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Posted: Mon, 13/05/2024 05:49 (7 Days ago)
Sending to sorceresshannelore.

Please send Wartortle or another of my favourites.

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Posted: Mon, 22/04/2024 00:53 (28 Days ago)
Ugh, thank you. I could swear I had given the flute to the other non-arceus pokemon before this and blame the fact I'd been so busy for not reading that it was meant to be Arc. Thank you.

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Posted: Sun, 21/04/2024 13:41 (28 Days ago)
So, I just bred 2 shiny Goomys so that I could evolve 2 up to the Hisuian Sligoo and Goodra. Hatched them both on April 19th. Due to a very busy few days, I've barely been home but thanks to SCS and rain weather yesterday, I was able to evolve one of them to first Hisuian Sliggo and then Goodra. Today, since the second one was finally high enough to evolve into Sligoo, I tried to the evolve it to Hisuian Sligoo but the prompt will not come up.

Yes, I gave it the Azure Flute and had Arceus in the party but the prompt did not come up. So I tried adding the Fighting Arceus to party. It still would not come up. I tried adding a non-shiny Sligoo and giving it the Flute but the prompt will not come up. Then I gave the Flute back to the shiny and tried on another computer just in case it was cache related that it would not come up but the prompt would still not come up.



Then thinking about it, I remembered that after evolving the first Sligoo to Hisuian Sligoo, the Azure Flute had not been used which I thought was strange as evolving other Hisuian pokemon the Flute was consumed. But having been busy and out so late and tired, I just took the Flute back and promptly forgot about it. So I wonder if that has something to do with why the prompt will not come up...

Thing is, I have THREE Azure Flutes (I should've been left with 2 after evolving the first) so I tried handing first 1 and then the 2nd to a random other pokemon to hold to get them out of my bag and tried to evolve the Sligoo again but the prompt just will not come up... So if the problem is that my first one is glitched, it is also glitching my other 2 Flutes. Either way, I am having trouble evolving my shiny Sligoo to Hisuian Sligoo and I would please like help.

I would consider trying to sell one to the item shop to get rid of it but if it is still glitched after, then I have just wasted a Flute...

The 2 links are screenshots of the Sligoo with an Azure Flute and one showing the party with both Sligoo and Arceus in party.

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Posted: Wed, 10/04/2024 04:33 (1 Month ago)
Yep! There is a lot to like about this event but the monotony of searching the site every single day is truly annoying and tiring. Especially when it's a longer one. While I liked the old Easter event, that could be frustrating enough (even with site maps) but searching for the gimmighoul every single day is... worse.

Maybe next year, do like a cross between? The normal egg hunt so we only have to search once (for the observant players) or 3 or 4 times for players like me who have trouble finding stuff but have side tasks to keep people engaged throughout the event, much like the changing hunts with this year's.

Yes, this post is still relevant because although I've managed to find every ghoul so far bar day 1 (still looking for today's) it does fall under the 'hard to find' topic of this forum post.

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 12:15 (1 Month ago)
It could be anywhere on the screen, even potentially lower than is normally seen so when you check the page, check thoroughly and even scroll right down until you can't scroll down any further.

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 05:53 (1 Month ago)
And I looked in PMs. I hate going there so I opened one from an old friend and even sent one to her. Also tried editing it.

Thank you though.

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 03:10 (1 Month ago)
Yes, I couldn't find it anywhere yesterday either. After both a manual search and then a search with a site map.

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 02:44 (1 Month ago)
This is still a thing, as I rediscovered while trying to find the gimmigoul that refused to be found last night.

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 02:41 (1 Month ago)

A Wartortle please! <3

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Posted: Fri, 29/03/2024 11:51 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Mon, 26/02/2024 12:35 (2 Months ago)
Thank you Riako :-)

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Posted: Mon, 26/02/2024 10:16 (2 Months ago)
Yeah, just a few minutes ago I spent the tickets to get the new event egg (I had 3 empty spots in party) and it took my 400 tickets but did not give me my egg.

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Posted: Mon, 18/09/2023 09:12 (8 Months ago)
Oh and it's showed the total to reach for the next egg as it does now ever since the previous EP curve revamp. 4,521/5,600 for eg. That in and of itself hasn't changed.

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Posted: Mon, 18/09/2023 09:09 (8 Months ago)
I get it, I get it, overall, the EP curve is less steep, so we've been told and this DOES reward power clickers.

But the power clickers aren't the ones with little motivation. It's the people who can only click so much per day due to whatever reason, be it real life or distance from servers meaning only 1 in every 3 clicks counts or even simple boredom at clicking.

In the past, assuming the event was one with only a 2k EP cost for the first egg, the second egg was the same, effectively doubling what you need for 2 eggs to 4k in total. Now it' s 5,600 EP and that is a HUGE jump. VERY disheartening after being told the curve is gentler.

The 3rd egg would have been about half the amount again on top of that. So what... from memory, that would make the 3rd egg cost 3k or thereabouts and it would increase exponentially beyond that.

Yeah, I get that there's a cost to gentling that overall curve but honestly, the people with less motivation to click in the first place are the ones being punished. Not the power clickers.

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Posted: Sun, 09/04/2023 17:21 (1 Year ago)
Hey, all!

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Posted: Fri, 20/01/2023 17:05 (1 Year ago)
Yes, I noticed this issue the day the Most Berries Harvested was added to the ranklist.


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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2022 02:25 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 28/03/2022 14:51 (2 Years ago)
Looks cool! I can say I've certainly been a bit frustrated in the past since, as an Australian, my main active times are during the quieter times of the day. Thank you for the interesting update!

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Posted: Mon, 14/02/2022 15:18 (2 Years ago)
Your Username : Zellane
Pokémon you're hunting : Spring Deerling
Number of shiny Pokémon you want to swap: 4
Rarity you're looking for [Any/Same/Specific Pokémon(/s)] : Summer and Autumn Deerling x 2 of each

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Posted: Sun, 13/02/2022 03:58 (2 Years ago)

Please send me a Rokkyu (limited event).

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