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Posted: Mon, 25/04/2022 22:46 (24 Days ago)
I had to, my phone is an older model and it took to much space (about 20gb) and I hadn't played in over a month so yeah lol. But I could handoff my acc for dailies but eh

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Posted: Mon, 25/04/2022 15:53 (24 Days ago)
I'm not even gonna lie, I deleted Genshin for the time being but grats to you all on the pulls tho

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Posted: Sat, 23/04/2022 18:23 (26 Days ago)
oh man... at least knowing how to find em at all is helpful but the milestones are //wipes sweat off of forehead//

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Posted: Mon, 28/03/2022 22:00 (1 Month ago)
I hatched this cute XXY Chocolate baby with Primal Eyes like a day or two ago, but it's in the AH for some Treasure but if any of you guys are interested or want a different payment method I'm 100% ok with that :)

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Posted: Mon, 21/03/2022 21:29 (1 Month ago)
Element Locked... that's... great. so you really only grind certain areas for some genes since some elements would be most common or not at all etc.

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Posted: Mon, 21/03/2022 21:01 (1 Month ago)
I haven't gone for the Coli genes, do they really have such low drops? QwQ

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Posted: Sat, 05/03/2022 20:57 (2 Months ago)
I see, thank you! but I managed to get some Treasure genes on her and I bred them together, their babies when previewed were super cute so I'm excited!

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Posted: Fri, 04/03/2022 23:18 (2 Months ago)
Anyone want to swap PD for treasure? (idk the typical conversion rate but I need treasure to gene up a new girl I bought)

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 20:32 (2 Months ago)
it's so fugly yet so cute

like the Pug effect lol

I'm just tryna scry my Female Abb and lord her Tert color is the WORST Bubblegum is so hard to work with lol

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 19:47 (2 Months ago)
they released while I was asleep!!! Ahh they're so cool!!! >:0

EDIT: I breed changed two of my Dragons and I'm very happy cos I had no idea what to do with em and now... they look fabulous! I just gotta scry the genes and see what looks best for em but omg

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 05:37 (2 Months ago)
Have you guys seen the news? I'm hoping it's a joint Plague/Nature Ancient dragon! tbh idrk what to expect but I'm excited anyways >w<

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 21:30 (2 Months ago)
That's true, some comps are more recommended cos they're more utiliable or have more dps etc, but as long as you can clear there's technically no 'wrong' way

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 19:27 (2 Months ago)
I like running EC Comps with Hydro Swirl (courtesy of Venti + Xing) and Bursting with Raiden into it, easy gg

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 19:15 (2 Months ago)
ye, I use Benny for buffs in a comp with my Raiden, if he c6'd it would throw it off and cause overload consistently which is unneeded for most mobs and areas. But for all Pyro comps it would prolly work out well so who knows?

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 18:45 (2 Months ago)
c6 Benny doesn't exist

jk but yeah lots of cons give nice buffs that can take a lot of units from lower tiers up higher

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 17:57 (2 Months ago)
Another Example could be c2 Raiden cos her extreme Def Shred, mine is personally c0 but the numbers don't lie. But again, most dps units at certain cons can deal insane dmg

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Posted: Mon, 07/02/2022 05:39 (3 Months ago)

I missed Xiao as well.... lol

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Posted: Mon, 07/02/2022 04:02 (3 Months ago)
I kinda want Kazuha but man idk

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Posted: Mon, 07/02/2022 03:13 (3 Months ago)
Grrrrr I lost my 50/50 to Mona who's now c1

guess now I'm gonna get whatever featured I happen to land pity on

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Posted: Wed, 02/02/2022 01:42 (3 Months ago)
I did a Multi on Zhong and only got a c1 Yanfei sheesh, now to try and grind on my potato phone to see if I can summon more

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