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Posted: Tue, 14/09/2021 19:07 (2 Years ago)
Abby, since you can breed them with ditto, they cannot be traded. Sorry.

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Posted: Tue, 05/01/2021 04:29 (3 Years ago)
You could probably get 7,000-10,000 nuggets. I personally suggest if you want to sell one, place in GTS and wait for offers. If you want to buy one, look for someone willing to hunt one for you.

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Posted: Tue, 05/01/2021 04:22 (3 Years ago)
I have NEVER seen a Shiny Mega go for anything lower than 8,000 Nuggets, making it more than a Shiny & Mega/Mega-Able listed above.

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Posted: Mon, 28/10/2019 14:12 (4 Years ago)
Kayuna, their horns are always put and their wings are all like a birds wings.

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Posted: Mon, 28/10/2019 06:11 (4 Years ago)
Accepted. :)

I will add them in when I get on the computer probably late tomorrow.

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Posted: Mon, 28/10/2019 04:38 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 28/10/2019 04:22 (4 Years ago)
Cosmixx, you can pick the rank you want as long as it doesnt say PM or PalPad to claim, but you arent accepted. You need another character.

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Posted: Mon, 28/10/2019 04:03 (4 Years ago)
Two Fae kingdoms are at war. They have been for years now. It is unclear how the war started, but now, it needs to end. Only the High Queen of the Fae's can end it. Nobody knows where she is, but they know she is still around with the magic flowing in the world. Will the war finally end in peace, or will the kingdoms fall before the High Queen reaches them?

PH rules apply

No being OP

I will control day and Night

No crushes/mates with your own characters

Max of 2 high ranks per person

If you pick a high rank you MUST be active

I will add more rules if I feel I have to

You must have at LEAST 2 characters. For every one high rank, you must have 2 lower ranks

Put "Raven" in other if you read all the rules


High Queen of the Fae's- Rosemary- Saratank

Eastern Kingdom-
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King- PM/Palpad to claim
Queen- PM/Palpad to claim

Princess- Emera- saratank

Prince- PM or Palpad to claim

Guards- max of 4

Servants- Max of 4

Warriors- max of 10

Regular- Unlimited
Haku- Saratank

Western Kingdom-
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King- PM to claim
Queen- PM to claim

Princess(es)- PM to claim (Max of 2)

Prince(s)- PM to claim (Max of 3)

Guards- Max of 4
Jace- saratank

Servants- max of 4

Warriors- Max of 10

Regular- Unlimited
Kira- Saratank

Sign ups~
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Rank Wanted-

My Sign ups~
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25 years
High Queen
No kingdom
No crush or mate yet
Looks like Maleficent, but she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and silverish white wings

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Western Kingdom
Jace has bleach blonde hair, Hazel eyes, brown horns, and brown wings
Kira has red hair with green eyes. Her horns are black and brown and she has snowy owl wings
No crushes/mates for them yet

Emera/ Haku
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Princess/ regular
Emera has dusty brown hair and green eyes with black horns and Gray wings
No crush or mate yet

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Posted: Sat, 13/07/2019 23:16 (4 Years ago)
Victor shook his head. "No. Leave her. She will need her rest" he said. He knew she hadn't trained with her power enough to do what they needed without passing out. She needed her strength.

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Posted: Sat, 13/07/2019 02:11 (4 Years ago)
Victor looked at them. "Get her in a cell. We will be testing the helmet on her when she wakes up" he said.

Zypher growled as he walked away. He didn't plan to help move Mira.

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Posted: Sat, 13/07/2019 00:55 (4 Years ago)
Zypher growled. "I would suggest not pushing me or I'll make sure my shadows trap you" he said coldly.

Victor walked over and looked at them. "I suggest you all back down before I put cuffs on you to keep your powers contained" he said. "Make sure she doesn't die" he said pointing to Mira.

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 23:08 (4 Years ago)
Mira blacked out from the arrow wound.

Zypher made his way to the portal and dropped in. "I will get my revenge on that kid" he grumbled.

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 23:00 (4 Years ago)
Zypher fell to his knees and glared. "Too late to save her" he said. He created a portal and glared at the others. "Throw her in!"

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 22:06 (4 Years ago)
Zypher growled as he whipped around. His back was now bleeding. Being distracted he lost the dome covering Mira. He used his shadows to grab the attackers arms to hold him down. "You will regret that" he said.

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 21:54 (4 Years ago)
Mira turned to see what caused the crowed to start screaming and running. Before she was able to do anything, an arrow flew at her, hitting her shoulder. She let out a pained scream before lightning from her storm started to go wild.

Zypher watched before he made a small shadow dome over the downed mutant. He gave an evil toothy grin as he walked closer. "Too easy" he laughed.

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 21:42 (4 Years ago)
Mira didnt notice the group as she headed after the crowd. She pulled her hood over her head.

Zypher started stalking her. His eyes narrowed. He said nothing as he made his way around.

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2019 19:12 (4 Years ago)
Mira looked around. Her eyes looked at the sky, giving a small sigh. She created a storm that would cause everyone to head inside and would give her a way to sneak around with them.

Zypher let out a low growl as he followed Selene. He looked around, his red eyes were filled with hatred as he walked.

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2019 21:52 (4 Years ago)
Mira finished eating as she looked around. She gave a small sigh as she stood up to walk around the park. She never stayed in one place long and would soon be heading to another part of the city.

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2019 20:45 (4 Years ago)
Victor nodded. "Make sure its a smooth grab. I dont need Amara and her group hearing about this" he said as he walked away.

Mira sat at a park munching on her food. She had needed to steal it as she had no money, but that was life for her.

Rose made her way to her room to get her things to shower. Her morning runs left her sweaty.

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2019 02:37 (4 Years ago)
Victor looked over the paperwork before he walked to open Selene's cell. "I may have a target for you" he said. "You and your hunters will need to find her." He handed Selene the paper with Mira's information. (I will be signing her up in a moment). "She has powers we need." His eyes seemed cold as he looked at the others.

Rose laid down in the shade, remaining in her wolf form as she watched the sun officially rise. She nodded to herself before she gave a morning howl as she always did.

James and Aro reached the dining hall and raced each other to get the plates before roughhousing like kids do. Both were laughing and giggling.

Amara smiled as she heard the students and other members so happy. She nodded to herself as she kept heading to her office.

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