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Posted: Fri, 26/03/2021 06:57 (2 Years ago)
Clicking Dem Eggs

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Posted: Fri, 26/03/2021 06:52 (2 Years ago)
( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ) Season 2

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Posted: Fri, 26/03/2021 05:42 (2 Years ago)
And Sent ♡(ӦvӦ。) it was a Ivysaur

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Posted: Sun, 21/03/2021 15:12 (2 Years ago)

Title: Breakfast

Breakfast , today for breakfast . Two half cooked eggs and pieces of ham in some kibble for my dog ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ and for me a single hot pocket .

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Posted: Mon, 15/03/2021 06:32 (2 Years ago)

Title: Puddles

Amid that awkward stage of adult and teenage rebellion, he left the flock to explore the ruins near the wall. An area the adults of the flock warned to stay away from but he was immediately fascinated and spent more and more time in those areas. At first bringing some of his fellow duckletts with him but after a scare from one of the elder pokemon that lived in the ruins the others became reluctant to join him on his adventure. Now Alone for the most part he spent more time with the old grumpy elder pokemon of the ruins than his flock. Every so often his mother would venture into the ruins to remind him to return to visit the flock and spend some time on the water and to eat.

In his time at the ruins, he learned a lot from stories of the past structures and the ways pokemon used to help build and live together in homes with diverse groups of pokemon and "people". With the help of the elders and a few like-minded pokemon, they managed to fix up the ruins of a small house into something livable. He spent less and less time with his flock and with a base of operation he set his sights on the wall. A Grand piece of architect and technology that even the legendary leaders could not bridge. Such strong walls would make the perfect material to make a safe and comfortable home for him and his mutuals. No longer would they have to brave bad weather or fear invasion by outside forces, at least a stronger cover than just hiding in the plant brush.

He's been observing the walls fearlessly with zealous, pecking at it here and there and making attempts to fly over it, even digging under it. Making note of any changes no matter how small until one day he notices a big change. He felt a great thrill and bathed in the feeling before hurrying off to tell his like-minded comrades of his findings, unaware of the danger he just barely dodged as the walls opened and the collection began. He spent quite some time in discussion and debate with the others in the home and when he attempted to go back to hurry to the wall he was stopped by the elder leader of the ruins. The discovery was indeed an important one but it was a dangerous time currently.

Those words didn't click right away until a ducklett came flying in. Hysterical and crying that he barely escaped and pleaded for help for their mother and other flock members.

At the bank of the lake Puddle's mother led a small group of his siblings to visit him. Aware that this day was dangerous and wanted to bring puddles back to the safety of the lake. Until the chaos of other birds scattering from towards the wall, some falling out of the sky as if stuck or captured into something. She flew up in an attempt to ascertain the danger and barely escape the first attempt to capture her. Not as lucky and caught by surprised all but one ducklett managed to slip away, letting out cries alerting their mother and gathered the attention of a few nearby swanna.

Back with puddles and their younger sibling he hurried to return to the lake in an attempt to help his flock. He manages to fly ahead to where his mother was only to see her capture, his attempts to get closer are thwarted by his mother's crying plead to protect the siblings he had left. Being forced to watch on the sidelines as his mother, siblings, and other flock mates get taken away while cowering in the cover, protecting his only little sibling left under his wing as they muffled cries while trembling.

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Posted: Sun, 14/03/2021 07:11 (2 Years ago)
Username: SixSidesToADie
Character Name: Puddles
Species: Ducklett
Approximate Age: Teen~ Young Adult
Gender: Male
Personality and Nature: Nature: Calm
Personality : Creation is his passion and his interest in the structures and remnants of the past have had him make attempts at recreations, trying to understand how things were made. For his hobby of building or at least attempts, he is a bit of an outcast to the native Ducklett group that spends most of their time on and under the water. His attempts to show others the grandeur of these structures and his tendency to value them more than his relationships make him a bit of a loner. To others and himself, it seems that all he looks for is Excitement in all things, a bit of a perfectionist.

Most of the actions he takes are in the pursuit to know more about these walls and to have others be inspired to do the same.Though at times to the detriment of others, it's a lofty goal that he dreams of that is seemingly impractical. It's Something he's taken a chance on and continues to take chances for as is his Gallant nature. He's one to take a chance and brave enough to step forward for something he believes in though he is not one to push others down for their own beliefs and mistakes. He's better at Pronouncing the solution to others problems than his own, it's not something he beats himself up on or others for that part, and is understanding that not everything can be as perfect as he'd like.
Moveset: Rain Dance~Surf~Hurricane~Roost
Other: Ability: Hydration
Item: Eviolite
I wonder if maybe I made it too long ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

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Posted: Thu, 11/03/2021 06:30 (2 Years ago)
I'm interested in joining this , wanna work on the personality before posting the form ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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Posted: Thu, 18/02/2021 10:19 (2 Years ago)
Neko maid Picco

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Posted: Thu, 18/02/2021 06:47 (2 Years ago)
Aye how about something with this Boi , lee Bite Me ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

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Posted: Fri, 12/02/2021 00:33 (2 Years ago)
How about Two Green Mystery Boxes for a drawing of Her if it's not enough I can through in a Gold key ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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Posted: Fri, 12/02/2021 00:21 (2 Years ago)
What kind of items do you accept ? Fossils , Mystery Boxes and Keys , Maps ? I've got Relic coins tops ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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Posted: Wed, 16/09/2015 01:17 (7 Years ago)

Title: ( ; w; children )

((Jager : awww and i just got here , tsk tsk tsk you children xant leave me ....at least not yet ))

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Posted: Tue, 18/08/2015 13:43 (7 Years ago)
Jager : // has been watching the thief and her lil show from afar and grins slowly clapping and saids to self//what fun today has been

((XD I'm 7 days late but at least I did come ,sorry for the late-ness )

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Posted: Thu, 06/08/2015 06:40 (7 Years ago)
Ok so I edited it , is it good now?

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Posted: Thu, 06/08/2015 06:36 (7 Years ago)
Gender: Male
Class: Dark Mage
Birthday:September 9
Skills: Hex,All enemies adjacent to the user will lose 15 points from their Avoid rating.
Promoting to:Dark Knight
Appearance:has long black eyes and odd golden eyes apering wolf like ,and has a black heart marking under right eye, doesn't wear a robe of any kind but rather regular clothing and wears a wolf fur jacket,and a wolf tooth necklace
Personality:likes to hit on any one givin the chance and likes to romance people ,but is very loyal to friends ect, has a bit of a ego ,enjoys hunting and stocking his pray and such and likes to howl when existed and growls when angered
Romantic Support:open/anything I guess
Friendship Support:open but loyaly would help
Questions or Concerns: ; ~; sorry if Its nots the best but I'm open to change it if need and it is not seen fit by you , and apologize if I also get things wrong

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Posted: Thu, 30/07/2015 12:03 (7 Years ago)

Title: Guardian



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Posted: Mon, 27/07/2015 12:21 (7 Years ago)

Title: .3.

Derp so .......am I in or I don't know --- , I don't know what I'm missing and Iv read the rules and such .....:S

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Posted: Wed, 22/07/2015 02:11 (7 Years ago)
Is it Sweetie Drops" maya ?

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Posted: Tue, 21/07/2015 17:30 (7 Years ago)
Maya: What am i missing ?

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Posted: Tue, 21/07/2015 10:11 (7 Years ago)

Title: id like to join

Sweetie Drops"

Username: EeveeCat2
Nickname: Eevee , but i like to go by Bad Wolf
Are you apart of the herd? (You don't have to be)Yes x3
Earthpony, Pegasi, Unicorn, Alicorn, or other?: other
Anything else:im not sure what to put for this sorry

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