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Posted: Wed, 09/02/2022 10:01 (4 Months ago)
21 normal gems mine, offer in pd

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Posted: Tue, 11/05/2021 18:09 (1 Year ago)
Is 4 milions pd a right value for shiny jirachi?

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Posted: Fri, 02/08/2019 09:00 (2 Years ago)
Water gems x99

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Posted: Sun, 29/04/2018 13:26 (4 Years ago)
HI! ^^
I wanna make a raffle for my first year premium account, with retro mew like prize. But I don't know how... can someone help me? ^^

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Posted: Tue, 26/12/2017 11:21 (4 Years ago)

Title: I'm back

New items, new trades!!! Look and palpad me! ^^

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Posted: Fri, 08/12/2017 18:14 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 12:07 (4 Years ago)


Palpad me!^^

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Posted: Mon, 11/09/2017 10:56 (4 Years ago)


But palpad me if interested! please.. :3

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Posted: Tue, 05/09/2017 07:52 (4 Years ago)
600 pd each

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Posted: Mon, 04/09/2017 10:44 (4 Years ago)

Title: @reign_love

Pair Swampras for 35k pd

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Posted: Wed, 30/08/2017 12:53 (4 Years ago)
Hello everybody!!! ^^
I open newest item shop... Actually in work but I'll want to make a smart shop for sell/buy all types of items and pokèmon.. Good job! ^^


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Bug Gem x3
Electric Gem x7
Fighting Gem x13
Flying Gem x12
Grass Gem x18
Ground Gem x17
Normal Gem x6
Poison Gem x3
Rock Gem x17
Water Gem x5
Fire Gem x2
Ghost Gem x3
Ice Gem x6
Psychic Gem x2
Steel Gem x20
Dragon Gem x7
Fairy Gem x2

If you want is possible trade with items I need (look relative section)

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- Cold rock x1
- Stardust x2

If you want is possible trade with items I need (look relative section)

Evo stones
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Gracidea x2
Green orb x1
Blue orb x1
Shell bell x2
Splash plate x1
Iron plate x1
Fire Stone x1
Leaf Stone x4
Oval Stone x2
Thunderstone x4
Water Stone x2
Razor Claw x2
Razor Fang x1
Soothe Bell x1
Sun Stone x2
Dawn Stone x1
Dragon Scale x1
Electirizer x1
Prism Scale x3
Sachet x1
Whipped Dream x1
Everstone x26
Weather Balloon x4

If you want is possible trade with items I need (look relative section)

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Mystery Box (Brown) x4
Mystery Box (Dark Blue) x1
Mystery Box (Green) x2
Mystery Box (Purple) x2

If you want is possible trade with items I need (look relative section)

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Breeding pair of swampras (actually 3x couple)
Breeding pair or single Corsola (male and female)
Shaymin fly forme x1
Phione x1
Female Incineroar x1

If you want is possible trade with items I need (look relative section)


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Normal gems only for trades value 1k pd each
Nugget value 1.3k pd each
Plates I miss value 15k each
Rare candy value 1.5k pd each
Maps or summon items
Mega stones

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All pokèmon I miss
All event I miss
All mega I miss
All shiny I miss
Look this section, price will be decide trought palpad way

Palpad me if interested, comment also here if trade was ok.. ^^
Sometimes I open also an event farm, so ask me for informations.
Good game! ^^

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Posted: Mon, 03/07/2017 08:59 (5 Years ago)

Title: Closing forum

Hi everyone!!
Look new GTS I'll close this forum, is more practical and equal. All my items will be sell in gts from now, if you need something tell my via palpad..
In near future I'll open a new forum from breeding event pokèmon, if interested look my profile in some hours... Thanks to everyone for make this forum great!
Good game at all!!

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Posted: Sat, 01/07/2017 13:28 (5 Years ago)
I would like make a forum when users can ask help for hatch their eggies..
Is it possible? I can make one?

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Posted: Thu, 15/06/2017 14:46 (5 Years ago)

Title: GneGne's item shop

New items in my shop, also an interesting one only with auction. Will win best offer.. Palpad me! :3

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Posted: Mon, 15/05/2017 13:06 (5 Years ago)

Title: New items!

Hi dears!
New items in this shop, take a look.. ;)
Palpad me! ^^

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Posted: Thu, 04/05/2017 12:12 (5 Years ago)
I need 2 flower boy! can anyone sell me them??? Palpad me please! ^^

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Posted: Wed, 29/03/2017 15:11 (5 Years ago)

Title: New items!

Palpad me! ^^

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2017 14:12 (5 Years ago)

Title: New items!

Palpad me and check on all spoilers! ^^

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Posted: Fri, 10/03/2017 19:02 (5 Years ago)

Title: New items!

Palpad me! ^^

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Posted: Tue, 07/03/2017 14:14 (5 Years ago)

Title: Gems andd boxes

New boxes, keys and gems.. palpad me! ^^

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