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Unfezant Auction

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved Unfezant Auction
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Posted: Mon, 15/09/2014 12:59 (7 Years ago)
Just a little thing: I have been outbid in an auction, it was a male Unfezant, and the picture (left) shows a female one ^^
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Posted: Mon, 15/09/2014 13:01 (7 Years ago)
Are you sure it's a male one you bidded one? It shows the male image in the auction house and when you're placing a bid, but at the moment there's only a female in the auction house and not a male. (Unless your auction ended already)
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Posted: Wed, 18/10/2017 14:56 (4 Years ago)
//Moved to Solved, as part of the big Bug/Complaint clean-up.

While it might've been too late to verify in this specific case, I've seen plenty of female pokémon being shown through the male sprite, so I can safely say that the Male sprite are used as default.
Female sprites are used (of course), but never instead of the Male one.
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