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Posted: Sun, 14/07/2024 06:56 (1 Day ago)

Title: I will cheat


Thats 5 posts lol

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Posted: Sun, 14/07/2024 06:51 (1 Day ago)
Can I have one of every vivillion, 1 haxorus, dramanitan cofragius crawadunt gardevoir and unown ! , ?

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Posted: Sun, 14/07/2024 06:30 (1 Day ago)
You found your Google account's credentials(At long last)

*Opens mystery box*(I don'tknowhow, Ihave3darkhluekeysandeveryothercolorbox)

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Posted: Wed, 10/07/2024 17:57 (5 Days ago)
I did higher lower first time 18 in a row. I never did it again

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Posted: Wed, 10/07/2024 09:45 (5 Days ago)
That kinda' makes sense. Thanks! Any other reasons?

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Posted: Mon, 08/07/2024 06:27 (7 Days ago)
Because AI is what I injected into the virus that took over your neighbour's daughter's laptop's SSD's storage hard disc's storage systems' RAM capabilities.

What is the name of the last place you bombe... Never mind. Why didn't you attempt your last job interviewer's daughter's employer's company's co-founder's interview ?

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Posted: Mon, 08/07/2024 06:20 (7 Days ago)

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Posted: Mon, 08/07/2024 06:05 (7 Days ago)
You're banned for having 2 water types and a fire type in your pfp

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Posted: Sun, 07/07/2024 07:46 (8 Days ago)
I don't think it should be based on weather. Type boosts, if added, should be like Event start dates, that is to say rare maybe like twice a month max

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2024 12:07 (11 Days ago)


No that is not cheating. If you read the rules, as long as your one click=one click on the system, it's fine. If you put some auto clicker or multi click thing, it's cheating, but you are just using multiple input ways.

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2024 12:05 (11 Days ago)
I recently(few weeks ago) realized while clicking that people gove stuff like protectors to Gyrados' and Soda pops to Skrelps and gems to their mons. But why? Is it for storage? I mean, protector does not evolve Gyrados in some Rhyrados does it now? Are they just out of their minds? Should I be doing it too?

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2024 13:15 (12 Days ago)
K thanks

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2024 12:23 (12 Days ago)
How to obtain destiny bond?

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2024 08:01 (12 Days ago)
Thanks @Koishi.

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2024 04:29 (13 Days ago)
In that case, how can I see Individual Values? I can see stats on Pokémon profile page.

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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2024 16:22 (13 Days ago)
I have 2 Mega-able Pokémon. One is Luxray♂️ and Absol♂️. If I breed either with a non mega-able mon (perfect compatibility), what are the chances of Mega-able child? Do parents matter? Do I need to worry about anything else other than IVs, family and luck?

And if you're willing to give advice, should I keep, auction, trade, or save to trade later?

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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2024 12:19 (13 Days ago)
Hi! I am a touchscreen player, and I've been struggling of late at level 15. The Safari Zone obviously doesn't work on touch screen. Maybe some joystick stuff and buttons like in fishing would work. My biggest problem is berries and seedmaker. The create seeds or whatever button doesn't pop up in the seed maker on touch screen. I have 2 makers, neither are useful on my tablet.

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Posted: Mon, 01/07/2024 18:41 (14 Days ago)
I need PD grinding methods. People with half my level (I'm level 15 rn) have literally 33× my PD. Can anyone help me and tell me the best grinding methods?

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Posted: Mon, 01/07/2024 09:41 (14 Days ago)
Can we please do the Paradox quest if we weren't here for previous ones? I didn't have an account back then, and so many people would agree

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