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Posted: Sat, 05/11/2022 05:15 (1 Month ago)
Bumping this thread! Maybe more so just Weekly goals, as Kazy recommended, to gain some EP instead of daily so it's an encouraging goal for even the most casual player to get a chance at gaining more EP.

Also have another idea as a way to get event points, it's a bit of a tangent. It'd make a ton of sense if participating in Event Distributions also rewarded you with some Event Points. I mean.. viewing Wondercards literally leads you to the Event Shop so some tie-in with that would be awesome so it's more like "Hey! You got some points from this distibution- now go check out the shop!!" That way you get people excited and let them see that they can actually take advantage of the shop one day with being active instead of seeing the shop as a "you have to be lucky or have a way of income to even use this.." which makes that certain part of the site obsolete to many. You'd have to workout the range of points rewarded for that but I say 20ep or more sounds small but also like a decent amount to grind for over time, as to not make them too easy to get, since Events seem to happen fairly often. It'd also likely get more people interested in participating in events they may not even be a fan of because of that added reward. I think the most wondercards I got in one single event was 7, so times that by 20 is still small, but an improvement compared to a total of 0 in months to a year without me opening any mystery boxes.

Or just an overhaul of the entire shop. The prices seem almost exorbitant, although it may be the main source of income to keep the site afloat along with premium, cuffs, etc.. it could still be that way, but also made more fair or worth it.

This is the math without taking the 'discounts' into consideration, so just at face value-
Event Pass costs are crazy high when there are so many mons with second and third evolutions on the site and constantly being added. Take a Common Pass for example- it's 30k EP. And say you wanted to hunt the entire line of Catercream. That's 3 mons in total.
Quote*An Event Pass expires, when...
... you break your Shiny-Event Pokéradar Chain
... you hatch your first Shiny Event
This means you can only get one Shiny per Event Pass.

3,000 nuggets = 30,000 EP
So you would have to spend 9,000 nuggets in total in order to get the full line if you wanted to hunt solely through event pass. That's more than Premium. 8k nuggets gets you a years worth of Premium, 11 retro starter vouchers, a mew voucher and an extra 2 months premium on top of those. While 9k nuggets used on a Pass can.. what..? help an unlucky chain go faster or surprise you with a quick hunt that feels like a devastating loss. (yes i'm being melodramatic lol) But I don't believe the shinies of these events even come close to how much you spend to get it if you did go that route. So this may just be me having a blind eye bc it seems more wasteful than cruddy mobile games in retrospect, but I don't think many would go out of their way to spend any actual money on that.

A rebalance is a much needed and welcome thing- so many things have gotten improvements over the years, it'd be amazing to see one on this in the future. The Event Pass prices. The Nuggets to Event Pass conversion rate. The amount of points needed to just buy a single egg of an event in the shop: Highest is Special/Legendary. 6,500 EP = 650 nuggets = roughly 1.2m PD at the going rate of 1,900 per nugget.. which, to say the least, is absolutely no where near the worth of those mons

The last time I spent money on this site was when I was a dumb teen :-[ I'd like to throw more money at it in support, more specifically I'd like to take advantage of the Event Shop but it's just not feasible with the current imbalance going on with it.

***Bonus Suggestion: Maybe introduce an Event Flute in favor of scrapping event passes or just added support for event hunt?

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Posted: Sun, 16/10/2022 19:51 (1 Month ago)
sorry i didn't find this one before submitting another suggestion just like it aa

I'll just copy and paste my thought on it-

A search feature similar to the GTS and Auction House would be a super helpful addition to the Pokemon Recovery Tool.

Say you're a user who has hatched & released a ton of Pokemon and later on you're trying to complete a dex/need a certain mon for a task such as Furfrou Salon, or a Rumble Area and you're having a hard time finding someone selling/breeding/trading them + you're currently stuck on a radar hunt (some can take more than a year..!). But you know you hatched and released said mon in the past- instead of browsing through page after page of possibly years of released mons, you can just search for it specifically.

Bonus points if the search function could work like the Gem Collector's, allowing you to type the name of the pokemon instead of scrolling but either way would be a greatly appreciated.

Yes Ctrl + F is a feature but it doesn't solve the problem of having to click to the next page until you finally find it. It's 30 mons per page you're able to look at, and say you have released 20,000 that would be about 833 pages to idividually look through.

That may not be the most common problem ever, but this little addition to this feature might be appreciated by some and in the long run

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Posted: Fri, 07/10/2022 21:07 (2 Months ago)
Sending <3

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Posted: Tue, 23/08/2022 23:05 (3 Months ago)
Goodluck to everyone with this event! Since Shaymin is here so long, just give it your best shot and you're bound to get atleast 1 😉 Don't forget to take breaks and collect your DP~

I'm glad there's a way to increase shiny chance with the plushies, awesome addition!

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Posted: Sun, 07/08/2022 00:19 (4 Months ago)
This journal series will consist of short stories, character ideas, story building, and other writing ideas that may come up! I may even share dreams I’ve had :>

Other things I’ll be adding to this forum will be occasional art I’m proud of, and maybe even link back to my fav Pokémon here, new and old 💪🏻

I’ll do a get to know me post before anything else~ 💖

Hoping to grow my writing skills and reignite my love for writing 🥰 Enjoy the ride, hopefully it’ll be a good one that I don’t let gather dust ✍️

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Posted: Sun, 17/07/2022 01:56 (4 Months ago)
There's just been a delay or bug, currently we're having to wait on Riako to awaken to fix it ;v;
i could be wrong but i believe something similar has happened before with a delayed event due to it not being set to activate at reset and had to be manually done

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 05:16 (5 Months ago)
I agree in a sense. I had to ask a quick question to verify before I added on to this, but I believe items like the King’s Rod and such should be able to be acquired in some way, shape, or form. Or else it’s just going to sit there greyed out and never achievable? (I can’t think of another item that may be like that) Since I don’t believe events ever repeat, it should definitely be sold in the item shop as a key item or just be unlockable in some way after the event has ended. Event shop would be a good place as well, as it’d atleast give me a way to spend some points instead of hoping to get a hunt voucher, as just buying the one event mon isn’t usually worth it. It’s easier to get PD to buy from a user than it is to get those points up, imo.

Or maybe add yet another reason to fish, and make that mysterious silver box that shows up when viewing mystery items a useful thing. It could have a very low rate at popping up and then be riddled with some event points, kings rod, azure flute, game chips, gems, (other event items there may be), fragments of a rumble map or radar that you have to get enough pieces to make the map or radar that can lead to some of the retros you can’t get (unless I’m mistaken and you can still get all the retros, then don’t mind that part, I’m always learning the game no matter how long I’m here :P)

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Posted: Mon, 04/07/2022 17:01 (5 Months ago)
I like it- Picasso! This turned out crazy xP

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 00:15 (5 Months ago)
Absolutely hype for this, Riako! Congrats on a long-running game! Excited to see what the new game will be :3c

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Posted: Thu, 23/06/2022 16:12 (5 Months ago)
Appreciate the updates, CatLady and working as diligently as you are with your schedule! You can beat that crazy deadline, I know it'll be super rewarding when you can relax 🤗

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Posted: Mon, 13/06/2022 21:52 (5 Months ago)
Count me in!! And as one time before, I am down to be a backup artist as well! 💖

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Posted: Thu, 02/06/2022 18:19 (6 Months ago)

Pokemon I don't want! (up to five): mr. mime, diglett, cramorant, corsola, cufant
[OPTIONAL + extra costs]Additional Pokemon*: none
[OPTIONAL + extra costs]Theme/Moodboard*: aH none, go crazy- your designs have been calling to me everytime i see one pop up on TH QwQ 💖💖

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Posted: Fri, 27/05/2022 04:50 (6 Months ago)
I'd say 2/10 since you're new here uwu

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Posted: Fri, 27/05/2022 04:41 (6 Months ago)

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Posted: Fri, 27/05/2022 04:40 (6 Months ago)
clicking uwu

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Posted: Sat, 26/02/2022 23:34 (9 Months ago)
Let's dig this up from the grave 😉

It's kind of tragic the royal tunnel was the only thing to come of this suggestion or to be considered related to it. I love the ideas of the previous user and also had some ideas to build on or add into consideration to bring this idea to fruition possibly?

Kudos to the players who can get through the royal tunnel and not be too frustrated with it. I try to avoid it since the certain egg questions are unfair, in my opinion (take that super light-heartedly as I just have memory problems in general and pay no mind to egg steps in the first place lol).

Diamond and Pearl are clearly what it's taking inspiration for and I love the idea to be able to mine and have another 'interactive' type of mini-game on this site. The Safari Zone is a good example of being interactive and relating to the games, as well as fishing. I feel a mining type game with those feels would be awesome on the site if possible! If it's deemed different enough from the Royal Tunnel, that is. (Biased opinion; it is). Inspiraion from another site sparked this revival attempt, as it got me to return to the game as I was drifting away from it.

User CarpetMonster was able to get the visiual idea across almost perfectly. Ofcourse, have one of the awesome artists of the site add more detail to give that underground/cave wall look to it.

Will you change up the mechanics of it a little bit?
Will you have the supplies be collected in a rumble mission to be able to mine? Will you give the users a limited amount of supplies to mine with a day, or limited energy a day to mine much like the Emera Beach? (Building off that idea, if you were to go that route, there could be an NPC you buy energy bars, trail mix or energy drinks from in that section of PH much like the Los Seashellos Resturaunt). Or you could stick with the mechanics of the underground and have the wall collapse/break/end after a certain amount of mining or however that worked. Much like the Tall grass set up or concentration game, the bigger the area to mine, the rarer the items found can be? Of course if that were the case it'd be a great game to be trolled on if you were to always go for the biggest area to mine when limited ;)

Certain items that can be found can include, but are not limited to: Gems, Fossils, Pokeballs, Relic coins, Evolution Stones, certain form change items (orbs or dynamax crystals. Leave out the bigger, more sought out ones unless in the bigger, rarer mine with little chance to get), Arceus Plates, Maybe even mystery keys or boxes if you're feeling nice.

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Posted: Sat, 05/02/2022 00:01 (10 Months ago)
Take care of yourself!
Could I snatch up shiny minun, shiny togedemaru, and shiny pachirisu

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Posted: Wed, 15/12/2021 05:35 (11 Months ago)
this guy in chunky charcoal :> would pay with nuggets~

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Posted: Tue, 16/11/2021 06:17 (1 Year ago)
also the ability to delete comments in your own thread would be great qwq

imagine someone comes to your thread with spam or something that doesn't sit right with you but not necessarily reportable (even if it is, I'm not sure if it gets deleted or not, unless it's like a curse word or something extremely offensive) then it'd be great to get that nonsense out of your thread. or just to be able to tidy up from time to time if that's what you wanna do

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Posted: Tue, 16/11/2021 05:40 (1 Year ago)
bumping this, cause i still feel like it's a good idea <3

and there could be a limit to how many gamechips you can get a day and once that meter fills up you could still do them just wont earn any chips? if the gamechip economy is the concern

if not then it's just a nice way to earn that type of currency

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