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Posted: Sun, 09/04/2023 17:21 (1 Month ago)
Hey, all!

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Posted: Fri, 20/01/2023 17:05 (4 Months ago)
Yes, I noticed this issue the day the Most Berries Harvested was added to the ranklist.


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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2022 02:25 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Mon, 28/03/2022 14:51 (1 Year ago)
Looks cool! I can say I've certainly been a bit frustrated in the past since, as an Australian, my main active times are during the quieter times of the day. Thank you for the interesting update!

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Posted: Mon, 14/02/2022 15:18 (1 Year ago)
Your Username : Zellane
Pokémon you're hunting : Spring Deerling
Number of shiny Pokémon you want to swap: 4
Rarity you're looking for [Any/Same/Specific Pokémon(/s)] : Summer and Autumn Deerling x 2 of each

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Posted: Sun, 13/02/2022 03:58 (1 Year ago)

Please send me a Rokkyu (limited event).

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Posted: Mon, 31/01/2022 09:28 (1 Year ago)
Honestly, I'd only give partial support for the reasons that Cherry_Blossom and ~razpberry outlined.

Yes, it does kinda suck having such a limited time to get the retros, during Halloween or Christmas for eg but those events DO come up regularly so I would not support retros like those being made available through rumbles. I would also be hesitant to give support for the pokemon made available during Berry Battles. Yes, I understand there are two different battles that occur, each with a different prize pool but they are meant to be a prize. Something to work for!

Something to be excited by.

If these were made available through Rumbles, it would lower the excitement and they certainly wouldn't be much of a prize come the next Berry Battle.

Besides, if you want to use the argument of being only available for a limited time during a once a year event (or every 2nd year with Berry Battle alternating) then you may as well use the same argument to make Mew more widely accessible and that would just take away from it being special.

However, I fully support the retros from the Retro Radar being released through rumbles or some other method. Even if not one of the existing maps, then another special map available through an event like Route 102/Burnt Tower and why? Because the Retro Radar has only been available once. During an event known to chop and change to something new every year (except last year where it did not happen at all.)

These six pokemon simply aren't available any other way, much like the Pokeball Vivilion was only available through one long past event until it was implemented into the Berry Battle a few years ago.

Yes, they're rare and that is a point but at this stage, they are almost, if not impossible, to get. People that have them either only have the one set they are not willing to get rid of because it's special to them and they would otherwise have none or they have quit or they are perma banned and couldn't sell/pass it on even if they wanted to.

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Posted: Tue, 18/01/2022 08:40 (1 Year ago)
Milotic has some really interesting ideas there. I would love to see a berry garden ranklist for one XD

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Posted: Fri, 14/01/2022 06:44 (1 Year ago)
Your Username : Zellane
Offering on who's swap : ~Techno
Pokémon you'll hunt in return : 2 Sheildon
Anything else : -

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 05:24 (1 Year ago)
I love the garden, it's long been the thing I do the most on this site but it is annoying when I'm lucky if it is even worth completing 1 task every 3 days or more. At lvl 127 Berry Garden, I only do tasks that give White Powders or tasks that only ask for berry/seeds. Not even Dragon gems are worth it anymore since the Item Market came in and dropped their worth.

For example: a current task asks for

104x Berry Juice
215x Honey
50x Grepa Soda
670x Pinap Berry
Minimum Level: 5

Reward 1506points 19,819 pd

If I were to buy these items, just the berry juice alone would cost 26,000 pd and that's only if I found it in the Berry market which few people use anymore. To get them on the Item Market where most people go now, you'd be forking out 78,000pd minimum.

I know the point is to make myself, which I do (and since I always make extra, I already have the items) but why would I want to turn in that quest if I can get more pd by selling the items instead?

Same with this example:

739x Chesto Berry Minimum Level: 22
176x Burn Heal

176 burn heals would take a good 2-3 days to make and only if you are constantly pumping them out for hours on end. Assuming max selling price at the Berry Market they would also cost 19,360. Far more than the reward is worth. That's not even taking into account the growing time for the berries needed to make them with or the berries wanted for the order itself.

Those 2 examples aren't even the worst I've seen. I have been requested far more heals before, well over 1000 biscuits, sometimes a couple types of drinks where it has occasionally wanted over 100 of just one flavour alone. It's ridiculous.

I love the berry garden but it seriously needs a revamp.

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Posted: Wed, 10/11/2021 05:33 (1 Year ago)
I do wish you could uptick other player's comments like you can on the notification feeds and if that were possible, I would uptick Loketoke's previous comment as I totally agree.

The current sale is a very good sale, I don't deny that but it's not what I need so I doubt I will partake.

I honestly prefer to get my needs sorted, then usually spend extra on passes (wants) after. It makes more sense. As it stands, well, I guess I'm waiting until February until I renew my premium. Whether I buy flutes or not I guess depends on how crazy I am driven without them.

It's a great event (other than the obvious US, UK, European bias for the raffle >_>) and I'm enjoying it but I'm not spending my nuggets for this sale. I worked too hard to get them to throw them away now.

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 01:08 (1 Year ago)

Please send easter bunneary or Rokkyu :-)

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 00:26 (1 Year ago)

A missing limited plushie please

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 00:23 (1 Year ago)

Please send a missing limited plushie

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 00:21 (1 Year ago)

Please send a missing limited plushie

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 00:14 (1 Year ago)

Please send me a missing limited plushie :-)

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Posted: Sun, 31/10/2021 06:59 (1 Year ago)
You're banned because you're obvious a pyromaniac :-P

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Posted: Sun, 31/10/2021 06:57 (1 Year ago)
Definitely evil XD (certainly the mischievous kind of evil, at least)

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Posted: Sat, 23/10/2021 14:16 (1 Year ago)
I have to admit, it does feel impossible and having lame Aussie internet means for every 3 clicks I make, only one even counts so that's always been a discouraging thing for me and clicking in the first place. However, since EVERY other egg/item from previous years is available every Halloween, I'm going to assume the same will hold true for next year and that the SM will be available then too (if it's not, so be it *shrugs*) in which case, I will work harder throughout the year to build up more DP to help me next year since I don't think the 51k I currently have will be enough to help me this year.

Besides, you know what? Sure, the SM is nice but I think the normal is prettier with that gorgeous blue XD

Thank you for making a mega form of a very cool event pokemon available.

I am sad that I've probably beat my own interaction record this year with 33k interactions after spending the majority of 13 hours interacting (with small breaks) only to find out pd/sweets etc decrease but it's not like I can keep this up every day anyway >_>

That said, sale soon please? XD

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Posted: Sat, 25/09/2021 03:10 (1 Year ago)

Please send one of my favourites :-)

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