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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 04:54 (1 Month ago)
I like to knit, draw, watch let's plays of horror video games, and listening to audiobooks.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:35 (1 Month ago)
If I were in one of the trainer classes I'd be a painter
( https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Painter_(Trainer_class) ) or else I'd be the main character's mom.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:25 (1 Month ago)
I like shiny shinx because she's the first shiny I caught and I kept her in my party for the whole game. It also is interesting to me that for an electric lion, yellow is the shiny version and not the default. Shinx and its evolutions look like they'd be electric dark type to me.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:20 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:19 (1 Month ago)
I'd make it a poison type because it's purple.


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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:16 (1 Month ago)
No thanks

Minty applejuice

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Posted: Mon, 09/05/2022 20:36 (1 Month ago)
I tend to go by "Sorl" (a nickname of Sorrel) but just online, since said aloud it sounds just like how I say my name anyway. I've been into pokemon since middle school. Back then I also collected cards and went to tournaments (losing every game, lol) at Toys'R'Us. I have several pokemon plushies: ampharos, eevee, rayquaza, dragonair, that are all bought, and then a slew of plushies I knitted. Knitting toys is one of my hobbies; it's just really cool to be able to just make something if I want it...when I have the materials I need, anyway. My favorite pokemon I ever caught was a shiny shinx, well, she was a shinx when I caught her but had fully evolved by the end of the game.

Other than knitting, I also like to draw digitally, though when I do pick up my watercolors I'm decent at that too. I just default to digital most of the time.

May end up changing my pic from a mobath (pixpets) to, idk, a picrew or something.

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