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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 3,720/13,939

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897955466
Registration: 03/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Jan/2018
Game Time: 4617:44 Hours
Total interactions: 1,023,486
Trainer Battle Stats: 24 won, 12 lost.
Money: 124,834
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


That moment when you didn't (even) check your (recent) Wondertrade History..

Lol. Thanks a lot, A..

Yesterday, 16:470 comments
[ Pokémon GO ]

My First & Second Articuno Encounter..

It's official, Articuno (really) hates me.. Lol.

'Coz my WiFi gave up on me on the 1st encounter and kicked me out of the gym, I did won a "Fast TM" item and those other usual raid stuff though.. like, XP.

The 2nd encounter went kinda okay.. I got back online to see how I'd do since we won the raid, and gotten that "Charged TM" item along with the other raid stuff.

But, that (elusive) Articuno keeps on escaping on the only x8 balls that I've gotten for this raid capture.. ate all of the berries that I baited with it, then just skiddo'ed off.

1 Day ago6 comments
[ Pokémon GO ]

For players around the world, have 48 hours to challenge Lugia at Raid Battles.. starting today.

The next Legendary Pokémon to be released soon is Articuno. No date is mentioned yet.


2 Days ago4 comments
*shakes own fist at Bill 'coz of his (very) high (egg storage) prices*

4 Days ago8 comments
@My Rumblers : Please get me more of these specific ones..

Mystery Key (Brown) = x2

Mystery Box (Dark Blue) = x8

Mystery Key (Green) = x8

Mystery Key (Light Blue) = x17

Mystery Key (Pink) = x3

Mystery Box (Purple) = x2

Mystery Key (Red) = x3

@GTS&AH : Please show me more of these boxes.. at reasonable prices, mind you.

Mystery Box (Gold) x8

@Jacharias : Don't be too tempted to open those boxes yet until you get at least x20 of each colors (except black/silver).

*stubbornly ignores this reminder*

5 Days ago0 comments
The Mystery of the Mew Plushie

Look, your Mew Plushie starts to glow!

Would you like to cuddle it?


This event ends on July 30th.

Aww, that is very cute... It's so fluffy.

Oh, look what's there on the ground! Where did that come from?
You claimed the mysterious egg and placed it in your Party.

8 Days ago3 comments
Fisherman Hat = The old hat of a legendary fisherman who used to be the best angler in Emera Town. Wearing it strongly improves your fishing skills.

*slips this on*

Looks like I gotta try this.. pretty soon.

9 Days ago0 comments
Hm. I just gotten my 8th Mew Plushie, and left with only 7 DP at this moment..


Well, there's always next year.. *sob*

11 Days ago3 comments
Hm. I just quit "procrastinating" for a few minutes to tinker with my PMD-based avatar for a bit, and do a little pixelated customization on it..

Not sure what happened, but it'll be MSPaint's fault if there's anything wrong with it. Lol. Jk.


19 Days ago0 comments
Seeing those custom-made PMD avatars looked so awesome..!

I wonder if someone could do that on mine?

19 Days ago5 comments
That moment when snipers gets you kinda paranoid and/or "triggered" in auctions.. whatever that means. Lol.

*starts to save up PD.. again*

I gotta stop randomly splurge-bidding from that AH.

21 Days ago5 comments
By Speed Click Event -


You made enough interactions during the last Speed Click Events to receive a new forme-change item:
A Secret Sword has been placed in your item bag - it can be used to change the forme of Keldeo to its Resolute forme..!

22 Days ago0 comments
Happy 4th Birthday to :







May your days be always filled with lots of berries and all of those other good stuffs..

22 Days ago0 comments
By PunksNotDeadWeAre -

Okie. Im pretty excited about this. My last raffle, HappyBirthdayDarren, was big. A lot of people bought in and a lot of people won some really good items. But i dont settle for pretty big.

So im officially announcing a new raffle. This time i got together with Thatsweetsin and DarklingModWolf and we are organizing a HUGE raffle. My biggest to date.

Prizes include a mega stone, lots of shinies,nuggets, events and many many more items.

I will be taking tickets starting on monday, and you can buy from any if us. But start sharing #DarkDeadSinRaffle today for an automatic entry.

Trust me, you'll wanna enter.

Sharing the whole post gets ya 2 free entries in the raffle from now until monday morning. You can share it today and tomorrow for maximum entries

23 Days ago0 comments
By Anniversary -

You'll be a member on PokéHeroes for more than 4 Years on July 3rd!

Check out my Raspberry Cupcake?

23 Days ago5 comments

*huggles that certain blue plushie*

Even if this will be the only "shiny" version of it that I could ever have.. guaranteed. Lol.

*still hopes in getting that certain "Shiny Pokémon" on July 17th though*

24 Days ago0 comments
*currently looking for someone to spam plushies for that Mew Plushie event*

24 Days ago13 comments
Hm. I wonder when will I get my own "Anniversary Cupcakes"..?

Would I pick either Vanilla or Raspberry? Yum~!

24 Days ago3 comments
Uhm.. WHAT..?!

*jaw drops way down the floor*

30 Days ago13 comments
Could you #PlzBuyMySpecialPokemonForNuggets so I could buy some flutes?

FYI : LOOKING FOR ACTUAL BUYERS, not for ones that just say that "they will buy" but won't (ever) respond after telling me that "they will buy".

I have x5 Shiny Eevee for sale atm..

I also have x1 Mega-Able Pidgey, x6 Mega-Able Torchic & x2 Shiny Torchic for sale (for nuggets) as well..

Please help me hatch those PFQ eggs, or maybe spare a couple of berries to the ones in my PFQ Fields as well?

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

1 Month ago10 comments



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