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Pokémon Sword and Shield Fan Club

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Posted: Wed, 29/04/2020 22:43 (2 Years ago)
So, for those of you who remember me from the ancient days of 2017-2018, you may remember that back then, I was the head of the Generation 6 Fan Club, and later, the USUM Fan Club. Well, now that I’ve returned to semi-active status on the site, I decided to go for a hat trick with the SwSh Fan Club. This thread will be for discussing SwSh with other users, organizing trades, speculating on upcoming content, and other things related to the Generation 8 core games. But, of course, to maintain a civil group, we have to have rules, so here are the general rules:

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1. All normal PH rules apply.
2. Please be civil to one another. Someone beating you in an online battle isn’t a reason to insult them.
3. Battling/trading hacked Pokémon with other people should not be done both in general and with other members. If you are found doing so, you will be summarily expelled, no matter how high your rank.
4. This might sound cliché, but have fun!
5. The password is ZaciZamaZaru

If you’ve read and agree to the rules, here’s the application form:

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Generation 8 in-game name:
Switch Friend Code (for users with Nintendo Switch Online):
What is the password?:
For the sake of absolutely ensuring you read the rules, please paste Rule 3 verbatim:
Favourite new Generation 8 mon (Including Galarian forms):

Memberlist (FCs in brackets, if any):
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[Club Leader] ~Red~ (FC: SW-3720-1227-5330)