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Posted: Mon, 08/08/2022 11:41 (1 Day ago)
B. An old fossil

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Posted: Sat, 06/08/2022 08:21 (3 Days ago)
"Eh, give me some jerky then." Kuri takes some jerky and starts eating.

While eating, he thinks what if the Ancients eat some sort of other, not normal food? Maybe thats why they are taking so long to prepare them food.

'This jerky is a bit chewy and a bit dried out, but its edible. Better then to stave. I wonder wheres Xavier, he was just here a moment ago.' thought Kuri to himself.

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Posted: Sat, 06/08/2022 07:59 (3 Days ago)
Kuri finally appears. He has been inspecting the place and "spying" on the locals and even made an escape plan if they ever get found.
"Whats for...uhh..." Kuri checks his watch. "Dinner? Im starving." He sees the seaweed packet that Sobble is eating. Kuri isnt a big fan of vegetation, since he is a hybrid between a human and a predator bird. "Sobble, do you have any seaweed left? I admit it, im not a big fan of it, but when you havent eaten in 3 days, I will take it"

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Posted: Wed, 03/08/2022 04:53 (6 Days ago)
(no, but there is an alternative. There are Pokemon Sanctuaries scattered across the world. They are moslty hidden, but those who are not, must be available to everyone and also the leader, this means, that the non-hidden Sanctuaries "belongs" to the kingdoms leader. Most of these Sanctuaries are built near hot springs, inactive volcanoes or just relaxing places, as Pokemon are supposed to heal up by relaxing in here. Though surprisingly, a fainted Pokemon can heal up here fully in just 5hours. But unlike Pokemon Centers, you must pay something to the Sanctuary, unless its a hidden Sanctuary, as thosd dont belong to the leader, they dont have to pay taxes, thus not requiring payment.)

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Posted: Tue, 02/08/2022 05:32 (7 Days ago)
Kuri then goes back to the Crater pool. He feels safe here, for the first time in like 15 years. As he was one of Rexs soldiers 15 years ago, he felt safe just doing Rexs orders. Kuri didnt went into his army by his own wish. Though when he heard what he is actually doing, at the time it was trying to capture all Pokemon in Ferja. Kuri stood up for himself and told the other hybrids he knew, about the situation.

The other hybrids seemed to believe him and organized an escape plan. They escaped, then went on to tell to some tribes in Ferja about Rexs plan. The tribes kept the Pokemon safe, thus ruining Rex's plan.

Though most of the other hybrids got hunted down by Rex or escaped to other kingdoms.

Then Kuri slowly closed his eyes and...

Fell asleep. For what felt like a week without sleep, he is finally sleeping. And sleeping in a safe spot.

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Posted: Tue, 02/08/2022 05:20 (7 Days ago)
Kuri looks at Sobble and smiles slightly. "I think you should keep it. And who made you think youre not the most important person here? You protected the Ball."

Kuri thinks about the compliment Sobble told to him earlier this day, so now he is returning the favor.

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Posted: Tue, 02/08/2022 05:11 (7 Days ago)
Kuri writes a small letter to the Remnants, so that they dont worry about them, and gives it to persian. Then he goes on to the Crater pool to heal himself up.

To be honest, he kinda likes this place, if only it wasnt that mysterious.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 21:34 (7 Days ago)
Kuri still doesnt understand anything. He thought that they would stay here until his wing gets fixed, then continue their journey to the Remnant Lands to deliver the Eclipse Ball. "Ok, look, enough with this stuff, I dont know what you want me to do, but first, I need a doctor, isnt anyone in your tribe a doctor? Second, can we at least somehow send a message to the Remnants so they wont go out looking for us and putting themselves in dangar?"

Kuri got kinda mad right now. He didnt want to go on and do "chosen one" stuff. He had more serious things to do, the whole reason why they went on this "journey" was to bring the Ball to the Remnants, to the right hands. Nobody has or will ever steel anything from the Remnants. And they would protect the Ball ten times more then they protect their regular stuff. And besides, the Remnant Lands are at the very end of this world, every ship has to manuever their way though endless icicles and icebergs to even get to them, not even talking about escaping.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 21:22 (7 Days ago)
Kuri laughs with the little energy he had left. "Test him?? He was already tested enough the past few days. Sobble helped us put out a huge fire, befriended Pokemon and evacuated them and even had time to keep the Eclipse ball safe. Doesnt that already sound like he is ready? Besides, what are we going to do that requires for Sobble to "be ready"?"

Kuri knows that the Ancient ones dont let random people in their hideout, but not letting the one, who kept the weapon safe, and if it wasnt for Sobble, the soldiers would have triumphed back home with the Eclipse ball, is was absurd, at least for Kuri. "Oh and do you mind calling a doctor to check on me, or do you plan to make me do something without a wing?"

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 21:11 (7 Days ago)
Kuri also hears what Red says. Only he seemed to notice that they were missing a person.

"What about Sobble? Can he come with us? He is the one that I should be thankfull for protecting the Eclipse Ball."

(no continiung this part of the rp until Sobble45 replies)

Meanwhile, only a few soldiers who ran away managed to cross the sea back to Ferja. They reported everything to Rex, but they got executed by Rex, just because seeing how his own soldiers cry for their families makes him cheer up. Thats how much of a "person" Rex is.

In the whole Ferja, people are searching all of the possible places that the Remnants could hide, as there are rewards as big as 100k cold, hard cash for a single head of a Remnant. There also had to be proof that the person was a Remnant, so they would still have to bring the whole body.

The situation has become so bad, that the Remnants dont even know whats going on in Ferja, because almost all of their spies there got turned in for cash.

Cash. This could be a weapon even dealier then the Ball. Cash ruins friendships, makes people mindless and then people with the most cash can control the people.

The Remnants are also worried about Xavier and Kuri. They still dont know about Sobble, heck they even dont know if Xavier even found Kuri in the first place.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 20:54 (7 Days ago)
Kuri thought to himself that thats another good reason to have journey mates, they can test out stuff for you, as Kuri is weaker then Xavier right now, he would have probably blacked out for a day or two, and they dont have that much time.

He also takes some dust, and walks casually into the tree, like he would do this every day and that tree "teleporting" is a normal thing to Kuri. But he just doesnt have the strength to run.

Kuri doesnt remember the last time he was this weak. Its just a shot wing, and he can even barely stand up? He even got worried that maybe the arrow was poisoned or infected, but almost a day has passed, Kuri would have felt something. He has been poisoned before.

Kuri just hopes that wherever they are going, theres gonna be some experienced doctors, to just tell him that everything is ok.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 13:36 (8 Days ago)
Username: spinorex14
Password: GrapploctZ
Reference: Just a regular Grapploct please
Emotion/pose: idle/no emotion
Background color: anything from blue to even a shade of purple, choose what suits the icon best
Payment: 1-2 random shinies (idk should I send one shiny now and if I like it, the second when you finish?)
Tip?: Some pd after your finish :)
Promo code?: n/a
Anything else?: Can you please not list my icon in the examples for personal reasons? Thanks

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 08:38 (8 Days ago)
Kuri laughs wildly. "Its been more then 10 years without a single compliment. Mostly because I have been living alone. And its because you have your whole life ahead of you, young man, I wouldnt call myself young. Hybrids have enourmously long lifespans. Most live up to 200 years. I have seen the Galaxy Wars, lived longer then my parents and shared my wisdom with Ferjas former leader, Ronjei, who has taken lead even before the Galaxy Wars. Though I prefer not to share my actual age, I think it gives you a good estimate on how old I am. " Kuri smiles, forgetting that he is still waiting for an answer from Red, and that answer should prove his actual side.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 08:25 (8 Days ago)
Kuri has also heard some weirdly strange things about the Ancient ones as well. Though, if you think of it, the only option is to go with Red. The barrier wont last long, though most of the soldiers have ran away, they are still too weak to defeat 10-20 more of them. Without one of his wings, Kuri must do something. They could also use Sobble's Pokemon to at least go to the nearest town Erento. Its the capital of Palriva and there resides the leader of Palriva, and as Kuri knows, he doesnt really do anything, besides sit in his throne all day.

"If he proves to us, that he is one of the Ancient ones, we will come with him, as I dont see any other option, at least for me. You both can fly, but as you see, my right wing got shot, thats how the soldiers captured me in the first place." said Kuri carefully and thoughtfully. Though they must somehow send a message to the Remnants, so that they dont worry about them.

(and Silver, pleeeease hide your signature when posting, as this makes posts longer and more confusing)

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 05:31 (8 Days ago)
Kuri sees the Oddish Sobble has befriended. "Here, take this!" he threw a timer ball for Sobble to catch "The soldiers had plenty of these".

Kuri saw the bottle he dropped and picked it up, not wanting Sobble to see his weapons. There will be a time where he will have to tell him, but not now, currently, it is best if Sobble stays with his Pokemon.

And they sat there for what seemed like hours, until a slight breeze touched their skin. The breeze seemed to be coming from the berry bushes. Then, one bush suddenly shakes.

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 05:17 (8 Days ago)
Yeah, but the breeder themselves didnt had the pokemon :/

I wanted the Pokemon, they gave me another one, not the one I wanted, then I said its the wrong one, and then the breeder said they don have it anymore. So first,

Fix your main post. It says that the breeder still has those slots

Second, how was I supposed to know? I wanted a braviary, not a sableye

Third, its not really my fault, what was I supposed to do? Buy the pokemon I dont want?

Sorry if this sounded rude, im just trying to prove that I have nothing to do with this

The thing is, I dont deserve to be reported, as I didnt do anything wrong

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Posted: Sun, 31/07/2022 19:45 (8 Days ago)
"sobble!" a familliar voice flew though the forest. "sobble! i finally found you! wheres xavier? is the eclipse ball with him?" it was kuri. he seemed very worried and could barely stand on his feet.

he tried to sit down, but a bottle fell out of his coat pocket. it had some weird looking, gooey, purple mist in it, though the bottle itself didnt have anything written on unlike the other bottles.

(i gtg, sorry)

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Posted: Sun, 31/07/2022 19:38 (8 Days ago)
kuri ran off to find xavier and sobble. he was not only worried about them, but also the eclipse ball. he doesnt know about the others, but he would risk his life to protect the ball.

but before this, he had to somehoe get rid of the remaining soldier hybrids that were causing trouble. most of them after witnessing their being shocked to death by a thunderbolt, ran away. though some "loyal" ones were still chasing kuri. it seems like there was only about 15-25 soldiers left. 'maybe i will spare their lives, besides, rex will still probably finish them off, when he hears about the failure. and i dont want to waste my move essence' thought kuri to himself. now that he thinks of it, nobody knows about the move essence. but thats for another time.

he throws another bottle with grayish-pink mist with some crystal-like shards in it. there was 'tropcet' written on it. it shatters throughout the burnt out land, releasing the mist. the mist then forms a huge, solid barrier, making the soldiers just stand there wondering if they can break the barrier. meanwhile kuri looks back, stops and looks at the poor soldiers, thinking of what rex will do to them. but he has no time to think about stuff like this, so he gets back on track and continues his search for his so called 'friends'.

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Posted: Sun, 31/07/2022 17:28 (8 Days ago)
Username: spinorex14
Pokemon requested: shiny cyndaquil, but preferably typlosion
Payment Option: 90kpd?

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Posted: Sun, 31/07/2022 17:20 (8 Days ago)
Oh dang, sorry then, I dont want the sableye

Sorry for taking your time ^^'

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