilight Series][Shapes of Autumn][Luminescence Trilogy][The Shapeshifter Chronicles][Going Down in Flames][Descended of Dragons][Dog Days Series][Heart of Fire][Divergent][Hunger Games][The Born in Flames Trilogy][Heartstrikers][Draconi Series][Hyrule Historia][Dragonology][The Sight]

⚜⚜⚜ Artists ⚜⚜⚜
[KoЯn] [Aero Chord] [Savant]

[Pogo][TryHardNinja][Lindsey Stirling][Nickelback][Disturbed][Three Days Grace][Scandroid][Celldweller][Skrillex][Linkin Park][Deadmau5][Fair To Midland][Drowning Pool][Fatboy Slim][Bullet For My Valentine][Alex Arcoleo][DJ BL3ND][Bon Jovi][Skillet][Sederwall][Eminem][Koji Kondo][Your Favorite Martian][Eiffel 65][Avenged Sevenfold][The Glitch Mob]


⚜ Cruelty
⚜ Bullying
⚜ Any and all discrimination
⚜ Crowds
⚜ Loud noises
⚜ Eating seafood
⚜ Eating cashews or any type of nut


⚜ Sirens or droning sounds
⚜ Car crashes
⚜ Losing my mind
⚜ The unknown
⚜ Large, open spaces of water (Not sharks)

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Pottermore Info

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Patronus: Dragon
Wand: Ebony wood with a Dragon heartstring core 11 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
Pet/Companion: Peruvian Vipertooth

Akaiya and I started dating on January 17th, 2020

Navi was born July 3rd, 2017
Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Mon, 19/02/2018 09:53 (2 Years ago)
Pɴ Iɴʀɪɴ

Fʀɪ Pɴ


★ Pokemon Games ★

⚜ Pokemon Ever:
⚜ Game: Red & Silver
⚜ Shiny: (Found in Wild when Emerald came out, still have to this day)

★ Pokeheroes ★
⚜ Pokemon:
⚜ Shiny: (Hunted myself ; Egg #65)
⚜ Legendary:
⚜ Event (Won):
⚜ Event (Bought):
⚜ Mega-Able:
⚜ Retro:

Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Sat, 24/02/2018 07:07 (2 Years ago)
Sʜɪɴʏ Iɴ



Past Hunts:

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Date Started - Date Ended
Shinies Hatched / Pokemon Hatched Overall (Chain) - [Shiny Egg Number/Gender]


24th February, 2020 - 26th March. 2020
13/613 [45M] [90M] [99M] [211M] [220M] [361M] [398M] [407M] [432F] [463M] [470M] [481M] [613M]


2nd January, 2020 - 10th January, 2020 (Accidental Chain Break)
2/145 [90F] [141M]
10th January, 2020 - 31st January, 2020
11/363 [66M] [71F] [76M] [179M] [183F] [224F] [231M] [244M] [270F] [301M] [363M]


27th December, 2019 - 2nd January, 2020
3/135 [42M] [75M] [111F]


16th November, 2019 - 14th December, 2019
1/176 [176M]

Alolan Vulpix

10th October, 2019 - 20th October, 2019
1/187 [187F]


22nd June, 2019 - 19th July, 2019
6/306 - [79M] [81M] [82M] [133M] [145M] [306F]


Uncommon Event Pass (x2)
9th June, 2019 - 20th June, 2019
2/153 [99F - 12th Driflamp OS] [148M - 5th Lightblim OS]


1st June, 2019 - 7th June, 2019
1/46 - [46M]


19th April, 2019 - 13th May, 2019
3/202 - [78] [87] [101]


22nd February, 2019 - 27th February, 2019
1/111 - [111M]


17th February 2019 - 22nd February 2019
1/60 [60F]


5th February 2019 - 12th February 2019
4/162 [58F] [79M] [104F] [122M]


13th September 2018 - 1st October 2018
3/212 [123M] [159M] [212M]


21st August 2018 - 13th September 2018
5/339 [73M] [101F] [132M] [152M] [221M]


21st August 2018 (Less than twenty-four hours)
1/64 - [64M] (Event Pass)


20th August 2018 - 21 August 2018
1/95 - [95M] (Event Pass)


20th August 2018 (Twenty-four hours exactly)
1/121 - [121M] (Event Pass)


4th July 2018 - 11th July 2018
1/112 - [112M]


3rd Mar 2018 - 23rd Mar 2018
9/331 - [99M][107M][124m][127M][173F][241M][279M][283M][330M]


14th Feb 2018 - 3rd Mar 2018
4/238 - [65M][71M][91M][235M]

Rɴ Cʜɴ

Eɴ Dɪsʀɪʙɪɴ

Hɴʏ Tʀ

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Posted: Sat, 31/03/2018 19:43 (2 Years ago)
Gs Sʜɪɴʏ Iɴ


Hɴʜʟ Gs
All Pokemon are currently imported into my Pokemon Sun file on the 3DS.
And I know the Tyranitar and Xerneas are hacked.

Rᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ Cʜᴀɴᴄᴇ

Hariyama - Pokemon Emerald
1/8192 Chance


Both from my friend Crest


$13.00 in total


Shiny Tapu Koko TCG Tie-in: 7/14 - 8/14 - 2017

SOS Battles

December 23rd, 2018 - Around 200/300 encounters (2.5 hours)

December 26th, 2018 - Around 500/700 encounters (4.5 hours)

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SOS Hunting Attempt Fails

12/21/18 - Salandit
Got about 200+ encounters before accidentally hitting "run"

12/25/18 - Trapinch
93 encounters when single Pokemon used struggle on low health and fainted

Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Tue, 10/04/2018 21:41 (2 Years ago)
Gɪɴɢ Iɴ


Five Nights at Freddy's - Ultimate Custom Night
Highest Score: 5000
Longest 20/50 Mode Time: 0:29:6
Challenges Completed: Bears (All), Attention (All), Ladies (All), Crawlies (All), Springtrapped

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3-Heart Run
Died: Once (Iron Knuckle, 1-Hit KO)
100%: No, left all items and heart pieces behind
System: Nintendo 64 (Wii U)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3-Heart Run
Died: Once (Glitch in Woodfall on bridge with Hiploop spawned in same place)
100%: Yes, all masks, upgrades, and bottles retrieved
System: Nintendo 64 (Rom)

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 3-Heart Run
Died: Twice (Double Red Darknut ambush before last dungeon)
100%: No, left all maps, armor, last bottle, and heart pieces behind
System: Gamecube (Rom)

Pokémon Insurgence
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Delta Haxorus ♂

Level: 120
Ability: Strong Jaws
Item: Leftovers
Poison Fang
Ice Fang
Aqua Tail

Mega Delta Charizard ♂

Level: 120
Ability: Spirit Call
Item: Delta Charizardite
Shadow Ball
Dragon Pulse
Confuse Ray

Flygon (Armored) ♂

Level: 120
Ability: Levitate
Item: Flygon Armor
Hyper Beam
Dragon Claw
Bug Buzz

Delta Noivern ♂

Level: 120
Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Leftovers
Petal Blizzard
Giga Drain
Water Pulse
Iron Head

Delta Typhlosion ♂

Level: 120
Ability: Motor Head
Item: Magnet
Energy Ball
Flash Cannon

Chandelure (SHINY) ♀

Level: 120
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Charcoal
Flame Burst
Fire Blast

Other Stats:
Favorite Music : Sewers Theme and Vs. Abyssal Cult Leader Audrey
Favorite Pokemon: Delta Haxorus (Love everything about this Delta)
Favorite NPC: Persephone (Sarcasm is great)

Recommendation (Spoiler free)
Highly recommended to anyone wanting a dark Pokemon story or a good challenge.
I had this game on the easiest mode and still it took several upon several hours of constant grinding just to keep pace with the other trainers in this game. Huge difficulty boost from the get go.
I love the custom Pokemon with the old "Holon Delta Species" theme from way back when. Adds a new twist onto things that also adds challenge. When you think the trainer is going to send out a regular Greninja, you send out your electric type. Too late! You find out it's actually a grass/fire type delta species Greninja.
The story was not bad, I enjoyed it and at some points I wanted to see what would happen next. But grinding is a badly needed part of the game so I was chomping at the bit to try and hurry to see what would happen next in the story. There were a couple silly parts but otherwise it was not a terrible story to go through.
Music was also very wonderful. There was a couple revamped old Pokemon game soundtracks mixed in, but the rest was completely unique and memorable. I especially love the DKC2 remix put into the game.
I did run into a couple of bugs here and there, my game crashed once or twice looking at Gym Leader signs in front of each gym, and my team's stats started to get bugged. Going from an HP EV of 138 to suddenly -490 makes a not very effective move from a much lower level Pokemon destroy you instantly? Kinda sucks but there are ways around it to fix the problem.
All-in-all, a very good game that I recommend. And if you play it, let me know, I want to see what your favorite fan-made Delta Species is~

Cʟ Aʜɪɴs
100% all achievements
Slime Rancher
Stardew Valley
The Binding of Isaac
The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth
Night in the Woods
Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Tue, 05/06/2018 07:06 (2 Years ago)
Dɪ Sɴɢs

These are all songs I've dedicated to some special people in my life.
Be it the lyrics, the theme, mood, music video, or just what the song stands for, it means something with my connection to the person.
As well as their song dedicated to me.

My Song for him: "Gunslinger" - Avenged Sevenfold
His song to me: "Beautiful Day" - U2

His song to me: "Drive" - Incubus
My song to him: "Forever and Always" - Bullet for my Valentine

My song to her: "Crimes" - TryHardNinja
Her song to me: "The Last of the Real Ones" - Fall Out Boy



My lullaby to her: "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas

His to me: "You're Mine" - Disturbed

Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 07:13 (1 Year ago)


Alex - rrocker1020
You're probably the first true friend I ever made, and I've never been within one hundred miles of you. We started as good companions, became best friends, and fell in love with one another. For years we were together and it felt real to me. You picked me up during our hardest times, and as such things took their toll and things weren't meant to be. But here we are nearly ten years later and you're still a best friend to me. Thank you for everything you do, and that you continue to do for me.

Crest - Crescent
I know we technically met on Pokeheroes, but this counts since you're never online and I talk to you off the site. It's been well over a year, almost two, and you've climbed so many social ladders with me that you're someone I will forever care for, and will always remember. You and I may butt heads more often than not, but it's not in either of us to back down from a challenge. And I so do love teasing you~ I finally gave you that push you needed to be with someone and I hope things last for you two ; You morbidly-obsessed Undertale nerds deserve each other.

PH Fʀɪɴs

Jazzy - [X]
Never before have I connected with another human being so quickly and clashingly as you. You bring me hope and happiness that I thought long gone from my life. For several years, I had forgotten what true happiness was. You're helping me restore that part of my life and remembering what it feels like.
And that's something I'll never be able to thank you enough for.
As I've told you before, I am a very hard person to like. And it's even harder for people to get close to my heart. But against all odds you've done that and made yourself a very loyal friend. Our connection is special, something I don't think most people will understand. It's a bond formed of hardships, bad experiences, mask removals, and compassion. And maybe a little bit of flirting~

Error - [X]
Whenever I join these Pokemon sites, I always seem to make that one friend. Someone I talk to often and just has that crazy awesome personality. I guess that's you! I'm glad I could help you with your spriting and inspire your shop. I would consider you a rival but you're too awesome to be one. I am always happy to see your shop thriving during the times I can't seem to make myself sprite. And your new updates or ideas never fail to make me give applause. I still remember the time I figured you out. I'd known you for a year and only just then figured out you were British. I asked why you never typed "colour" and you simply said "lazy" and gave me a good laugh. Never change, you or your hundreds of sonas~

Maguro - [X]
I am not an anime person, I am terrible with art, and I don't think we have a lot in common. But, somehow, you're a very unique and loyal person that I managed to connect with and have grown very fond of. You're a wonderful, gifted artist with skills that I secretly envy. I will never understand your love for anime characters (except maybe Korra) but I will send a card board cut-out of them when you need it~

20GayTeen - [X]
My memory is very poor, so I don't recall how we met. But I don't need to remember the beginning, all I know is how loyal, supportive, and just genuine you are. You've been rooting for me since day one and every time I see your username, I can say 'I know that amazing person' and it brings a smile to my face. You've given me encouragement, inspiration, and wonderful ideas. If you ever need someone, I'll be there for you~

Kitty - [X]
I could sit here and blather about how amazing you are, but I don't need to. I see you everywhere on this site, and that you make fast friends with anyone. That's a rare gift I wish I could have. No one sees themselves, but when I look at you, I see someone who's independent, proud, strong, and incredibly kind. You give your kindness out to so many people that it warms my heart to see you give affections to everyone else. Oh, but one thing I can say, you have a wicked awesome taste in music~

Kaufee - [X]
We don't talk much, but it's one of those comfortable silences. A friendship where we seem to already know we can rely on one another if need be. I'm always happy to help you ask, be it in sprites or anything you want. I still remember the first thing I said to you, and it still applies to this day. You have the best avatar on this site~

Amber - [X]
We only recently just met and got onto each other's friend list, but I've seen you around the site plenty of times. My unsociable habits keep me away from talking to people most of the time so I was never one to reach out and make friends. But when it went viral that you were having trouble, I couldn't hold my tongue and felt like I had to defend you. It wasn't right for someone like you, who does no wrong, deserves to be happy, and is nothing but sweet to everyone on Pokeheroes, to be picked on by a bunch of spineless cowards hiding behind anonymity to make themselves feel better. But it made you stronger into the proud person I know today~
Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 07:53 (1 Year ago)
PDx Cʟɪɴ

Last Updated: March 16th, 2020
Will pay for any missing Dex entries!
‣ Missing Dex Entries


Completed on February 12th, 2019!

Completed on March 11th, 2019!

Completed on December 13th, 2018!

Completed on November 7th, 2019!


Completed on November 14th, 2019!





Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Tue, 13/11/2018 13:59 (1 Year ago)

Pʜʀs 2020 Esʀ Cɴs

Entry winner:

Other entries:

Pʜʀs 2020 Bɴɴʀ Cɴs

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Entry Winner:

Other entries:

Pʜʀs 2019 Eɴ Sʀɪɪɴɢ Cɴs

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Recycle Trubbish & Recycle Garbodor - Did not win

These Pokemon recycle items they find on the streets of Emera.
Recycle Trubbish:
"Despite not having any arms, it will recycle various trash items it finds on the streets of Emera town by consuming it and later spitting it up at recycle centers."
Recycle Garbodor:
"They can usually be found cleaning up streets of filthy cities or littered beaches. They get along well with their poisonous counterpart in cleaning up trash."
Possible Evolution Method:
Give a Soda Pop to Recycle Trubbish
Possible Option to Obtain:
Possibly pick up X pieces of litter from Emera Beach? Have the sprites of trash or garbage show up in place of the Shoal Shells or Shoal Salt?

Axolkip, Axoltomp, Axolpert, and Mega Axolpert - Did not win

These Pokemon have reverted from swamps to cave rivers.
"Their eggs are often found hidden under cave waterfalls. Zubats enjoy the taste of these eggs."
"After evolving, these Pokemon can survive in both water and land for the lungs in their body and gills on their faces."
"Axolpert usually leave their childhood caves once fully grown in search of other caves to create offspring."
Mega Axolpert:
"One Mega evolved, these Pokemon gain stupendous growth. if they lose a limb, they are able to grow it back."
Possible Evolution Method:
Axolkip will evolve when a Zubat is in the user's party. Axoltomp can evolve using a Water Stone. Mega Axolpert needs a Mega Stone.
Possible Option to Obtain:
Possibly send a Zubat holding a Water Stone to a Rumble Mission in the Rocky Cave?

Pʜʀs 2019 Esʀ Cɴs

Entry winner:

Other entries:

Usʟ PH Lɪɴs

Oʜʀ Wʙsɪ Tʟs

Trainerlevel: 57

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Posted: Wed, 26/12/2018 03:43 (1 Year ago)
Wʀɪɴ Wʀs

Tʜ Bʏ ɴ Uɢʟʏ Fɪsʜ

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"The Beauty Of An Ugly Fish"
A short story by MetalHeadKendra - 500 Words - Leah The Mermaid
Written for the Pokeheroes First Creative Writing Contest

___My name is Leah. It was Summer, my favorite time of the year. Fluffy clouds were gone, temperatures were perfectly warm, and the cool ocean water was a crystal clear blue. I loved everything about the water, it always seemed to be a part of who I was, despite I couldn't swim.

___Unfortunately, today was not a day I could enjoy the soothing waves. There was a Pokémon beauty contest in town and tensions were high. So high in fact that I ran into two bullies who stole my beloved Marill from me. They told me to go and get the most beautiful Pokémon from the ocean so they could win the grand prize from the contest.

___So here I was spending my day trying to reel in different fish Pokémon on the beach, all of which were not suitable for the contest. Time was bearing down on me, so I grabbed hold of the only fish I could catch and ran into town square. I didn't know what this Pokémon was, it was far from beautiful and had odd mauve-colored skin. But I had no choice and had to try.

___When I found the bullies outside of the contest tent, I presented to them the only Pokémon I could catch. To no surprise, they were enraged with my choice. As punishment, they released my Marill forever into the ocean, and then pushed me and the mauve Pokémon into the waves.

___The current took me out deep into blue abyss. My arms thrashed against the surface of the water, clinging to stay afloat so I could breathe. Eventually, my arms gave out and I couldn't stay above the water. I took a deep gulp of air and held my breath as long as I could. I was sinking downwards, my limbs too tired to fight anymore.

___Just when I was starting to give up hope, the mauve Pokémon showed itself to me. I heard the words "Feebas" come from it's pink lips. That's when I realized what Pokémon it was, as my air was slowly escaping me. I tried my best to give a sympathetic look to the fish so it would understand I was sorry I tried to give it to the two bullies. It seemed to understand my apology as it suddenly glowed a bright white light.

___I looked on in shock. There was now a Milotic there with sky blue hair-like fins and a yellow tail. This was no ordinary Milotic either. A white ball of aura left from the Pokémon and collided with my chest. Energy flowed through me and I felt myself change. When I opened my eyes, the Milotic was gone. I could breathe again, and I felt free in the water. Looking down, I realized I was no longer human. I was a mermaid!

___I found Marill and opened a small shop on the beach after that, every day silently thanking the beautiful Feebas and Milotic that saved my life.

Sʜɪɪɴɢ Cʙʏs

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"Shifting Cowboys"
A short story by MetalHeadKendra - Originally a failed novel idea from many years ago
Inspired by Lindsey Stirling's "Roundtable Rival" music video
[Self Rating: PG-13 - Violence, blood, alcohol use, mild language, mild adult situations]

___I inhaled deeply with my eyes tightly closed. It was a morning ritual for me, something to calm my nerves within myself which were acting like a livewire today. Usually a sign that something might happen today and so far, those instincts have never been wrong. I slowly opened my eyes to stare at the hard ingrain of wood on the front door, noting the small details of how much time was put into it and making it look beautiful. It was times like these, when I could appreciate the finer details that not many see, that I thank the lucky stars for blessing me with such powerful senses and powers. I flexed my left hand, feeling the muscles tighten and move underneath my skin marked with old cuts and scars from previous battles in my life. I could feel my incredible strength in just one little movement, and suddenly the beautiful door in front of me became so much more fragile. I took another breath and finally opened the door, swiftly walking out and shutting it behind me.

___My name is Dakota, but everyone in this small western town has grown fond of the nickname "Kota" so I address myself as such to strangers. I don't remember much about human histories, but one day a nuclear war broke out among humans and destroyed the planet. Most green lands were burnt to nothing, humans were nearly wiped out completely, animal life was scarce, and radiation covered the lands for eons. Throughout time, peace settled on what was left of the earth, turning it into a large mostly desert wasteland. Animals and humans evolved into something different, we all still looked like humans but plenty of us got special powers or traits that made us different. Most people were what we call Shifters, able to transform ourselves into an animal that was put into our DNA from the energy around us. Another type of common person out there are called Chanters. They have a special ability to use the energy around them and use magic, which still hasn't been explored to its full potential even today. Or there's Vanishers, they can teleport certain distances, hide in shadows, and with enough skill and discipline they can read the minds of other people. There are many different breeds out there, some that are still mysteries with incredible and possibly dangerous powers.

___But peace mostly reigns throughout the land. Scattered across the desert world are towns that thrive with people working together as communities. Most people are born into the town and usually die without ever leaving the town. There are rumors and stories that claim the desert is dangerous, full of creatures and outlaws that were cast aside from their towns for doing evil deeds. The reason why people believe this so much is because outlaws visit other towns often, attempting to steal money or force their new lives here. That's where I come in. Towns appoint someone to be a Sheriff, and not just someone to keep peace in the town and keep troublemakers in line. A Sheriff has the duty to protect the entire town and its people, so they get chosen for their strength and power, as well as their ability to defend people. I'm a shifter, and most probably one of the most powerful ones out there.

___After opening the door from my home, I was nearly blinded by the sun reflecting off the golden sand on the ground. My sharp eyes honed to accustom my vision with the light, and I could see clearly. I lived among the outskirts of the town, so I began trekking towards the center. I wore my usual outfit of a brown leather jacket, tough denim jeans, and boots to help easily walk in sand. I also sported a large gold star pinned to the front of my jacket that read "Sheriff" on it, something of a token to remind us all what humans were like and to stray from their bad examples.

___As I neared the town, people would smile politely and nod their heads in my direction, a greeting of respect and thanks for what I do. Some of the children would admire me, point and shout about the hero coming to save the day. I was loved in the town, and I loved being loved. It came at a hefty price but it was all worth it in the end. I made my way into a saloon that was meant for the men to drink, the women to gossip, and the children to play. I went directly into the men's corner, many welcoming me despite the sex division in the building, and sat at the bar in a position that allowed me to keep my eye out on the rest of the customers for any signs of trouble. The bartender knew me well and already had a drink of fizzy ice water ready for me, something I enjoyed often. It was usually on the house as well, another benefit for doing a dangerous job.

___Idle chatter filled the room, some of it inaudible for me to sort out while some were far too loud. I kept scanning the room every few minutes, seeing no trouble whatsoever from the local townspeople. Passersby are the ones I look out for and they rarely come in here, so it wasn't much of a problem in this place. I finished my drink and after a few more minutes of eavesdropping I got up to leave the bar, many others sitting nearby nodding their heads in my direction as their own silent 'thank you' to which I returned a nod to them on my way out. I hovered in the shade of the building near the door as I watched a group of kids playing, one side being the good guys and the other side pretending to be bandits, even wearing bandanas around their faces to hide their identity. I couldn't help but smile at their game, remembering back to my past when I was once doing the same. It was just a game to me, never did I think in my lifetime would I become the sheriff but here I was, protecting the town as a job and lifestyle.

___Suddenly coming from an alleyway between the saloon and next-door general store were two figures. I glanced out from the corner of my eye to see who the two were before my gaze went back to the children. Again, I honed my senses to listen to the two people who just emerged from the alley, Jax and Louise. Louise was a gal I grew up with and we were fast friends, she often took care of my little sister when the sitter couldn't. She was attempting to flatten her shirt back into place and style her hair up again hurriedly as if she were doing some physical work. And since she was with Jax, I had no doubts of what they were up to. Jax was also a shifter, and he had quite a heated history with me. His father, the mayor, had already chosen him once he grew up to be a sheriff when the time was right and the old one was gone. But a test of strength came about and Lou nominated me to also try it. At the time I was unwilling but I gave it a go and outdid Jax in everything, including a versus battle. He was tough and I barely made it out with my life, he didn't hold anything back. Since then he's gone out of his way to sow his pure malice towards me and constantly challenge my position to take it over.

___Lou must not have seen me since she quickly disappeared into the general store, the place she was meant to be working at. Jax however sensed me right away and strolled over to where I was. Once he was a few feet away, a deep vibrating growl came from the center of my chest and passed my bare teeth in a sign of warning that my animal thought he was too close for comfort. It was a natural instinct that most of us had and in return he growled right back, a challenging sound that said he wasn't afraid of my warning. His attire was filthy and wrinkled, also revealing what he was doing with Lou and it only made me growl slightly louder.

___"Well, well, well, if it isn't the sheriff. How ya doin'?" He said loudly, his words slurring to indicate he was intoxicated. He also carried heavy sarcasm and antagonism in his tone, something normal he did with me. "Look at you, standing there like some self-righteous legend. Sad to see this town has to hide behind a poor excuse of a reptile as you."

___He knew that insulting my animal was what really pushed my buttons and I had to keep in composure, losing it in front of the public would give cause for concern, especially the children. I continued to watch them without looking in his direction, lest my temper get me into trouble with him. "A legend you say? Huh, that's quite the compliment coming from you, mutt. I'll be sure to add that to my mental list of accomplishments, though it isn't much coming from the mayor's drunken failure."

___I struck a nerve and his face muscles contorting told me as such. I didn't understand why he would constantly drink, he was much more ill-tempered and less of challenge to fight against. "Hey!" Jax nearly snarled at me. "Hold your tongue you deformed lizard. I will be sheriff one day, and it'll be me that buries you ten feet under when the time comes." His voice became more guttural as his form flickered, a sign that he was having a hard time keeping his human-like composure. At any moment he could flip a switch and become his animal, putting some nearby people in danger if Jax lost himself to his senses.

___I tried to think of some way to calm him down, or to get him away from the citizens so he couldn't hurt them. Swiftly, I took off on foot and ran past the buildings into the open town square, a large empty area where social gatherings were held but was thankfully mostly empty. As I slowed to make sure Jax was following me (his thundering footsteps were hard to miss) I turned when I was a good distance away from any people and he barreled towards me on all fours, seeming more animal than human at the moment. Defensively, I held up my hands silently as a universal sign of 'I mean no harm' hoping it would bring Jax back to understand he needed to stop.

___His pace didn't slow, so at the last moment I could before he could ram into me, I jumped to the side and out of the way. His weight put him at an advantage and he stopped before he slid too far away from me. I stood with my legs slightly apart, ready to jump again or shift as needed. Jax roared, an angry and ferocious sound that made some of the onlookers gasp or shriek, but I stood my ground with what I assumed was a serious look plastered on my face and took a deep breath. He jumped up into the air, several feet, and exploded into his coyote form. His clothes shredded as his form grew, his skin sprouting a warm brown color of fur, and I could hear the way his bones crunched and shuffled against one another as he was suddenly forced to walk on all fours. The transformation only took a few seconds and when he landed back down, Jax was no longer human but a full-fledged overgrown coyote. He was roughly the size of a horse, maybe larger, and his once chocolate brown irises were gone to be replaced with entirely yellow eyes, a black pupil in their center that glared me down with pure hatred. To be fair, I didn't blame his reasons, I just wished he had better control of his own temper which is one thing that stopped him from being Sheriff.

___Jax was about to lunge at me but stopped in a distracted manner which was very odd for a shifted animal to pause their hunt. His ear cocked to the east and his large head followed, nose pointing towards a main entrance of the town which people usually came through. At first I couldn't see anything yet and neither could the townsfolk since they too were glancing around with confused expressions. Then I spotted what his shifter eyes saw before my normal ones: three mysteriously-clothed figures approaching the town at a jaunty stroll. Immediately I went on the offensive and took a few steps towards where Jax's coyote was. His body had turned towards what might be the larger danger and I took a few extra steps to put myself in front of him, ready to defend him if the newcomers attacked. He was still intoxicated and the smell would be obvious on them if one was a shifter and it would make him the first easiest target to dispose of. I wondered if he also realized this since he didn't try to stop my advance at being in front of him, which was literally the alpha stepping in front of the lower ranking pack member. I didn't mean to put more salt on his wounds but if it kept him safe then I would deal with the angry criticism later.

___They finally entered the town square and the wind was on my side to blow towards us from their direction so I could scent them in. One was a shifter, his animal a smell unfamiliar to me, and he was standing center with a cocky expression on his face as he looked me up and down. I straightened my spine proudly to show I wasn't backing down. Another was I assumed a Chanter since he felt like he was practically leaking magical energy, and it felt powerful enough that I found it intimidating from a distance. The other I couldn't make out by smell but it was a dense odor that almost made me wrinkle my nose in disgust. The two of them stood on each side of the cocky one in a formation that made him the obvious leader. I also tried to figure out how they got here and if they rode on the shifter then why he was concealing his animal enough that they walked a good distance to the town. It could only mean they had plans to do something vile in the town, and Jax seemed to think the same with a low growl.

___I took initiative and stepped forward a few steps, putting our distance of at least ten yards between us. Jax followed behind me slowly and I suddenly considered him extra backup that I wouldn't deny help with. Finally, I called out. "Welcome strangers to Howl Fort. What is your business in my town?" I enunciated to let them know I was sort of in charge. I hoped to intimidate them.

___It didn't work.

___"Howdy." The middle one called, his tone obviously not impressed. I felt an eye muscle twitch at the way he sarcastically said it, and studied his features. He wore normal jeans with a buttoned jacket, both were sand-proof for desert storms. His hair a sunny blonde from what I could tell by the few strands loosely poking out from his old-fashioned cowboy hat. He was also large, so he either ate a lot or carried heavy muscle and both ideas worried me. He had a finely trimmed anchor combo on his face but there was some stubble peeking through so he'd been traveling for a short time. But his smile kept me in an irritated mood, I didn't like people who were overly confident like him. "We're wondering if you could give us some directions." He then smirked, and his two lackeys chuckled darkly.

___Again, I had to suppress my animal from breaking out. I was ready to shift and take these guys out but for all I know they didn't mean any harm to the town. "Where to? I'll escort you boys myself." It was obvious I didn't trust them and I planned to follow their every move but I may as well make it sound as polite as I can right?

___The cowboy stepped forward. "Yeah, we're looking for the Sheriff of this town. Supposedly undefeated, takes down every baddie that comes through here, and is a real fright for anyone wanting to rob this place. So when you see someone who looks like they could actually fit that job description and isn't a tiny mutt, can you bring him here for us? Thanks sweetface."

___I gritted my teeth at the 'sweetface' comment but I had something bigger to worry about: Jax was sprinting his way towards the three figures. He had jumped over me and then took off at such a high speed I wouldn't believe possible for a drunk. Just as he reached them, Jax opened his maw and lunged at the cowboy, who deflected his attack with simply putting his hands in the right spots. Jax was halted by the cowboy, who used his hands to keep his jaws pried open without touching his teeth, and then was flung away from the trio. Jax was just tossed away easily to the side by a shifter in their human form. My blood ran cold suddenly, and I was beginning to think I was going to have a problem on my hands with these three.

___I spared one glance at Jax as he was knocked out from the impact of the ground before I took an offensive stance with my eyes glued to the cowboy. I straightened my jacket, showing my badge clearly, and started to growl. I decided to try a different approach and hopefully scare them out of here so I wouldn't have to fight them, because I had a strong feeling I would lose. "You're looking at her. Now get the hell out of my town before I personally execute you myself!" I nearly roared.

___It was a few seconds of them staring at me before they all burst into laughter, thinking I was a joke. Instantly my frozen blood boiled into a searing heat that went through my body, and I could feel my skin shuddering, a sign that my animal wanted to rip lose and take these guys out. I had to suppress it, if I went with nothing but instincts on these guys then I would surely lose. So I decided to let my true form be shown. I crouched over, my hands hovering just above the sandy ground to prepare for my transformation, and let out a deep rumbling growl that vibrated my entire chest frame and slowly grew louder. I could feel my entire form shifting, my arms and legs extending, my spine being stretched out, my body growing in size, my bones crunching softly. As I was forced onto my hands that grew into clawed weapons, I let out a roar between my growling, a sound to intimidate that my animal always made to intimidate but to hide the pain I could feel between shifts. My shoulders expanded, and the skin on my shoulder blades split open into clean slices, giant bat-like wings sprouting out and filling the slices. My skin rippled and scales popped out to cover me in a bullet-proof armor, my mouth and nose jutting out to make a snout, and I could feel a powerful tail sprouting from the lower end of my spine. In mere seconds, I was turned into my true animal form: a dragon. My scales were a deep emerald coloring like each one was a beautiful gem, I was twice the size of Jax's coyote form, and my teeth were sharper than any blade out there. My eyes focused back on the trio, eyes I told were a rich blue like sapphires.

___They had stopped laughing at me, taking me as a much more serious threat now. The two on the sides looked scared now, but the middle one... The cowboy didn't at all seem surprised and that only put more worry into my mind. Most of the people I had taken out were shocked at my dragon, obvious that my creature was not normal to everywhere else that had been. The cowboy lost his cocky routine and sized me up for a moment, before he smiled a true genuine smile that said he was almost pleased to see a dragon. My senses were sharpened so much that I could hear every person in the square breathing, so his musings to himself were as if he spoke them right into my ear. "Well, I suppose now we know why this town has been so defended..." I bared my teeth and growled. Most animals could be understood since they have their own unique tongue but I've been told then when I speak it sounds like a different language entirely so I usually refrain from speaking as a dragon. When it was clear I wasn't going to say anything, the cowboy took a few steps forward, and when he took a few more I snarled loudly and my teeth snapped at the air in his direction until he finally stopped. There wasn't an ounce of fear in his eyes, all I could see was the excitement and hope. But his expression was one of confusion. "What, don't tell me you actually care for this rundown dump?"

___My only response was glancing around at the town, seeing all the people placing their hope in me to keep them safe that I widened my stance on all fours and spread my wings as far as they could reach and letting out an ear-piercing roar that caused some of the nearby children to cover their ears but they continued watching with awe. "I will protect these people with my dying breath!" I growled out, knowing no one would understand it but I hoped the message would come off clear.

___The cowboy scoffed with a smile on his face. "So be it, protect them. But I can guarantee you that your last 'dying breath' will be with my hand!" He vowed, suddenly running at me. Before I could register the shock of him understanding my dragon words, he leaped at me from several feet away. That's when he shifted in mid-air and tackled me into the ground. I growled, using my tail to fling his larger and heavier body off of mine a few yards away and got up on all fours, finally getting a look at what he was.

___My heart stopped. His orange scales, his long tail, his bright yellow eyes with pupils like slits of a reptile. He was also a dragon, and slightly larger than me. He gave me only a moment before charging me again. Like with Jax, I jumped to the side to avoid the cowboy's attack and twirled around to bite one of his wings. He roared in anger and pain, his tail swinging back to knock my head off his wings and push me away from him just as I did to him. I was pushed a few yards, my claws digging into the ground to stop me from sliding too far, when I looked up to see him suddenly charging me again. He wasn't letting me up to have a chance and I cursed him for being smart to be on such an offensive. I stood my ground and readied myself when he lunged for my neck. I tilted my head, his teeth barely missing me, and I instead clamped my jaws down on his neck just below his jawline.

___I was surprised to taste blood, and realized dragon scales were weak to dragon teeth and claws. That just made this stranger my toughest challenge yet. He roared again, flinging his neck to try and throw me off but I held strong, whipping my grip around to throw him onto his back and pinned his head against the ground as I attempted to choke him long enough to make him pass out. My front claws where also pinned against his neck to keep him down while my tail wagged furiously to prevent any advanced from his trying to throw me off. His claws were all free however and he used them to try and push me off, but each time his claws missed or slid, his sharp scythes cut through my scales and I could feel the warm blood trickle out onto the ground. He growled angrily as I tried to keep him pinned down and I repressed the urge to whimper at the pain his claws were causing. I was distracted enough by it and his tail successfully pulled me off of him, flinging me into a building that was mostly empty. I didn't land on anyone but the people near me scattered into safer parts. I moved back onto all fours and without looking in his direction jumped back many yards to the center of the area. Sure enough, moments after leaving my landing spot, he crashed into the same area, his jaw open and prepared already. As I panted and tried to brace myself for what would probably be another advance from him, I studied him and noticed his neck had a huge gash of my teeth marking it, each little hole trickling with dark purple blood, something I was also not aware of about dragons.

___I wasn't fast enough this time, panting from my mouth a sign I was growing tired fast and losing energy. He tackled me down to the ground, pinning my neck with his two front claws while his tail wrapped around mine to pin it down as well. I struggled against him, using every bit of energy I had to try and get away. His teeth bared at me, his maw opening wide and preparing to clamp down on my neck. If he did, I knew for a fact I would be done for.

___Time slowed before he could bite me. I glanced around at the city folk, all of them whispering to one another in panicked voices about what to do if I lost, about where to go if the town fell, what would happen if the strangers took over. They were all scared, and some of the children were crying for me. They didn't want me to lose either. Then my eyes caught on someone standing in the sun, away from the crowd and closer to our battle than anyone else. She was small, around the age of seven, and had beautiful naturally red hair that looked like a beautiful fire in the sunshine. She was wearing a transparent dress with flowers decorating the fabric, and she had her own Sheriff star on her chest that was made from cardboard and paint. Her magnificent brown eyes stared at me, with nothing but worry and love as she watched me. I gave in and whimpered to the pain, my struggling coming to a halt and I watched her. She wouldn't understand me but I had to say something to her. "Forgive me, your big sister has failed you. Go home, hide somewhere safe. Please." I whimpered out, my dragon tongue being heard by all but understood by none.

___Except one other. I hadn't noticed but his attack was paused, his head already turned in the same direction I was looking and staring at my little sister. Aggression was no longer coming from his body, and he seemed to contemplate what to do. But before I had a chance to speak to him, he snapped back to his senses and his head lowered towards my neck to take my life. But just before he was able to, something happened. His claw slipped off my neck. It instantly freed me, and I moved my head before he could get to me. His jaws make a sickening cracking sound as they impacted the ground, and I didn't give him time to even lift his head up. Our bodies flipped and I had him pinned down with my choke hold already on his neck. Surprise filled his eyes as he watched me but soon enough his eyes closed and he lost consciousness. I slowly let go of my grip on him and took a few shaky steps back. My arms and legs were visibly weak, and I turned to the other two who came into the town with the cowboy.

___They were angry, and they were ready to take me on. But before they had a chance, Jax seemed to wake up and barreled into them, pinning them both down. I stood my ground, panting as a few Chanters came from the crowds carrying handcuffs and rope. Once all three of them were secure, the cowboy turning back into a human, I finally collapsed to my side as I was unable to stand anymore. I was weak and still bleeding. My vision was blurring and my sister came into view, and she was gently stroking my snout. Dragon scales were as tough as any metal or armor out there but I could feel the softness of her skin and how gentle she was just petting me. It brought a toothy smile to my dragon maw before I couldn't hold on any longer.

___Carefully, my dragon let go and I turned back into my human form. Clothes were shredded once a shift happens so the cowboy and I were completely naked but no one seemed bothered by that. They were more disturbed at the claw marks and dark blood splattered on both of us, except my sister who just looked at me happily since I was still alive. The strangers were taken away towards the jail we had in town by Jax proudly carrying them in his dangerous jaws. It made me smile more and I had to thank him for his help. That was my last thought before the blackness swallowed me up and I went unconscious.

___Slowly I was brought back to the light. I had no dreams, just swimming in a sea of silent darkness. My vision was blurred so I blinked a few times until I was brought back to reality. I was staring at a ceiling of my wood cabin in my room, lying in my own bed. I flexed my body to check out it felt, and I could feel almost no place being sore. My neck hurt the worst and I had a massive headache, but otherwise I seemed fine. The places on my body that were clawed up had been patched with bandages, not needing stitches since some special breeds can heal fast. Carefully I sat up and avoided upsetting any of my muscles. They all groaned in protest but I wasn't much for staying in one place for too long. I rest my back against the wall and took in my room, seeing it was all normal except for a figure standing in my doorway.

___My adorable little redhead sister was standing there with a happy smile on her face and a giant glass of water in her hands. I could see the condensation inside and instantly I noticed how painfully dry my throat was. She made her way over to me -avoiding all my crap on the floor that I never bothered to pick up- and handed me the glass. I held onto it with one hand and before I drank it I pat her head softly in a silent thanks, afraid speaking would hurt my throat. She smiled and watched me carefully as I drank the glass empty, setting it on my bedside table before I scooted over and easily lifted her with one hand to sit beside me. She curled into me lovingly and I wrapped my arm around her. "Sorry Loka, I didn't mean to scare you like that."

___She just nuzzled silently into me and I took that as her way of accepting my apology. She and I weren't alike in the least, but we got along much better than any normal siblings growing up. My parents had years ago to someone robbing the bank, and they killed the Sheriff. they wanted to stand up for their town even though they were just simple citizens. Once I learned of their deaths I vowed to stand up for what was right in their name, and that's when the Mayor saw my potential. I was an only child, and it was the first time I protected the town that I met Loka. She was only a few years old, probably too young to remember, and her mother was being held hostage against me as he wanted to steal some things. I wasn't allowing it and in my attempt to stop him, he shot her anyways in the process. She gave me her baby girl to hold onto with her dying wish be that I protect her. I promised her I would and took her in. She grew up thinking of me as a big sister, or so I assumed. She's a mute, so with her I had to guess on everything.

___After a quiet while of hugging she got up and left me to rest. I spent a few more hours resting before I couldn't stand being in my room any longer. I was rested and mostly healed now, just bruises and sore muscles. I took Loka and we went to the general store, getting some celebratory ice cream. The store clerk was kind, thanking me by not charging me a penny and giving Loka extra scoops. Once we were out for a little while, I sent her home and headed towards the jail to finish my work. As I neared the door, I noticed Jax was sitting on a bench leaning against the building. I stopped and nodded my head at him.

___"Jax, I want to thank you for your help. If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't have been able to continue, I would have died and so would many of other innocents living here."

___He cut me off before I could say anything more by lifting a hand with his palm facing me. I stayed patiently silent as he seemed to compose his thoughts. "You were a true hero. You took down someone who you've never faced before, someone who might be more experienced than you. I'm not cut out a hero, I know that. But if I can do something to help the town then I will."

___I was shocked to hear all of this coming from him but I nodded. "I'm glad to hear that of you. And your bravery gave me an idea. I'm going to speak to your father about having you as backup. We can leave the real dangers to me but a little backup never hurt, especially if I'm out for several days after a battle. But do me a favor first, and cut back on drinking. We'll need you in top condition."

___He just nodded, attempting to keep his tough composure but I would see the sides of his lips twitching to fight a smile and a gleam in his eyes that gave him hope. I smiled back before heading inside. The building was simple apart from a few doors, just a large room with several jail cells along a wall, each under a powerful spell made from Chanter magic so no breed could escape and nullified any powers. One of the cells was semi-crowded with the three from a few days ago. The chanter, cowboy leader, and now I could determine the third one was a Summoner. He had the power to capture any wild animal, tame it and train it, banish it to a personal dimension, and then summon it to this world to do his bidding. This was a powerful team and I knew I was incredibly lucky to survive these three. The two were sleeping, but cowboy was awake and alert, catching his eyes with mine and giving me his cocky smile. I kept a composure and glared at him but inside I was dumbfounded at how calm he was since he was practically on death row.

___The warden was the only one who ran the building but he was special. I haven't heard of Nullers being common so I assumed they were rare and was thankful to have one. Their magic was able to cancel anything from any breed as well as enchant any item to do the same thing, to which he did the bars of the jail and any handcuffs they wore. Nullers were almost invincible; Caster magic couldn't affect them, Shifters couldn't shift within a few feet radius of them, Summoner's pets couldn't hurt them. It was amazing and I respected them. Roulus smiled at me warmly. "Good to see you're feeling better Kota."

___I smiled and nodded back. "Believe me, I'm just as happy as you are." I took a set of keys off the wall and on my way to the cell I paused. "Hey Roulus, could you give me some privacy? I actually have a few questions I would like answered with these three. And don't worry, I'll be fine. You've got them cuffed."

___He complied and took a pack of cigarettes with him as he went out to the bench, Jax already gone. I shut the front door and quietly locked the door before going over to the cell. As soon as I unlocked it, it was like energy escaping the room and leaving it normal, anyone able to use their powers again. Thankfully, these three were on high alert and not only had the cell to protect us but the cuffs binding their hands behind their back were also stopping their power. Roughly, I grabbed cowboy by the front of the shirt and brought him nose to nose with me. "Come on, cowboy. We need to have a little chat."

___Before his smirk could say anything I dragged him with me, his feet stumbling since they must have been asleep from the lack of movement for so long. But he followed me, into one of the doors. It was empty except for a few chairs and I sat him in one, doing extra protection by using the keys to lock the door we were in. A rush of energy filled the place and it felt like a small weight on my shoulders, suddenly blocking my energy and any sound from leaving the room. He and I growled quietly, something our animals did since they were being forcibly repressed. I sat down the chair opposite him and glared at him.

___I was spending my time composing what I wanted to say. I was conflicted on what to do, and I must have taken to long since he spoke up before I did. "So, are you going to kill me or what?" I looked up at him, silent and not indicating anything. When I didn't answer, he kept on going. "That's what I heard happens to any troublemakers passing through here. They get caught and never return. So, are you going to do it or make me suffer in that smelly cell more?"

___I narrowed my gaze to the floor, thinking quietly again. "I actually wasn't considering it." I admitted quietly. He didn't have any cockiness on his face, but one of suspicion. He waited for me to continue. "I'm not a fan of killing someone who still has a conscience in their heart. Someone who still has some innocence to their minds."

___Now it was his turn to look away, somewhat angrily. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I came here to put an end to your reign and take what riches were hidden here. I was also planning on disposing of those two in the cell so I could keep it all for myself. Perhaps take a few women and claim them as mine to try and spread more dragons around."

___I wanted to ask him more but I thought better of it. I had something else I needed to know. "If you're not as pure as you say then you are... Then why did you spare my life?" There it was, something he and I only knew. Jax was right when he said this was a more experienced fighter, enough so that he could have ended my life easily. The only reason he had trouble against me is because he underestimated me. But once he knew my skills he had an upper hand and the advantage.

___His face confirmed it when he looked at me, eyes thinning into fiery slivers. "Stop your foolishness, I did no such thing!" He probably would have snarled at me had his animalistic needs not been locked up.

___"Stop your lies!" I retaliated. "We both know you could have killed me with no problems. Dragons don't slip from a death grip on their prey, and a dragon with the intent to kill wouldn't be so distracted to look around their surroundings unless they were unwilling. Tell me, why did you do it? Why spare me?" He was silent, avoiding my gaze. I couldn't help my emotions, I was feeling conflicted what to do with him now. His silence angered me and I got up to smack his cheek. This time he growled on his own accord, most probably from the suddenness and pain, and turned his head back to look at me with a red mark on his cheek. "Tell me!" I exclaimed as I stood over him threateningly.

___He stared at me for a while, looking at my face and my eyes. He seemed to be searching for something before he calmly answered, his voice defeated. "My name is Rust. You do not fight like a true dragon would. But you have skill on the ground like no others. Yes, you see through me Sheriff. It's not my wish to kill and steal from the innocent. But you're lucky, you have no idea how vile and cruel the world is out there. That's the only way to live for an outcast, so it's either that or die." I wanted to stop him and ask why but he kept going before I could question it. "So just do us a favor and kill me, you can keep your Sheriff job and living a happy life with your sibling. I can see your hesitation so you need to do it."

___I debated again, standing over Rust as my thoughts raced. If I killed him then I wasn't any better than some of the people out there. In a snap decision, I moved behind him and unlocked the cuffs. They clanged to the floor noisily and he was free. Surprised, he froze in place but slowly raised his arms to rub his wrists. He looked at me. "You can lose your position for this. You could get killed for freeing someone, and they will know you did."

___That's when I gave him a bittersweet smile. "I save the innocent, I don't butcher them. I don't have it in my heart to hurt someone who can't bring himself to hurt others." I tossed the keys at him and turned away, facing a wall and studying the patterns as I once did with my door before this mess started. "Free your friends and get out of here. Just do me a favor and leave quietly." For some reason, I trusted he wouldn't hurt anyone.

___The lock clicked open on the door, and a rush of energy came back to my body, like a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I felt powerful again. I could her him pause at the door before I heard him partially shifting and I knew what would happen next. "Sorry." Rust spoke softly. Then there was a sudden sharp pain to the back of my head, his tail I assumed, and I went lights out again, collapsing to the floor and swimming in the darkness again.

___I didn't dream very much, but this time I did. I found myself running through the desert as a dragon in the middle of the night, a vast ocean of sand. I didn't know where I was running to, but as I looked back I could see myself leaving the town behind. It weighed heavy on my mind, but it was something I needed to let go.

___I woke up slowly, trying to shake off my anxious emotions from the dream. But they swiftly returned since I found myself in an unfamiliar place. I was boxed in, a small area that didn't smell pleasant, and the only way out was through a locked door made of bars. I was in one of the cells. I quickly stood up, my head throbbing in protest but my fear overriding any pain I felt. I looked out a window and saw a crowd of people standing outside. It was nighttime but I could see how angry everyone was. They were yelling at the building, and I could guess why.

___"It's hard to believe." A voice suddenly said behind me. I whipped around, startled, and saw Jax was standing near my cell outside it. How I missed him earlier was a bad sign that I was slowly starting to panic. His arms were crossed and he was staring at me with curiosity instead of anger.

___"W-What?" I asked, my breaths coming quicker as my heart pounded furiously.

___"You. Hard to believe. You have never once failed to protect this place. You've had a few close calls, but never has anyone done the town much harm or gotten away." He glanced out the window and I did the same.

___A sadness washed over me. Was I wrong in my assumptions then? Did they actually rob the place and kill the innocent after all? Were many people hurt? Was my little sister okay? "Did they... Hurt anyone?" I had to know.

___I felt relief that Jax shook his head. "No, they escaped the jail and fled. But Roulus saw them leave and I gave chase until their scents disappeared." I nodded. "No one could have escaped this jail. Not the cell, not the room, not their cuffs. Yet they escaped all three and we find you knocked out from a simple hit to the head." He shut his eyes and huffed. "So that's why I said hard to believe. So everyone assumed you let them go, and the way you aren't fighting I would guess it's true. So... Why?"

___I felt an odd wave of deja vu at his questioning since hours ago I was asking the same word to Rust. "I should have died out there to his hand. He was a better fighter than me. But he had heart and couldn't bare to do it. Then I couldn't do the same to him, he was an innocent like us." My head dropped in defeat. I was destined to die out there, so maybe it was fate I should die.

___The lock clicked open loudly and I jumped back with a start. A wave of energy rushed over me as I had control of my dragon again. But I dare not use it. Jax opened the door and he placed a hand on the small of my back, leading me to the front door of the waiting mob. My heart started pounding loudly and I followed obediently. "Relax" He whispered before opening the door. Suddenly the voices grew louder, and they started coming towards me. I stood my ground and accepted defeat but Jax let out a loud snarl that stopped everyone in their tracks and quieted them quickly. "People of Howl Fort, hear me out. What you have suspected is true, Dakota is guilty of letting the prisoners on death row go free." His voice boomed loudly for all to hear. At my admittance, they started to speak again but he silenced them. "This punishment for such a crime is death, however... As your newly appointed Sheriff, I am choosing to banish Kota as an outcast. She has served this town for many years, protected it's people against many dangers, and done everything she can to keep everyone living. As such, she should not be sentenced to death for her years of service." The crowd murmured, most agreeing with him. He turned to face me, removing his hand as a sign of trust. "She will have one hour to gather her things and say goodbye before she must leave." With a nod of respect towards me and an honored shake of my hand, he turned and walked away. The rest of the crowd did as well except for two people.

___Louise ran up to me with tears in her eyes and hugged me tightly. She was trying not to sob and I looked her in the eyes. "Lou, please take good care of Loka for me." Lou agreed and started to get things ready for Lou in her house. I looked back towards where the crowd was and saw my sister there. She looked at me sadly and I moved next to her, picking her up and throwing her onto my back as we headed back home. She had tears in her eyes and didn't attempt to communicate anything with me. When we walked in the doors, I set her down. "Go get your things ready, you'll be living with Aunt Louise from now on." She nodded, trying to hide her tears as she turned away quickly to go pack her things. I went into my room and shut the door, sitting on my bed for a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

___I didn't know what I was going to do. I had no idea what the outside world was like, and it frightened me. But if I had any hope of finding a way to redeem myself so I could stay with Loka then I would look for it. Minutes passed and all I had to my name was a backpack with survival supplies and a few change of clothes. I carried the Sheriff star in my hand as I left my bedroom. Loka was there, already packed and waiting for me. I dropped my things and fell to me knees as she ran to me and hugged around me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her protectively and whispered into her ear. "I'm sorry Loka. Please take good care of yourself. Send me some mail some time. I love you."

___She pulled away and pointed once at her eye, once at her chest, then once at me. I smiled, now fighting off tears, and picked all of our things up. Walking out the door I discovered Jax standing close by, a way to reassure the townsfolk I would leave quietly. He and I nodded to each other as we all walked a few blocks toward Lou's house. She was already outside, rushing down the steps to come and hug me once more before collecting Loka's things. I waved to her silently before turning towards the same entrance Rust came in. Jax followed me until the outskirts and we both stopped.

___I turned to him and pinned the Sheriff star onto his shirt. "Take good care of this place for me." I said quietly. "Look out for Loka, and Lou."

___He nodded. "With my life." He rested his hand on my shoulder for a moment before turning back to the town.

___Without another word or another look back, I turned to look at the desert. It was like my dream. A sea of vast sandy waves with the unknown out there. I took a deep breath, the tears finally rolling down my cheeks. I striped until I was completely naked and let my dragon out, turning into the ferocious animal. Hooking my pack onto a scale, I darted off. Racing through the desert at night, sand blowing in the wind against my scales, leaving my town, my home, my life behind me.

___Who knows what life would bring me out here.

Rʟʟʏɪɴɢ Exʟ

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An example writing piece by MetalHeadKendra - Meant to be shown as a roleplaying example
[Self Rating: Safe]

She couldn't contain herself, the excitement and emotions were bubbling just under her skin, threatening to cause her legs and body to dance a jovial frolic. Had it not been for the small seat belt safely strapped across her torso and waist, she might very well start dancing to some capriccio her mind had painted with her elation. Her eyes scoured every inch they passed by so she dare not miss a single thing and detail. The green pine needles of each limb on the tallest and shortest trees. The large boulders scattered on the ground along with pebbles and various rock formations that had fallen from the mountain tops. The flowing, clear water of the creek as it cascaded over underwater debris and how it glistened in the blinding sunlight. They called it the evergreen state for a reason. The only reminder of humans ever existing in this part of the world were the occasional forest scars, large areas devoid of greenery. The ground a soft dirt brown mixed with some gray of leftover ashes from what was left of the trees nearby, now blackened sticks barely sticking a few feet up towards the sky, with many already collapsed on the dead earth. Despite her mournful emotions and silent homage-paying, her ebullient emotions brought the grin back to her lips as she continued staring out the window.

Just her and her mother for a weekend, camping in the wilderness. Ever since she was just a baby, Sasha had been camping nearly every year possible, and mostly in the same forest. There were three types of campers. Those who take their fifth-wheel campers with televisions and fireplaces to RV parks. Those who camp in tents or smaller campers in forest-dwelling campgrounds created by the forest service. Or those like Sasha and her mother, well-seasoned campers who roughed it in the higher parts of the forest near mountain-tops. Colder temperatures, freezing nights, isolated, and well-known wildlife territory. Sasha had never seen a bear or cougar in the campsite area before, they avoided humans unless food was left out overnight, but she heard tales of how her mother had seen them once or twice on the mountain. Out of her twenty-four years of isolated camping, never did she worry about possible dangerous animals. The worse she'd seen was an oddly tamed deer that couldn't stop rubbing his antlers on their legs to get rid of his velvet, and she couldn't resist naming him "Bucky" for their short time together.

Despite going to a forest in the same state they reside in it still took several hours to get to their special camp spot. After pulling into the makeshift driveway made only of dirt, opening the door made the cramp in Sasha's legs worth the pain. The smell of outdoors flooded the car, and while she inhaled the special scent through her nostrils, she could hear her mother doing the same thing. Trees, fishy water, fresh humid air, and the very faint biting chill of winter from the snow covering the mountaintops nearby. There was a constant crashing of waves as the creek flowed endlessly, unseen from their site but only a short walking distance away. The insects free-floated through the air without a care as birds were gliding high above the treetops, while other bugs were doing their slow crawl along the ground as squirrels and chipmunks scoured the earth. There was a lone garter snake on a boulder near the site, basking in the sunlight to warm it's cold-blooded body. There were none to be seen, but there had been track marks in the powdery dirt of deer, wolves, and something Sasha couldn't make out. After asking her mother, she identified it to being the pawprint of a skunk.

They took several hours setting up camp. They were experts and got their tent up in record time and set it up with air mattresses and heavy-duty sleeping bags, followed by a makeshift kitchen using fold-up tables and a small two burner propane stove, then getting to the best part of camping: the campfire. The sun was already disappearing from their view and painting the sky a beautiful canvas with shades of red and pink. They began their fire in the ring of rocks and brought their chairs close. Despite the constant fires that happen around this time of year, the two knew how to contain a fire and keep it safe. It was small with only a few logs burning at a time, but it was enough to keep them warm and entertained, there was no reason to make it bigger. The flames danced their brilliant hues of orange around the logs, licking the air and sending foggy gray smoke towards the sky, aimed wherever the wind directed it to go. When the fire chewed through enough of the log, air trapped within the wood would cause a quiet popping noise to emit sparks that would float in the smoke for a distance and burn out into little black flecks. The embers underneath the logs and flames were charred black with beautiful cracked, glowing lines of revolving sunset colors, like eggs of fire that still had some life in them. There was something truly hypnotizing about watching a campfire and often times had better entertainment than what you might find on any screen. It brings out the best in people, making them better story-tellers, giving them peace of mind while sitting in comfortable silence, or just something to look at while you let our heart out and speak what's been on your mind lately. Nothing could bond two people closer than that of a warm campfire, surrounded by wilderness.

Night fell around them after their meal and campfire songs. Nothing could be seen in the pitch black darkness of the world except what the campfire shone it's light on, Sasha, her mother, and their tent set up a small, safe distance away from the fire. Leaning back in her chair and looking up at the sky, covering her face from the light of the flames, she could see the beautiful stars. There were the usual stars one could see in a well-lit city or town, but there were billions of smaller, duller stars that seemed much further away than others. They couldn't be seen except special places such as this. A bright light quickly shot across the sky from treetop to treetop, and Sasha smiled quietly. She didn't wish upon the shooting star, and instead looked down at her mother who smiled right back at her.

Sasha had already gotten her wish.
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Sʜ Rʀ Hɪsʀʏ


Shortest Chain: #2
Oddish + Igglybuff + Pineco + Magikarp + Beedrill + Dunsparce + Scizor
Longest Chain: Remoraid #247

____________Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Murkrow / [Proof]____________|
____________Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Slowking / [Proof]____________|
___________Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Sudowoodo / [Proof]___________|
____________Caught the 2nd OS Shadow Kingdra / [Proof]_____________|
____________Caught the 7th OS Shadow Umbreon / [Proof]____________|
____________Caught the 5th OS Shadow Smeargle / [Proof]____________|
_____________Caught the 4th OS Shadow Pupitar / [Proof]_____________|
_____________Caught the 7th OS Shadow Pupitar / [Proof]_____________|
_____________Caught the 6th OS Shadow Espeon / [Proof]_____________|
____________Caught the 2nd OS Shadow Unown W / [Proof]___________|
____________Caught the 8th OS Shadow Unown Q / [Proof]____________|
____________Caught the 4th OS Shadow Quilava / [Proof]_____________|
___________Caught the 9th OS Shadow Croconaw / [Proof]____________|
____________Caught the 7th OS Shadow Unown O / [Proof]____________|
_____________Caught the 7th OS Shadow Raikou / [Proof]_____________|

#??? = Pokemon Caught Successfully

#??? = Pokemon Ran Away

Beedrill - #75
Butterfree - #34
Kingler - #132
Gengar - #49
Rapidash - #44
Slowbro - #215
Scyther - #26
Seaking - #12
Starmie - #75
Machop - #204
Meowth - #136
Machoke - #13
Scyther - #11
Voltorb - #4
Psyduck - #112
Snorlax - #25
Grimer - #57
Magikarp - #2
Ivysaur - #145
Charmander -
Weezing - #14
Haunter - #36
Ponyta - #145
Muk - #22
Dodrio - #93
Tentacool - #57
Magikarp - #101
Mankey - #220
Koffing - #36
Doduo - #128
Flareon - #54
Nidoking - #74
Tentacruel - #28
Raichu - #67
Victreebel - #4
Slowpoke - #61
Seadra - #52
Jolteon - #95
Wartortle - #11
Venusaur - #29
Raticate - #13
Gyarados - #50
Golem - #27
Jigglypuff - #7
Staryu - #81
Drowzee - #141
Oddish - #2
Exeggcute - #115
Tentacruel - #11
Jynx - #66
Arcanine - #125
Hitmonchan - #48
Meowth - #81
Cloyster - #104
Cubone - #126
Dragonite - #45
Seel - #78
Venusaur - #24
Kabuto - #96
Vaporeon - #83

Marill - #67
Azumarill - #70
Sentret - #108
Hoothoot - #207
Skiploom - #60
Dunsparce - #92
Aipom - #40
Slowking - #86
Remoraid - #79
Sneasel - #78
Heracross - #54
Slugma - #66
Kingdra - #46
Politoed - #18
Granbull - #154
Smeargle - #36
Espeon - #14
Pupitar - #77
Mantine - #24
Chinchou - #63
Quagsire - #160
Remoraid - #185
Pineco - #2
Quilava - #52
Lugia - #84
Unown O - #60
Unown R - #70
Swinub - #132
Unown R - #111
Raikou - #87
Unown V - #73
Porygon2 - #70
Croconaw - #128
Bayleef - #110
Larvitar - #37
Suicune - #122
Dunsparce - #2
Blissey - #111
Unown K - #4
Pupitar - #38
Pichu - #114
Pichu - #76
Ampharos - #73
Ledian - #53
Mareep - #96
Cleffa - #99
Girafarig - #115
Girafarig - #74
Octillery - #94
Togepi - #30
Togepi - #22
Wobbuffet -#17
Bellossom -#23
Mareep - #80
Ampharos - #53
Phanpy - #8
Unown W - #56
Gligar - #30
Sunflora - #105
Steelix - #104
Politoed - #24
Octillery - #97
Politoed - #89
Slowking - #23
Croconaw - #60
Togetic - #170
Umbreon - #101
Pupitar - #19
Unown R - #161
Feraligatr - #41
Scizor -
Unown Y - #16
Slugma - #11
Croconaw - #127
Croconaw - #129
Unown E - #57
Scizor - #2
Hoothoot - #3
Unown M - #90
Bayleef - #86
Noctowl - #124
Furret - #65
Wobbuffet - #31
Cleffa - #58
Qwilfish - #156
Murkrow - #45
Magcargo - #55
Teddiursa - #113
Crobat - #188
Qwilfish - #123
Sudowoodo - #6
Jumpluff - #48
Pineco - #32
Remoraid - #247
Umbreon - #72
Pupitar - #129
Sunflora - #27
Magcargo - #70
Jumpluff - #56
Unown Q - #46
Forretress - #69
Snubbull - #124
Sunkern - #12
Corsola - #129
Misdreavus - #58
Sudowoodo - #125
Hitmontop - #52
Natu - #117
Unown ! - #123
Unown F - #129
Tyrogue - #55
Unown F - #96
Piloswine - #148
Quilava - #120
Unown F - #126
Feraligatr - #144
Unown I - #4
Quilava - #56
Unown A - #55
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Fʀɪ Ss Us

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QuoteWoah! I found a shiny Ariados while Shadow Hunting!

Quote> I go profile spying since I can't sleep.

> I notice a user lent their Ditto out to another user (with a written agreement to bring it back to the OT).

> Said other user puts the Ditto up in the auction house.

> I snipe that auction at the last minute with 3.5 Million PD.

> I go back to the user and demand I get my PD back for Pokemon theft or I would take it up with a mod.

> User complies, claims it was an accident, and gives me most of my PD back (Minus 300k thanks to the fricking taxes) and I give Ditto back to the OT.

> I has a sooper happeh vibe nao~

(This status got over 40 hearts and comments saying what a Pokehero I was.)

QuoteBF: *Sends me a random image at 2:30 in the morning*
Me: Babe, what are you doing awake?
BF: Crying.
Me: What, why?!
BF: Because I thought about how lucky and happy I am to have you in my life, then I wanted to cuddle and got sad, then I woke up and realized I couldn't hug you so I got extra sad.

This is my life currently. Both feeling completely loved in the middle of the night, while simultaneously feeling frustrated that my boyfriend has insomnia because he needs nighttime hugs.

QuoteResults of last Beauty Contest:
Photo #1 - Rank 3 (Rating: 7.85)

Woah, what? Thanks everyone ♥ >w<

QuoteOh wow. I was totally not expecting to win the banner contest. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback.

And before anyone asks, nope, I am not going to use my own banner XD
It's too weird to see something I made on a website every time I get log on. So I'll definitely be using the other winner's banners~

QuoteI made a lazy dish of boxed pasta with some pre-made sauce in a jar. Ten minutes of boiling later, GREEN PASTA.

I took a pic and sent it to my Mom saying "What did I do wrong?!" She called me immediately and could not for the life of her figure out what happened.

Mom: "Don't eat it..."
Me: "But I already ate it."
Mom: "YOU ATE IT?!"

After five minutes of guessing and red herrings, I said: "Oh, wait, maybe it was that blue food coloring I put in it..."

She was not amused.

QuoteIf anyone disagrees with what I say, then I dare you, change my mind.

Quote> User asks for spriting advice

> User only accepts messages from friends

> Insert Jackie Chan "What?" meme here

Quote> Makes Sprites and posts them

> Goes to make dinner

> Comes back 15 minutes later

> 80+ Notifications

Oh my word... You guys...
Thank you so much Arahkan and ChikoritaMining for such a wonderful (and oddly-timed) plushie bomb! >w<

Quote> Records second video of me and the BF playing "The Forest" co-op.
> He passes some major gas.
> I thought it was his fingers drumming on his desk.

Him: "...That was not... Quiet."
Me: "Oh my god babe, did you really?"
Him: "Yeah... I'm so sorreee."
Me: *Trying not to laugh* "I got that on recording."
Him: "Aww, no, cut that out!"
Me: "That's going on YouTube!"
Him: "NOOO! D:"

(Here's my YT Channel if anyone wants to see those videos :3)

QuoteHere's a fun question:
Have you ever wound up liking a disliked Pokemon by accident?

My story: Hariyama
The first shiny Pokemon I ever got was in Pokemon Emerald (full odds), and it just so happened to be a Pokemon I thought was hideously designed. But I still took the Pokemon in, proud to catch my first shiny. After using it in battle, I grew to love the Pokemon and still use it in battles to this day~

QuoteJesus, I leave this site for one second to spend time with the new boyfriend and more drama crap happens?




QuoteFriend: Glad to see you're in a good mood.
Me: Yeah, no idea why either.
Friend: Sounds exciting.
Me: Sure, if you like random bursts of emotion.
Friend: It happens to the best and worst of us.
Me: Or it could be my bipolar kicking in, which if it stays positive like this then I can deal with that.
Friend: Haha, you need chocolate.

So out of left field I couldn't stop laughing.

QuoteOh yeah! Owner of the 3rd OS Shadow Slowking!

What is it with me and threes?

QuoteWoot! Caught the 3rd On Site Shadow Murkrow!

(Proof for the non-believers)

Quote*Starts scanning for each Shadow Pokemon available today*

*Accidentally gets a Shadow on Chain 2 that I don't need*

:'3 This is not fine...

QuoteAw maaan ;-;

QuoteSomeone asked me my biggest pet peeve, and since I'm a bit of an English perfectionist:

I hate hearing people spell or pronounce it "ecksetera" or "ect."
It's pronounced as easily as it's spelled: "Et cetera" and "etc."

QuoteWoo! Rank 15 on the Beauty Contest~
Thanks everyone!
Photo #1 won 1000 Festival Points~

(Fairy Pokemon, Holiday Theme)

I hatched a random Shiny Cottonee for my birthday :3

QuoteYou know, I'm not the brightest cookie out there.

> Last night, I get a message my phone service bill is due (means after midnight I won't have any service).
> Let people know I won't have a phone.
> Today decide to wake up early to make a phone call about getting food stamps.
> Realizes that I can't make phone calls without service.
> Duh.

Quote> Birthday is soon
> Gets e-mails for coupons and discounts at various stores
> Realizes they are just trying to make me spend money instead of actually giving me something
> Insert sad face

Quote"Ouch. I hate that YouTuber as much as the next guy, but that was a harsh comment."

Just because you don't like someone, it doesn't give you the right to bully them. Be the bigger person and just ignore them, cut them from your life. Walk away with a smile that you are stronger than the person who couldn't hold their tongue.

Just a random thought to an image I saw.

QuoteResults of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 16 (Rating: 7.51)

You won 1000 Festival Points!

Woah, what? Wow, thanks everyone.

QuoteMy friend Alex wants art done with a coffee mug. This is my response.

Next Day Post:

Update on my last post: I earned bonus money to get cream cheese with those bagels.

Quote467 Hours later, I have finally beaten The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth

QuoteOhh my goodness. I got a Wendy's commercial on YouTube for their spicy nuggets, flames in the background. I just barely caught the disclaimer text at the bottom that says "flames do not come with nuggets"

Good job Wendy's. Makes me love you a little more.

QuoteError: i uh, don't have a phone and using the house phone is just incredibly horrible for me, like i hate it

Kendra: I can understand that >w<

Error: like, using any phone just makes me want to curl up and not speak to anyone for the rest of the day

Kendra: I guess you better not get a deskjob in the future then ;w;

Error: definitely not planning on it. I hate speaking to people in general, honestly

Kendra: Hm. You should look into a career path of...
A librarian XD 'Cuz no one is allowed to talk in a library


QuoteMe chatting with a non-PH friend.

Me: Wow, I have a lot of orders to get to this morning.
Him: *Shrugs* Well duh, people like art.
Me: *Grimaces* It's not art. It's simple pixel reformation, anyone can do it.
Him: And Picasso was just simple paint rearranging on a canvas, it's art if someone likes it.
Me: *Playfully gives the one-finger salute* Shut up...

QuoteI wish I had a vegan friend to tease.

"Hey, I just ate a salad, it was pretty good."
"Oh, I'm so proud of you! Just don't eat meat!"
"It had bacon bits in it >:D"

Quote*Opens 3 boxes in a row*
*Gets 3 berries in a row*
:'3 This is fine...

Quote> Went to the river with step-nieces and nephew
> Youngest plays in the mud while we play in the river
> She starts asking what's on her foot, so we go check
> She has a tiny leech on her foot
> Did not know leeches were even in Washington, that's interesting to know

Before anyone asks, she's fine. I know plenty about leeches (thanks YouTube) and got it off her with no problem thanks to a wet wipe. Got the slightly alcohol tinted wipe juice into it's mouth which made it let go. If you find a leech on you, don't be afraid because they won't hurt you. At all! Actually, they used to be used in medicine long ago. All they do is suck your blood until they're full and let go. Don't pull them off, or their metal teeth will get stuck and cause heavier bleeding. Just scrape them off. If you want to avoid the possibility of leeches, just stay out of mud, that's where they hang out.
(I've had to say this five times today, but...) Leeches aren't dangerous. XD

Quote*Moth flutters across the room*

Navi: BUG! *Chases the moth everywhere*

Me: *Watching* "I wonder if my Navi the fairy is secretly a cat..."


To you who bullies and sends such childish messages, I dare you to come forth. Since you hide behind such anonymity like the unintelligent cowards you are, I dare you to show yourselves and let your ugliness be shown to the world. Pathetic, worthless, scum like you don't deserve to call yourselves human beings.

AmberLikeEmber, I know you said you don't want people posting this, but I'm not afraid to stand up for those who deserve help. (I find the idiots and cancer of the internet more funny than hurtful)

Anyone else receiving these messages, REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY and contact an online mod immediately.
Just because they say "anonymous" doesn't mean they are. They are easily tracked back to the account and IP that sent them. So that user is NOT anonymous at all. REPORT IT if you see it.

QuoteError: "Currently I'm helping someone on another site with coding for a trading thread. Which I find quite fun"
Kendra: "I do like coding too. There's something soothing about it. Make it FABULOUS! XD"
Error: "I've finished with it, it's very simple but they said they'd prefer a simpler style so... XD"
Kendra: "Tell them you don't make posts like a basic... Uhm.... Female dog..."

PG Swearing with #Error2019

QuoteI'm not someone who believes in soul mates, or love at first site.
Still don't.
Didn't think it was possible to fall for someone in less than five days.
But I was proved wrong on that one.
I fell for someone that quickly. We fell for each other hard.
It was like flying for the first time without wings.
A constant smile on your face, and you find yourself thinking about them when they're gone.
Like a beacon of light in the darkest depths of caves.
But when things take a turn and suddenly your wings burn to ash...
...You crash back down to earth hard.
Like the way a meteorite strikes a planet, love makes a deep cut on your heart.

Be careful for those of you who've never been in love, or currently are.
Love is the best feelings there is.
But it's also one of the most excruciating.

QuoteRant incoming: Nintendo, this is going too far.
Just because your music is on YouTube does NOT mean that you need to claim it for yourself and get a few extra cents. You are one on the top of the gaming industry and make plenty of money.
People who come to sites like this or other game-based sites to forget their depression and have fun? Don't ruin it.
People who go to YouTube to listen to your amazing soundtracks to forget the hate of human life around them? Don't ruin it.
People who have loved your games since childhood and inspire to make a game based around one of your series? DON'T RUIN IT.

Sorry for the rant. Nintendo took down my favorite music compilations on YouTube and I'm getting sick of seeing them destroy things in an attempt for more money.


This is more scary since it was a dumb idea and I could have died.

I used to do swing shift for a job and got off work at 11pm. Me and my co-worker closed the business for the weekend and started to leave our separate ways (I walked). As I was leaving the end of the building, I heard ice shuffling and stopped to see two kids suddenly running behind the building. I stopped and wondered if I should just ignore them or stop them from possibly doing something bad to my workplace, and decided to confront them. I had pepper spray and a pocket knife with me just in case. I walked towards where I saw them run and heard whispering so I turned on my bright flashlight and yelled "HEY! What are you kids doing here?!" I tried to put on a brave front and hoped they would run away scared.

(Continued in comments.)

They didn't. And they weren't kids. They were big, burly guys older than me. And there were actually three of them. But if I ran away, it might end badly. So I kept my brave bravado and approached them, yelling at them. "What the [bleep] do you guys think you're doing here!?" One of them laughed and stupidly just said "Nuthin'." The pocket knife sheathe was digging into my hands because I was so flipping scared, so I got about ten feet away from them and held the flashlight up...

And I figured out who the guys were. I live in a small town so I knew them all from high school, one of them I graduated with and two of them WORK AT THE SAME PLACE I DO. I just about passed out from relief to find out they were good guys. They had drank a little too much and were just out for a night on the town. The next day, the one that laughed said "I just want you to know, you have some serious [bleep]" So that's how I learned ignore strange people and got an awesome reputation at work.

QuoteWoah, Rank 33! Thanks for the votes everyone <3
Even though it was terrible

Results of last Beauty Contest:
Photo #1 - Rank 33 (Rating: 6.59)
You won 500 Festival Points!

QuoteThat moment when you find out your long-term-friend is actually British and just types "Color" lazily instead of "Colour" OwO


QuoteI am about to have a panic attack.

I actually caught one! I was just going to get a regular one TwT

Quote from My first ever post450 PokeDex entries after 15 days on this site. Accomplishment or just plain sad? :'3

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Mʏ Qɪʀ Exʟɴɪɴs

Bɪɴɢ "Fʀʀʏ"

Before you turn your nose up at all the rumors you hear about furries, stop, open your mind, and listen. Furries are not the sexually driven freaks you believe them to be. Being a furry is a basic principle of having an animal / creature character, or a fursona. Most of the time it represents that person on the internet, some people are braver and decide to create costumes (or fursuits) and travel to cons to meet other supportive people. It's better to think of the community like a LGBTA community, just with animal characteristics. Most of the people I've met who are furries were just normal people that liked to interact with others as if their character was an animal. To us, it's much more interesting to have a response of ears lowering or tails wagging. That being said, yes, you will see the "furverts" out there, but to be fair you see sexually-driven people everywhere in the world. You just don't notice the human things since furries are "different" and that's hard for humanity to accept.
Anyways, onto the purpose of me, I myself am a shapeshifter. It means I can change into whatever I or another desires. But I still have a base form that I normally stay as to not confuse others. For me currently, it's Krystle the Manokit. (Manokits are a made-up species combining sharks and kitsunes.) I thoroughly enjoy becoming whatever the other person desires when interacting with them because, not only does it put them in a happy smiling mood, but it give them a chance to live a dream they may never have in the real world. Even if it's just pretend, it's fun for everyone involved and allows them to escape from the harsh reality of their lives. That's what being a furry is to me. Meeting supportive people, having fun in silly animal-like ways, and doing my normail daily goal; Making someone laugh.

Bɪɴɢ ɴ "Osʀɪɴ"

A "pescetarian" is someone who does not eat meat, but will eat fish and seafood. An "oppescetarian" is a slang term used for someone that eats other types of meat, but does not eat fish or seafood. I have never liked the taste of fish or seafood out there, so I usually try to avoid it. The only thing I've enjoyed from the seafood side of things is calamari and fried clams but I can easily go without eating them. I'm a person who enjoys the typical meats of animals, along with a few uncommon ones. My favorite of all time is elk, by far the best out there.
Don't get me wrong. I don't hate on vegans, you guys do as you please. I would much rather not see animals harmed or suffering either. But until you guys can solve world hunger, I will happily eat all the beef, pork, chicken, and elk I can get.

Bɪɴɢ "Bɪ-Sxʟ"

I'm sure I don't need to explain this but being a bi-sexual means I am attracted to both male and female genders. I won't get into the whole gender debate, be what you want to be but I'm not putting in effort to learn more than the basics. If you enjoy it, and your partner enjoys it, then there's nothing wrong with it. It's how love works and that's all that matters. I have previously had a serious relationship with another woman before, and never once did my mind think it felt wrong. At the time I only considered myself bi-curious (which basically means I've never been with the same gender and would like to try) but after just a few days, I knew I could easily date both genders. While I personally love bigger teddy bear guys, dating a BA tomboy is just as an appealing thought. If you have questions or just need some advice if you're confused about your sexuality, feel free to chat with me. I can lend an ear, maybe some help on how to make yourself feel better about it.

Mʏ Dɴɢʀs M Sɪɴɢs

UPDATE: 4/19/2020
This paragraph below was written when I had self-diagnosed myself with having bipolar disorder.
As of this date, I believe I may actually have confused it when I think it's either Borderline Personality Disorder OR a mix of both.

Never have either of my parents been diagnosed by bipolar disorder (a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings), but they show clear symptoms of having it. My mother has a strange habit of falling into a depression larger than life when times in her life are tough. It's known as hypomania. My father had wild bursts of anger and it's usually caused by something so insignificant that normally wouldn't be an issue. It's known as a manic episode. These sudden bursts of emotion can't be helped and just happen every so often. As such, my brother has the same hypomania problem as my mother, but I got unlucky in the gene pool to get both forms of their bipolar disorder. I have true / severe bipolar disorder with multiple depressive and manic episodes a year. Sometimes, the littlest thing will set me off and my anger or irritability will spike. And depending on events that happen in the world, I will go into a sad, depressive state for about a day. At the beginning of 2019, I did have an unlucky streak of having a "major depressive episode" where it became difficult to go through day-to-day things. I stayed in bed, stopped going to work, had a temporary bout of acute insomnia, didn't feel like doing anything, and starting having some serious dark thoughts. This lasted for about a month, and I wound up losing my job. That part was enough to kick me into gear and to try to get my job back, but it didn't happen. Still, the episode was over and I got back to my normal self and began job searching to get back into the role of life. I was finally smiling more often, getting together with friends, and started spriting again.
My emotions are very unpredictable most of the time, and it used to be that my depression would push my friends away, and my anger would hurt my family. As of writing this, I know what my problems are and see the signs when they're bound to happen, but that doesn't mean I can stop them or from snapping at someone once in a while. So, while I doubt this will happen, if I ever seem to burst and lose my temper with someone, then please don't take it to heart. I honestly don't mean what I say during those times and just have to let things out. I'm much more happier as of now, but I still get irritated or depressed from certain things.

A B Cʙ Uɴsɪʙʟ ɴ Iɴʀʀ

There have been two classified types of people, introverts and extroverts. Someone who is extroverted usually prefers to spend their time around people, at social events, and outside. Introverts are the opposite and like to stay indoors, despise social gatherings, and preferably being alone except with close friends and family. There is nothing wrong with either side of the spectrum of where you fall in.
However, I have the odd category of being unsociable. Put in a basic sentence, it just means I really don't like being social, have a difficult time being or staying social, and it's regardless of where it comes from. Some people here have learned this, but when starting a conversation with me, I am one to quickly drop it because I have a hard time with keeping it going. I don't have topics to talk about with someone to keep a conversation going, heck, I can't even grasp at an idea for one. So I'll just read the replying message, and then continue to whatever I was previously doing. This happens with everyone I know. Strangers, co-workers, friends, family, everyone.
Put being an introvert and unsociable together, and you make someone who lives a pretty lone wolf life. It's not that I don't enjoy talking to people, usually only close friends and family. I don't go out of my way to start conversations, and I usually drop them if I can't think of a response or the topic isn't worth talking about to begin with. So sorry to anyone who thinks I'm rude because I don't respond. I just am not a talker. I can listen, but I can't really reply. *Shrug*

Mʏ N-S-Gʀ Aʙsɪ Fʜʀ
My story is not a happy one and goes through my very difficult life.
Please do not read this if you have a hard time with depressing backstories, abusive parents, or divorce war stories.
Show hidden content
Let's date back the beginnings of why this happened all the way before I was ten. Some time before 2003, my parents were living together with me and my little brother in a small country town. It was a K-12 school, with maybe thirty kids in each grade. Very small town with not a lot to do. My little brother and I were raised on video games and liked to stay home to play them. But life wasn't great, our parents fought with one another consistently. Fast forward to when I was ten, my brother at eight, our parents separated and the divorced was finalized when my father was caught with another woman.
A few months passed, he lived in an apartment in the same small town, and it was close enough to make my mother flee to the city about thirty miles away. We started a new school, and life turned upside down for us. We were used to having thirty classmates in our grades, and we jumped from thirty, to three hundred. The classes were ahead of what we were learning previously, no one wanted to make friends, and we met our first school bullies. It only took a few weeks before I started begging my mother to not make me go to school. I stayed home for a while before I was forced back, and things started to just blur together to become routine. The bullies stopped affecting me and we just continued on blindly. Video games at home, and four days out of the month were our only saving grace. Those four days were every other weekend we would spend at our father's house. He'd bought the house we grew up in and was living in it with our new step-mother. She wasn't kind but she wasn't directly rude either. During those times, our father started to bribe us without us knowing it. He would get us video games, candy, treats, most of the things we wanted. As such, he worked his poison into us that would slowly turn us against our mother, who was trying her hardest to work minimum wage to pay for herself and two children.
We lived for about a year in that apartment in the city. Then one weekend, our mother told us we were going to the racetrack. At the time, we had no idea there was such a thing nearby, but it was a small-time racetrack that our mother insisted we go to. We did but weren't highly interested, and when we were allowed into the pits (behind the scenes with the racers) we met Tom, our mom's new boyfriend. He was very intimidating and different from what we were used to. He is the true beer-drinking, Nascar-loving hillbilly, who was also a small-time racer. After that, we were dragged to the races every other weekend. Fast forward half a year, and we were moving another thirty miles away from our father, to live with Tom. They hadn't married but we were moved into a new place with another new school. It was the previous school over again, but we found friends and weren't bullied as often.
About half a year passed and we had the strange offer of moving back to the town we grew up in. Turned out that Tom wanted to be a farmer and about ten miles from our hometown was an opening. We had our spirits back up as we would get to see our friends, and our father more often; he was the school janitor. Things were turning up great, but my father started planting the idea of running away in my head. I attempted it once after school but was quickly caught by my mother and taken home where I was punished for a long time. That only made me retaliate more against her.
We lived on the farm property for about a year before things were falling apart. My mother was not getting along with Tom based on the way he wanted to raise us. After arguing and fighting, she finally left him and we got a renting house in the town from her work boss. It was closer to our father and I wasn't fighting her as often. We still went to the same school, and things were fine for a while. Fast forward about a year and a half, we were suddenly being forced out of the home by the owner for no real true reason other than his greed got the better of him.
We quickly found an apartment, but my teenager retaliation kicked in again, and I ran away from home to my grandparents. She called the police and an officer picked me up to take me home. The idea to run away was not mine, it was my father's and he told me that when the officer came to just go home. I did as he asked, and my father filed yet again for custody of us, using my runaway as a method of convincing the judge she was a bad mother. Somehow, the judge continued to make us stay with our mother and she forbid us from moving in with him. We were only in that apartment for a few months before we moved yet again to another house.
After about two months of pent up aggression and anger from my mother (fueled by my father with lies of how terrible she was) I packed a bag of my belongings and ran away to my father's house under his command. This time, my mother gave up and let me live with my father. I never spoke to my mother after that. Things started turning around again, I was happier in life and things were looking up in life. Then I graduated high school, spent a week at home, and then life crashed down on my head.
My father gave me a set amount of money, kicked me out of the house early one morning, and told me to go find a job. His demeanor suddenly changed towards me. It wasn't kind, caring, or fatherly like it had been for years. This was a man I did not recognize, and the harsh truth struck me as I realized this is who my father was. I set out to job search, but I had no work history and people would not hire me. After a month of no results, I returned to find my father angry at me. He set me down and began to yell at me the most vulgar things I'd heard. He told me of how pathetic and useless I was in the world. That first time he said it stung me for a long time. Yes, the first time.
I went job searching for two years and was unable to get one. Every day after that first month I didn't come home with a job, he would berate me again and again. I would be meant to wake up near five in the morning to get the bus, then wouldn't be allowed back home until six at night. Weekends I was allowed at home because there was nothing that could be done. After about a year of this happening, he took away any privileges I had. No games, no internet, no phone. At the time, I had only my boyfriend to help me through my misery. Him taking away my connection to my only savior destroyed me. After a month of verbal abuse and no phone privileges, I did something very stupid. For PG ratings, I won't specify but it included a lot of pills. I woke up the next morning just fine, and figured out they were expired. I was forced to continue searching that same day, and that was my breaking point. My sanity was gone, I had no hope, and I had no cares in the world for anything. I continued on for another year of nothing. Half of that time, I couldn't bring myself to search for a job so I just stayed away from home in despair.
Two years of verbal abuse from my father put me at my all-time lowest point in my life. Even now, the word "pathetic" is a trigger word for me to get exceptionally angry. That part of my life has scarred me in ways I cannot describe. I met someone who had "different" non-PG abuse from her father, and I can't tell which is worse. Being physically non-PG abused, or being mentally and emotionally abused from a family member.
At the end of the two year mark, my father was fed up with me and decided I wasn't allowed in the house on Saturdays or Sundays, the only days I wasn't spending thirteen hours a day job searching. I didn't know where else to turn, so I called my little brother who was with my mother for the weekend, and asked if she was interested in seeing me. Of course she said yes, and I walked over to her place. Immediately, she opened the door and hugged me with tears in her eyes. I was surprised and hugged her back but was confused. She then told me my little brother was having problems and needed to go to the doctor and took me with her. We talked a little about how things were, then she took me for a lunch. It was simple fast food, but it was the first time I had more than one meal a day that wan't from my father, and I started crying. After that, she took me back to her home and I started connecting with her after so many years of silence.
A week later, she had me a job with the company she worked at. And a month later, we were getting an apartment together. After that, I flipped my father the bird and to this day have never spoken to him again.
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Fʀɪ Qs

Quote"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant.
It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

~Mewtwo, Pokemon: The First Movie

Quote"Why do some people say
'grow some [bleep]'?
They're weak and sensitive!
If you really wanna get tough,
grow a [bleep]!
Those things take a pounding!"

~Betty White

Quote"A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage."
~The Hero's Shade, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Quote"Life is all about resolve. Outcome is secondary.
It is resolve that determines the value or your life."

~Waka, Okami

Quote"I don't care who anybody sleeps with. If a couple has been together all that time-
And there are gay relationships that are more solid than heterosexual ones-
I think it's fine if they want to get married."

~Betty White

Quote"After running for my life from hunters, a girl with too much lip gloss doesn't register on my fear radar."
~ Jacinda, Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Quote"When one door closes, find another."
"And what if there isn't another door?"
"Then you try the window."
"And if there's not a window?"
"Then you find a sledgehammer and make a window."

~ C.C. Hunter, Awake at Dawn

Quote"Did you hear that? What the hell's that sound?"
"It's just the wind."
"Yeah. Right. When was the last time the wind said "hostiles" to you?
...Uhh... Those aren't drones."
"Looks like they upgraded. They're called Theron Guards."
"You think they know what we're doing?"
"Well, we're not here to sell cookies... So they know something's up."

~Gears of War

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Obtained the 1st OS Shadow Lugia
Obtained a Shiny Retro Charizard at chain 110
Obtained the 12th OS Shiny Driflamp
Obtained 5th OS Shiny Lightblim
Obtained the 3rd OS Eclipseon
Obtained the 4th OS Dr.Honch
Hatched the 7th OS Shiny Flapple
Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Murkrow
Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Slowking
Caught the 3rd OS Shadow Sudowoodo
Caught the 2nd OS Shadow Kingdra


Mega Dunsparce - Mega-able Dunsparce Event
Coocoot - Coocoo Event
Grookey + Sobble - Pokemon Sw/Sh Event
Selunar - Contest Event by -Banette-
Solastra - Contest Event by -Banette-
Nosepharos - Lighthouse Event
Steamo - Steampunk
Maneki Espurr - Chinese New Year
Autumn Mareep - Pile of Leaves
Vivillon Pride - Queer Pride
Flabébé (Eternal Flower) - AZ's Floette
Tendenne - Valentine's Event 2018
Kyurem - Frosty Kyurem V5 (x2)

Oʜʀ Oʙɪɴ Eɴs

Shiny Easter Ducklett - Easter Egg Hunt 2020
Eiscue (Love) - February 2020 Valentine's Day Event
+ Zacain + Rusted Sword - December 2019 Advent Calendar + Completion
Rokidee - December 2019 Advent Calendar
Yamper - December 2019 Advent Calendar
Tailluchi - December 2019 Advent Calendar
Mega Rapidash - December 2019 Advent Calendar
Dr. Honch (Plaguekrow) - Halloween 2019
Shiny Easter Deerling - Easter Egg Hunt 2019
Impasta - Clicking Event Distribution
Solgilyph - Clicking Event Distribution
Unown Flake - December 2018 Advent Calendar
Mega Luxray - December 2018 Advent Calendar
Mega Claydol - December 2018 Advent Calendar
Mega Flygon - December 2018 Advent Calendar
Mega Milotic - December 2018 Advent Calendar
Sproutlett - Summer 2018 Event Distribution
Wreafki - Easter Egg Hunt 2018
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OC Cʀɪ & Rʟs

By purchasing / trading / obtaining / owning a character I have created,
you will abide by these rules or forfeit to possible character loss.
Failure to comply with returning a character will be reported to moderators for character and art theft.
Acknowledging having read these rules will count for a personal contract in the events of rule breaking.

#1) - Any and all characters will remain only on Pokeheroes or Toyhouse
- Exceptions to this will be art you have received from someone else to be used as avatars in various places, ex. Discord, Kik, Steam, etc.
- Art of characters is permitted on DeviantArt so long as it is not an upload of my art and credit is given in the description.
- Any character used outside of those specified places will be notified of such and asked to return the character.

#2) - Characters and art by me must stay known to have been created by me
- Characters are created by me, not by anyone else. Art credit should include the artist's name and myself for the character creation.
- Failure to specify that the character was created by me will result in charges for art and character theft.

#3) - Characters are not allowed to be used in inappropriate content
- This includes: sex, violence, drug use, hate crimes, profanity (on Pokeheroes), gore / bloody themes, or most virtual guidelines that consider something to be "NSFW" - Not Safe For Work
- These themes are not allowed in roleplays, stories, videos, or artwork at all.

#4) - Any sprites I create must get permission to be made into an OC first
- Users will be asked to read these rules in acceptance of creating an OC from my creations.
- Anyone using a sprite as a character without permission will lose the ability to use the sprite / character and are banned from future allowance to obtain characters, art, or sprites from me.

#5) - You must ask me permission first before selling a character
- This is to keep track of who owns what character.
- It also helps to let people know my character credit and rules.

Owned Characters that I created
Show hidden content
User - Image

(Pre-Contract) ~Athera - "Capricorn"
(Pre-Contract) kujo - "Galaxy Bonyta"
MissTwigs - Spoopy Fox "Toxic" & Spoopy Fox "Berry"
Miizyu - Spoopy Fox "Lush"
~Sly~ - Spoopy Fox "Cinder"
Corviknight - Spoopy Fox "Racer"
ShakedownDreams - Tyrantrum x Aurorus Fusion

People not allowed to obtain characters from me
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Anyone listed on my Sprite Shop ban list
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Rʟʟʏɪɴɢ Iɴʀɪɴ

[Looking] | Not Looking

[Private Messages] | [Forums] | [Discord/Telegram] | Another Website

[Any Themes] | Only Stated In This Post | Craving Topics Only

Rᴜʟᴇs & Pʀᴇꜰᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇs

Show hidden content
The biggest rule:
I am not interested in the short-responses normally done on Pokeheroes.
Roleplays I partake in need to have:
○ a minimum of three sentences (several words in each)
○ averaging a paragraph or two during plot
○ Decent / Good grammar, spelling, and literacy

• Any roleplays going off-site need to have you send me a message first asking for my accounts.
• I am only interested in 1x1 roleplays, not multiple-people threads.
• While I am ditch-friendly, I may also ditch depending on how the storyline is.
• I prefer Telegram, Discord, Skype, E-Mail, PM, and other IM services. No phone-only services.
• You must have patience with replies, I'm not at my computer 24/7 but I am online quite often.
• I can only play as a female and prefer you to play as your gender as well.
• I only do roleplays with a third-person viewpoint. (He / She / They)
• You do not control my characters in any way unless it is a travelling / time skip sequence.
• Any fandoms will be played with original characters we've created.
Mature themes (Anything not suitable for Pokeheroes) will be done off-site and you must be 18+.

Iꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴏɴsᴇɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴀ ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ-ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇᴅ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀɴ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴏᴘʀɪᴀᴛᴇ ᴀɢᴇ,
I ᴡɪʟʟ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇ ʜᴇʟᴅ ʀᴇsᴘᴏɴsɪʙʟᴇ ꜰᴏʀ ᴀɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ.
Tʜɪs ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs ʟʏɪɴɢ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴀɢᴇ ᴏʀ ᴄᴏɴsᴇɴᴛ
ᴀɴᴅ ᴄᴀᴜsɪɴɢ ᴀɴʏ ꜰᴏʀᴍ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ, ʀᴜʟᴇ-ʙʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ, ʟᴀᴡ-ʙʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ, ᴇᴛᴄ.
Iꜰ ʏᴏᴜ sᴛᴀʀᴛ ᴀ ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ-ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇᴅ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ,
ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɢʀᴇᴇ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɢᴇ ᴏꜰ 18+ ᴀɴᴅ ᴄᴏɴsᴇɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴀɴʏ ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇs ᴡᴇ ᴀɢʀᴇᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴘʟᴏᴛ.

Dᴇᴛᴀɪʟs & Wʀɪᴛɪɴɢ Exᴀᴍᴘʟᴇs
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For a small short-story I created years ago, look at my written works tab in my journal.
I also have a short example piece I specifically wrote for roleplaying that you should check out.

○ I am online as much as possible when not working or sleeping.
○ I check my social media often throughout the day.
○ I have roughly 7+ years of roleplaying experience in both PG and Mature situations

• Yes, I am ditch-friendly. If you are not interested in keeping the roleplay going, then that's fine! Just know that I may also do the same depending on how the roleplay is going. I will attempt to contact you to save it if possible, which isn't always the case. Furthermore, if you plan on ditching, I wouldn't mind knowing why and a little criticism. It helps me better myself so I can prevent ditching in the future.

• With roleplays, I reply multiple times per day if possible. At the least, once a day if I'm busy. But currently not busy in life and have all the time in the world for roleplaying often. Pokeheroes I check every so often but it's better to reach me via instant messenger.

• I prefer one on one roleplays, it's easier to focus on one person than it is to keep an eye out for several and possibly miss someone who wanted your attention. Same goes for characters in a plot. I prefer one at a time, and if there is a spin-off or another set of characters we are interested in then I'll gladly take it into another, different roleplay.

• English is the only language I will work with. If English is not your first language, or your strongest, then please do not contact me. English was my best subject in high school, and I have some odd ways about the way I speak or do things so if I say something you don't understand then just ask me about it or to stop, I've been told it can get weird sometimes.

• I prefer characters to be of young - young adult ages because it's more comfortable to be within my generation, but I do not like playing children or minors. Likewise with older ages, I don't have a problem with age gaps but more than twenty years doesn't sit right with me.

• I am open to almost anything! If you want a chatting buddy, let's sit down with a glass of lemonade sometime. If you want a friend, let's start getting to know each other. If you need a shoulder to cry on (or a temporary non-skilled therapist with a little advice) then please don't hesitate to ask me because I try to help out as much as I can.

Fᴀɴᴅᴏᴍs / Tʜᴇᴍᴇs / Pᴀɪʀɪɴɢs
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★ = Craving

★ How To Train Your Dragon
★ The Legend of Aang / Korra
★ Pokemon
Jurassic World
★ The Dragonian Series
Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Walking Dead
★ Armello
The Walking Dead

Pᴀɪʀɪɴɢs / Iᴅᴇᴀs
(My character x Your character)
★ Dragoness x Human / Knight / Rider
★ Dragoness Shapeshifter x Human / Knight / Rider
★ Shapeshifter / Human x Shapeshifter / Human
★ Mermaid x Pirate / Stranded Shipwreck Survivor
Prey x Predator
★ Outlaw x Sheriff
★ Captain x Rival Captain / First Mate
Mutant (Superpower) x Mutant (Superpower)
Human x Animal / Alien / Demon / Creature

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Quote from ArmelloTwo heroes from different clans meet up in a pub or town and work together to take the crown from the corrupt king, going on the journey towards the castle passing through quest spots, mountains, dungeons, battling other heroes and Banes.

Quote from SubnauticaAfter their ship crashed to this foreign alien planet, the only two survivors are forced to work together to build shelter and survive on the planet's ocean, scavenging for resources and eventually working their way towards getting off the planet.

Quote from How To Train Your DragonShortly after the vikings have accepted dragons into their lives, someone discovers a new breed and attempts to tame the beast in a closed environment to ride it and further their discoveries, but the dragon is dangerous and will require some work

Quote from The Dragonian Series[SPOILERS]
Many years after the Rubicon's success, dragons and Dragonians attend schooling in Dragonia Academy to continue to learn about each dragon and one day claim a dragon of their own. Since the prophecy was fulfilled, a handful of dents have started appearing in the school, the connection between dragon and rider that creates a sacred bond and monogamous relationship. The Viden decrees that a certain rider with a dark mark will claim a powerful Thunder Bolt, once recently extinct, and rediscover her telekinetic abilities which have been forgotten of that species. However, after the rider Ascends, they and the dragon are both forced into the arena to begin the claiming process. The rider is successful thanks to their newfound telekinetic powers, however the dragon begins to rebel against the rider after having been claimed. Soon enough the dragon undergoes a small comatose transformation and wakes up completely tamed to the rider. Soon enough the dragon persists on bonding and slowly they fall in love.

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Quote from Dragon Girl"My Lord." A man called out, entering through the large doors that led into the throne room. The man was garbed in heavy silver armor that reflected his surroundings like a mirror; the only notable thing of his suit of armor was a large blue mark in the center of his chest plate, in the shape of a knight riding a stallion, brandishing a sword in the air triumphantly. Three other men wearing similar armor sets trekked in behind him, closing the doors and standing silently behind the man, who was given the title of Captain by the blue color of his helmet, which he carried in his hands in respect of the King's presence.
The King, a large fat man, sat upon his throne dressed in many luxurious furs, there staying in a relaxed position as servants by his sides were hand-feeding him food as he commanded.
The Captain did not stop the pure emotion of disgust from flitting across his face before composing himself once more, clearing his throat loudly to catch the attention of his ruler. It worked, as the King had stopped commanding his servants and stared down at his army leader with a bored expression.
"My lord," The Captain bowed his head quickly before continuing on. "You summoned me?"
The King cleared his throat. "Yes, I have. It seems the pest of the mountain will not stop attacking my kingdom. I need you to send out many men in search of someone who will kill that dragon that curses this place. Take the fastest horses and send word out immediately. Take out the men protecting the peasants to go and leave our fighters here. Force some of the common folk to also help the cause or be forced to leave my domain. Take away their children and wives, they will cooperate." The King chuckled at his own plan, clearly void of a heart or any cares of his people.
The Captain nodded at this request with a grim expression, turned and left to carry out the hideous deed.

At the top of a mountain, only miles away from the kingdom, there was an unnatural opening of a cave, as if it were created by some large creature to make the spot it's home. From out of the shadows, a girl appeared and stood at the edge of the cave mouth, peering over the rocky surface towards where the kingdom lie. Zara. Her face was lacking any real emotion other than disdain of the stone palace. She watched with her sharp eyesight, watching for anything that might be a danger to her. While she appeared human, the large wine colored bat-like wings protruding from her shoulder blades and tail coming from her behind made her anything but. Her tail flicked back and forth behind her as she glared at the kingdom. She then noticed several horses were starting to appear in the area, heading into the kingdom. A low growl escaped her clenched teeth.
With speed and her ability to fly, Zara quickly clothed herself in her black cloak, one that allowed her to hide her wings and tail in, as well as her long purple hair that flowed behind her. Keeping well concealed, she made her way into the castle town, walking from place to place to gather information on what was happening...

Quote from The Walking DeadWith her feet burning, Sam finally collapsed to a sitting position with her back leaning against an old, rusted car off the side of the road. She was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, risking to close her eyes and rest there as much as possible. She had been running for a while now, but she still wasn't far enough away. She was on a long, straight stretch of road between two cities with nothing between them except a menacing forest spanning on either side of the pavement. She was running from whatever happened to her group in the city she just left. Opening her eyes slightly, she could still see the smoke in the distance from the building suddenly erupting in fire and explosions. The building instantly started to catch flame and then she heard gunfire surrounding the place. She didn't stop to look, just started running before anyone could find her. All she knew was someone attacked her group and wanted them dead as soon as possible.
Once she finally caught her breath, she got back up to her feet and winced in the process when she felt how small her shoes were, feet swollen. But she couldn't stop, the people who gunned her group down could be after her. So she kept on walking, still many more miles to go before she reached the next city...

Quote from Pokemon (Battle)In Castelia City, two trainers were sitting beside each other, on a bench in Central Plaza. They were enjoying their lunch with their Pokémon. One of them looked up, gaped, and whispered hastily to his friend. "H-Hey, is that...?"
The other friend looked up and followed his gaze to an incoming trainer. His eyes widened as his mouth popped open. "No way. That is, it's totally her!"
A girl about the age of seventeen was walking into the Plaza, nearly blending into the crowd of people. She was slim, tall, wore jean shorts with a cyan tanktop, had long black hair in a ponytail, and wore a backpack. Her eyes with a pale green color, looking around at the crowd and scanning for someone. Hanging around her shoulders comfortably was a small Charmander, looking at all the people passing by.
Six PokéBalls were clipped onto a side of her hip in a case, revealing them all to be customized and hand-painted with colorful designs. A few people stopped and stared, recognizing her as well. She smiled at them, as if oblivious to their shocked expressions.
Her eyes caught sight in an open area with people surrounding it. There was a battle between two trainers. She joined the circle, seeing an Emboar against a Kecleon. It was invisible, but the stripe was still showing. The Emboar was having a tough time seeing it; it missed a Fire Blast and the Kecleon used a move that no one could see, knocking out the Emboar. A trainer stepped in from the circle and declared the Kecleon owner the winner. The crowd applauded as he returned Kecleon to his Pokéball. He left the circle, disappearing into the crowd.
The refereeing trainer spoke up. "Alright, anyone wanting to battle next, step up!"
The girl walked into the circle and smiled. "Anyone here want to challenge me?"
The referee, at first stunned, nodded. "Alright, first trainer, Rose!"
The crowd murmured, most people knowing her reputation. She grinned, waiting for someone to step up...

Quote from Pokemon (Human Turned Pokemon0"That's all of them" A Team Plasma grunt said to another, setting down yet another cage among the pile of many. They were all various sizes and some with special properties, each of them lined up in rows so they could all be looked into. Every single one of the cages were filled with Pokémon, some too small for large Pokémon while others were cramped with many creatures in a single cage. The two grunts left the large room, shutting the door behind them and closing the room in near darkness, if it wasn't for some of the Pokémon who had the ability to light the place up. Several cries filled the room, some with anger and others with despair or fear, all of them wanting to be freed of this disease.
Each living being in the room was once a person, a human being. Trainers, artists, chefs, children; they all were transformed into a Pokémon that seemed to represent their spirit or personality. The only differences between normal Pokémon and the humans that changed were their colors; a Charmander had an orange shade to them but someone turned into one had a different color that was also based on their inner beings, be it green or pink. Not many people (or Pokémon) knew how this all started, but it happened and now Team Plasma was collecting them all for possible forced training to rule the regions and Legendary Pokémon. These humans changed were called "Poképeople." They had their ability to speak and act like a human, but they also had the abilities to use moves and attacks, if the person knew how to use them. Those who did got a special cage, like the Ghost types that could phase through the bars got a cage that was coated with a poison that would stop them from leaving.
The room was filled with nervous chattering and cries, some yelling at the door to be set free. One among them was sitting calmly in their cage, listening and focusing on their surroundings. A black and green Zoroark, fur different shades that resembled an onyx and emerald, had her eyes closed as she took deep breaths. To her side was a cage with a trembling red Froslass, crying and sniffling loudly, and on her other side a grey Tyranitar yelling loudly and ramming against the cage bars, both her neighbors making it loud and hard to concentrate.
With an annoyed groan, the Zoroark opened her eyes and glared at them both. "Would you shut up? Crying and making a fuss won't help us in this situation." The Froslass stopped and put on a brave face, but the Tyranitar only seemed to get more aggressive at being told to stop. He yelled more and began throwing all his weight at the bars aimed towards the Zoroark, who sat there watching with a coolness that she gave off.
The large beast gave one more throw of his weight, collapsing into the bars, managing to cause a domino effect on the cages surrounding them and fall to the ground, several opening and allowing the Poképeople to break free. This included the Zoroark, who quickly took her chance and darted out of the metal bars before an electric current could shock her, then watched the door with anticipation and the other people escaping, expecting someone from Team Plasma to come in after hearing the loud noises or that another Poképerson might cause more damage and noise...
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Post is reserved until I can find an important page on the front.
Doing this so I can start on the second page of my journal for daily thoughts and things.
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Post is reserved until I can find an important page on the front.
Doing this so I can start on the second page of my journal for daily thoughts and things.