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Posted: Fri, 03/02/2023 13:45 (3 Months ago)
By fridayend - Now.
Hi everyone, this is Fridayend.
Last week, my brother asked my to help him to register a account on pokeheroes, But the next day the website programmer LOCKED my brother's game account and sent a warning letter to me. It also banned my IP address so I could not help my brother to register another account.
Anyway, I am quitting this game.
I wanted to help my pokemon to find a new trainer who can takecare of them, Please PM me if you want any of them.
I will accept every offer of you guys without anything require until march, then I will never log in this account anymore.
Please help me send this to let my pokemon find their new trainers, thank you.

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Posted: Tue, 24/01/2023 03:47 (4 Months ago)
how to breed milcery?

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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 05:15 (4 Months ago)

Title: looking for a female bulbasaur


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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 03:23 (4 Months ago)

Title: Goomy

Goomy ALWAYS:)

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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 03:22 (4 Months ago)

Title: Hi


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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 03:16 (4 Months ago)

Title: Anyone here watch jujutsu kaisen?

Actually, I am still waiting for Demon Slayer s3.

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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 03:11 (4 Months ago)

Title: 你们好


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