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~Blackscorpion2's Dark Desert~

Forum-Index Diaries ~Blackscorpion2's Dark Desert~
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Posted: Wed, 22/01/2014 17:25 (8 Years ago)
~Blackscorpions2's Dark Desert~

It's a diary, Not a real desert tale! >_<
So then...this will be a complete guide for you, the readers, to know about me and my personal life (It will get really interesting, Trust me, You can also call it the BDD for short)

Lets get started shall we? First off, I'd like you guys to feel free about posting here, I'm an open guy and like to make friends(Only if they are worthy of my friendship) and would love some advise!
There is no harm in posting good stuff but if you dare insult anything that I write in this thread, It's moderator reporting time. I don't like to insult people here and if I do insult or hurt you guys in any way, I would appreciate it if you just forgive my actions.

~If you are interested in knowing more about my personal life then please read on ahead~
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Name: Sameer
Age: 16 (I'm almost 17!)
Nicknames? You can call me Sam or Ratz here. Your choice =3
Siblings? Course I have siblings!
1) Areeba (she is 11 and is a pain T_T) You can go check her profile: Hikari-Berlitz
2) Ali (he's three and he is awdowraybole *O*)
Horoscope: Leo~ Rawr <3
Social life: I'm active ALL THE TIME. You need any help or advise I'll always make sure that I try my best to be there for ya ;) I have a grand social life and am well-known(a little TOO well-known -_-) in my school and neighborhood. I guess that's me, always looking for some buddies =3 PM me or contact me via feeds/pal-pad and we'll have an awesome time chattin' ^_^
Online status: I'd be honest with you guys, I am an RP-er. If I am interested, then I'll be glad to RP but if doesn't have the same spark in it had before, I won't hesitate to tell you that. Aside from RP's, I read fan-fiction and manga's online. Here are some websites that can direct you to some awesome fan-fiction and manga reading sites:
1) Fanfiction.net
2) Manga Reader
~Have fun there~
I also spend my time watching anime, listening to music, reading pointless facts or browsing for random stuff just for fun =3 I don't like social networking sites such as facebook/twitter/instagram mainly because I find them pointless, no offense, I just have my
own opinion XD

~My Like's and Dislikes~
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-Anime/Manga's (I watch ALOT of animes/manga's online)
-Gaming (Both MMO'S and RPG's and well RP's)
-Food (I am one of the blessed 'Never gets fat no matter how much he eats' type :3)
-Socializing(I mentioned it before XD)
-Sporting (I just LOVE Ice-hockey, basketball and football)
-Listening to music (I love rock bands and pop music)
-Partying(Immah go party freak!)
-Making people happy(Force of habit? O.O)
-Animals (Especially dogs and cats)
-Pokemon (Mainly Luxray, Pancham and Empoleon)

-Spiders (Pretty girly right? XD)
-Studying(though I'm pretty much great at it O.O)
-Fighting with someone close to me or Losing friends(rarely happens)
-Getting blamed at (happens pretty often)
-Losing any of my hard work(I get pissed off pretty easily then -_-)

Well that's pretty much all there is to know about me ...yet XD I'll update this diary very often and trust me, there is a 100% guarantee that you'll laugh at some point ;) I hafta go so see you guys in about...I don't know, maybe tomorrow?
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Posted: Thu, 23/01/2014 15:17 (8 Years ago)
What an awesome Desert Tale :P

Seriously though, i think it's a great diary ^_^
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Posted: Thu, 23/01/2014 17:01 (8 Years ago)
Thursday, 22nd of January

Day 1:

Okay people...today nothing very extra-ordinary happened T~T
I got annoyed by my friends and siblings, got scolded by my parents and well hit my head with the same door for the thousandth time(wonder why I forget about it?) O.O Ma buddy Amir(nick is A-man) did something that I think every-body does. We talk in English ALL the time so don't get to surprised :P
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Amir: I got in trouble with my parents again
Me: Really? What did you do!?
Amir: I breathed...
Me: Didn't I tell you not to do that!
Amir: I can't help it!
(he just doesn't understand)

and that's what happened -_-
I just can't help but to burst out laughing when my friends get scolded by their parents infront of me(I get slapped for it later XD)
Other than this, my brother now knows what is a Luxray and what is a empoleon he even knows their type :3
Now I gotta go, MoltrasMaster1 is probably gonna kill me for not posting for a while >_< (check out my feeds...you'll see what I mean XD)

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Posted: Sat, 25/01/2014 20:11 (8 Years ago)
Saturday, 24th of January

Day 2:

Well this diary entry of the dark desert will be better than the last one :3 I sorta did a few achievement's on PH i.e reached level.10, got Argonaut to be level 115, presently have the most awesome 1x1 in the forums, now am a part of alot of RP's, and well have 38 friend's. My achievements in real life are that I taught my brother the whole alphabetical language, beat my class in getting the highest score in adv.literature(English) :3 and getting third place in the annual inter-school race on Friday. The bad news is that I accidentally pushed my sister down the stairs(it was her fault, she was pissing me off and I reacted!) and broke her tooth(again, it was her own fault). Me and my sister are a clear example of arch-enemies -_- My younger brother on the other hand is an angel :3 I really love him, he doesn't go to sleep unless I come in and tuck him good-night.

Okay so now it's time to tell you about the absolutely random/awkward moment of the day....
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Me:*Randomly walks into parents room and looks at mom* Hey mom, what up? whatcha luuukin at? *strolls over to her*
Mom: *Smiles* Oh, Sameer, I was just going through some old family photos...*sorts them out*
Me: *Looks at sister in an evil way* What is Areeba doing here?
Mom: *Sighs* Not right now please? *picks one specific photo out*
Me: *Is disgusted* Man I've seen trash can's that look better than that kid...Who the hell is he? *holds it in his hand*
Mom: *Laughs than snatches the photo* Sameer this kid is you when you were 7....
Me: *Opens mouth* Say what? *gawks at my younger version*

I swear, I was really ugly when I was small T.T Hell, I couldn't recognize myself!
Well then...I have to post on another RP so chat with ya guys later!
WAIT!....First read another spoiler :3
My friend showed me a book of bugs and this is what I thought of one specific bug...

I am sooo in love with pokemon! XD *Goes away*

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Posted: Sun, 26/01/2014 10:42 (8 Years ago)
I am so going to subscribe to this thread XD Seems like you have a lot of funny stuff happening in your life hehe
This will haunt you forever. CAUTION: You have been warned.
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Posted: Wed, 29/01/2014 11:43 (8 Years ago)
Wednesday, 29th of January
Day 2

Well then, today I have a very serious issue to discuss with you my dearest diary...
I just had THE WORST three day's of my entire life :( I'll start off with the three reasons why:
1- I had a major fight with my best buddy
2- I sorta had a hard time excepting what will happen on valentines day
3- I got into a serious problem(you'll see what I mean :()

Here's what happened with my friend(his name is Jibran but I call him JB), we were listening to the lecture on biology class about the famous scientist Charles Darwin(for the millionth time in my career as a student). I was jotting down the points and paying my fullest attention while he was fidgeting continuously for the past 5 minutes. Out of curiosity I asked him what was wrong:
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Me: *whispers* Dude, what the heck? why are you moving as if you gotta go to the bathroom?
Jibran: Thats because I DO need to go to that bathroom, I gotta fart! *moves some more*
Me: *looks at him awkwardly* Say what?!
Jibran: *Comes a little closer* Sam, help me man! What do I do?
Me: *Backs away* first off, you ain't gonna fart near me brotha! second of all, you could bang the desk. *looks at notes and copies the ones on the board*
Jibran: What how would that help?
Me: *Sighs then looks at him* You just bang the desk at the same time you fart so that the others hear the sound of the desk banging while the sound of the fart is totally muted...
Jibran: You are a genius! *gets ready and bangs desk after five minuets* BAAAANG!!
(unfortunately he mistimed the desk banging...)
Whole class and me: *Looks at him*
Jibran: TOOOOT!
Whole class and me: BWAHAHAHAHA!

And the idiot blames me for telling him the wrong thing -_- I mean he could've just asked the teacher to excuse him and do his business in the bathroom :( I ain't no expert on how to handle embarrassing situations! After all this we met at the back of the school and quarreled for about an hour, he just refused to speak to me for all eternity and has vowed to never ask for my help again...He is a total ***

And you wouldn't believe the other reason:
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How many of you guys out there celebrate valentines day with your crushes or with the ones you like? I am pretty sure most of you do, and even if you don't you get over it right? Well I couldn't get over such a thing...As payback, Jibran actually asked my crush if she could be his valentine :( I got so angry after knowing this that I went up to him straight and asked what the hell was wrong with him and that even if he knew about my crush on that girl why would he do such a thing. JB just snickered and walked past me after saying:
Jibran: You know Sameer...I think you have atleast seven or eight valentine proposals in your desk, so why don't you pick one of them?

I feel like a total douche for trusting him :( (at-least the people here don't do this kind of stuff with ya :T) I have made a vow to never celebrate valentines day EVER again :'( I need some really good support....

The third reason ain't that good either :( Yesterday, i.e Tuesday, I was walking by in the neighborhood with my sister, we wanted to go to the park and have a bro-sis jolly wolly lollypop time(she named it XD) and well...
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Areeba: Hey Sameer bhai(it means brother in Urdu), what will we do there? *walks ahead of me*
Me: *chuckles as she falls down* Well mom told me to have a little nice and relaxing time at the park so I'm coming with you to have fun...maybe we can play on the swings and eat Ice-cream afterwards?
Areeba: Awesome! *runs into the park*
Okay so we had a great time and met new friends, I got to play soccer with some guys. At the end of the day I scrapped my arm trying to protect my sister from falling, turns out 'scrapped' means to literally tear the skin of the poor thing. I went home and told mom what happened but she just scolded me and asked me the reason for my barbarous behavior. We discussed this matter with dad and he totally banned me from doing anything for a day(the reason for me to not post in any of the threads) and that's what happened

Now that I expressed how my life went during these three day's, please excuse me as I go drown the only fraction of will-power in ice-cream XD and well maybe have fun posting in the forums!
I really need help at the moment, any advise on how to fix:
1- Your friendship?
2- your broken heart?
3- your arm XD?

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Posted: Wed, 29/01/2014 11:50 (8 Years ago)
I'd say just give it time, JB will eventually come back if you're lucky, or he might not... Just remember, the important thing to know is that it wasn't your fault he mis-timed it, although you shouldn't have laughed at him
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Posted: Wed, 29/01/2014 13:49 (8 Years ago)
JB really ain't your friend if he stays mad at you and blames you for what happened. (And the thing with your crush was just plain childish.) He'll come around if he isn't a total a**hole. Who knows, maybe you'll be laughing at that little incident in a couple of years.

And regarding your Valentines problem: I don't really get it to be honest. I've never done anything much on Valentines day and we Finns celebrate it little differently. For starters, it's called 'Ystävänpäivä' which is literally something like 'Friends's day'. We basically remember our friends on that day as well as our loved ones.
Actually, I don't really like Valentines day much. It's just an another stupid holiday and a chance for stores to sell us crap.
Quote from Commander ShepardI'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on PokeHeroes.
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Posted: Wed, 29/01/2014 13:58 (8 Years ago)
I once saw a very good piece of advice that might help, and it was "Make sure you know how to distinguish real friends from fake friends"

Honestly, that's really good, and the person that said that really knows what he was saying
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Posted: Mon, 03/02/2014 17:57 (8 Years ago)
Monday, 3rd of February
Day 3

Um...so this is surely a very odd diary entry O_O many things had happened since I last posted, and I feel completely odd tying the sudden good news.
1. I punched JB
2. I got awesome grades
(all the explanations are listed below)
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For the punching JB part, even if I am NOT violent at all, I actually managed to punch that jerk for what he had done. You can mess with me, I can restrain myself from killing you for doing that, You can mess with anything(including pearlshipping), but if you DARE mess with my little brother I will surely KILL you -_- He actually slapped my little brother infront of me after saying:
"You know what Sammy...you'll always be a coward, your too chicken to admit your mistakes...even if I do this *slaps my brother who is playing near us* Your just gonna stand there and watch.." I swore, I didn't give any second thoughts to my actions, I just punched him on the face and told him to get the heck out of my place. I know this will sound violent and bad, but I actually was pleased after seeing his messed up bloody nose XD
As much as I try to hide it, no matter how many times I persuade myself for hating my siblings more than hell, I always end up loving them even more :) I have to admit, saying all these things is sorta making me sound like a big sister rather than a big brother XD
And here is a moral for all ya little ones out there:
No matter how many times your elder brother/sister tells you to buzz off or leave them alone, or even ignore you sometimes, don't take it seriously because in the end, they surely must love you more than they love themselves :3 Elder siblings are truly a huge blessing so if you have any, Cherish it ;)

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I don't think number 2 needs any explaining XD I just studied hard, This is why I was less active for the past three days :3 The real routine is slowly coming back to life XD
Oh and most of you are probably wondering about me leaving, I sorta promised my sister three things:
~ I'll help her with this game
~ I'll be more active on the forums
~ I will introduce her to many of my friends :3
MegaShadowSamurott, you and me are gonna rule the forums 8)

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Posted: Mon, 03/02/2014 20:36 (8 Years ago)
You did right by punching JB. I got in a fight with this one guy back at elementary school because he was being mean to my little sister. No one is allowed to mess with our smaller siblings. No one.
You know, I'm the middle child but the protective big brother genes are very strong in me. I used to fight a lot with that little sister of mine when we were kids but I'd take a bullet for her anytime. With no hesitation.
Quote from Commander ShepardI'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on PokeHeroes.
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Posted: Mon, 03/02/2014 20:39 (8 Years ago)
Well.... I guess it was right.... At least it wasn't done in school :P

And yeah, we are 8)
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Posted: Tue, 04/02/2014 22:41 (8 Years ago)
Let's list it down!

1 - Your friendship! ^_^
Well, from the looks of how your bud has been quite a jerk to you lately, he surely deserves the embarrassment from farting in class. But really now, with him putting you down like that just because of that one incident is very childish of him. It was his fault for doing it wrong lol he should have been a good sport about it. I say leave him be but great job on punching him for hitting your sibling like that. Just what is wrong with that guy? D:

2 - Your broken heart! </3
Seriously. He's trying to compete just to make you feel bad, huh? Well, does your crush give hints that she likes you? Because if she does give you say, more hints than this friend of yours then ask her to be your valentine. But then again, if you mean valentine as someone whom you will be committed to as in like boyfriend and girlfriend, then leaving them be would be the most courteous way to go. If it is just for an event in your school with no serious commitments attached, then go for it. As a girl myself, I've seen that some girls say yes to things (in general) if they run out of options. Maybe she still hasn't found anyone yet to her liking and just said yes to your friend just because? Of course, if she does like your friend, then there is no need to rush or pressure yourself ^_^ It's your choice whether or not to celebrate valentines day and it shouldn't really be a big deal. Here in the Philippines, it is sadly a big deal and my friends make so much fuss with it to the point that it causes arguments but I usually celebrate it online, giving free items and money to newbies in whatever MMORPG game I'm in, waste my hours wasting pellets on toy soldiers (because legit shooting ranges once drained my wallet D':), or just have a date with the guitar. You just have to do what you love doing and it won't hurt as much :D No mess, no fuss. ^_^ Go to legit parkour workshops if that's your thing, go to the arcade, go to the park, play soccer, you name it. Who knows? You might find that girl doing the same thing who happens to have the same interests as you ;)

3 - Your broken arm! TwT
Did you go to the clinic to have it checked? D: I'm no doctor but seeking medical assistance for those kinds of things would be the best thing to do.. Hope it gets better though..

My apologies for the lengthy replies D: But congrats on your high grades!
This will haunt you forever. CAUTION: You have been warned.
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Posted: Sun, 16/02/2014 14:05 (8 Years ago)
Sunday, 16th February
Day 4

I feel like s**t -_- Talk about a stupid way to start out your diary right? Well, I have extremely strong reasons to support my unusual behavior(though I was perfectly fine a day ago) I have to catch up to what happened first...So why don't I summarize it?
Kay so here is what happened before I was pissed off and bruised:

Just a day after my last diary entry, my sister had told me about her friends coming over in two days for a party. I was happy yet annoyed. Why was I annoyed? I was annoyed because her friends are technically my little fan girls XD (True story)
They stare at me and stalk me at school and well one of them even confessed! Kay so the next two days were some-what better, I had alot of fun with my friends(excluding JB, he was absent and I did not hear from him, so yeah...) and we dedicated these two days entirely to our soccer practice. But then the horrible experience of Areeba's party came over:
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It all started off with her jumping on top of me while I was peacefully taking my 'Beauty sleep' (Yeah, I do take a beauty sleep XD) There is nothing wrong with all the jumping and such, I am sorta used to a hippo bouncing on me :I but what really annoyed me was this:
Areeba/Eibi: Hey Sameer bhai! wake up, you lost a bet and now you gotta do what I say!
Me: *pushed her off and she lands on her butt* Go away... *covers face with blanket*
Eibi: *goes and comes back after a while* I SAID WAKE UP! *throws ice cubes and bone chilling water on me*
Me: WHAT THE HELL?! *runs after her*
We ran for about fifteen minuets and then she flopped on the couch to 'take a breath'
Eibi: You lost a bet remember? Now you are my slave for the day...
Me: What bet? *scowls* oh you mean that one... *sits down with arms crossed*
Eibi: Yeah... *laughs evilly*
(I lost a bet on A-man...We made a bet on him remembering the big test...and the prize was that the winner will be the losers master on what-ever day he/she chooses. That idiot(as in Amir) was like : "What test?" when I asked him -_-) Kay so she asked me to be her slave on the day of the party. I did nothing much, just made snacks and cleaned up their mess if they promised to stay out of my room. At the end of the day I delivered my famous 'le derpesta steak' (my own creation :3)and went out of there room. On the way out, one particular scream made me eavesdrop on the conversation(I was hiding outside the door. Italics represent my thoughts. This conversation is also translated from urdu to english):
Eibi: Who?
Ayesha: Your brother of course...
Eibe: *gagging noises* WHAT THE HELL AYESHA?
Ayesha: Just you wait Areeba...Just you wait...
Eibi: I don't know what you see in it...
Ayesha: He is not an 'it'~
Sara: Yeah...he can cook too! *giggling noises* I will marry him first!
me: WTF?!
Eibi: Please...all he can do is annoy people...and maybe cook...have you guys tried his pancakes?
Ayesha: (well I don't wanna tell the long list of things she said about me...Most of them were about marriage *shivers*)
me: Imma not sure that these girls are eleven anymore....
And that was the completely awkward situation...I didn't even come out of my room for the next two days after knowing that! D:

So then the next two days after the party weren't much 'fun' but the third was a little more exciting! My cousin came over to our place from Florida. I was totally caught off guard.

Now you can think of her as second me since our choices on everything, and I do mean everything is the same... The best part is that she is only a few months younger than me and loves Pokemon just as much as I do :3 We had the best time ever. We went to the famous land marks, malls and went to Murree(it's an awesome and historic hill-station in Pakistan).

Unfortunately she only came here for a few days. Her family had to visit lahore(the most liveliest place in Pakistan). So technically four of these days were spent with her and my family, away from school depression. The next day, I had to attend double soccer practices and had a whole butt-load of home work(but it was worth it :'D)

JB was present and totally ignored me for the whole day(he still had that bandage over his nose XD) And my teacher literally black-mailed me to attend a Debate competition :T. Valentines day was spent alone, with only my dumb sister to teach and my books to read X'D I literal gawked at the pearshipping pictures that day...My favorites are :3 :

Yep, I am forever alone :'D
But to be honest, I like it ;) Though the secret admirer letters are getting pretty annoying...
The moment of truth is here...the reason for why I am pissed off is...:
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JB...He is the reason why I have a black eye and a seriously bruised leg(hope it gets okay in time for the soccer match). It all happened while I was at the soccer practice. Unfortunately he and I are in the same team -_- I would never let any personal issues mess up the performance of my team, too bad that JB doesn't think like I do...I was trying to practice my 'shooting star' kick. He was right next to me, and well he purposely stepped on my foot and pushed me backwards. That doesn't sound that gruesome does it? Well can you add the fact that he jumped on my foot and then kicked me in the gut -_- I got up and swore something in urdu (which I will not tell :p) then glared at him. I didn't have the guts to kill him in public XD The coach(who was apparently blind at that time) came over and blamed me for the whole 'inappropriate language' crap.

I forgot about it when going home until, that little son of a gun came over and ganged up on me D: A-man and Junaid got beaten up too because they promised to stay by my side no matter what, and here I am, icing my head and by bruised leg :T

My best 'gal-friend' (her name is Sabrina) called me and promised to teach that guy a lesson XD Her revenge is epic...Trust me, ya don't wanna mess with her :3 I'll tell you guys about it if she does take her revenge...
Now then, I'll contact ya later dearest diary, I gotta make some pastries :3 (cuz immah home-alone and hungry)

P.S: I LOVE MY NEW SIGNATURE (and avatar :3)

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Posted: Tue, 29/04/2014 12:52 (8 Years ago)
Tuesday, 29th April
Day 5

Hi little diary of mine~ How are ya? I just had the WORST exams evah! The feelings in my fingers are no more and my brain feels like a mushy bowl of puddin' D= But at least the hard-work payed off! I got straight A's~
Anywaiz, life is awesome at the moment. JB left the school which is sorta great(but I do feel extremely guilty!) and my sister has turned a new leaf~ She respects me and listens to me and achieved 2nd position in grade 5 (maybe because of me =P) which sometimes makes me feel like the proudest man on earth!
The fun part about the holidays is that my cousins from the U.S are coming to Pakistan to spend the entire summer here with us~ I already set the gaming consoles and re-newed my membership card at the arcade(I'm almost Platinum ;)) to be prepared for 3 months of chilling out 8)
Anywaiz, I used to spend the little ounce of free time here:
My profile on the Pearl-shipping vault!
All pearl-shippers are recommended to join!

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Posted: Tue, 29/04/2014 13:29 (8 Years ago)
Why did JB leave the scool?

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Posted: Wed, 30/04/2014 21:43 (8 Years ago)
Wednesday, 5th April
Day 6

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Jonjonjon, I have no idea why he left the school but it may be because of the fact that his father works for the army and he is posted in Lahore(a very lively place...I love it!) now. He has no other option. There is a rumor that he may also be expelled due to his barbarous behavior :/

Hey hey HEY! Scorp is EXCITED!
Let me start off by telling you that today was EPIC. I had a great time! My friends came over to my place and we partied like there was no tomorrow! Did I ever mention my list of true friends before? Of not then here is our group:
Show hidden content
1- Amir (A-man)
2-Kainat (Coco or Coke studio XD)
3- Harris (Papu)
4- Sabrina (Sabi)
5- Jahangir (Giray)
6- Vanessa (Meow or Nessie)
7- Sameer(me) My nicknames in real life are: Sammy and Ratz(it's new =3)

Anywaiz, the party wasn't the only awesome thing that happened to me! Me and my friends volunteered for an educational program from our school. All of us gave interviews before the exams and well Harris, Kainat, Jahangir and me got selected! We have to go to Baluchistan and teach at an elementary school~ It's gonna be awesome! We're gonna stay there in a different city(our coach will be there too -_-) and have loads of experience. It will be a great opportunity for us and the children studying there ^_^ There won't be any Wi-Fi there so I guess I won't be online for two weeks(again XD).

~Oh and, I forgot to mention the awkward moment of the day!
Me and Harris were on the phone chattin'...
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ME: *calls Harris* Come on...pick up the phone... *hums a tune to myself*
Harris: Hey Sammy! *crunching noise is heard from the background* What up ma man?
Me: Yeah dude...I was wondering is you could bring- *hears crunching noise* WHAT IS THAT?!
Harris: Oh what? The crunching? That's my dog eating up a chicken bone, why?
Me: Wut? O_O
Harris: Oh, you were saying?
Me: *mentally face palms* Yeah...I was wondering if you could- *hears a different noise again* seriously dude?
Harris: Oh that was me in a burping duel with my dog...continue!
Me: Lanat teri chikal par -_- (translation: It's sorta like a 'die in hell; type of thing...)

You know what they say...like master like dog =3

~And here comes the random moment of the day:
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Me: *Le me walks in le sisters room* Hey Eibi, have you- *watches her sleep*
Eibi: *Snores*
Me: Aww! *tip-toes outside after turning off the lights* Sleep well!
Eibi: *Still asleep* I want to...
Me: *Listens* Huh? *turns* What's up?
Eibi: *Still asleep* I want to...
Me: *Comes closer* You want to what?
Eibi: I want to.......buy a baby elephant
Me: *Facepalms* I am not related to her...
Eibi: *Grabs my hand and bites it*
Me: WHAT THE HELL?! *Kicks her out of the bed and scolds her*

Cannibal.... -_-

Kay kay diary...Cya later!

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Posted: Wed, 30/04/2014 22:02 (8 Years ago)
Oh my gosh you're freaking hilarious XD I'm soo subscribing to this!
"Do you ever wonder if the stars shine down for you?"

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Posted: Thu, 01/05/2014 11:09 (8 Years ago)
Thursday, 1st May
Day 7

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AHA! I knew that none of would notice the incorrect date on my last diary entry! You potato eyes peas! (is that a word? O.o) Thanks for commenting on my humor ^_^

BuRn Em' Up LiKe NeOoOoOn liiiightS! (I probably sung that like a retarded seal XD)
I ain't gonna ask how you are today diary...You never reply! D=
Anywaiz, let's get to the point...Scorp is packing up his stuff and excited cuz he has to leave for the educational program tomorrow! I be CARAYZEE! o3o My mom bought me an Evo-tab(wireless wi-fi) because she knows I can't survive with out the internet. My mom knows me so well! :'D My sister is praising the lord and says, "Sweet god has mercy!" every time I mention the trip -_- Ya know, my brother is clinging on to me and crying...I guess he's sad about my departure... My father says he is proud of me though =3 He also agreed to get me a dog next year! (emphasis on next year XD).
Kay kay, I was remembering my time here on poke-heroes when I remembered a few things:
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1- The very first RP I signed up at... It was made by jonjonjon, he named it 'Pokemon Lullaby version' ^O^
2- The very first RP I made... It's called 'My story'(not sure if I remember where it is at right now DX)
3- The day I got my first shinx(it wasn't Argonaut :P I released my first shinx a long time ago) and the day my starter hatched(I was proud ^_^ Torchic is kinda neat...though I was expecting chimchar :/)
4- The pokemon battle me and MSS had on my feeds XD
5- My very first post on a semi-literature RP by Finhawk, he named it 'Mission in a world frozen'
6- My comedy scripts on my second RP thread called, 'The Maze' XD
Here is the link to the scripts(they appear only at the top and bottom of my posts, they star me and Dark side ^_^)
~This is fun~
~This one's fine
~ This is okay...
~ This one is...okay?
~ I guess this one is okay
~ Meh...
It was fun writing those =D

Oh and I found out a new goal...Have the strongest Luxray on site and complete the pokedex ^_^ Yup, I got my hobbies :P
Oh and...is it true that an ant can lift an object twice it's size? O.o
Kuh kuh kuh =3 I also hafta tell ya guys about the awkward moment? Here it is:
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Me: *waves as I enter the room* Umer uncle! Whats up?
Uncle: *Keeps on looking forward and ignores the question* .....
Me: *Waves hand infront of his face* Hello? O.o
Uncle: *Does the same thing again* ....
Dad: *walks into the room and spots me annoying my uncle* Sameer kya kar rahe ho? (Translation: Sameer, what are you doing?)
Me: *Stands up straight* Kuch nahi! Bas Umer uncle ko salam kar raha tha! (translation: Nothing! I was just greeting Umer uncle!)
Dad: *Shakes his head* Sameer, he's sleeping -_-
Me: *Makes a screwed up expression* Say wut?
Dad: He sleeps with his eyes open...
Uncle: *Snores loudly* ZzZzZz
Me: Awkwaaaard~ *walks away awkwardly*

People who sleep with their eyes open are creepy O_O *shivers disturbingly*

And here comes the random moment:
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Me: *Packs my stuff* Areeba? Yar zara wo shirt pass karna... (translation: Areeba, please pass me the shirt)
Eibi: *Shakes her head and dances* No!! Mom! Sameer bhai is making me his slave again!
Mom: *Shouts from the other room* Sameer! Stay in your limits!
Me: But I didn't! D=
Eibi: *Dances*
Me: *Snickers* You dance like a diseased elephant :P
Ebi: *Ignores and keeps on dancing*
Me: You'll fall
Eibi: *still ignores*
Me: I'm serious, it's too dan- *hears a huge thud*
Eibi: *Screams* I LOST MY FOOT!
Me: KYA?! (Translation: WHAT?!)
Eibi: *Screams again* AND I CAN'T FEEL MY BUTT!
Me: *Face-palms* You idiot...

And this is why the species known as Areeba are sure to be extinct XD
Kay kay diary, I gotta go and pack...and maybe role-play a little =3

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Yet another HILARIOUS post by Scorp... XD