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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 18:25 (3 Years ago)
not only do you get a shiny ditto plushie, you can sometimes get puzzle pieces as well

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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 18:21 (3 Years ago)
In all reality, any if you're just trying to collect them all. filling in your pokedex has it's own rewards. but as others stated. legend eggs or "Ditto" are the ones to really look for. Focus lenz and a premium account really help you get an edge on others.

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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 18:16 (3 Years ago)
I agree with just making the sprite smaller. Yes it may decrease in quality, and maybe make it harder to depict what the pokemon is for newcomers. but in the end. You can always just click on the pokemon to show the summary anyways.

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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 18:13 (3 Years ago)
100% Agree!!!

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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 18:11 (3 Years ago)
Sending now!!!

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Posted: Sat, 05/10/2019 02:53 (3 Years ago)

Title: Never done this

Hello. I created an account a while ago. but I just recently actually started playing!!

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Posted: Fri, 27/09/2019 16:10 (3 Years ago)

Title: Fav Poke

Absol!! for sure! its Mega Evo is Incredible!!!

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