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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Mon, 17/05/2021 17:40 (2 Years ago)
Hi, I bred a spare miltank yesterday.
I'm mainly looking for gems (Grass & Normal) atm, but I'll trade it for 2k pd if you don't have any :)

I can't subscribe to this thread btw, so just send me a PM if you're interested.

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Posted: Sat, 15/05/2021 19:16 (2 Years ago)
Hi, could I please have 36 Grass Gems for 18k pd please.

I can't subscribe to this thread so just send me a PM or Palpad once the trade is up :)

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Posted: Wed, 12/05/2021 18:35 (2 Years ago)

Hi, sorry I'm answering so late I had a hiatus from the site due to work.
Are you still looking for those dark ponyta?

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Posted: Sat, 26/12/2020 20:39 (2 Years ago)
I currently have 455 Zophan, how many nuggets is that worth?

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Posted: Sat, 26/12/2020 19:04 (2 Years ago)
Probably 30-40k pd, Bagon is not easy to breed and females are rare.
It's an event too so it's even harder to breed.

How much is the x-mas event worth? I want to sell it for nuggets and I have no clue on it's value

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Posted: Thu, 24/12/2020 12:56 (2 Years ago)
What is a megaable Mareep worth?

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Posted: Thu, 24/12/2020 01:14 (2 Years ago)
What is the current price for:
Spooky Manor Map
Hollow Space Map
Resolute Stones
Star Pieces

I'm trying to figure out the price so I can sell/exchange some for nuggets, but the item market and the list here are very different.

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Posted: Fri, 11/12/2020 23:34 (2 Years ago)
I currently only have a female Autumn Ampharos available for sale.

If you want I can breed you a male, but gender requests cost extra although I accept alternative payments for the gender fee.

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Posted: Mon, 07/12/2020 21:22 (2 Years ago)

I'm interested in trading my PokefarmQ Currency/Items/Pokemon for PD/Nuggets.

My Pokefarm Q account is linked in my Pokeheroes profile if you want to have a look ^.^

I'm in sync with the server time btw if that helps with talking.

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Posted: Sun, 06/12/2020 17:35 (2 Years ago)
I have 1 Spooky Manor Map, 1 Hollow Space Map and 3 Resolute Stones.

I would prefer Nuggets, but will accept PD.

Please Palpad me with offers as I can't subscribe to this thread.

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Posted: Sun, 06/12/2020 15:22 (2 Years ago)
Pokemon:-Chocoluv Male


Pokemon:-Jolly jr Female U (only buying if it's female)

45k total

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Posted: Sat, 07/11/2020 16:45 (2 Years ago)
I love this idea!

As for the value of Retro pokemon, to make it harder why not make it so that they don't show up unless the rumble areas are a certain level?
For example you could make it so that retro pokemon become available at lvl 20 and the chances of them showing up increase slightly every 5 or 10 levels? You could also make it like a legendary map where you have to fight them and win so you can get them.

All of these would increase the difficulty while also keeping it possible for new players and making for another interesting challenge/intro to legendary maps and would help to avoid lowering the value too much.

I really like the idea with having the legendary birds being weather dependant.
What about the special evolution rumble areas?
What about a tiny increase to the chances of finding a shiny retro if you send the same (normal) retro on a rumble expedition?

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Posted: Fri, 30/10/2020 18:05 (2 Years ago)
Do you sell your non shiny/mega crystal aggron? Because I would be interested in the normal events.

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Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 15:14 (2 Years ago)
Zombies ^^

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Posted: Mon, 19/10/2020 20:38 (2 Years ago)
From the leftover events can I please buy:
Chocoluv Male
Jolly jr Female U (only buying if it's female)

for 60k PD

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Posted: Sun, 11/10/2020 18:34 (2 Years ago)
I need a Shiny!
Username: Pantherra
Pokemon/s: 2 Rattata
Payment: 80k pd

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Posted: Sat, 10/10/2020 13:25 (2 Years ago)

I'm selling all the Alolan pokemon in my Up for trade box



1 pokemon I'm missing for my Johto or Kanto dex


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Posted: Wed, 07/10/2020 21:02 (2 Years ago)
Your Username: Pantherra
Pokemon: Shiny Venonat (I know I ordered one already, I decided I wanted a second shiny Venonat after seeing a shiny Venomoth, sorry ^^')
Breeder: Leapy
How Many: 2 Venonat total (including my previous order here)
Gender: Either
Payment: 4 Nebula Stones

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Posted: Tue, 06/10/2020 21:57 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Sun, 04/10/2020 02:01 (2 Years ago)
How much are alolan pokemon worth?

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