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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 22:09 (1 Year ago)
"Things are going really well! I actually opened a bakery not too far from here! It's not really in any cities or towns, but it's a good place!" Her ears twitched, hearing Atlas. "Oh, this is a friend who works there with me..!"

He lifted his head, glancing at Sprinkles. "Hello, I'm Atlas!"

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 22:05 (1 Year ago)
She lifted her head, hearing that familiar voice. "Sprinkes!" Ruby ran quickly over, the look of excitement on her face.

Nearby, a Heracross, Atlas, quickly caught up, startled by her sudden dash. "R-Ruby, what?"

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 22:01 (1 Year ago)
Back at town, a Zoroark was glancing around. "Let's see... Gonna need some ingredients here." She chuckled, tilting her head. "I'm glad I can now actually HOLD stuff. Being a Zorua made baking a bit tricky."

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:52 (1 Year ago)
"Mmh?" Doodles tilted her head, a worried look in her eyes as she noticed Zane seemed weaker.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:45 (1 Year ago)
"Mm hmm!" Doodles nodded, starting to understand more.

With another sigh, Zane leaped away, ignoring the fact he was slowing a bit.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:36 (1 Year ago)
Zane sighed, getting back onto the boulder, preparing to dash off.

"Hmm mm!" Doodles waved, after getting the web off him. She seemed pleased now to know their names.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:32 (1 Year ago)
He nodded, being quiet again. "Well... If there's nothing else, I'll be on my way." Zane stretched his arms, tilting his head.

"Mmm mmm!" She latched a web on Blitz, tugging at it to get his attention. Doodles needed to know who they were and what was going on. She gave him a grumpy look as she tugged on the web again.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:28 (1 Year ago)
"Oh hey..!" Zane lifted his head, recognizing the voice. "How've you and that Zorua been? What was her name again... Ruby?"

Doodles seemed confused, a little surprised at the crowd now.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:22 (1 Year ago)
Zane sighed, remaining quiet. He glanced at his paws time to time, taking note of the increased bruises than back then.

"Hmm mm???" Doodles glanced around quickly, now very confused.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 21:19 (1 Year ago)
Just a pretty short story of a roleplay character I have from a RP I've been doing


"Get away from me... Get away from me..." The Zeraora whispered, his voice glitching with every word. Electricity crackled in his paws, fear in his eyes as the corruption spread more around his body. With a roar, he charged at the group, slamming a Plasma Fists at them. "Leave leave leave leave leave leave!"

He didn't want to fight like this... It wasn't him. He was acting as a puppet to nothing but a monster. It engulfed him without a warning, spreading pain into his body. The Zeraora screeched, getting hit by everyone's attacks, leaping back. Before both his eyes were covered with the corruption, he spoke the words.

"...Help me..."

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:37 (1 Year ago)
"Yeah, Lavender here was the one who gave me my magic a while back. She also helped with that corrupted Tyranitar..."

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:31 (1 Year ago)
"Mmm?" Doodles noticed the Gardevoir, staring at her curiously.

"Been a while Lavender." Zane nodded, leaning against the boulder.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:25 (1 Year ago)
Zane rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, that part of me never really changes." he grumbled, sighing.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:22 (1 Year ago)
Zane growled slightly, shaking his head. "I'm sorry but... I can't be on anyone's side. Personal reasons." He crossed his arms. "I do things on my own anyways."

"Mmmh..." Doodles murmured sadly, hearing that the Zeraora wasn't gonna join.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:15 (1 Year ago)
He nodded, remembering about a hero being the one to fight Missing No. "Ah, I see..." Zane took another sharp sigh and asked. "Why exactly did you want to see me?"

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:09 (1 Year ago)
"Oh..!" Zane lifted his head. "A group stopping Missing No?" He stood, leaping down from the boulder. Zane almost lost his balance, feeling another injury. He sighed sharply, shaking his head. "I've been trying... Not much of a success though."

She tilted her head, listening to the two. "Mmm..."

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 19:04 (1 Year ago)
I would either say Suicune or Zeraora

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 18:59 (1 Year ago)
"And you are?" he asked, brushing off small bits of twigs from his fur. Zane winced a little as he touched one injury, but he managed not to show he was hurt.

Doodles huffed, seeming proud of herself for finding the Zeraora.

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 18:45 (1 Year ago)
Doodles jumped down, starting to dash left. Electricity surrounded her body, a sign the Zeraora was really close. "Mmm!"

Zane lifted his head, noticing the Joltik. "Ah..."

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Posted: Sun, 14/11/2021 18:24 (1 Year ago)
"Mm!" She lifted her head, getting a stronger reading. "Hmm mmm mm!" Doodles pointed to the left, believing this was the direction he was at.

"Well, might as well see who wants me." Zane sighed, sitting on a recently cracked boulder.

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