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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2019 09:00 (5 Years ago)
thank you for being so generous and thoughtful to the new users dusty im sure they appreciate you
also you should check TheLittlestDudes other post where he clearly states that he believes that this is an act of separatism and you follow up on that post saying that you "agree with TheLIttlestDudes honestly."

everyone has to go through leveling up, the new users just came in at a wrong time thats why they are complaining. its not unfair. its literally JUST LIKE any other game that you would play. level up to get access to more areas. get more in game currency to obtain more items that could help you or make things easier. nothing has changed and nothing is going to change just because new users are tired of working a bit harder than they think they should
:,( :,( :,( :,( :,(

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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2019 08:40 (5 Years ago)

im laughin SOOOO HARD that some of you guys believe this...
maybe understand what real separatism is before throwing that word around and accusing your lovely pokeheroes admin of a crime

"rich get richer scheme" literally no one here is getting a PENNY more in real life than what they already have. its an ingame currency that doesnt mean anything you dont need premium and thats facts

and this is an EVENT
its not supposed to be impossible but its not supposed to be easy either
just becuase it takes u a few days and some searching to find the egg doesnt mean its "unfair" or "separatism"

suck it up and keep on searching bbs (Y) :*

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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2019 08:15 (5 Years ago)
your dumb if you think the last egg is in the premium section
so many users that dont have premium have completed the hunt....

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Posted: Sun, 14/04/2019 08:05 (5 Years ago)
then get good simple as that

its not hard at all to get to trainer level 15 it should take no more than a day
the event ends in like more than a week
i cant believe yall crybabies fr

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Posted: Fri, 12/04/2019 06:23 (5 Years ago)
wig= snatched!!! by this suggestion!

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Posted: Thu, 04/04/2019 00:52 (5 Years ago)
you make my life so much better
thanks for all of the memories old man

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Posted: Thu, 28/02/2019 02:36 (5 Years ago)
woah guys she's BACK
if she's back, then IM back

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Posted: Sat, 02/02/2019 02:59 (5 Years ago)
bruh u got me :,( :,( :,( :,( :,( :,(

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Posted: Sat, 02/02/2019 02:21 (5 Years ago)
there should be group palpads

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Posted: Sat, 02/02/2019 01:35 (5 Years ago)
im glad to hear that josie!!!
and sure mimpii give me a sec

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Posted: Sat, 02/02/2019 00:33 (5 Years ago)
second batch
im planning on doing Theme: GOLD THIEF on a seperate page
in the mean time, please comment more themes!!
my absolute favorite from this bath is definitely josie's theme hehe

i didnt come up with much lore but
hand is super flexible and has a jelly like consistency, can regenerate if cut off and can even produce more than 5 fingers

even though she has wings she cant fly

pull the lever on the head and the column on its stomach randomly shuffles, dictating how the cat feels at that moment. (doesnt have to be fruit can be whatever you want). They color of the ears, paws, shock collar, and eyes change with the mood.

trash bag dog trash bag dog

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Posted: Mon, 28/01/2019 03:19 (5 Years ago)

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Posted: Fri, 18/01/2019 23:57 (5 Years ago)
OHHHH gotchaaa

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Posted: Fri, 18/01/2019 23:29 (5 Years ago)

sero the heck is lovecore

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Posted: Fri, 18/01/2019 21:55 (5 Years ago)
thank you tentegon! ill definitely use those themes in my next batch
and sure toxic its technically ur character now so u can do whatever with them except sell them of course

thank you koushi :< pls comment another theme when u think of one

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Posted: Fri, 18/01/2019 06:25 (5 Years ago)
free adopts that i made
sorry i couldnt get to everyone i couldnt think of good ones and i couldnt think of a creative way to design them
also im staying away from space trends sorry guys

youre welcome to try again
(especially you koushi im so sorry i just wanted to add the low effort horse because i wanted to let you know that i noticed your theme)

anyway i added some lore to all of the adopts that i took seriously :>

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Is originally a white cat but dyed its fur black to prevent blood stains. Likes to keep a plastic bag on its head. When not on the head, the bag is usually holding objects that the cat wants to carry around. No one knows what the bag contains but many speculate that they are organs of an unknown animal. Weapon of choice is a butter knife.

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Is a dog shaped mass of shiny rock and gemstones. Has a consciousness but cannot move, eat, or see. The most that this dog rock can do is sing broken notes and shine brightly on command. Is generally as happy as a rock can be

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used to be bright, colorful, and healthy but over time, lost its color and broke into pieces. As time goes on, it will continue cracking and falling apart.

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is depressed

ok thats it tks for waiting guys

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Posted: Sun, 13/01/2019 07:00 (5 Years ago)
so like i want to boost my creativity and practice some more

post a theme for an OC here and ill brainstorm up one really quick and just hand it over to ya
for free dawg

if you arent sure if your theme is acceptable, just palpad me

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rule #1
im not gonna do your theme if i dont like it or cant think of anything or if i dont like you

rule #2
post a theme only. if i see something like "please make it pink with gray stripes tho" imma throw that one out

rule #3
i only ask that you credit me and dont resell these
if you dont like it, just tell me and ill take it back i legit dont care if u straight up tell me that you dont think ur gonna do anything with the OC

i would like to warn people that are looking for human OCs that i cant
this will be animal OC only

also it would be very nice if someone who likes aesthetics could make this intro look pretty with some coding i would really appreciate it

also also i wont be starting this until tuesday or so because i need to move back into my dorm and get settled in
feel free to still comment tho

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Posted: Sun, 13/01/2019 04:04 (5 Years ago)
i actually like this idea thank u

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Posted: Sat, 12/01/2019 09:06 (5 Years ago)
oh so mal can restart the count but I cant???
frick all of u

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Posted: Sat, 12/01/2019 07:57 (5 Years ago)

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