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Posted: Sat, 01/04/2023 07:56 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Sat, 01/04/2023 07:45 (1 Month ago)
Water / psycic

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Posted: Mon, 27/03/2023 11:05 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz I didn't

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Posted: Sun, 26/03/2023 11:17 (2 Months ago)
Never seen you

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 05:51 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 05:09 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz why

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 05:06 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz that's what I said too...

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 05:03 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz your username is saying the truth you are friendly

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 04:53 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz thanks for the wishes

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 04:51 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz today is my birthday
My day ain't cold today... xD

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 04:47 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz sobble is emotional

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Posted: Sat, 25/03/2023 04:39 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz Dedede

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Posted: Thu, 23/03/2023 05:19 (2 Months ago)
Awesome Idea!!! This should be implemented soon...
Can't Wait
Definitely not Bumping

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 13:40 (2 Months ago)
Could I have:

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 13:29 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz now it's 4

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 13:28 (2 Months ago)
Yes... I like mews.. but a female one plz...Lol

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 09:22 (2 Months ago)
Banned cuz thats bold of you to assume I am made in china, I'm not like you who is stuck in a virtual spaceship(talkin about among us , plz don't take it srsly)

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 08:53 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 08:46 (2 Months ago)
Seen you many times
But since I'm new not as much as I have seen others

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 08:36 (2 Months ago)
Eh, just the number lol

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