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Trainerpoints: 11,346/18,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Camerupt)
7641,131,430 / 1,753,381
Gem Goblin
(Mega Sableye)
1,2492,856,812 / 5,583,117
(Mega Venusaur)
9703,168,396 / 3,361,718
Alibastor [3OS]
(Mega Abomasnow)
2,4273,602,340 / 22,097,836
(Mega Gyarados)
486776,167 / 887,559
Clawfa593,003 / 8,497

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Trainer ID: #149564505
Registration: 18/01/2017 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Jan/2024
Game Time: 2907:38 Hours
Total interactions: 10,434,797
Money: 1,496,064
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


No coughing from the dogs so far tonight, I guess the warm water and honey actually helped a bit- gotta make sure to give them some more tomorrow, maybe morning and before bedtime unless I hear more coughing midday 🤔

Also wish i could find a used copy of scarlet or violet to get them a little cheaper for myself for my birthday that’s coming up :”D been super tempted to give them a try now
Today, 03:33
I hate that vets won't give meds for other dogs if they say one of yours has something super contagious.

2 of my dogs starting coughing so we're thinking kennel cough. But one of them isn't leash trained at all and is a great dane so very strong, very heavy and can yank an arm out of the socket in fear. So we couldn't take him. We told them this and they still said even if one of them is diagnosed with kennel cough they won't give enough meds for the other one... wtf. so we're in a dilemma.
Ordered some homeopet cough med for them bc their stuff worked before for another thing so hopefully it can help surpress their cough so they're not hurting themself and hope it doesn't get worse.... bc we can't find a mobile vet that isn't 500$ and don't really see the point in going to vet for 1 rn w/ something highly contagious that they'd catch again if the other dog didn't get better..... ugh.

It says it can go away. So going to watch them for a week and then figure something out vet-wise.
Yesterday, 23:01
LF Ground gems buying @ 475 per
just set up a PT and I'll offer 👉👈
1 Day ago
#SpectralArchives 🌺
4 Days ago
Idk why I've never watched anyone play the last of us, but we started watching the show and it makes me want to now
5 Days ago
Even though I didn't like the update, the outcome of just having him delete it all instead of a convo about it isn't the best. But all parties [involved] are to be blamed for that. Could have been an OT dex reward compromise or something like a few other people suggested.

Also. Having a different opinion and being vocal about it doesn't = harrassment. This site has a social side with many different people with different opinions. Ofc they were going to use their feeds to voice them. Unless they were PMing Riako, spamming the forums with complaints of it, or commenting on every feed of his not mentioning the update- it's free for all. People being upset on his passive-aggressive feed does not count as harrasment, he opened up that can himself with the way he went about it. But also don't forget he's a human too. Actually- we're all human here so a little more respectful conversations or arguments could be done but we can't forget a lot of kids are here.
5 Days ago
Nvm poll is gone

by riako in minor updates (subscribe to that forum)
"40% rule (see previous post) has been removed since it apparently upset too many users. Sorry about that. imo it was a fair balance, but it's definitely not worth the headaches it's giving me (and apparently some of you)"
5 Days ago
Riako put a poll up so if you're opposed to the change or just feel it's unnecessary you can go vote //or if you're for it

c'est la vie
5 Days ago
Us rn
6 Days ago
Patience and spending time at the AH to find the mons you need while on a [long] hunt isn't effort ig (not that I currently do that since focusing my pd on gems rn)

How many people were actually mass trading entire dexes?? (*excluding the hisui. bc it's small. and expensive. so makes sense)

I only saw feeds of people asking for the last few for help I must be really be absent in the social side
6 Days ago
Wow I just remembered that as a kid I was eating Scooby Doo ‘sore throat relief strips’ like candy thinking they were just breath strips

Either way they were delicious definitely not getting hit with memories of childhood “snacks” as a kid
6 Days ago
Is there any snack still out that’s similar to Yogos??

I have a craving for that type of snack but ik those things been discontinued forever
6 Days ago
Oops I shoulda bought and borrowed mons for my dex before this update x”D

Now I gotta make sure to have enough OT mons 🤷🏻‍♀️ guess it’ll keep on waiting
7 Days ago
It’s so tempting to just break this chain and try for the last 2 shinies another time :”)
7 Days ago
5 hours without another egg.. with perfect pair, money in, and a flute :”)
10 Days ago
All caught up with Demon Slayer, kinda love Gyutaro he was cool
13 Days ago
Oh ya- I went to doc today finally
strep was negative but they said it was very irritated lookin, red, etc. so they just gave me an antibiotic that treats a few diff things 🤷‍♀️
14 Days ago
I still haven’t gone to the doc since I said my throat hurts. Which it still does maybe I’ll go tomorrow/today since it’s nearly 5am rn 🥲

My bf hasn’t gotten sick so it’s making me think it’s just me being dramatic since I’m not contagious but it’s prob worth getting checked huh
15 Days ago
Alright I'm intrigued
can't wait to see what's done with origami 👀
16 Days ago

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