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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 4,579/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Killer Frost
736,245 / 16,207
7511,273 / 32,379
Brave Jett
8823,474 / 23,497

Shiny Hunt

About Me

My First Pokémon Party

Hey, Jekki wanna
tell ya sumthin'..

Looking For

x60 | x40 | x30

13k | 50k | 90k | 100k

: | x3 | x4 | |

: | | x4

Gotta Train 'Em All~!

Oh. Hai~!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897955466
Registration: 03/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 6278:04 Hours
Total interactions: 1,781,375
Money: 115,604
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


I hate it when a user posted something about asking a certain Pokémon but giving an outrageous low price for it..

Then, you commented on their feed about the real price of the Pokémon that they were asking for..

After a few hours, the same user PM'ed you about asking for your precious Pokémon.

You checked their profile but, lo and behold, the comments on that said feed were all deleted.

You told them why and they said that didn't happened at all.

Then, you checked their profile page again.. the feed was deleted as well.

Wow. Talk about being creepy.. creepier after denying it so bad they have to delete their own post to prove their accusations on them.

Then, post a "victim card" feed.

*slow claps all around to them*


Today, 00:424 comments
If only hard subjects, like Mathematics.. are shown as Animé or other animated shows, like Pokémon or Digimon.. then, life would be as much easier remember all of those darn brain-busting formulas and other stuffs as remembering all of those 'mons evolutionary formes/attacks. Lol.

Don't mind me.. I'm just currently watching "Digimon Adventures Tri : Loss" on DVD.

Yesterday, 15:499 comments
By Bill -

Oh no, what happened! What did you do with the storage system?!
Damn, everything crashed... Urgh, I hate bugs...
By the way, has this weird egg always been in your party...?

1 Day ago0 comments
Finally, I can totally see and read the :

One of your eggs hatched into a Pokémon!

..pop-up notification, the whole thing, on my mobile phone.

3 Days ago3 comments
[ Reminder To Myself ]

* Get at least two of the NEW Event Pokémon.. ASAP.

* INTERACT, like your PH life (really) depends on it~!

* Don't procrastinate.. until before the 30th day of June. Please?

4 Days ago5 comments
*randomly checks on the PH Ranklist*

Wow. It's kind of a proud moment to see that I've gotten the 7th or 10th place of something.. or, anything, for that matter. Lol.


6 Days ago2 comments
By Professor Rowan -

Happy Birthday, Jacharias!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or, are you spending your day at the Emera Beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

Thank you for the greetings, Prof.~!

7 Days ago9 comments
Wow. I just noticed that the weird gap by the party or feeds is gone.. Noice~!

8 Days ago4 comments
Riako has just posted the fix where you can now hide the "last action" thingie from the Contact panel..

8 Days ago0 comments
*currently watching IGN Live : E3 2018 on Disney XD*

9 Days ago3 comments
Hm. *looks at own profile*

Not too shabby.. Lol.

Now, to add more stuff on it.. there's a lot of possibilities.

This is a nice update.

I can't wait to for that fix about the important part though, like the contact panel.

9 Days ago1 comment
[ Quick Question ]

Do you need to hatch the Zygarde's eggs first before the new merging gems unlock, or just claiming the eggs will unlock it..?

12 Days ago2 comments
[ Which Keggleon is it? ]

Does anyone wants to guess what kind of egg the Pokémon would be holding after it hatches?

That Egg


12 Days ago1 comment
Nice. If I guessed it right, this may be a Retr0 Ho-oh.. since i can't see the Retr0 Ho-oh in my "Missing Dex Entries" section of the Auction House anymore.. even if I don't have its dex entry recorded yet. Lol.

12 Days ago3 comments
Holy 'Karp..

I can't wait to change my "profile layout".

That would be so (very) awesome~!

15 Days ago1 comment
It is possible that due to these layout changes, the Userprofile might look a bit stretched on mobile devices now, but don't worry, that will look much better in (near) future. These changes are part of a bigger project; Please stay patient until then and don't panic.

Ohh.. Nice advice.

15 Days ago0 comments
OH, NO..


Or, maybe my Internet Connection did.. who knows?

15 Days ago10 comments


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