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Posted: Mon, 08/11/2021 08:14 (1 Year ago)
I'm gonna go ahead and look at these thinking I don't gain any powers and am a regular human as in our reality.

Pokemon: I'll gladly enter this world. Start my journey, care for super powerful creatures and have them beat up other people's creatures... It would be more responsibility than the video games, though.
Mario: I'm not sure I'm interested in this world. I'm not doing whole parkour to get to where I want to go.
Sonic: I might be willing to enter. I can survive against robots, especially if I get any sort of weapons that exist. Scenery might be cool, and probably not necessarily needing to run too fast. Vehicles exist.
FNAF: Basically real life if Chuck E Cheese was evil and possessed. I could maybe look for a career in my own evil animatronic business.
Undertale: Since I'm not getting determination powers, I'll have to pass. Assuming I did though, I'd basically do what Flowey did.
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chances of making a demon ink army would probably be slim. Might be more likely I get killed, and I'm not sure how reliable conventional weapons are going to be
RWBY: I'm least familiar with this, but apparently there are monsters around? I don't think I'll enter here unless someone convinces me otherwise.
Dragon Ball Z: Yeah, I'm not dealing with an alien Mewtwo or a giant gum alien. It's not like I'm firing a Kamehameha, and even the nonsense that Mr Satan has is not comparable.

Basically, I'd definitely be in Pokemon, probably Sonic, maybe FNAF or Bendy, not anything else.

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Posted: Mon, 08/11/2021 07:42 (1 Year ago)
First Pokemon game that I can remember... probably Pokemon Stadium on the N64. I had also bought a strategy guide once since my young self had no idea what types and basic strategy were. If I had played it now, I'd definitely be able to beat it by myself.

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Posted: Mon, 08/11/2021 07:30 (1 Year ago)
Mawile is my favorite Pokemon. She's just a deceivingly cute girl with a giant maw that could either act like some kind of pet or a scary thing you don't want to get bitten by. Given Mega Evolution, also solid for competitive use.

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Posted: Mon, 08/11/2021 02:48 (1 Year ago)
Dude above me is probably an evil trainer. At least like Blue/Gary.

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Posted: Mon, 08/11/2021 00:53 (1 Year ago)
This suggestion doesn't seem popular at all... Well, 30 approving votes and like 8 non-approving/neutral votes. I can't see why someone who hates a type of Pokemon being in charge of them. The idea of the Bug Hatching contest is which ones are rare, pretty, and talented, and Misty would likely set all the points close to 0 regardless (or if you wanted which one she dislikes the most... which would that be?). I can see Dawn working for the beauty contest though (I believe that was her chosen path as a trainer), or even Serena.

As for more of these NPCs as profiles, I can't entirely see the point at least personally. However, there's already a 'dawn' in the user base (who had 13 minutes of online time when she first joined 7 years ago, about 2 years before this suggestion started existing, and never again). That'll be a problem. If a name's already taken, we can't exactly make another one under that same name.

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Posted: Sun, 07/11/2021 23:49 (1 Year ago)
You'll hopefully start to notice it go up after some hours when you keep doing tasks. Higher levels probably take longer to get through though.

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Posted: Sun, 07/11/2021 23:27 (1 Year ago)
Concentration, probably the best value without any risk if you don't completely suck at it. Treasure Hunt is decent enough I feel for its cost, though I feel like the rewards could be a tiny bit higher at least for returning game chips. The one I dislike most is High/Low. Too many rounds need to be won before you get a profit.

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Posted: Sun, 07/11/2021 22:46 (1 Year ago)
You can only have one egg from the Bug Hatching minigame at a time. Make sure any eggs that came from the contest are hatched, then it'll let you play the minigame again and get a new egg. Not sure what pages you're trying to get to though.

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Posted: Sun, 07/11/2021 18:52 (1 Year ago)
Me please.

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 21:33 (1 Year ago)
Very well. So what do I do? Or did I come here too late?

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 20:28 (1 Year ago)
Anime and hope are the two greatest things to exist in this world.

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 20:25 (1 Year ago)
Yeah, I'm not sure if it's clear what I'm supposed to do. I've tried a few things, but I have no idea how to get to these words. Can I discuss what I've figured out so far?

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 11:40 (1 Year ago)
So I've still got a lot of time to get dream points? Good to know.

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 11:35 (1 Year ago)
So when there's a plushie I need to spend dream points to get in a limited time, like the current one ending at November 6th, is that ending when the 6th starts, or when the 6th ends and the 7th starts?

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Posted: Thu, 04/11/2021 21:30 (1 Year ago)
I can click decently fast, though I think the site loading the next Pokemon/eggs is what keeps me from going that fast. Keybinding clicks probably wouldn't help much.

Although I'd like to make certain; is using two separate devices to independently do clicklists considered bad? Or multiple windows to do 6 clicklists on a touchscreen laptop?

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Posted: Thu, 04/11/2021 21:01 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Thu, 04/11/2021 00:49 (1 Year ago)
Very well then.

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Posted: Wed, 03/11/2021 19:59 (1 Year ago)
I do not have a shiny radar or anything, although I'm wondering if it were possible to shiny chain one of the Pokemon you could get from the Bug Hatching contest. The eggs wouldn't break the chain, but if I did a Heracross for my chain, each Heracross egg could be chained, right?

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Posted: Wed, 03/11/2021 00:22 (1 Year ago)
Hey guys, Vaporeon is the most compatible. Easily the best Eeveelution, and good for battle teams probably.

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Posted: Tue, 02/11/2021 20:46 (1 Year ago)
The chance of a shiny appearing I believe is near 1/6000 on Pokeheroes. Don't know about the retros appearing though or how they're weighted.

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