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Appropriate Fan Art: Guidelines

Forum-Index Fanmades Appropriate Fan Art: Guidelines
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Posted: Tue, 11/10/2016 14:28 (6 Years ago)
Fan Art Guidelines

Hello! Thank you for reading. Here I'll just quickly walk through what it appropriate for the site and what is not. The thread will remain open should you have any questions.

> General Behavior can be read here: Dear art shop customers~ (This also mentions art theft.)
> If you’re looking for where you thread is located, you can read about it here: Dear Visitors, Customers and artists

I think you’re all aware that Pokeheroes has a set of rules that apply to all users, across ALL the forums, meaning art is no exception. Here I’ll be covering what is considered appropriate and isn’t which’ll actually help make sure people follow rules 1.1. I want users to bare in mind that this is a site that is meant to be friendly to all. Younger users do use this site and that needs to be taken into consideration. This isn’t just for younger users, it’s also for users who find it incredibly uncomfortable, upsetting, etc.

> Gore

First of all, a little run down about what “Gore” means. Gore is a term for things that include the use of things like blood. It often comes across as violent, usually graphic. It’s a brutal topic and excessive gore is not for those with a weak stomach.
With that in mind, most of Gore content is considered inappropriate. Examples of things we should not be seeing on Pokeheroes include: Deep gashes, Torture, excessive blood, bloody dismemberment/missing limbs, images showing organs being ripped out, graphic injuries.

Not to say something light is a bad thing. Small and minimal use of blood is considered okay since it’s not excessive.

Here I have a “light” example.

As you can see, minimal blood is used. Small wounds and blood streams like this are fine since it’s far from being excessive.

> Swearing

Again, we look at rule 1.1 for this part. Users should know that swearing or words that are considered inappropriate are FORBIDDEN on Pokeheroes, this includes censored words, as censoring them doesn’t make it okay. Words that break rule 1.1 shouldn’t be anywhere on the image at all, not on clothes, in the background, text; Anything. It is forbidden.

If users aren't sure what is considered swearing, you can always check out Word Safety, which is also located on the rules page.

> Adult Content

It goes without saying this isn’t allowed on Pokeheroes at all. Anything considered age rating 18+ is banned from the site, no questions. This means your art work should not be showing any kind of adult content nor should it be hinting it, censoring it, hiding it or anything like that. We follow the same principle as with swearing; making it more difficult to see, does not make it acceptable.
There are some questions about images including relations and maybe this’ll clear it up a little but: cutesy kissing is fine, hugging/embracing is fine, it’s if it comes off a little bit too ‘mature’ that we have to put our foot down.

Adult content also means you shouldn’t be posting images of characters naked here. Characters shouldn’t be seen in just their underwear either, it’s not exactly suitable. There are some exceptions, such a guys without shirts since that’s no uncommon, as so long as it a clean image, it should be acceptable.

If you’re not sure what is considered appropriate, contact a staff in charge of the fanmades forum (Shenzii or -Naoto-) and if they are not online or available, ask another member of staff, we are after all; Here to help! :)