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Posted: Wed, 05/01/2022 02:13 (5 Months ago)
Box#: 7-dusclops holding Reaper cloth
Box#: 7-Sneasel holding razor fang
Box#: 6-seadra holding dragon scale
Box#: 5-rhyhorn holding protector
Box#: 26-gligar holding razor fang

payment-25 ground gems
Anything else?: Tysm!

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Posted: Thu, 23/12/2021 01:35 (6 Months ago)

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Posted: Thu, 23/12/2021 01:25 (6 Months ago)
What shiny[s] do you wish to order?:castform
Quantity of shiny?:1
Choice of Payment?:1 ruby +60 nuggets
Breeder of Shiny?:ONIKITSUNE

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Posted: Sun, 12/12/2021 04:42 (6 Months ago)
Hi I Would like to order a Shiny / Mega - Able!
Pokemon Which Needed:shiny steelix
Amount of Slots:i
PP/PM: yes

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Posted: Sat, 11/12/2021 13:02 (6 Months ago)

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Posted: Sat, 11/12/2021 12:59 (6 Months ago)
Can I buy a hitmontop?

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Posted: Sat, 11/12/2021 06:44 (6 Months ago)
why is this here in sell26

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Posted: Fri, 03/12/2021 00:00 (6 Months ago)
sell 25 -delibird
payment- 5 ground gems

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Posted: Thu, 02/12/2021 23:20 (6 Months ago)

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Posted: Thu, 02/12/2021 08:55 (6 Months ago)
Can I buy

Sell 24=2x Swelluhodo
Payment=5 ground gems

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Posted: Sun, 21/11/2021 23:05 (7 Months ago)
Can I buy 1x reveal glass?

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Posted: Wed, 17/11/2021 00:15 (7 Months ago)
Hi I Would like to order a Shiny / Mega - Able!
Username: DavidplayZ
Breeder: Fluffystar
Pokemon Which Needed: mega-able beedrill
Amount of Slots:
PP/PM: maybe

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Posted: Wed, 17/11/2021 00:06 (7 Months ago)
i have a shiny zubat

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 09:19 (7 Months ago)
What are your pokemon?

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 09:14 (7 Months ago)
can I order a Escavalier if available

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Posted: Tue, 02/11/2021 08:21 (7 Months ago)
Hey Moon, I want a lovely Pokémon :3
Username: davidflames
Pokémon you want: Unown D
Specific nature: any
Others: none

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Posted: Tue, 02/11/2021 07:18 (7 Months ago)
Please evolve my Karrablast!
Amount of Pokémon to evolve
Comment (optional):thank you

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Posted: Wed, 27/10/2021 04:36 (8 Months ago)
Can i buy a slyveon male pls

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Posted: Mon, 25/10/2021 00:34 (8 Months ago)
can i buy some carbos

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Posted: Thu, 21/10/2021 03:32 (8 Months ago)

Hey Pichu! I want some free pokemon!
Username -davidflames
Pokemon -Shieldon
Gender (if i have multiple) -female
will you set up pt? -yes
anything you wanna say? -no

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