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Book's Gifts

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Blitz848 5 Years ago
Rowletta Gift for Random User 6 Years ago
Misfitz 6 Years ago
Echo Hihihi 6 Years ago
Toothie <3 6 Years ago
Waltz c: 6 Years ago
Book A Gift of Gratitude 6 Years ago
Book Special reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop. 6 Years ago
Abby Pay-it-forward gif :3 6 Years ago
Kanimi Happy Easter!

From random user plushie sender.
7 Years ago
Sugara ~x3 7 Years ago
nintendou 7 Years ago
Absolites Heya, i'm sending plushies everyday to random people! If you are the lucky one congrats! :) If you want to talk with me, PM me then or maybe add me! I love meeting new people ^_^ 7 Years ago
Iskandar You helped me a lot at the beggining, I could never say thank you enough. If you really leave, I hope you have success on your real life, on whatever you do. A lot of luck, health, peace and happiness for you dude. 7 Years ago
Humza Meow~ 7 Years ago
Iskandar Congrats! (Y) :D 7 Years ago
Humza Welcome back~! 7 Years ago
mojoryan2003 Welcome back! 7 Years ago
Swompy 8 Years ago
LazyHoneydew For being awesome. 8 Years ago
Navuso A warm flame and a caring pokémon~ Thank you for participating in the raffle-turned-giveaway 8 Years ago
ShinyFlygon You asked it, you now got it. 8 Years ago