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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Thu, 04/08/2022 13:38 (10 Days ago)
not shiny hunting atm, waiting for premium ;w;

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Posted: Mon, 25/07/2022 10:19 (21 Days ago)
My Pokemon is evolving!
Username: SMGardevoir
Basic Pokemon: Shiny Ralts all to Sm Gardevoir plz? :D
Megas: (yes/no) yes
Password: yellow
Tip (optional): PD :D
Other: :)

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Posted: Wed, 20/07/2022 13:00 (25 Days ago)
oh my god how did I even win...

Birthday luck I guess xD

Thank you so much anyways and Congrats to the Winners!

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Posted: Sun, 17/07/2022 01:35 (29 Days ago)
Mew isn't in ancient cave? And the event already ended

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Posted: Fri, 15/07/2022 07:41 (1 Month ago)

this guy from box 6 plz :D

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Posted: Wed, 13/07/2022 23:16 (1 Month ago)
Can I get Shiny Mightyena, Shiny Parasect, and Shiny Dubwool? :D

90k pd right?

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Posted: Tue, 12/07/2022 01:18 (1 Month ago)
BREEDER: Chopper_45


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Posted: Mon, 11/07/2022 10:53 (1 Month ago)
Sending Another 60k pd :D (600 Tickets)

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Posted: Tue, 05/07/2022 00:19 (1 Month ago)
Sending Trades for 5k Each Shinies!

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 07:42 (1 Month ago)
Sending 30k pd! (300 Tickets)

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 05:00 (1 Month ago)
Can I buy all your nuggets? ^^

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2022 13:04 (1 Month ago)
Username: SMGardevoir
Number of tickets:
Things you sent: 5 gems and 52 boxes
Anything else: Hope your SM hatches soon

Username: SMGardevoir
Number of tickets: 1050 If I'm Right
Things you sent: 5 gems and 52 boxes
Anything else: Hope your SM hatches soon

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2022 07:03 (1 Month ago)
Username: ShinyMegaGardevoir
Which and how many items/plushies you've sent: 100k PD and 1 gem
How many tickets you bought: 1002 uwu
Password: Leafeon

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Posted: Thu, 23/06/2022 13:48 (1 Month ago)
oof ok

I really hope that happens though, cause then more people including me will enter

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Posted: Thu, 23/06/2022 13:38 (1 Month ago)
Are we allowed to get more than one prize?

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Posted: Tue, 21/06/2022 11:26 (1 Month ago)
I want to join and I would also like to be a backup artist please :)

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Posted: Fri, 17/06/2022 14:05 (1 Month ago)
5 Yungoos plz :D

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Posted: Fri, 10/06/2022 10:19 (2 Months ago)
https://pokeheroes.com/pokemon?id=36503143 Sell 2
https://pokeheroes.com/pokemon?id=36503141 Sell 3

These 2 plz! :D

All Naughty Female Gardevoirs are MINE >:3

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Posted: Wed, 08/06/2022 00:31 (2 Months ago)
can you set a pt :D

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Posted: Mon, 06/06/2022 02:13 (2 Months ago)
can I do 90k pd, I'm poor now ;;e;;

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