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Posted: Sun, 23/02/2020 21:14 (3 Years ago)
@Tsukoyomi and @Cosmixx

Accepted! Please remove the password from the password

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Posted: Sun, 23/02/2020 10:01 (3 Years ago)
Look at my team, Cynda!
Username: Expelliarmus_Heyo
Trainer: B2/W2 Lady
Pokemon 1: Tsareena
Pokemon 2: Sylveon
Pokemon 3: Aggron
Pokemon 4: Altaria
Pokemon 5: Pyukumuku
Pokemon 6: Boltund
Other: Welcome back and thanks!~
Password: Spearmint!

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Posted: Sun, 23/02/2020 08:10 (3 Years ago)
Hello [insert character name here]! You and a handful of special others have been delightfully chosen to be invited to our wonderful month-long Cruise to the Lost Island! Not to worry, every expense is paid for. As you have gotten the VIP ticket, all we want is for YOU to be comfortable as we have fun on our way!

Be sure to bring this letter and an ID, and we'll be cruising along!

Hope to see you there!

Sincerely, SS. Dreadnaught Captain

You stare at the letter in the mail. You don't recall having entered any giveaway, yet this Captain knows your name. You rack your head as to why their letter seems so strange, and yet nothing seems out of the ordinary, aside from the special being unitalicized. Being one born with special powers, you guess that you could take a break from all the questions tossed at you every time you walk down the street. So, why not go on the cruise?

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1. Please don't go overboard with your special ability. OP stuff isn't allowed.
2. Max 2 characters per person
3. No Bunnying.
4. I have every right to decline your form.
5. Try not to make your lines too short, at least like 2 lines will do.
6. PH rules apply.
7. Password is Marsh.
8. Have fun!

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Special Power:

My Form:
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Username: Expelliarmus_Heyo
Name: Charles "Shiver" Derrickson
Age: 22
Appearance: White hair, glasses, purple fur coat, dark blue pants. His eyes are cold blue.
Gender: M
Sexuality: Hetero
Special Power: He can cool the air around him a good -10 degrees. He can also shoot ice bullets from his hands.
Password: (im the owner i know my own password)
Others: He has a yoyo around his belt loop.

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Posted: Sun, 23/02/2020 04:13 (3 Years ago)
No plot huh? I like that.

Username: Expelliarmus_Heyo
Name: Damien
Nickname: n/a
Pokemon(s): Fur Durr(Furret), Dennis (Genesect).
Gender: M
Age: 19

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Posted: Mon, 20/01/2020 09:59 (3 Years ago)
(Is there a recap sorry)

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Posted: Sun, 19/01/2020 09:58 (3 Years ago)
"Wouldn't it be funny if there was someone also there as we rounded around the corner?" Frank said to Dr. Doomsday, whom he let out. They were both enjoying a scone. As they rounded the corner, however, they saw a girl with what appeared to be a Mewtwo. "Heh." Dr. Doomsday grinned. "OI! You there! With the Mewtwo!" Frank yelled. He rushed up to her.

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Posted: Sun, 19/01/2020 05:52 (3 Years ago)
"I think we've arrived?" Frank said to his pokemon. He double checked his letter. "Are we too early..? Return, everyone." He said, putting them all in their pokeballs. "Maybe everyone's late? Eh, maybe I'll take a walk."

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Posted: Sun, 19/01/2020 03:48 (3 Years ago)
"Bloody Giratina, I hate boats." Suzie Q, Frank's Lopunny, sighed. "C'mon, its only 4 weeks." Pepper, his Sceptile, replied to her. All the Pokemon were packing stuff.

"You all ready to go?" Frank called out. Many yesses, yups, and one "WAHAHAHA, BUT OF COURSE!" were heard. "Well, guess we gotta head to the address."

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Posted: Sun, 19/01/2020 03:21 (3 Years ago)
Frank stared at the letter. "Really, a cruise? I don't recall signing up for any competitions or the such." He muttered to himself. "S. S Ivory?" He thought. "That isn't real, isn't it?" He asked his Genesect, Dennis.

"Apparently it is. It showed up on the databases." Dennis replied.

"Huh. Guess I should start packing." Frank said. He smirked. "A vacation can't be too bad."

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Posted: Sun, 19/01/2020 01:22 (3 Years ago)
Name: Frank Everred
Character's ID number: 441221
Character's appearnce (use image if desired): Short, with crimson hair. Wears a variety of outfits, but the things in common with all of them is that he always wears a red scarf and a handkerchief around his wrist.
Age: 18
Gender: M
Sexuality: Hetero
Status: Alive
Known titles if any (if none put NA): "That Guy That Captured Genesect" (Helped Team Plasma out), "Delta Savior" (Captured Deoxys), "The Knight" (Has all 4 of the Musketeer Pokemon)
Power (something subtle): Can understand Pokemon Speech.
Home Region: Born in Hoenn, but he's been to every region.
Partner (Any starter from curent or past games ONLY): Pepper, a Sceptile
Gender and Gigamaxable (Galarains for Gigamaxables only!): Female, No Gmax
Current Party:
Pepper (Sceptile)- Sceptilite, Leaf Storm|Dragon Pulse|Leech Seed|Bullet Seed
Doug Barker (Boltund)-Magnet, Wild Charge|Nuzzle|Play Rough|Crunch
Suzie Q (Lopunny)- Lopunnnite, Return|Fake Out|High Jump Kick|Ice Punch
Dr. Doomsday (Shiny Ledian)- King's Crown, Power Up Punch|Drain Punch|Infestation|Knock Off
Dennis (Genesect)- Shock Drive, Techno Blast|Bug Buzz|Flash Cannon|Extreme Speed
Shank (Aegislash)- Leftovers, King's Shield|Iron Head|Sacred Sword|Shadow Sneak
Anything extra: Eevee. Also he has a few more pokemon in his box, such as a Deoxys, Nidoking, etc. And he has no idea how dynamaxing works.

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Posted: Sat, 11/05/2019 21:21 (4 Years ago)
They fell in love, Cynda!
Username: Expelliarmus_Heyo
Pokemon 1: Furret
Pokemon 2: Sylveon
Blush on Pokemon 1: no
Blush on Pokemon 2: yes
Eyes closed or opened on Pokemon 1: closed
Eyes closed or opened on Pokemon 2: closed
How many hearts would you like: 7
What color would you like the heart(s) to be: brown
Other: nothing, thanks in advance
Password: Pressure

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Posted: Sat, 11/05/2019 00:00 (4 Years ago)
Both accepted! Ill send the rp link in a little while, I've been busy... sorry!

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Posted: Fri, 03/05/2019 22:28 (4 Years ago)
U could advertise... but its up to you

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Posted: Wed, 01/05/2019 00:07 (4 Years ago)
(Recap? Ive been busy sorry)

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Posted: Sun, 28/04/2019 23:18 (4 Years ago)
"I second that, if the leader is alright with it." Ethan said, glancing at Kimaru. "But first, what's everyone's names?"

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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 07:40 (4 Years ago)
Pupupu, it's execution time, Cynda!
Username: Expelliarmus_Heyo
Pokemon: Dodrio
Other: Thanks!
Password: Pressure

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Posted: Tue, 23/04/2019 22:16 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 23/04/2019 02:32 (4 Years ago)
"Freezing." Ethan muttered.

Ty grinned. "See, I knew I sensed a cold spot!"

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Posted: Mon, 22/04/2019 23:31 (4 Years ago)
Accepted! We just need about 2 more then we'll start.

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Posted: Mon, 22/04/2019 09:31 (4 Years ago)

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